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Bartlets Martin Sheen as President Josiah Bartlet and Stockard Channing as First Lady Abigail Bartlet - "The First Couple Lock Lips and Get into Campaign Mode as President Bartlet Announces His Run for Reelection" - Warner Bros. Photo
(not in the final cut)
Written by: Aaron Sorkin , Directed by: Thomas Schlamme
Takes Place: Josh says "I've got ... 30 months as Deputy Chief of Staff" 30 months from January of 1999 makes this around July 20, 2001.
Broadcast: October 17, 2001
Query: Where were the outdoor scenes for the New Hampshire farm and Inn shot?

Josh discovers that he has actually hurt the President's chances and it is something that begins to affect his work and his sleep:
"This is going to be a very close election," he tells Donna as she tries to get him to work.

The President tells C.J. that in the previous election:
"I was never supposed to win. . . . Then you guys came along and all of a sudden. . . ."

The First Couple are definitely having problems. And they won't talk to each other about it. Finally in the car headed for the "Big Speech" that will kick off the campaign, Bartlet murmurs:
"Did you know that hardly any of the guys who landed on the moon are married to the same people they were married to before they went there?"
"What?" Abbey asks incredulously.
"I'm just saying that it could be worse. I could have been an astronaut."
"You could not have been an astronaut."
"I'd have been a great astronaut."
"You're afraid of heights, speed, fire and small places."
"I'd have overcome it to go to the moon."
"I know you would have. . . . There's something important I have to say. . . . I haven't really made up my mind yet," Abbey says. "But at the moment, I'm leaning towards voting for you."

Leo has had to bring in a team to help them raise the President's numbers. Team is headed by Bruno. But the President asks the new political team to leave while he finally addresses his senior staff:
"It occurs to me, I never said I'm sorry. I am. For the lawyers, for the press, for the mess, for the fear. Bruno, Doug, Connie --- These guys are good. They want to win. So do we. The only thing we want more is to be right. I wonder if you can't do both. There's a new book and we're going to write it."

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