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Internal Continuity & Questions
Queries about "The West Wing's" World and Our Own (alphabetically by subject)
  1. Economics
  2. Education
  3. Geography
  4. Government & the U.S. Constitution
  5. Health
  6. History
  7. International Affairs
  8. Law
  9. Media
  10. Military / Weapons
  11. Native Americans
  12. Philosophy
  13. Politics
  14. Religion
  15. Science
  16. Terrorism
  17. Washington D.C. & the White House
  18. Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Queries

Queries on the West Wing's World
Would an International Relations professor consult on macroeconomic policy?
Did Mexico's economy need a U.S. bailout any time around the millennium?
Is it possible to have a Ph.D. from Oxford?
Is there a Yale Law Review?
Would one pass the National Cathedral on the way from the White House to the State Department?
Why would Mrs. Landingham have been at 18th and Potomac?
Is there an "Oblast region" in Russia?
Are the maps we are used to distorting our view of the world?
Can you get into Vermont from Ontario, Canada?
Is Qumar fictional or real?
Government & the U.S. Constitution
25th Amendment: Who was in charge while the president was in surgery and coming out from under the anesthetic after being shot?
The Third Amendment: which Babish's staff was fascinated with
Does the Constitution mention the Cabinet?
Can individuals be appointed to the House of Representatives?
Does the House take voice votes?
What is the Order of Presidential Succession?
Who was Mollie Orshansky?
So what does it mean to accept a censure from the Congress?
Was there really a Big Block of Cheese in the Jackson White House?
Where and how did the term "Red Tape" originate?
International Affairs
How many countries execute child offenders?
Could Leo be charged with war crimes for actions during the Vietnam conflict if the U. S. ratified the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court?
Would the Privacy Act of 1974 really prevent C.J. from telling a reporter the names of the two American victims of the terrorist attack in Jerusalem?
Is there an Indianapolis Post-Dispatch?
Is the book, The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Grey Bridge, that Josh discussed with Alberto Fedregotti in #51 real?
Military / Weapons
What was that helicopter designation?
The Military & Weapons - Exocet Missile, F117s
Military / NASA - Mission Commander, Downed airmen, Four Star Generals with only three stars, Distinguished Combat Service Medal
What plane did Leo fly during Vietnam?
Is there a Seawolf class submarine named the Portland?
Is there a Pease Air Force Base?
Native Americans
Who are the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of the Mohican Nation?
What was the Dawes Act?
Who is associated with the phrase 'Permanent Revolution'?
What is 'Express Advocacy'?
The Ten Commandments: Problem with Numbering in the pilot
What is the story of Shibboleth?
What is 'erev Yom Kippur'?
The Theory of Everything
The White House and Washington D.C.
Where is the Mural Room?
Are there usable fireplaces in the West Wing or not?
Where is there a Washington D.C. map of things mentioned on the show?
When did Verizon form in the West Wing World?
Does the Eagle on the Presidential Seal change the direction it faces? Did it ever?
Is there a Day that Commemorates Grandparents?
Is Vigdis Olafsdottir the name of an Icelandic man or a woman?
What was a 12 Ball doing on a pool table after a game of nine ball?
Where were the outdoor scenes for the New Hampshire farm and Inn shot?

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