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WorldFor recent differences between the "West Wing" world and our own, see the particular episode it turned up on: at the top of most pages of second and third season shows there are "Query" listings under the writer, and the date of broadcast. Those Queries will direct you to different aspects of the show.

Creating a "living" (fictional) character is a monumental task. Creating a group of believable characters is, of course, even greater. And creating a whole world should be approached with fear and trepidation and a good research assistant.

We have developed questions about how this world works. At first we tried to divide up our Queries into what we saw as Continuity Problems (internal consistency) and World Differences. But the lines began to blur after awhile and some things didn't fall neatly into one group or the other. So we are will now divide our Queries into some broad fields.

Some of Our Queries are Things We are Confused About, Some Are Questions From Other Viewers To Which We Actually Have Answers. There is no order to the following list --- numbers are just to keep things straight (Another list with different Queries (within some of the same categories) is under Continuity Queries):

  1. White House Staffers
  2. The Cabinet & Other Branches of Government
  3. Law
    • How could a Prosecutor these days use Peremptory Challenges to eliminate Potential Black Jurors?
  4. Politics, Primaries and Polls
    • Why would someone seeking the Democratic nomination for President, rush to campaign in South Carolina?
    • Plus Continuity Queries.
  5. The Military and NASA
  6. The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence
    • Does the Constitution Require Cabinet Meetings?
    • The New Hampshire Signer to the Declaration of Independence Spelled his Name With Two T's so Why Does His Descendent Spell His Name With Only One T? [#22]
    • Can a Person be Appointed to the U.S. House of Representative Even Just Temporarily? [#6]
    • Who Was In Charge While the President was in Surgery and Coming out from under the Anesthetic?
  7. Inexplicable Oddities
  8. Necessary & Deliberate (though disconcerting) Changes
  9. Miscellaneous

Additional material added constantly.
Have you noticed World differences or continuity problems? Please email them
along with information to use for crediting them to you (name/email address, whatever you want).
Also join our game/contest/whatever it is and find mistakes in this site and get a gold star.

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