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Subject is: Should a show that is this "Real" pay some attention to the facts of the real world?? Please check out our opinion first and respond to that or to the general subject. Please don't just repeat what we have said or just say you agree or disagree --- instead add something new. See the first response.

All forums run from a Wednesday night through the following Wednesday night (this time from July 17 to August 7).

We happen to enjoy a good exchange of opposing viewpoints, so every few weeks or so we will offer a forum so our readers can express their opinions. The following rules will apply:

  1. No more than 200 words (I am raising the limit for this subject but please stay within it even if the editors wrote a much longer essay). If you go over that, we will cut it and you might prefer to decide what to cut yourself!
  2. Give us a name (if you don't want your full name used, tell us specifically to use a first name or whatever): of course we NEVER EVER publish an email address unless we are specifically requested to do so. If you want, we will publish a website address if you give it to us and tell us you want it published.
  3. No really harsh language directed at anyone.
  4. All comments directed at the producers of the show or the editors of this site, not other contributors.
  5. Make a point and defend it, do not just say you like her or not.
  6. This forum will run one week --- from tonight's episode (June 26, 2002) to next week's.
  7. Send the comments that meet the above rules to westwing@bewarne.com.

We started our forums with the subject of Amy (or the Amy/Josh relationship). It isn't as if we think this is such an important subject, but when we did our forum on our comments on the finale of the third season, a huge percentage of the replies mentioned Amy. Since most of the replies ran longer than we allowed and we had to cut them, we cut out the parts on Amy including the last line of Dave Rimshnick defense of Sorkin's killing of Donovan:

"Cheer up -- maybe next year they'll kill off Amy."

And the comments are in!

Want to know our opinion?
We never cared about Mandy and don't care about Amy, either (we do see similarities between the two). It is true that Amy is a "stereotype feminist". Sorkin is known for writing three dimensional characters, but it takes him longer to write a fully developed woman than a man (C.J. didn't start out as three dimensional as the men in this show). But Amy has been known to be fairly funny: we liked her comments about looking for writing materials to take notes for her future book. And the contortionist line was also cute. But other than the fact that we do not see where she adds much to the show, we don't care. (118 words)

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