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   Changes before April 1, 2003..
3/30/03Changes: New quotes added to the Josh and the Will page. And, of course, finished the quotes for the "Privateer" page.
3/19/03Changes: Added a news item explaining why NBC has been pre-empting West Wing for episodes of "Law and Order".
3/17/03New page: On the news item that Matthew Perry of "Friends" will guest star in two episodes at the end of April.
3/15/03Changes: Finally updated the page on the Fourth Season.
3/01/03Changes: We ended up back int he hospital again and that has set us back for all the changes we have been planning.
2/23/03Changes: We are back and starting to update the site. New updates on the page on President Bartlet and the episode "The California 47th" plus the start of the page on "Red Haven's on Fire".
2/15/03New page: Marty Reisler emailed us about "Doonesbury" having named a White House Deputy "Josh Lyman" clear back in 1993 and we now have a page about the Josh Lyman - "Doonesbury" connection.
2/12/03Changes: We apologize for the site being down for 24 hours around Tuesday. The server it was on died. Then our mail stopped working and the email box bounced messages saying it was full. All this should be fixed until the next crisis. We finally got up some of the new overlaps for the Sports Night/West Wing section.
2/8/03 Changes: Finally finished summary of new episode but still have a Query to go. Also new page started on Will, new quotes on Bartlet's page, new page started on #416 and other things we've forgotten.
2/5/03Some recent Changes: New picture on page for #414, picture added to Danny page, new pictures for Ed and Larry.
2/1/03Changes: We are finally getting a few moments to at least point out some recent changes. Debby Federer picture added to Secondary Characters and also to the page on the episode to be broadcast 2-5-03. A picture change for Will Bailey on the main Characters page that looks more like Will than the character he played in "Sports Night". Next change planned to do is to get up all the additions for the "Sports" Night Overlaps section. They were sent some time ago but there hasn't been time enough.
11/23/02Changes: Check out the news page for information on an upcoming episode.
10/19/02Changes: NBC has started offering an official "West Wing" Christmas tree ornament. Will ship in mid-November. Check it out.
10/5/02New pages: Recently some people have asked if there was a way they could help support this site and so we have created a page called "Help Us for Free" to give you ideas. Sort of like a Christmas list EXCEPT that nothing on the list will cost you a penny extra.
9/23/02New pages: Emmy Wins for the West Wing
9/14/02Information: We have been asked whether we will continue to do our quote ladened summaries this season. Assuming that Sorkin doesn't kill anyone else for ratings, we look forward to doing as we have done with every episode except last year's season finale. But although there was a time we had something up by a couple of hours after the show was broadcast, during the coming year, we doubt that we will get anything up for at least 24 hours, and probably more like 48 hours --- although, if we really like an episode or a section of it, we may actually have something up sooner than that. For a two hour episode like the one coming up, it may be late Saturday before the page is finished, though we might have things up in pieces before that.
8/20/02Changes: "Sports Night", the complete series on DVD, is now available to order.
8/10/02New pages: Knowing a little about one of the plots planned for the Season Opener, we decided to imagine what it might be like. If you would like to follow along, start at our page on the first episode of the fourth season and click on the link at the bottom.
7/24/02News: Reports are surfacing this morning that Rob Lowe's character, Sam Seaborn will be phased out of the show about three-fourths of the way through the fourth season (starting with episodes in March).
7/18/02New pages: Suzi Teghtmeyer has again complied a list of all the Emmy nominations and NBC provides additional information.
7/17/02New pages: Tonight we are starting a new forum on the subject of whether fiction should pay attention to the facts it refers to. Start Here before sending anything.
7/9/02 Changes: More information on "The West Wing" in Australia including quotes from the Australian Press on individual episodes.
7/3/02Changes: More information for the new page on "The West Wing" in Australia.
6/30/02New pages: We have started a new page on Australia although the only information we have is when the next episode will be shown and which one it is. We need one or more of our Australian viewers to provide some more information. And speaking of Australia, we have also now found someone who is selling the VHS as well as the DVDs there.
6/28/02New pages: We are also starting a new section on The West Wing outside the U.S. Today we open this section with "The West Wing in Ireland". If others would like to give us similar information on how the show is doing in the rest of the world, please send us information like this including the most recent episodes shown and any upcoming showings already announced.
6/26/02New pages: Tonight we are starting our forum on the subject of Amy. Read the rules before sending anything.

6/25/02This site is now two years old!
6/23/02Changes: We have been recovering. All are coming soon.
6/13/02More Grand Plans: In addition to the planned debates, forums, and Letters to Editors and Show, I am also installing the needed software to have a newsletter that will inform those who want to know when changes are made to the site. Please stay tuned!
6/12/02New pages Planned: We are planning some interactivity this summer. Some debates: "Amy", "Should a writer be expected to check his facts?", (other suggestions?). Each would only last for three days, do not send anything yet, just watch this section! Also perhaps a forum to which only Republicans who watch this show consistently can contribute. Oh, and Letters to the Editors and a Letters to the Show section. Again do not write anything yet. Stay tuned in the next week or so.
6/3/02Changes: The Miscellaneous Overlaps between "Sports Night" and "The West Wing" have been rearranged into groupings. Also more overlaps have been added.
6/1/02New pages: We are adding two pages of reactions to our comments on the episode page we did for the Third Season Finale. Many people complained. Some supported what we said. We are taking additional comments for these pages for another few days.
5/26/02Changes: Official videos and DVDs of all of the First Season are now available for pre-order from either Britain (Region 2) or Australia (Region 4). These do not play on regular American equipment. PAL videos available for the first half of the first season now, second half coming soon.
5/24/02Changes: Information on the music from the season finale, is available from Queries at the top of the page on the episode.
5/12/02New pages: New page on Simon Donovan (Special Agent "Sunshine") since we wanted to include the information we now know about him. The page is linked from the Secondary Characters page which has now expanded to include Bruno as well as Ed and Larry.
5/10/02 Changes: See C.J. with a gun.
5/07/02Changes: Pictures added to the Secondary Characters page (you can now tell Ed from Larry). Three of these new pictures came from our designer, Jason Walling, who also sent examples of his other work including some other West Wing designs. Plus. don't forget all the new information on recent and upcoming episodes and the Queries associated with them --- the changes we don't usually note here since there are just too many of them.
4/28/02We haven't decided what we are going to do about the documentary: It doesn't lend itself to the same kind of thing we normally do for an episode.
4/27/02For those of you who have been missing JedBartlet.com: Much of the information that had been on that site is now at Bartlet4America.org including the floor plan of the sets drawn by the webmaster of jedbartlet.com who was on the set for the first season. And speaking of floorplans, the most authentic and up-to-date one is probably the one on the Warner Brothers site.
3/24/02New pages: See our new pages on main and secondary characters. Our old layout was really bad but our designer came up with some pictures and new ideas that make this list far more attractive.
3/14/02Changes: Some interesting analysis from the West Wing Statistics Project has been added about the number of scenes devoted to the various relationships on this show.
3/11/02New pages: West Wing winners of the Screen Actors Guild Awards from last night.
3/03/02Note on jedbartlet.com: The site is down (only temporarily we hope) but the message boards are still there. We miss the site but you all do not have to miss the message boards.
3/01/02 Scoop: Stephen W. Phillips has informed us that the domain "Capitolscoop.com", which is the dot com that Donna was offered a job with in "Night Five", was purchased by Warner Bros.
2/23/02New page: Official Merchandise from NBC is now available. See pictures of the T-Shirts, hats, mugs, tumblers, etc. and pick out what you want from the NBC store. See instructions on how to get to the NBC strore since the link isn't direct!
2/22/02Changes: Wow, this page makes it look like we haven't done anything to the site for a month. Of course there were all the episodes this year and all the queries that went with them. Then additional overlaps for the Sports Night Overlap section!
Coming Soon: New redesign for the site! Some reorganization. You may find some pages get redesigned before others and it might be disjointed for awhile. Oh, and we will have NBC merchandise up this weekend!
1/22/02Changes: New Queries added to recent shows (we don't usually put that in here but we keep being asked about Ed and Larry who have been rather pointedly mentioned in the #54 & #55), also more Overlaps with Sports Night have been added and there are still more to come along with a reorganization of the miscellaneous section which has the most information.
1/01/02Changes: The Sitemap had gotten completely impossible to update and so it is being separated into sections and we have started making a complete list of what's on every page in the site and organizing everything. Almost everything except the Continuity and World Differences sections is done but it may be the end of the year before those are completely up to date for a moment in time since that's what most of the site now consists of and there are usually several different items per page. But we hope to add to this list every day or so.
12/30/01Changes: We have added about a dozen sites to our Resources section of newest sites listed. Some are remarkable interesting.
12/22/01Changes: Some of the most asked for Search terms from our search engine are related to "Dr. Jacobs" or "when the President stands, nobody sits", etc. which related to the speech we have most of the text for along with the actual Biblical Quotations. We just discovered a site which has this audio clip and we have linked to it from the bottom of our page.
12/21/01Changes: We are constantly adding to the section on the overlaps found between "Sports Night" and "The West Wing".
12/03/01New additions: Matt Lindsey tracked down information on the book that Josh discussed with Alberto Fedregotti of the Italian Embassy in "The Indians in the Lobby".
12/01/01Changes: Additional overlaps found between "Sports Night" and "The West Wing".
11/29/01New pages: Peter Vetsch has gathered together information on quite a few overlaps between "The West Wing" and Aaron Sorkin's "Sports Night". If anyone knows of any addditional overlaps between the two shows, please let us know.
11/25/01New pages: We are preparing several pages on connections between "Sports Night" and "The West Wing". Keep checking here and the "About the Show" page for links to the new pages.
11/07/01Changes: Emmy wins and loses added to the Emmy 2001 page.
11/01/01Changes: Got up a translation of the Spanish spoken in #47 "Ways and Means"
10/27/01Changes: The NY Times Magazine has just published an article about Aaron Sorkin. We have added it to our Resouces pages under Newest additions and Aaron Sorkin: NY Times Magazine article on Aaron Sorkin This might be available at this link for only 30 days
10/26/01Changes: We have started on the process of cleaning up the Resources pages. It seems a lot of sites have ceased to exist.
10/09/01Changes: Just discovered that #33 Leadership Breakfast had been overwritten by the original summary from NBC. We have tried to recreate the page we remember doing for that episode, but if anyone has any information from that page, please contact us with that (quotes, queries, whatever). We did notice in re-watching it that it offers another indication that the years within the series are the current years (it says the 107th Congress is starting and the 107th Congress started in January 2001.
10/08/01New pages: We have started a timeline. This is just a rough draft at this time.
10/05/01Changes: The new page on "Isaac and Ismael" includes links to various media reports on the episodes plus information on a geography mistake made in the episode, the song played at the end, etc.
9/30/01New pages: Several new pages on the background of using the title "Isaac and Ishmael"
9/24/01Changes: See all the changes to the schedule of upcoming episodes including on the season premiere.
9/14/01New pages: List of Emmy Technical Award Winners compiled by Suzi Teghtmeyer. The other Emmy Award Presentations have been postponed until October 7, 2001.
9/2/01Changes: To all those people who think this site is NBC's official site on the program (which is actually a compliment we know), we have tried to make our lack of connection with the show more prominent on the home page (saying in the second sentence at the top that our only connection to the show is our irreverent reverence) and bolding the note about not being official. We cannot do anything about anyone's complaints about reports that Sorkin is going to use stronger language or the continual tearful complaints about the death of Mrs. Landingham or about Sorkin references to the story of Job (which ministers seem to have loved, while those who haven't studied the Biblical book got upset about). Anyone who has looked at this site for more than a moment should know that we believe one can criticize that which one adores and loves and we would expect Aaron Sorkin to understand that as he clearly expects God to understand it. And no one has bothered to tell us any secrets, so don't ask us what's going to happen.
8/31/01Changes: Our apologies to anyone who tried to access the site yesterday and got a "Permission Denied" message or weren't able to reach the stie itself. We were working on the server and things were in and out for awhile. Today we have changed the picture on our home page and added "Mancheser" pt 2 page and a new picture for part 1 of "Manchester".
8/25/01Notes: Instead of reorganizing this site this summer, we put up a new website on the BBC Science Fiction series "Blake's 7". We still plan to reorganize this site soon.
7/21/01New pages: 2001 Emmy Nominations for "West Wing" compiled by Suzi Teghtmeyer
7/20/01Changes: An organization chart for the senior staff, created by Robert J. Stern, has been added to the page on the staff.
Also an addition to the lyrics on "The Jackal"
7/9/01Changes: Added to Books & other material pages
7/4/01Changes: Redesigned Resources pages
6/25/01Site's one year anniversary
6/18/01News about the Show: A newsletter of daily news articles that mention "The West Wing" is available from Kim Webster's brother Tom's newsletter. This has been discontinued.
6/15/01Horror Story: In the process of changing servers to a new faster one (something every site should do once a year or so), we first went offline and then uploaded an old version of the site with a temporarily offline notice from April (when we moved due to another problem). We think we now have most of the new pages and the pictures up but if you notice anything wrong, please let us know. We apologize to anyone who thought we had died!
6/9/01New pages: Page devoted to the books and music related to the series
5/26/01Changes: New Query on the reading Charlie made at Mrs. Landingham's service in episode 44.
5/20/01New pages: Memorial for Mrs. Landingham
Changes: New Time-Line of Mrs. Landingham.
Changes: New dialogue has been added to the page about the relationship between the President and Mrs. Landingham.
5/17/01New Information: Latin Translation and Guitar Music from Episode #44
5/15/01New pictures: Mrs. Landingham and Mrs. Landingham & the President plus several for the season finale
4/22/01New addition: We've finally gotten up the information on the name of the Icelandic Ambassador (from #31 "Galileo") and why that name had to belong to a woman, although the discussion clearly referred to the ambassador as "he".
4/16/01New pages: The new search capabilities allows me to know what people are searching for so on the search page there are links to the most asked for information including the Query: Does the Eagle on the Presidential Seal change directions in time of war?
4/8/01New pages: Finally, after all this time, we have a search. There's a link to the search on the home page and the bottom of most other pages. Plus, we will try to check on what people are asking for so if you don't find what you want, check back, we may add it or add a link in the "Top Search Requests" box to take you right to it.
4/1/01Changes: Link added to the home page on West Wing Items Auctioned for Charity - Martin Sheen has donated some unique items (from the first episode of the second season to a homeless shelter) to raise money.
3/31/01Changes: Peabody award information and more information on "Bad Moon Rising"
3/28/01New pages: New queries on: Would an International Relations professor consult on macroeconomic policy? and Is there a Day devoted to Grandparents?
3/26/01New pages: We have a page on the song in #38 "Somebody's Going to Jail", etc - that's from a couple of weeks ago) also today we put up a page with a link to the answer to the oft asked question: "Did President Jackson really have a Big Block of Cheese in the White House?
Changes: Also the pages on recent episodes have been changed as they have been shown (done over the past weeks)
3/8/01New pages: We answer the question Why don't certain characters appear more often or why haven't they appeared recently (whenever). --- mostly we have a couple of guesses and no inside information.
2/17/01New pages: After the third person asked us about the Music in "Take This Sabbath Day", it occurred to us to ask the authority on music on the show and W.G. Snuffy Walden wrote us back with information on that haunting song the cantor sings in episode #14.
Changes: We have a new guide to Episode #36 and changes to the Leo/President relationship page, plus additions to the Josh-Donna page in response to the NY Times linking to it and we finally got around to updating our SiteMap which had gotten far behind and is now only partially behind.
2/8/01New page: On Toby's figures on gun control in episode #35 using gun deaths in U.S. verses a carefully selected combination of other countries.
Changes: to page on Episode #35
2/3/01Changes: to new sexism in response to notes from a fan who didn't want to be quoted or, I think, named.
1/27/00New page: Query on whether the show is sexist or if it is just one character.
1/26/01Changes: Revised page on new episode "The Drop In"
1/?/01New page: Query on the fireplaces in the White House.
1/13/01Change: Link on the home page to NBC's Voting for "The Best of The West Wing"
1/13/01New pages: Picture of Yo-Yo Ma and President Bartlet added, also a link to the album which has the Bach piece Yo-Yo Ma played in "Noel"
Changes: "The Leadership Breakfast"
1-12-01New pages: #35 "Bartlet's Third State of the Union"
12/27/00New pages: #34 "The Drop-In"
12/25/00New pages: The story Leo tells Josh at the end of "Noël"
12/22/00New page: W.G. Snuffy Walden and the music he makes for The West Wing and other shows.
12/21/00New pages: Noel and some information on #33 "The Leadership Breakfast"
12/9/00New pages: Second Season episode guide
12/2/00New pages: On whether Mallory's boyfriend is a 'real (person) hockey player'. Also on the mis-use of the phrase 'Oblast region'..
11/29/00New pages: Information on #31 "Galileo"
11/24/00New pages: Is it really that easy to shoot the President?
11/23/00New pages: The Story of Shibboleth, Is the CH-47 helicopter a SeaHawk, Sea Knight or a Chinook?, The White House Phone Number, Is the Phrase "Permanent Revolution" Associated with Mao or Trotsky? & What are those dates, Toby?
Changes: Additional facts from #30 in various character profiles.
11/22/00Change: Broadcast information on "Shibboleth"
11/19/00Changes: Additional facts from #29 in various character profiles.
11/17/00Changes: "The Portland Trip"
11/11/00Changes: Except for the Portland Trip on Thursday or Friday, there will probably be no new additions/changes to this site until November 20, 2000. Will try to get up something on the November 15 episode, though.
11/9/00 Changes: New info on #28 "The Lame Duck Congress" and Fermilab finally got in touch about Sorkin's declaration that a "Theory of Everything" was announced (in his world) on November 2.
11/8/00New pages: On the Presidential Election being held in 1998.
11/7/00New pages: Gilbert and Sullivan page from mentions in #27.
11/4/00New pages: Upcoming episode #31 "Galileo"
Changes: Started new page on the Women mentioned in #27. Added to information on the Cabinet and Government Queries
11/3/00New pages: On Ainsley Hayes and on the relationship between the President and Charlie
11/1/00New pages: On the upcoming episode #30 "Shibboleth"
10/31/00New pages: On the Official Titles of top White House Staffers.
10/30/00New pages: To support the rearrangement of the Continuity and World Differences sections of the site. We are still adding to these sections so some items may not have links yet.
10/26/00New pages: The October 25 episode, "In This White House"
10/25/00Additions: New information from Caltech physicist on whether anyone is about to announce a "Theory of Everything".
10/24/00New pages: Open Letter (this has been circulating around the Internet for months and has some similarities to Bartlet's speech in "The Midterms": Can anyone tell us who it should be attributed to?)
10/23/00Request: If you are interested in Video tapes or any other kind of copy of past shows, please read our FAQ, Don't Write Us! We love getting mail, but that information is in the FAQ (we have moved it up to the top of the FAQ page)..
10/22/00New pages: Ratings (list of articles about the ratings in the second series)
Changes: Redesigned this page
Additions: Added Query section (links to Continuity and World Differences) to some Episode Pages
10/21/00New pages: On Superstring Theory which Sorkin claims has produced a Unified Field Theory in his fictional world. We could use some help from physicist who might know something on where that quest stands in this world!
10/20/00New page: Bartlet's Quotations "The Midterms" speech to the radio host.
Requests: Please don't send us any more mentions of the phone booth from "In the Shadow of Two Gunmen" flashback - we have that information in this site already.
19/10/00New page: "The Midterms" #25
Changes: Dates on when "What Kind of Day Has it Been" & "In The Shadow of Two Gunmen" took place. We thought it was right after "Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics" which was in late May but it seems it was two months later at the beginning of August.
18/10/00New page: The Nielsen's for the week of October 4. West Wing won the week.
16/10/00New pages: 1) Mandy (just that the actress left the show) and 2) Donna (not much info yet but a new picture). Also one on 3) Politics --- Democrats don't head for South Carolina after the New Hampshire primary --- only Republicans do that!
Additions: New picture for the President & Toby page
14/10/00New pages: 1)One Page Sites around the Web which compliment or complain about the show. 2)Economics & the Nobel Prize (including a list of Nobel Prize winners in Economics) and how a different Nobel Prize winner changes the world, 3)People on the White House payroll, and4)acknowlegements (moved out of Resources)
Additions: More information on how "The Jackal" came to be a part of "Six Meetings Before Lunch."
12/10/00New pages: Upcoming episodes #26, #27, #28
Changes: Rearranged home page
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