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#401-2 - "20 Hours in America" - (Sept. 25, 2002)
w: Aaron Sorkin, d: Christopher Misiano
While Josh, Toby & Donna are stuck in Indiana, the President tries to find a new secretary and deal with the aftermath of the assassination of Shareef
#403 - "College Kids" - (Oct. 2, 2002)
teleplay: Aaron Sorkin, story: Debora Cahn & Mark Goffman, d: Alex Graves
Still dealing with the Shareef assassination, the President hires a secretary and deals with the effects of a domestic terrorist bombing.
#404 - "The Red Mass" - (Oct. 9, 2002)
teleplay: Aaron Sorkin, story: Eli Attie, d: Vincent Misiano
Ritchie may be winning just because the press and public doesn't expect much out of him. Both the U.S. and Israel are losing ground on the Qumari assassination.
#405 - "Debate Camp" - (Oct. 16, 2002)
teleplay: Aaron Sorkin, story: William Sind & Michael Oates Palmer, d: Paris Barclay
The President's staff tries to prepare him for the upcoming debate while he continues to deal with the worsening Qumari situation. Then in flashbacks we see the beginning of the Bartlet Administration.
#406 - "Game On" - (Oct. 30, 2002)
Writers: Aaron Sorkin & Paul Redford, d: Alex Graves
The President and his staff make final preparations for the debate and Sam goes to Orange County to try and talk the staff of a dead candidate out of continuing the campaign.
#407 - "Election Night" - (Nov. 6, 2002)
teleplay: Aaron Sorkin, story: David Gerken & David Handelman, d: Lesli Linka Glatter
Bartlet wins reelection and Sam may have to live up to his promise to run if Wilde's campaign wins --- which would require a special election within 90 days.
#408 - "Process Stories" - (Nov. 13, 2002)
teleplay: Aaron Sorkin, story: Paula Yoo & Lauren Schmidt, d: Christopher Misiano
As election night continues, Sam faces the probability that he will have to run for the California 47th Congressional District seat. And various couples celebrate the election victories.
#409 - "Swiss Diplomacy" - (Nov. 20, 2002)
Writers: Eli Attie & Kevin Falls, d: Christopher Misiano
The President approves a heart-lung transplant in the U.S. for the Iranian Ayatollah's 15 year old son. Meanwhile Sam finds his campaign isn't developing exactly as he had imagined.
#410 - "Arctic Radar" - (Nov. 27, 2002)
teleplay: Aaron Sorkin, story: Gene Sperling, d: John David Coles
Sam leaves the White House to start his campaign. Will demonstrates his writing ability to Toby. Other West Wingers debate the fate of a pilot accused of adultery.
#411 - "Holy Night" - (Dec. 11, 2002)
w: Aaron Sorkin, d: Tommy Schlamme
Toby's father visits the White House and remembers the night Toby was born. Will is tested on telling truth to power. Danny returns on the trail of the assassination.
#412 - "Guns Not Butter" - (Jan. 8, 2003)
writers: Eli Attie & Kevin Falls and Aaron Sorkin, d: Bill D'Elia
The staff scramble to save a foreign aid appropriations bill. Donna is sent to track down a Senator and Will finds a goat in his office.
#413 - "The Long Goodbye" - (Jan. 15, 2003)
w: Jon Robin Baitz, d: Alex Graves
C.J. goes home to deliver a speech to her high school reunion. Sh finds that her father's Alzheimers is so bad that she considers quitting her job to take care of him.
#414 - "Inauguration Part I" - (Feb, 5, 2003)
teleplay: Aaron Sorkin, story: Michael Oates Palmer & William Sind, d: Christopher Misiano
President Bartlet is about to give his second inaugural address when we see the five days that lead up to this. A major focus is the genocide taking place in Kuhndu.
#415 - "Inauguration: Over There" - (Feb. 12, 2003)
teleplay: Aaron Sorkin, story: David Gerken & Gene Sperling, d: Lesli Linka Glatter
At the last moment before the inauguration, the President decides that Will is right about foreign policy and then the staff must scramble to work out the details.
#416 - "The California 47th" - (Feb. 19, 2003)
teleplay: Aaron Sorkin, story: Lauren Schmidt & Paula Yoo, d: Vincent Misiano
Bartlet and some of his staff goes out to California to campaign for Sam. But the Republicans pick this time to announce their tax plan and the President is caught since announcing his would "kill" Sam.
#417 - "Red Haven's on Fire" - (Feb. 26, 2003)
teleplay: Aaron Sorkin, story: Mark Goffman & Debora Cahn, d: Alex Graves
The President and some of his staff fly back to Washington but Toby stays back to help Sam and Charlie and C.J. stay behind to help Mrs. Bartlet who is taking over the public appearances that the President had planned to attend.
#418 - "Privateers" - (Mar. 26, 2003)
teleplay: Paul Redford & Debora Cahn and Aaron Sorkin, story: Paul Redford & Debora Cahn, d: Alex Graves
Abbey Bartlet's priate/privateer ancestor may interfere with a White Hours event and Zoey's membership in the DAR as Amy goes through her first day as the First Lady's Chief of Staff.
#419 - "Angel Maintenance" - (Apr. 2, 2003)
teleplay: Eli Attie and Aaron Sorkin, story: Kevin Falls, d: Jessica Yu
Air Force One, about to land at Andrews, has a malfunction of either a light or the landing gear - they can't tell which.
#420 - "Evidence of Things Not Seen" - (April 23, 2003)
teleplay: Aaron Sorkin, story: Eli Attie & David Handelman, d: Christopher Misiano
Shots are fired at the White House while the senior staff try to play poker and Josh interviews a lawyer.
#421 - "Life on Mars" - (April 30, 2003)
teleplay: Aaron Sorkin, story: Paul Redford & Dee Dee Myers, d: John David Coles
On his first day at work Joe Quincy, the new Associate Counsel, comes upon devasting information about the Vice President.
#422 - "Commencement" - (May. 7, 2003)
w: Aaron Sorkin, d: Alex Graves
Zoey is gradudating from college but the Administration is picking up indications that terrorists are about to strike.
#423 - "Twenty Five" - (May. 14, 2003)
w: Aaron Sorkin, d: Christopher Misiano
Bartlet learns that Zoey has been kidnapped and he doubts his ability to deal with the power of the presidency while the kidnappers have such a huge hold on him.

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