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Tim Matheson as V.P. Hoynes © NBC Photo: WB
Teleplay by Ron Osborn & Jeff Reno,  Story by Rick Cleveland, Lawrence O'Donnell Jr & Patrick Caddell, Directed by Alan Taylor
Broadcast: November 17, 1999

This administration doesn't have very many cabinet meetings. This is only their third and it's the first one in six months. The President says:
"I find these meetings to be a fairly mind-numbing experience, but Leo assures me they are Constitutionally required."

But, it also turns out the meetings can produce friction between the President and the Vice-President: This one does.

Meanwhile, Toby and Sam are having trouble writing something. Toby explains:
"We're having difficulty locating our talent....It couldn't have gone far, right?"
"Somewhere in this building is our talent."

Leo is still having problems with dealing with his impending divorce. His daughter, Mallory, is no help:
"I had an opportunity to give you up for adoption," he tells her at breakfast.

The staff hears about the blow up at the cabinet meeting:
"I hear the President roughed up Hoynes in the cabinet meeting," C.J. tells Toby after Danny told her he's heard something to that effect.
So C. J. asks Leo how she should handle it if she's asked by reporters who hear the rumor:
"What do you want me to do?"
"Deal with it."
"You're a real detail man, aren't you, Leo?"
"Deal with it."

Meanwhile, Sam tells Leo that Mallory, Leo's daughter, has asked him out.
"She's made it perfectly clear, we won't be doing anything tonight that you'd have a problem with."
"Like what?"
"Why don't we stay away from that."
"Best that we do."

President interrupts Leo at work in his office. The President seems bored:
"I just came in to see what you were doing."
"Turn on the football game," Leo suggests.

Although Leo says he's fine about Sam going out with Mallory, he has him do an errand for which Sam says he's:
"Staggeringly over qualified." This delays his date.
When Mallory blows up about it, the President tries to get her to cut her father a little slack by going through Leo's schedule for the day. It included checking on whether the President had broken the law and was about to be indicted. The President asks Leo how that had gone:
"We're fine," Leo assures him.

As things heat up in different areas, Josh notices a trend he hadn't seen before and tells the President about it:
"We talk about enemies more than we used to."
"We talk about enemies more than we use to. I wanted to mention that."

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