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Position: "Senior Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Planning" [#57] (Assistant to Josh Lyman, Deputy White House Chief of Staff) and later a high level assistant to the Russell campaign and then later she becomes a spokesperson for the Santos campaign.
Age: 20s
Played By: Janel Moloney

Donna - NBC Janel Moloney as Donna Moss© NBC Photo: James Sorensen
Position: Assistant to the Deputy White House Chief of Staff, Josh Lyman.

Education: Two years of college at University of Wisconsin - Madison (information from Rodney Melotte who writes: "Bradley Whitford (who went to school with my wife) grew up in Madison WI"). Dropped out to put her boyfriend through school then he dumped her.

Religion: She, and all her family, are Protestant. [#110]

Injuries: Due to a terrorist attack in Gaza, Donna had a metal rod inserted into her leg and suffered a collapsed lung and a pulmonary embolysm. - (April Whiteside reminded us to include this info)

Activities: She keeps a diary but lied to Congress about whether she did [#49].

Men in her Life: Over the years she has mentioned several boyfriends. Ainsley set her up with a blind date with Cliff, who she slept with on October 4 & 5, 2001 (during the 107th Congress). The website West Wing Resource has a list of her boyfriends that have been mentioned.

What Others says about her::
  • "Whose full name is Donnatella, by the way. Mom's Italian. Dad's Irish." --- Josh [#410]

What She Says About Herself:
"I never have a bad hair day." [#61]
"I play the flute. I'm a flautist. In high school, I was the best in my row and so I ask myself, if I pursued the flute professionally, if I'd be meeting interesting men? And the answer comes back to me: Probably not."

Conversations About Donna:
"I have an excellent sense about these things," she tells Josh discussing a new guy who she thinks might be "the one".
"Actually, you have no sense about these things," Josh responds, ". . . You have terrible taste in men and your desire to be coupled up will always and forever drown out any small sense of self or self-worth that you may have."

Conversations With Donna:
  • "Guys will go out with anybody." --- Josh
    "That hasn't been my experience." [#410]

Janel Moloney also appeared in a "Sports Night" episode.

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