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  • Additional Information on Congress, the Supreme Court & the Federal Reserve

    1. Is the Bartlet Administration's Attorney General Black or White?
      • The Attorney General was said to be Black [#3] then introduced as a white guy [#21]
      • So maybe the first one quit and has been replaced. But this Administration is looking pretty Republican White. Even the Republicans would have more minorities that we've seen in this cabinet & senior staff. Someone in "West Wing's" casting department has an outdated view of what a Cabinet Secretary looks like!
    2. Why does a Congressional roll call leave out powerful members of that world's Congress?
      • In a Congressional roll call, the names are given before and after the name Willis and Wyatt isn't mentioned [#6] though she is a prominent member of Congress and has been for some time [#120]. (Note: in the differences between this world and that one, it is noted that in the world in which Clinton was President (and now Bush is), the House doesn't take voice roll calls but votes electronically.)
    3. Does the House really take several Hours to Do Voice Votes?
    4. Alan Greenspan isn't Chairman of the Federal Reserve, yet the economy did about the same with someone named Bernard Dahl as Chairman [#17].
    5. What Does their Secretary of Agriculture Look Like?
      • The Secretary of Agriculture has been shown twice and appeared different.
    6. Are Any Supreme Courts Justices the Same in the Two Worlds?
      • No. We saw the whole court in "Take This Sabbath Day" and none are the same. However previous Supreme Court Justices were the same in both worlds like Harry Blackmun, who is mentioned. Current Justices mentioned are Crouch (just retired), Mendoza (who replaced Crouch) and Dreifort. Then in "The Supremes" we got the names of the other Justices and they are all listed in our "Query: What happened to Mendoza?".
    7. Why Is there a Tennessee Flag outside the office of a Texas Senator?
      • We saw a conference in Senator Hoyne's office in #23-24 and when he and Josh go out into the hall to talk, there is a Tennessee flag. Well as Scott Hope Mitchell points out, "My wife. . . [says] Josh and the Senator actually fully left the Senator's office suite as the Senator was headed to the floor to vote, and were standing outside the office of another senator, obviously one from Tennessee."

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