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Tentative Possible Time Line (second draft, additions/corrections encouraged). Years given are assumed from license plate shown in "Two Cathedrals", talk of the new century "Mr. Willis of Ohio" and the millennium in "In Excelsis Deo, plus talk of the start of the 107th Congress in "The Leadership Breakfast" although there is other evidence that contradicts the years used here.
Dec 24, 1947:: Simon and Andrew Landingham born (Mrs. Landingham tells Charlie they left for Vietnam after their second year of med school, which means they were approx. 23 at the time of their death.)
Dec 23, 1954: Tobias Zachary Ziegler is born
1959 or '60: Mrs. Landingham begins to work for Bartlet's father.
June '60: Bartlet graduates from the Prep School of which his father was Headmaster.(Date listed on licence plate in "Two Cathedrals")
Sept. '60: Bartlet starts college at Notre Dame
Sept. '60???: Leo starts college at Michigan
1964: Bartlet starts graduate school at the London School of Economics & Leo goes into the Air Force to train as a pilot (tour of duty for a pilot was six years so that the military can make back its investment in training the pilot) to spend a tour of duty flying planes in Vietnam
1967: Abbey has a boyfriend so she hasn't yet married Bartlet (she says in "White House Pro-Am" that she had a boyfriend 30 years ago but she must have been rounding the figure off to nearest decade)
1967: Bartlets married (in 1999 in "Five Votes Down", Bartlet says he has been married for 32 years)
1968: Elizabeth Bartlet born (she has a 12 year old daughter, Anne, in August 1999)
1969: Leo and Bartlet first meet (first met 32 years before 2001 testimony before Congress) [#53]
1970: Leo returning before this from his tour of duty in Vietnam, gets out of the Air Force and starts law school.
1970: Bartlet gets his Ph.D. in Economics and starts teaching at a university in or near New Hampshire (he is able to later serve as a New Hampshire state legislator while continuing to teach --- the job of state legislator requires six months of service every other year).
1971: Bartlet is elected as a state legislator of New Hampshire (in August 1999, he talks about being a state legislator 29 years before).
1974: Leo graduates from law school (in Chicago???)
70's: Abbey gets a Medical Degree.
1974: The Bartlet's second daughter, Ellie, born (we were reminded of this by Bethany McNees)
mid-late '70s: Bartlet spends years dividing his time between being a Professor of Economics and doing work that would earn him a Nobel Prize in Economics. Leo starts a career as a political operative and Toby may have served a tour of duty in Korea.
1980ish: The Bartlet's third daughter, Zoey, born (she is 19 in late 1999)
1983ish: Bartlet wins Nobel Prize in Economics (Ellie was in 3rd grade)
1986-1990: Bartlet serves as Three Term Congressman from New Hampshire
1990: Friendship begins between Leo and Bartlet (according to Leo's 2001 testimony before Congress about the friendship having begun 11 years before though they had known each other before) [#53]
1992: Leo becomes Secretary of Labor in a what may have been a Republican Administration and continues serving in that capacity for at least a couple of years.
1993: Bartlet diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis
June '93: Leo voluntarily admits himself to Sierra Tucson for secret treatment of substance abuse (alcohol and valium). [#12]
1994-1998: Bartlet serves as Governor of New Hampshire for two two-year terms. (He is still governor when Leo suggests he run for President, around November 1997. [#53])
1997: Leo talks Bartlet into running for President. [#53]
1997-1998: Bartlet runs for President. [#23]
Oct '98 Leo has a relapse and takes a drink which leads to more. [#53]
Nov. '98: Bartlet elected President
Jan. 20 1999: Bartlet Administration takes office. [#405]
Aug. '99: Bartlet drives bicycle into a tree while on vacation (pilot)
Jan. 2000: A major conflict between India and Pakistan. ("Lord John Marbury")
mid-Jan. 2000: Bartlet collapses and Leo learns that the President has MS. ("He Shall From Time To Time")
May or Aug.: Bartlet & Josh shot. ("What Kind of Day Has It Been")
Aug. 14 to
Nov. 7, 2000
Bartlet Administration tries to increase Democrat representation in the House and Senate but they fail and both Houses of Congress remain with Republican majorities. ("The Midterms")
Nov. 7, 2000: Bartlet puts down a radio commentator during a reception at the White House. ("The Midterms")
Nov. 2000: Ainsley Hayes begins work at the White House ("In This White House")
Dec. 2000: Josh diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder "Noél"
April 2001: Toby learns that President Bartlet has MS. [#218]
May 2001: Mrs. Landingham dies in an automobile accident while driving back to the White House to show her new car to President Barltet. ("18th and Potomac")
May 2001: Bartlet announces his bid for a second term ("Manchester" part 1)
Fall 2001: A Special Prosecutor is assigned to investigate allegations that the President broke some law in hiding his MS. [#303]
Fall 2001: House of Representatives decide to take over the investigation from the Special Prosecutor. [#303]
Nov 2001: New lease on Kalifa Air Base in Qumar. [#308]
Dec 23, 2001: Leo testifies before the House Reform and Oversight Committee. [#309]
Dec 24, 2001: Leo and Jordan have their first date. [#309]
Jan 2002: Bartlet accepts a deal to accept a censure from Congress. [#310]
Jan 2002: Josh and Amy start a romantic relationship. [#312]
Feb 2002: Bartlet starts seeing Dr. Stanley Keyworth about the fact that he can't sleep. [#313]
March 2002: Abbey Bartlet makes a deal to stop practicing medicine. [#315]
March 2002: Donna learns she is Canadian. [#315]
March 2002: It looks like it will be Ritchie who will run against Bartlet in the election. [#316]
April 2002: A threat is made against C.J. and she reluctantly accepts Secret Service protection. [#319]
May 2002: Bartlet attends the Helsinki summit. [#320]
May 2002: Bartlet gives the go ahead to assassinate Shareef, the Qumari Defense Minister. [#322]
May 2002: Simon Donovan, the Secret Service agent in charge of C.J.'s detail is shot during a robbery. [#322]
May-Sept: Bartlet starts the process of finding a new secretary. [#322]
Sept 2002: Josh, Toby & Donna are stuck in Indiana. [#401]
Sept 2002: Bartlet hires Debby Fiderer as his new secretary. [#401]
Oct 2002: Staff learns that Toby and his ex-wife are expecting twins. [#405]
Oct 2002: Bartlet wins the last crucial debate against Richie. [#406]
Oct 2002: Sam meets Will who is running a campaign for a dead candidate. Sam agrees to run if Will wins. [#406]
Election Day: Donna meets Commander Jack Reese. [#407]
Election Day: Bartlet wins reelection. [#407]
Election Day: Sam agrees to run for Congress. [#408]
Nov 2002: Sam opens his campaign in Orange County. [#409]
Nov 2002: Sam sends Will to meet Toby and maybe help with the Second Inaugural speech for Bartlet. [#410]
Dec. 2002: Danny returns to the White House Press Corps trying to track down the Qumari assassination story. [#411]
Dec 23, 2002: Toby makes up with his father after a long estrangement. [#411]
Jan. 2003: Will convinces Bartlet to help stop the genocide in Kuhndu. [#411]
Jan. 20, 2003: Bartlet's Second Inauguration, Will is given the job of Deputy Communications Director. [#415]
Feb 2003: C.J. goes to a high school reunion. [#413]
Feb 2003: Toby takes a leave of absence for a couple of weeks to help Sam on his campaign. [#417]
Feb 2003: First Lady hires Amy as her Chief of Staff. [#417]
Mar 2003: Amy starts work for Abbey Bartlet. [#418]
Mar 21, 2003: Josh interviews Joe Quincy for the job of Associate Counsel. [#420]
May 2, 2003: Vice President Hoynes resigns. [#421]
May 7, 2003: Zoey graduates from college and that night is kidnapped. [#422]
May 7, 2003: Molly and Huck Wyatt/Ziegler born
May 8, 2003: Bartlet temporarily turns over the Presidency to the Speaker of the House. [#423]
May 8-9, 2003: Two day Presidency of Glenallen Walken [#423], [#501], [#502]
We also have a timeline of the Bartlet Administration that discusses where the "missing year" must be.:

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