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In discussing a charge of drug use among the White House staff, C.J. says there are 1300 people on the payroll. There are actually more. We also have a list of real White House job titles for the more senior members of the staff (also put together by Christina Hansen.

Christina Hansen checked out how many people are really on the White House payroll and got her figures from: Ring of Power: The White House Staff and Its Expanding Role in Government by Bradley H. (Hawkes) Patterson, Jr. Basic Books, Inc, Publishers. (New York) Copyright 1988.

In the notes of the book, the author states that he got these figures from a confidential source, and the Secret Service numbers are rounded, because those numbers are secret.
  • The White House Office (Including the Office of Policy Development) - 568
  • The National Security Council staff - 190
  • The Office of the Vice President - 98
  • The 45 percent of the Office of Administration that directly supports the White House - 91
  • The Executive Residence (Including National Park Service staff regularly on the grounds) - 129
  • The Military Office - 1,300
  • US. Secret Service: Uniformed Division (White House Police) - 500
  • Presidential Protective Detail - 100
  • Vice Presidential Protective Detail - 100
  • White House Technical Security - 100
  • Engineering and Maintenance (From the General Services Administration, the Telephone Company) - 190

Full-time Total - 3,366
Part-time staff:
Military personnel who support the White House on a less than full-time basis - 2,500
Regular volunteers - 500

    --- above information from Table 2 on Page 340, "Major Units of the White House Staff Community".
"If you take away the Military Office *and* the Secret Service, then you have about 1300-1500 people, but there are a LOT of offices that aren't on this list. Say, for instance, the Legislative Liaison's office... where would that fit into this mix? Or the Travel Office? What about the First Lady's staff.... While I assume they are in the White House Office, who knows? Also, since that book was published, I know that several offices within the White House have been added, shuffled, or moved."

"So, again... I don't know if CJ's numbers are off 'cause I don't know exactly what she was referring to, but the 1300 really does seem like a weak number. It was just the way that she said it, that made it seem like there were 1300 people there, and there are more..."

"Of course, if she was referring to just the White House staff, then who knows. Half those guys and gals don't even technically work for the White House.... they come from State, they work for individual directors, they're secretaries..."
       ---- Christina Hansen
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