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Simon Donovan Mark Harmon as Special Agent Simon Donovan (Speical Agent 'Sunshine') © NBC Photo: Warner Brothers
Position: Secret Service Special Agent
Played By: Mark Harmon

Education: Went to West Point (?) ("I went to college basically on an Army scholarship. Which means that after you get out, you have to serve a certain number of years in the Army." [Black Vera Wang]

Work History: After he got out of the Army he says he was "with the Chicago police department for a few years and I've been with the Secret Service for the last nine." Turns out he was on the Presidential detail at Rosslyn during the assassination attempt. [Black Vera Wang]

His job at Rosslyn: "To take the shooters down. . . . I had a pretty good angle on the left which was Ray Beckwith. . . . The 15-year old. . . . A lot of people shooting at him. Yeah, I hit him. I know I did. I killed him." [Yamamoto]

What Others Say About Him:
  • "I just like your smile is all. I wouldn't mind seeing it more." -- C.J. [Yamamoto]

What He Says About Himself:

Additional information:
Created to be destroyed for ratings. The murderer is Aaron Sorkin, who is probably proud of himself and will probably never be held accountable.

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