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"Delores Landingham, longtime personal secretary to President Josiah Bartlet, died Wednesday. The cause of death was given as a car accident in Washington, D.C. But it is believed that Mrs. Landingham actually died of a plot twist by Aaron Sorkin, creator of 'The West Wing.'"*
San Jose Mercury News
May 11, 2001

"Landingham was the archetypal sweet little ol' lady, the only one in the White House who could gently sass the president by virtue of having worked with him for more than a decade.

"In Wednesday's episode she was on her way back to the White House after purchasing her first new automobile --- Bartlet wanted to see it so he could 'kick the tires' --- when her car was hit by a drunken driver.

"It was a sad, upsetting out-of-left-field shocker."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
May 12, 2001

"Calif. Assembly Mourns TV Character"
"Assemblyman Kevin Shelley", "San Francisco Democrat" "adjourned the California Assembly session Thursday in memory of Mrs. Landingham."

("The secretary, played by Kathryn Joosten, died in Wednesday night's episode when a drunken driver hit her car. Joosten, however, is alive and in good health, an NBC spokeswoman said.")

"Before adjourning the session, a straight-faced Shelley called Mrs. Landingham a 'great American' whose 'contributions to the nation were too numerous to count.'"

"The announcement caught many legislators by surprise."

"'At first everyone was stunned but then they were rolling in the aisles. Several said that they really appreciated that,' he said."
Associated Press
May 10, 2001

*There is no official word as to why the character was written out. Speculation on the Net suggests that the actress may have asked out of her contract. But other rumors assume that Sorkin may have just came up with the idea on his own.

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