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Marlee Matlin as Joey Lucas © NBC Photo: Chris Haston
Written by Aaron Sorkin,  Directed by Alan Taylor
Broadcast: February 23, 2000
Query: Was it strange to see real celebrities in this fictional world?

The President and most of his senior aides and their assistants make a quick trip to L.A. for a fund-raising party at the home of Hollywood mogul, Ted Marcus. Leo, though, has to stay in D.C. to get Vice President Hoynes to vote for an ethanol tax credit bill that Hoynes has spent a political lifetime opposing. Leo goes with the President to the airport and the President comments on the irony:
". . . It's ironic that it all comes down to a vote on the ethanol tax credit. . . . 50-50 tie."
"I understand the irony."
"Are you being brusque with me?"
"It's three o'clock in the morning. . . ."
"I'm just saying you can't blame me. That's what comes of having an even number of Senators."
"Yeh. You should blame the Constitution."
"That's what I usually do. . . ."
"Can I say this one last time. . . . Be that way."
"Your impersonation of my mother is getting sharper and sharper, you know that?"

Once in L.A. the President decides Toby can't ride back with him from lunch:
"I'm not coming in the car?"
"No. And you know why? Cause you made fun of the guacamole."
"I didn't."
"I could tell you were thinking it."
"Fair enough," Toby says as he goes back to one of the other cars in the motorcade.

At the Hollywood fund raiser, it seems the two types of celebrity (Hollywood and Washington/Government/Politics) aren't quite on the same wave length. The Hollywood types try to talk C.J. (and others) into joining them. After a few confusing minutes, C.J. tells the guy talking to her that she has to talk to Sam, to whom she says:
"Pretend you're talking to me."
"I am talking to you."
"Walk me outside."

Los Angeles ©2001-www.arttoday.com
Later C.J. thanks NBC "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno:
"The President appreciates you laying off Leo McGarry the last few months. It hasn't gone unnoticed."
"You guys give me monologue material every minute."
"If there's anything I can do."
"You know what would be great? If you could get him to drive his bike into a tree again."

The Vice President hasn't been involved in the problems of the Presidency much and still has romantic notions of what it's like to be President:
"I think the President of the United States can do pretty much whatever he wants."
"You're wrong," Leo tells him.

Instead of convincing the Vice President to vote their way, Hoynes changes Leo's mind and Leo tells the President on the phone:
"I got to tell you something and you're not going to like it, but he's right and we're wrong." Sam agrees with Leo and that persuades the President and the rest of the staff to let the bill die.

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