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Staff Chart Chart Created by Robert J. Stern
  • Notre Dame
    • President Bartlet
    • Danny Concannon (? --- this is implied but not stated)
  • University of Michigan
    • Leo McGarry (? --- this is implied but not stated)
  • Harvard
    • Josh (mentioned by C.J., [#3] & himself [#15])
  • Yale
    • Josh (for law school, he mentions he is a graduate of Harvard & Yale [#15])
  • Princeton
    • Sam (his Secret Service name)
  • CCNY
    • Toby (guess, from T-shirt and from him being from New York [#5])
  • University of California at Berkeley
    • C.J. (who claims to have spent 22 years in school [#7]) - Josh calls her a "Berkeley. . . feminista" [#3]
  • Duke

  • Jewish
    • Toby - He attends Temple first thing Saturday mornings [#14]
    • Josh - No indication that he is religious at all
  • Catholic
    • President (uses rosary, gives confession to his childhood priest) [#14]
    • Leo (no indication that he is religious, and he doesn't seem to have religious problems to giving Jenny a divorce)
    • C.J. [#5]
  • Protestant
    • Donna [#110]
    • Ainsely (Episcopalian) - We were reminded of this by Kenneth Taylor
    • Charlie (Baptist) - from his giving $500 to the First Baptist Church [#61]
  • Quaker
  • Unknown - Everyone else

Who Smokes:
  • Toby smokes cigars (on more than one occasion)
  • Sam is seen smoking a cigar once (during poker game in [#6])
  • The President smokes an occasional cigarette though he likes to pretend that he gave it up years ago [#3] & [#15]. He later admits that he smokes "two cigarettes a day." [#36]
  • Leo may have once smoked (his nephew gave him an ashtray he made at camp and although a young nephew might have given a non-smoker an ashtray, it indicates a possibility that he once smoked [#3]. Also, he smoked when he relapsed into drinking before the last debate of the first Bartlet campaign for President [#309]. And, as Nikolas Cassadinne reminded us, Leo smoked in "Angel Maintenance" when the President's life was in danger on Air Force One.
  • Josh had been given a "cigarette holder" by a friend which sounds like he had smoked (though maybe she was just trying to get him to). [#104]

Secret Service names:
  • The President = Was "Eagle" [#102], later changed to "Liberty" [#12] Then somehow became Eagle again. [#23]
  • Sam = "Princeton"
  • C.J. = "Flamingo"
  • Zoey = " Bookbag" (supplied by Robyn)

NBC POTUS, Toby & Sam © NBC Photo: Steve Shapiro
Office doors:
Most people's office doors are usually kept open including the Oval Office. Almost half the time, though, Leo's three doors are closed, which is more often than the Oval Office door.

What is said about the staff as a whole:
  • "They like to win. Then they like to gloat." --- Mandy (mainly meaning Josh) [#102]
  • "You guys are like family. You've always been there for me. Always been loyal, honest, hard working good people. And I love you all very much and I don't say that often enough." --- the President to the staff after having taken too much medication for his back. [#104]
  • "You guys are idiots, do you know that?" --- Mandy
    "In our own defense, we do know that." ---C.J. [#108]
  • "Ivy League liberals, Hollywood darlings" --- Lillenfield
  • "Just the law of large numbers says we've got to win one of these one day, right?" --- Josh
  • "You're the good guys. You should act like it." --- Laurie [#110]
  • "I can't remember the last time I got home before midnight." [#13] C.J. but everyone else demonstrates the same thing.
  • "Nothing like surrounding yourself with the best and the brightest" --- the President, sarcastically, when he's told the staff didn't know it was raining [#19].
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