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Verizon had phone booths with its name on them years before they had them in the world most of us live in most of the time. [#23-24]

Not that we noticed. But emails flooded in --- the first arriving before the show ended on the East Coast. The first person to get in touch with us was Jeff Giarrizzo (his email arrived at 8:19 pm Mountain time) saying "unfortunately for West Wing, there was no Verizon 3 years ago. This is a new company formed recently by a merger involving Bell Atlantic". Chelsean Ferrette's email arrived a little over a half hour later saying "Verizon only came to NYC in 2000. It should have said Bell Atlantic". One of the people who wrote was Jan Icyda of Verizon Advanced Video Networks.

The following is a list of those who wrote us about the Verizon problem within the first 24 hours after the showing of Episode #24 & 24 "In the Shadow of Two Gunmen." This is the order we received the emails (but we were reading our emails backward the next day and may have answered some of the later people first):

  1. Jeff Giarrizzo
  2. Chelsean Ferrette
  3. Dave Breen
  4. Julian
  5. Peter Vetsch
  6. Mark Stockmyer
  7. Edward Matura
  8. Marie-Claire
  9. Faith
  10. Dan Challis
  11. Mike Kestenbaum
  12. Jan Icyda (of Verizon)
  13. Jacques P. Pailliere
  14. Pat Carroll
  15. Adam Bass
  16. Kasey

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