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Position: Member of White House Press Corps; Reporter for the Washington Post
Played By: Timothy Busfield
Query: Why doesn't this character appear more often or why hasn't the character appeared recently (whenever).
Timothy Busfield
as Danny Concannon
Timothy Busfield as Danny Concannon
NBC photo

Education: Notre Dame?
"Tell me you went to Notre Dame."
"Maybe, next time you won't be so quick to mock on the eve of a Michigan game." [#29]

Religion: Catholic (?).

Awards: Pulitzer [#410].

Work History: Had been a White House Reporter for seven years in late August of 1999 [#3]:
  • On the other hand he also covered the campaign and had late night talks with Bartlet on the campaign trail [#17]
  • "I have covered the white house for eight years and I've done it for The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time magazine, and the Dallas Morning News and I'm telling you can't mess me around like this." [#22]
  • Currently works for the Washington Post and was offered (and turned down) a promotion to editor. [#28]

Danny Concannon
Episodes He's In Include:
Romantic Interests: He is interested in C.J., but he does his job first.

Income: Claims to have half a year's salary in technology stocks.

Plays: Possibly, Kayaking (might have been exaggerting) [#108]
Watches: New York Knickerbockers

Leisure Activities:
  • Kayaking (might have been exaggerting) [#108]
  • "I enjoy movies." [#108]
  • Listens to his "police scanner"

Food Likes: seafood

What He Says About Himself:
  • "I have half a year's salary in technology stocks," he tells Leo [#17]
  • "I'm a lively conversationalist."
  • "I'm a very good looking guy. I mention that cause it's something people often miss when first meeting me." [#108]
  • "I'm not wild about ice-skating but what the hell, I'll do it." [#108]
  • "I would never think the White House was cooperating with me." [#414]

What Others Say About Him:
  • When asked what he's doing, he says, "Just minding the people's business," and C.J. responds, "A job you're uniquely suited for."
  • "You're a rabble rouser. You rouse rabble." [#7]
  • "Danny Concannon won a Pulitzer from the fourth row." --- C.J. to news magazine reporter.
    "Danny's more talented than I am." [#410]

Timothy Busfield also directed in a couple of "Sports Night" episodes.

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