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  • Mike Okuda has been of tremendous help: sending a difference in the worlds, a news item of a new award, re-creating the West Wing Logo and finding mistakes.
  • And this site wouldn't be nearly as good as it is without the help of Robyn Anne Nelson, who has supplied a great deal of content and has found huge numbers of mistakes.
  • And special thanks to Susannah Nix, who has her own website, Inside the Bartlet White House, and still has found the time and inclination to help with this one.
  • And then there are all the people who contributed information & content. Including all those who took the time to argue with us and find the research to convince us they were right and we were wrong.
  • And all the people who found one or more mistakes throughout the site and have taken the time to email us about the typos and the actual mistakes of fact. It isn't as if we make fewer mistakes than, say Aaron Sorkin. It is that we listen when people point them out AND it is far easier to correct a website than an episode which has already been broadcast!
  • Cast pictures are from NBC.
  • Most location shots of Washington D.C. are from Art Today.
  • All remaining mistakes are the fault of one B.E. Warne, and I wish to acknowledge the many people who have helped me find and correct the mistakes which are no longer visible on this site.

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