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Teleplay: Aaron Sorkin, Story: Paul Redford, d: Paris Barclay
Broadcast: November 15, 2000
Query: Is the CH-47 helicopter a SeaHawk or a Chinook?
Query: Is the phrase 'Permanent Revolution' associated with Mao or Trotsky?

Josh & Leo Brad Whitford as Josh Lyman, John Spencer as Leo McGarry NBC Photo: James Sorensen
C.J. tells the press that she is joining them for this flight to Portland. Danny immediately assumes there is some dire reason for this and asks if she is going on the flight as some kind of punishment:
"I'm not being punished," C.J. claims. "I'm going on the trip."
"If the whole bus goes off the record, will you tell us why you're going on the trip?" Danny persists.
"I made fun of Notre Dame," C.J. admits after an additional hesitation. When there is a silence of disbelief, she says, "I usually get away with it."
"They're playing Michigan tomorrow."
"I know that now."
"You can't bring that when they're playing Michigan," Danny tells her.

Leo sees them off at the airport near Air Force One. The President is preoccupied with the coming game even though Leo is trying to talk to him about a situation in the Gulf. It is noisy and Leo momentarily joins him in the distraction:
"I thought you said, 'Michigan sucks.'"
"No sir," Leo answers. "We're standing close to the engines so it may have sounded like I said, 'Notre Dame is going to get the ass-kicking they so richly deserve.'"

Leo dealing with the "situation" in the Gulf, also has a situation of his own and Margaret, his secretary, is worried about him:
"Margaret was giving me a look," he tells the President on the phone, "My divorce papers came today. She thinks I'm going to drink."
Later he tells someone else, "Margaret worries if the sun is going to rise."

On the plane Sam is still rewriting the education speech the President is going to give the next day in Portland. He turned in one version but now wants it back.
"I'm not writing well," he tells Toby.
Sam wants to talk of a "permanent revolution", but Toby objects, "It's a nifty phrase but I think if we call for a permanent revolution, people are, you know, going to expect one."

And Josh is back at the White House arguing against the Marriage Recognition Act which the Republicans are sending up for the President's signature. The bill defines marriage as existing between a man and a woman. To argue for the bill, the Republicans send a gay Congressman, who supports the legislation thinking a minority shouldn't force the majority to accept their lifestyle. When Josh wonders why this Congressman is a member of a political party which demonizes him, the Congressman defends his personal position:
"I agree with 95% of the Republican platform. . . . My life doesn't have to be about being a homosexual. It doesn't have to be entirely about that."

Josh decides to tell Leo to have the President sign the bill, but the President doesn't want to. After they talk to the President, Josh also mentions Margaret's fears to Leo, who dismisses them:
"My divorce papers came today. She thinks I'm going to drink."
"Sounds like a good reason to."
"I'm an alcoholic. I don't need a good reason to."

Sam, Toby and the President are still trying to come up with something significant to offer on education. Charlie suggested putting people through college in exchange for three years of teaching in places that badly need teachers. But that isn't going to be easy to pay for. Toby comes up with a compromise, suggesting a pilot program:
"A hundred new teachers? . . . Instead of a 100,000?" the President asks. "Well, it's a start, I guess."

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