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Is there a Day that Commemorates Grandparents?

David F. Lancaster, Public Relations Director, Grandparents of America, Inc. writes:
President Bartlet "said and I quote:
'Grandfathers are a special breed, we don't give up the fight we don't quit, and we don't even have a damn holiday.'"

Mr. Lancaster goes on to say: "Too bad that the writer did not have a calendar on his desk to look at September 9th this year, this is the 23rd year we have celebrated a holiday for Grandfathers and Grandmothers (National Grandparents day was Founded by Marion McQuade a West Virginia Mother of 15, it was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter in 1978) hope they can back out of this mess or about 60 million Grandparents have a Holiday that President Bartlet did away with." He further tells us that there is an official website for Grandparents Day at: www.grandparents-day.com

Beth Harper also wrote: "The President was in an uproar over grandparents, and said there was not a day for grandparents. This is wrong, yes there is Grandparents Day, it's in September on the 9th this year - the day is calculated just like Mother's Day and Father's Day, always falling on a Sunday."

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