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In #47 "Ways and Means" Connie says she has a Ph.D. in political economy from Oxford.
But Paul B. Flicker, who went to Oxford, writes "Oxford does not give out Ph.D.'s. A doctorate from Oxford is called a D.Phil. People from Oxford don't say, "I got a Ph.D. from Oxford." They say, "I got a D.Phil (pronounced dee-fill) from Oxford." And he sent us the following links:
  1. Oxford's own Department of Politics link: http://www.politics.ox.ac.uk/old/ check out the sections on research degrees.
  2. http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/gao/info/po.htm#_Toc497817686
  3. http://www.materials.ox.ac.uk/postgraduate/postgradhome.html

In #47 "Ways and Means" C.J. tells the press that the special prosecutor was the editor of "the Yale Law Review."
But as Maya Bernstein writes: "Any lawyer knows that the name of the law review at Yale is the "Yale Law Journal," and the writers knew that too (Gene Sperling, former head of the National Economic Council under Clinton, and a relatively new contributor to the show, went to Yale Law School and was a Senior Editor of the Yale Law Journal).
Ms. Bernstein also says, "I realized that one reason they may have used the name Yale Law Review instead of Yale Law Journal is not to violate the trademark of the Yale Law Journal without permission, although it seems that would be easy enough to get, especially with a former editor on the writing team."

In #60 "The U.S. Poet Laureate"" C.J. tells the press that Bartlet was a professor at Dartmouth University. But Dartmouth is a college, not a university.
Pat Carroll & Frank Green both wrote us that it is "Dartmouth College!"
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