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Note: the spelling of the names of all fictional characters are guesses.
Additional note: We have not been able to keep up with all the names mentioned and recommend another website for additional information: bartlet4america.org

D'Astier (this is the spelling in the closed captioning) of France is named in ["20 Hours in America"] and Brian Esteip reminded us that in Sorkin's "The American President", the President of France is named Dosstier (same pronunciation). Also Dennis Sandow wrote: D'Astier "is the same name as the French President who appeared in "The American President" in 1995."

The Cabinet - Those we know about:
Secretary of Defense


Hutchinson [#3]
Treasury Secretary


Ken Kato [#21]
Attorney General


Dan Larson [#3]
(who is white though,
Leo said earlier that the Attorney General was black [#3])
Secretary of Agriculture


Roger Tribbey
HUD Secretary


Deborah O'Leary then later Bill Fisher
Other High Government Officials (Some Cabinet Level posts):
FBI Director


Tom Connelly [#3]
CIA Director


Rob Konrad [#21]
Chairman of the Federal Reserve


Ron Erhlich (who took over after Bernard Dahl died & who has a history with Mrs. Bartlet)
(Dahl held the post from 1992-2000) [#17]
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs


Percy (Fitz) Fitzwallace

The Supreme Court - Some of the Court has been the same over the last few decades but it can't have been exactly the same since a fictional character had held his seat for 38 years so at least one member has been different since at least 1962.
  • Sam recognizes a quote from Harry A. Blackmun so at least some previous supreme court justices are the same as in this world. [#14] Also Justice William Brennan is mentioned. [#16]

World Leaders. Some are the same and some are different


Peter Chigorin[#420]different


Gaddhafi ('Gadhafi', according to the New York Times)[#101]same


Prime Minister Ben Yabin [#6] (several people heard this as "Benyamin" which might have applied to a real Prime Minister, someone needs to check the Closed Captioning or a script)fictional/Real?


President Sugardo [#7]fictional


Prime Minister (Raki) Nohammid [#11] but later it is a woman who is the grandaughter of Nehru [#58] both are fictional


Prime Minister Toda Lucanoff [#21] fictional
South Africa


President Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki[#21]same
We were going to have a complete list of members of Congress which had been mentioned but someone else did it first. Let me recommend that you see: Inside the Bartlet White House and that list has been taken over by the Bartlet4America site. That website also give a list of the White House Press Corps and Ambassadors. We see no reason to repeat the lists that site has already put on the web. Besides the person running that site has access to scripts and has even been on an episode of "The West Wing." We cannot compete!
Countries of the world seem the same though many have different leaders (not all, Gaddhafi is leader of Libia in both (spelled with two d's and an h #1)
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