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VP Hoynes Tim Matheson as Hoynes © NBC Photo: WB
Position: Vice President - as of "Life on Mars", he is the former Vice President. Resigned due to revealing secrets to a lover who is now writing a book.

Age: Would have to be at least 3939 in the first season.
Played By: Tim Matheson
Query: Why doesn't this character appear more often or why hasn't the character appeared recently (whenever).

*As Brad Jorban has pointed out to us on Hoynes' age: "he would have had to be at least 39. He claims to have been in the Senate for eight year prior to joining the Bartlet ticket, and one must be at least 30 to serve in that body."
Work History: Was a two term Senator: "I was in the Senate with 94 of these guys." [#116], "I spent eight years in the senate voting against...." [#116]
Where From: Texas ("This needs a Texan," Josh says meaning the VP [#104])
Problems: Is a recovering alcoholic who has his own AA meeting in the late evening at the Old Executive Office Building. [#104]
Ambitions: "I'm going to be President one day." [#104] (Of course that was before he resigned. [#421])

OEOB His Office: In the Old Executive Office Building (OEOB) (although most recent Vice Presidents have had their offices in the West Wing itself).

Secretary: Janine [#104]
Exercise: Jogs

Vice President Hoynes
Episodes He's In Include:
Leisure Activities:

Speaks French (heard speaking to a diplomat) [#102]

What He Says About Himself:
"I'm going to be President one day." [#104]

What Others Say About Him:
"You do seize the moment, don't you?" [#104]

Additional Information
They need the VP for something that needs a Texan but they didn't win Texas in the general election [#102] even though the VP tells Bartlet that he "delivered the South". But not his own state? [#104] (Possible explanation is that the Republican candidate was also from Texas, but then such a person would probably have taken the South.)
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