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Is the Phrase 'Permanent Revolution' Associated with Mao or Troksky?

In #29 "The Portland Trip" Sam, Toby and the President all attribute the phrase 'Permanent Revolution' to Mao, but Kay Brover has proven to us that even if Mao used the phrase, he got it from Leon Trotsky and one of these three people should have realized who the phrase was more associated with:
Kay Brover sent us a link to: Marxists Internet Archive: Leon Trotsky which states: ". . .one of Leon Trotsky's major contributions to Marxist thought was the theory of 'permanent revolution'." "The expression 'permanent revolution' was borrowed from the 'Address of the General Council to the Communist League', 1850, by Marx and Engels." "The theory of permanent revolution was first formulated in the wake of the 1905 Russian Revolution as an attempt to explain what class would need to lead the coming revolution in Russia." "Permanent Revolution was first published in Russian in Berlin in 1930. First English language publication of Permanent Revolution 1931, translated by John G. Wright."
Trotsky sure sounds like he is thoroughly associated with the phrase and we have to assume that among such educate people as these three, at least one (the President or Toby, surely) would have known that. Ñext Query: Does anyone know if Mao used the term and if so where in "The Little Red Book" it is???

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