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Pres-Charlie Martin Sheen as President Josiah Bartlet, and Dule Hill as Aide Charlie Young
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In an effort to obtain support for his positions, the President has been known to ask other people in the room what they think. And sometimes the only other person in the room is Charlie. Then there was a time when he is arguing with Leo and he turned to Charlie for support:
"Charlie, I want to hire a woman whose voice, I think, would fit in nicely around here. She's a conservative Republican. You think I should do it?"
"Absolutely, Mr. President, 'cause I'm told that theirs is the party of inclusion."
"See. Charlie just made a joke to you in the Oval Office. That's how bad an idea it is. . . " --- Leo
"And, Charlie,. . . when they close the book on me and you, it will say that at this moment, you were not there for me. And for that, obviously, there will be some kind of punishment."
"Well, you could sing Puccini for me again, Mr. President; we'll call it even." [#26]

The following was sent to us by Tracy Jaye Baker. It is from "Shibboleth" and is a scene from a sub-plot about the President having sent Charlie out to find a good carving knife and this scene takes place on Charlie's umpteenth attempt to please the President with a new choice:
"Mr. President."
"What's you got Charles?"
"A winner Mr. President. A 1985 'Cumin Yamado' made in Japan from the best materials available."
"Lighter weight blade."
"Which facilitates the cutting and reduces usage fatigue."
"I once drove the 'Cumin Yamado.'"
"Not wild about it. How about this. . . ."
Charlie interrupts: "OK, Mr. President, I say this with all possible respect, but each of these knifes cuts. . . you know. . . Meat. Why is it important? . . ."
Bartlet interrupts: "'cause it's something we pass on, something with a history. So we can say, my Father gave this to me, his Father gave this to him and now I am giving it to you."
"Well, OK Sir, if that is true? Why don't you already have one?"
"I do have one."
"Why do you need a new one?"
"I'm giving mine away."
"To who?"
"Whom, to whom. . . Funny you should ask. Charlie, My father gave this to me and his father gave it to him and now I am giving it to you." Bartlet hands Charlie a knife case. "Take a look. The fully tapered bluster allows for sharpening the entire edge of the blade."
"It says 'PR'. I thought I knew them all but I don't know the manufacture.
"Yea, these were made for my family by a Boston silversmith named Paul Revere." Charlie is stunned and looks at the President like a son to his father. ". . . . I'm proud of you, Charlie."
"Thank you, Sir." [#30]

Although always respectful toward the President, Charlie does get in a few lines that show his feelings on the subject being discussed:
"Charlie, I'm gonna change my mind again on the Bible."
"Mr. President, you have to imagine my utter surprise."
"Aren't you afraid that one day I'm just gonna kick your ass like it's never been kicked?"
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