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New Information. TV Guide is reporting that Aaron Sorkin is saying that two people have been shot, one critcally. Rob Lowe on CNN ShowBiz also said two people were shot. See our new page on the new season opener
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The President: Unknown. - Turns out he was wounded
He is still on his feet when the surrounding Secret Service agents push him into the bullet proof limo.
Leo: Definitely down, probably shot- Turns out he wasn't wounded at all
He is lying, not moving, with his face in the asphalt. Leo would know how to lie without moving, but he would never do so when he might be able to help protect the president.
Toby: Definitely Down - Turns out he wasn't wounded at all
His body jerked back as if being hit but perhaps he was just knocked down by the crowd of people jumping the fence to get away from the shots.
Josh: Definitely Unhurt When Last We Saw Him - Turns out he was wounded critically
He was yards away from where the shooting was, although there was more shooting after we last saw him.
C.J.: Last Seen, Seemed Fine - Turns out she wasn't wounded, but was slightly hurt when she was knocked down
Tackled by a Secret Service agent to get her out of the line of fire. Turns out she was knocked down by Sam - this was reported to us by at least two people see note at the bottom of the episode. And in June 2004, we were sent these screen captures:
Sam: Last Seen, Seemed Fine - Turns out he wasn't wounded at all
But he was still standing even after an agent tackled C.J. Guess we will have to see if he was smart enough to duck down after we last saw him. - Turns out he was smart enough to tackle C.J. and take them both down.
Zoey: Definitely Unhurt - Turns out she wasn't wounded at all
Tackled by Gina.
Charlie: Definitely Not Shot - Turns out he wasn't wounded at all
Knocked down at the beginning of shooting by Gina as she tackled Zoey.

None of the following were hurt
Gina: Not Shot Tackled Zoey while knocking Charlie down.
Ron Butterfield: Shot in the hand.
Donna: Not Seen in Area, Maybe Not at Talk.
Danny: Not Around this Area
Mandy: Not Seen in Area, Maybe Not at Talk.
Abigail: Back at the White House

See information and speculation on the second season opener that picks up where this cliff hanger leaves off.
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