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In "Six Meetings Before Lunch" there is a fire in a fireplace in the White House (we had forgotten that until Victoria Lobo reminded us). Yet in "The Leadership Breakfast" Sam and Josh try to light a fireplace which has had a flue welded shut for 100 years. The problems with these two things include:
  1. As Deborah Sullivan writes "the White House was completely gutted and the interior rebuilt during the Truman administration. I find it highly unlikely there is a single nonworking chimney in the place."
  2. DeAnn Christian counters: "IF the fireplace is in the West Wing, the last time the West Wing underwent any renovations was in the 1930's under FDR's administration after a fire damaged part of it in the late 1920's. The Truman renovations were in the White House, not the west wing. But then again if the fire place is in the West Wing, then it would have been impossible for President Andrew Johnson to have sat by in. The West Wing was built in the 1st decade of the 1900's to replace consevatories built in 1880.
  3. And as Victoria Lobo writes: "I think that the same fireplace that was burning a fire in "6 Meetings Before Lunch", is the same fireplace that had the flue for the chimmney welded shut for over 100 years" in "The Leadership Breakfast"
  4. And if it wasn't the same one, why didn't they try to keep warm in the room which they knew had a working fireplace.

Would one pass the National Cathedral on the way from the White House to the State Department?
In episode #44, the President goes from the White House to the State Department and on the way there, the motorcade passes the National Cathedral. Well it turns out that doesn't make a lot of sense and many people seem to know it:
Adam M. Sharp writes: "In #44, When the janitor at National Cathedral finds the cigarette butt, POTUS's motorcade passes by on its way from the White House to the State Dept -- a major detour, given that the Cathedral is in the complete opposite direction of the State Dept from the WH."
Diana Prinzo writes: "As I recall, the Cathedral is up in the northwest section of the city."
Jack Lee writes: "If my memory of DC serves me right it would have been quite a bit out of the way to drive by the Cathedral while traveling from the White House to State."
See our map which shows just how far out of the way it would be.

Why would Mrs. Landingham have been at 18th and Potomac?
Our viewers write:
(Someone wrote right after the show that that was out of the way, but we can't find that comment --- we are still looking.)
Scott Huddle writes: Mrs. L has her accident on '18th and Potomac'. 18th and Potomac is in the middle of nowhere in SE Washington (just north of the Congressional Cemetery) and isn't on a major route (like Pennsylvania) that would take you in or out of the city. It makes no sense that she would be on that road if she was on her way back from picking up a new car.
See our map which shows just how far out of the way it would be.
Also this is mentioned at FootnoteTV (TM): The West Wing page on this episode

Where is this Mural Room? It isn't in the real White House tours.
Find Law Legal News and Commentary's review of "Six Meetings Before Lunch says, "in the Diplomatic Reception Room (called the "Mural Room" in the show) of the White House." (this was found and passed on to us by the webmaster of "The West Wing Episode Guide")

Is there a Barney's on Connecticut in Washington D.C.?
  • Mark C. Bright emailed us the day after the broadcast to say, "In Last night's episode, CJ said she would be shopping at Barney's on Connecticut. The District of Columbia does not have a Barneys Department Store. The store used to film those shots was the Barney's in LA."
  • Maya A. Bernstein tells us, "There is no such store as Barney's on Connecticut Avenue. But a likely place to have found a Vera Wang gown would be Rizik's."

What does the Office of the First Lady do? Who pays Amy's Salary?

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