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Leo, VP Tim Matheson as Hoynes & John Spencer as Leo © NBC Photo: WB
Obviously, Leo and the Vice President have had their problems, probably due to Leo protecting the President. Sam tells Josh:
"A vague quote from Hoynes will disappear by the end of the news cycle. A fist fight between Leo and the Vice President's got juice." [#102]

Later we see the animosity first hand in:
"I have had it up to here with you and your pal."
"Excuse me....Are you referring to President Bartlet?
"Refer to him that way..... Don't do what you're doing, John."
"You're a world class political operative, Leo. Why shouldn't I do what I'm doing?"
"Cause I'll win and you'll end up playing celebrity golf for the rest of your life." The VP doesn't dispute Leo's contention that he will win.
"Give this President any less than your full throated support and you're going to find out exactly how long [we expect you to be around]."[#102]

This relationship modifies a couple of episodes later after Leo is forced to go to the Vice President for help on a vote just after Leo's wife leaves him. Leo is clearly upset and Hoynes picks up on it:
"When was the last time you went to a meeting."
"AA?.... What meeting could I possibly go to?"
"John, tell me you are not showing your face---"
"Leo, I have got my own meeting. Every week. The downstairs office here at the OEOB at eleven p.m. There are nine of us: three senators, two cabinet secretaries, one federal judge and two agency directors. There's an agent outside, the whole thing looks like a card game."
"Do I have enemies in that room?"
"All our people." [#104]

Still, Leo has trouble with the Vice President as when the Senate splits 50-50 on a bill the President has pushed but that the Vice President "spent eight years in the Senate voting against":
"John, I know we've had our ups and downs...I know it eats at you that there is friction between you and my staff. You think they don't respect you and they do. They just don't trust you. And frankly neither does the President. I mean, I know that's blunt. But God, John, I'm the one who convinced him to put you on the ticket. And I'm going to be the one standing here when you make history, whether you're looking to or not. . . ."
"....One of these days you're going to have to allow for the possibility that my motives may not always be sinister. You and your staff are remarkably smug." [#16]

But to the President, Leo protects the Vice President and even admits he's been persuaded by him:
"I'm running out of reasons not to fire him, Leo."
"Well, when you run out of reasons, the last reason can be that you can't fire the vice president.... I got to tell you something and you're not going to like it, but he's right and we're wrong." [#16]
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