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C.J. Allison Janney as C.J. Cregg NBC Photo: David Rose
w: Kevin Falls & Aaron Sorkin, d: Alex Graves
Broadcast: November 29, 2000
Query: Is Mallory dating a hockey player from 'our world'?
Query: If Oblast means 'district', how can Koselsk be in the "Oblast region"?
Query: If the Icelandic Ambassador is a man, why does he have a woman's name?

Leo needs to discuss a stamp recommendation with Toby, but Josh keeps interrupting:
"You want to mock people or let me talk to Toby?" Leo asks.
"I want to mock people," Josh cheerfully admits, just before he gets assigned to make a recommendation on a new stamp by the end of the day.

Meanwhile a paper in the mid-west reports that the President doesn't like green beans. C.J. doesn't think it will be a story. Toby tells her it will be. Later she is forced to come to him saying:
"Let me say first that you were right and I was wrong."
"And the oddsmakers take a beating."

Donna is helping Josh make his decision on the stamp and she gets a little confused:
"You know what I'm saying," she claims.
"Hardly ever."

The President is ardently following a Galileo spacecraft which is about to land on Mars. But then they lose the signal and Toby tells Josh what happened:
"Then it entered a communications blackout period and hasn't been heard from since. I know how it feels."

The President insists that C.J. join him at a concert but C.J. had just hired a new deputy and had interviewed and rejected many of the people who she would see there:
"I have to go to the Kennedy Center and be with people who don't like me," she tells Toby.
"You can do that right here."

And on another front, a keyhole satellite has pictures of a fire which the Russians claim is at an oil refinery. But US Intelligence knows there is no oil refinery in that location. It turns out to be in a missile silo and the President who has to go to a concert, tells Leo to send for and talk to the Russian ambassador. The ambassador shows up at Leo's office before he gets there and Margaret tries to make her comfortable but doesn't succeed and goes out to meet Leo as he gets back.
"I left her alone 'cause I think I was freaking her out."
"It wouldn't surprise me," Leo tells Margaret as he leaves her and goes into his own office.
"Madam Ambassador." Although, Leo almost always calls everyone by their first names, he choose to address her first by her title.
"Leo," she says caressing the name.
"Thank you for coming."
"You look handsome, Leo."
"Thank you, you look very nice yourself."
"You get more handsome every year. And you're having your suits hand made now."
"Nadia, are you hitting on me?"
"I was sorry to hear about your divorce."
"You have a fire in a missile silo." Leo abruptly turns to the subject at hand.
"I'm not in a position to comment on matters of national security."
"Okay, can you tell me how an oil refinery explosion would affect national security."

At the concert, C.J. is speaking on a cell phone to Toby when Tad Whitney walks toward her. C.J., in desperation, tries to get help from Toby, who is about as helpful as anyone who knows him could expect.
"I'm not very good at confrontation," C.J. tells Toby when she first sees Tad approach.
"You have no problem with me. . . ." Toby tells her and then hangs up so C.J. has to deal with the guy she didn't pick to be her deputy.
"Promoting from within is pretty big in my family."
". . . I'm surprised cause I'm pretty qualified. In fact a lot of people at state thought it was a lock."
"You're very qualified."
". . . .It wasn't 'cause I stopped seeing you."
C.J. is confused and taken aback. ". . . No, of course, it didn't have anything to do with. . . . That was six weeks, five years ago."
"Cause I thought you might want an explanation why I did. . . ."
"I don't need an explanation."
"Believe me, it wasn't because you were bad in bed or anything like that."
"No, I didn't think it was, Tad. . . ."
"You're good in bed."
"I'm great in bed," she says a little too loudly, and a couple of people a few feet away look around.

Back at the White House later, C.J. tells the president they should go ahead with the nation-wide hook-up of schools they had planned to watch the first pictures from Mars:
"We have at our disposal a captive audience of school children. Some of them don't go to the blackboard or raise their hand cause they think the're going to be wrong. I think you should say to these kids, 'You think you get it wrong sometimes, you should come down here and see how the big boys do it'. . . .Some of them will laugh and most of them won't care but for some they might honestly see that it's about going to the blackboard and raising your hand."

The President is left looking up at the night sky and he says to the Galileo:
"Talk to us."

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