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Jacques Naviaux II, Major - United States Marine Corps Reserve (CH-46E "Seaknight" Pilot) first wrote us about the mis-identification of the CH-47 in #29 "The Portland Trip":
". . . the CH-47. . . . aircraft is an Army helicopter known as the Chinook. The H-60 is the SeaHawk and was the appropriate designation for the helicopter discussed.
Later we heard from Lynn Murray who wrote:
"The 'CH-47 Seahawk' that is sent to board the illegal oil tanker? I wouldn't think the name was supposed to be fictional.

"Now there is a SH-60 Seahawk and there's also CH-46 Sea Knight. Both are Navy/Marine helicopters.

"The Sea Knight is more likely the aircraft that would have been used. I was a Marine Crew Chief on the '46 during the Viet Nam period and this 'chopper' routinely flew back and forth between ships carrying as many as 25 + crew.

Check these pages:

Lastly, there is actually a CH-47, but it's called the 'Chinook' and it's an Army helicopter."

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