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Note on the nature of Spoilers:
Spoilers are often taken from first drafts of scripts and those are often not the shooting script and even when you see a shooting script, that can be changed by the director during shooting and then changed again by the editing of the episode. No one here makes any guarantee that the information presented will remain in the episode exactly as presented.

June 25, 2005 - mgoshawk has passed on the following information which someone from the Yahoo Groups:
"One of our group members was at Warner Brothers yesterday taking the tour when she overheard some people in the gift shop talking about Debora Cahn and that she is writing the Season 7 premiere episode."
Debra Cahn has been writing the most popular episodes of the last two seasons.
June 15, 2005 - mgoshawk referred us to the new print version of TV Guide (June 19-25) on page 8:
"...Budget and potential pay cuts may result in the exodus of some veteran cast members....

"We had a licensing reduction of 50 percent [from NBC], and every actor's contract has to be renegotiated," executive producer John Wells says. "My hope is that everybody is going to want to come back."

So far, Martin Sheen (outgoing President Jed Bartlet), Alan Alda (Senator Alan Vinick) and Jimmy Smits (Congressman Matt Santos) are signed for the new season. So is Stockard Channing (First Lady Abigail Bartlet), who will shoot her "West Wing" scenes around the schedule of her new CBS sitcom, "Out of Practice"....

The presidential election will certainly be a major story this season — and don't assume that the liberal-leaning show will put Santos, a Democrat, in the Oval Office. "We sit down and we plan where things are going to go, but the people you cast make a huge difference in how stories change for the future," Wells says. So should we expect Republican candidate Vinick to win the election? "Well, it would make for good drama, wouldn't it?"
        ---Mary Murphy
June 13, 2005 - mgoshawk emailed us a note about a post from CarlitaChiquita at TelevisionWithoutPity's West Wing Forum in the thread on Josh in which she describes a conversation with Bradley Whitford:
"I briefly spoke to BW last night at the Speak Truth to Power event (which was outstanding BTW). He was very patient signing autographs, taking pictures, and chatting with everyone. Anyway, this may be old news, but he spoke about writing the episode last season and said he plans to write a couple of episodes this season and do some directing...."
June 12, 2005 - "puppytoe" posted the following on the Television Without Pity West Wing Forum about the rumor that Rob Lowe may be returning in November:
"Considering his play in London opens for previews in the middle of August running until December and they will need at least two weeks for rehearsal I fear this "rumor" is... wrong...."
Zap2it.com does report: "...former "West Wing" co-star Rob, who will open in London late this summer in the play "A Few Good Men," written by "West Wing" creator Aaron Sorkin."
June 10, 2005 - Steve Spiker emailed us a link to a news item at the Internet Movie Database:
"Lowe Returning to 'The West Wing'?" (note the question mark)
"Rob Lowe will return to NBC's The West Wing for at least five episodes next November, syndicated columnist Liz Smith reported today (Friday). According to Smith, who cited no sources, Martin Sheen is responsible for negotiating Lowe's return. "Sheen was very unhappy when Rob left the show in a dispute over salary and story line," Smith wrote, adding, "The dotted line has not yet been signed, but the pen is hovering." When Lowe left The West Wing in 2003, it was explained that his character, Deputy Communications Director Sam Seaborn, had left the White House to run for a seat in the House of Representatives. In real life, Lowe starred in two TV series, The Lyon's Den and Dr. Vegas, each of which quickly flopped."
May 31, 2005 - Although we still have a million mistakes to correct that people have sent us, we have become interersted in another current TV show and have put together An Episode Guide for Fox's "House MD": which we think resolves around a character derived from Sherlock Holmes but still totally himself. There are also shades of Toby. Anybody else find this show fascinating? Who would think we would find writers we trusted as much as Sorkin? Okay, the plots are not so very different from each other but they represent the scientific method in practice. Show is now in reruns for the summer and if you haven't caught it, let us recommend it very strongly. We swore we would never again do a website about a current show (it is just too much work for a hobby), but we feel compelled to break that promise to ourselves. We will still continue this site for the next season of "The West Wing" which we expect to be their last.
May 21, 2005 - And finally we have a page up that gives scenes from "90 Miles Away." We apologize for the delay in posting this.
May 17, 2005 - We found more information on why NBC is switching the show to Sundays:
  • Jared Paventi sent us this information from Lisa deMoreas' TV Column in May 16th Washington Post (before the schedule had been officially announced): "The West Wing" doesn't own its Wednesday time slot either, as NBC execs look to jump-start their troubled prime time. There's word it will be bumped to another night, possibly Tuesday, in favor of a new Jerry Bruckheimer series -- Bruckheimer is behind CBS's ratings magnet "CSI" and its two spinoffs, so he's the golden boy of TV these days.
  • Tuesday, May 17, 2005 What's coming and going on NBC By MELANIE McFARLAND SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER TELEVISION CRITIC said "'The West Wing,' which regained its fortitude this year, moves to Sundays at 8."
  • World Screen describes the old time slot this way: "Wednesdays begin with The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. Taking The West Wing's 9 p.m. slot is E-Ring, which is set inside the Pentagon and stars Benjamin Bratt and Dennis Hopper. The series, from Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Warner Bros. Television, is executive produced by Bruckheimer and Ray's Taylor Hackford. Law & Order closes out the night in its usual 10 p.m. slot."
May 16, 2005 - Jason Long just emailed us a link to an ABC report that NBC just announced the following:
"NBC is moving the political drama 'The West Wing' to Sunday nights, with the campaign to replace Martin Sheen as the mythical president continuing."
May 12, 2005 - Since there are not any spoilers to announce here, thought we would take this space to thank you all for your patience and to announce that we finally have a page up that gives scenes from "Things Fall Apart." We apologize for the delay in posting this. We did put up a longer than normal page as a reward for your patience --- well, actually, because we found there was a lot going on in this episode.
We are aware that we still need to do "Ninety Miles Away" and hope to do so soon.
April 11, 2005 - "krelnick" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum that
Someone on e-bay is offering this bumber sticker:
And there is at least another offer of the same thing so check the search page for this item.
April 6, 2005 - "mgoshawk" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum information from TVGuide.com
"Question: 'So, now that an election is not far away, will Martin Sheen, Stockard Channing and Co. leave The West Wing after the new president is elected?' — Kaitlyn
Ausiello: 'Judging by my recent conversation with John Spencer, the entire cast will be back at least through the November elections. After that, I'm betting John Wells will choose to focus primarily on the new regime.'"
April 4, 2005 - TV Gal at Zap2it.com posts,
"The West Wing" has its season finale this Wednesday at 9 p.m. on NBC. Jimmy Smits, Gary Cole and Tim Matheson duke it out for the democratic nomination (if only the real thing were half as interesting) while the President deals with the fact that C.J. leaked information to the press.
March 30, 2005 - "XJill" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum a quote from an article in the new print issue of TV Guide which says,
"...in the Ausiello Report on page 11, 'West Wing Cast Shake-Up' talks about cutting the budget in half next season. Mr. Spencer: 'I wouldn't have a clue how you'd get rid of $3 million. I do know that there are some surprises in the last episode. It's going the be quite an outcome.'"
March 19, 2005 - the extraordinarily reliable West Wing Episode Guide says that the last episode of this season (to be shown April 6) is titled "2162 VOTES" and that this is a description from NBC (our sources are a little behind):
"It's the Democratic National Convention and the race to become the Democratic Presidential candidate has narrowed to three candidates: Russell (Gary Cole), Baker (Ed O'Neill) and Santos (Jimmy Smits). Also, Bartlet (Martin Sheen) must wrestle with the decision to launch the super-secret defense shuttle to rescue the astronauts trapped at the space station and risk national security or let them die."
March 18, 2005 - eonline has reported
"NBC Keeps 'Wing'... by Bridget Byrne
Mar 17, 2005, 12:00 PM PT
"...The West Wing has just been reelected for a seventh term.
A day after the Hollywood trades suggested a deal was imminent to bring the Emmy-winning political potboiler back for a swan-song season without longtime President Josiah Barlet (Martin Sheen) in the Oval Office, NBC confirmed as much Thursday, announcing The West Wing had been reupped for the 2005-06....

"The West Wing... [is] averaging 11.3 million viewers in its Wednesday, 9 p.m. slot. Impacted by Fox's American Idol and the failure of NBC to establish a good lead-in, the White House drama is down from 11.7 million viewers last year. In its glory days back in season three, The West Wing averaged 17.1 million and was a top 10 fixture....

"With Sheen and his high-salaried White House staffers likely only around part time, Wells & Co. would be able to trim costs and keep the show profitable for NBC and Warner Bros., the show's production base. And while Variety reported Wednesday that next season would be Wing's last, NBC declined to confirm."
March 17, 2005 - David Lomazoff sent us a quote from TVGuide's newsletter
"NBC is this close to a deal that will bring The West Wing back for a seventh ‹ and possibly final ‹ season. But according to Variety, producer Warner Bros. is prepared to give NBC a huge discount on the show in exchange for the renewal, slashing Wing's $6 million per-episode license fee in half. So don't be surprised if independent candidate Pauly Shore pulls an 11th-hour upset over Jimmy Smits or Alan Alda in the upcoming election....
March 16, 2005 - "IsItLove" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum this link to an article on Reuters, titled 'West Wing' Re-Elected; 'Watch' Cloudy by Cynthia Littleton and Nellie Andreeva which says,
"LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - 'The West Wing' is coming back for a seventh term on NBC, sources said....

"After bottoming out last season, viewership of 'West Wing' has rebounded slightly this season with the introduction of Alda and Smits. For the season to date, the Wednesday 9 p.m. drama is averaging 11.4 million viewers."
March 4, 2005 - We received this email from Clothes Off Our Back:
"Bradley Whitford donated his sunglasses and watch from the SAG and Emmy Awards to the Clothes Off Our Back auction. His sunglasses, watch and other great items are up for bid at www.clothesoffourback.org. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Children¹s Defense Fund, Smile Train, Cure Autism Now and the UNICEF Tsunami Relief Fund."
March 3, 2005 - "mgoshawk" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum information on another poll:
"14 % of Fortune 1000 CEOs picked Bartlet as their favorite fictional leader. Captain Kirk from Star Trek beat him at 18 %."
March 2, 2005 - "mgoshawk" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum a spoiler from filmjerk.com
"In Episode 19 of The West Wing, the Santos campaign continues, and Donna fools around with Hoynes' issues director. Vinich gets at running mate in episode 20--Governor Ray Sullivan is a pro-life, family values Governor of West Virginia."
March 1, 2005 - "catrina" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum a link to this article from Zogby Interactive:
Fictional Democrat Would Beat Fictional Republican, 44%-28%... New Zogby Poll Reveals
"(Utica, NY)‹Viewers of NBC's The West Wing would prefer that Democratic Congressman Matthew Santos were elected the next President, giving him a 16-point lead over Republican Senator Arnold Vinick, a new Zogby Interactive poll finds. The interactive poll of 5,505 West Wing viewers was conducted from February 18 to 25, 2005, and has a margin of error of +/-0.7 percentage points...."
Febuary 16, 2005 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Spoilers for 6.21, Things Fall Apart
  • Teaser: We're in Russell's bedroom. The TV's on, & we're looking at a speaker from the Republican National Convention. The speaker says POTUS won a Nobel Prize, & w/ "dripping irony" in his voice, says it was for economics. Sarcastic laughter from the crowd ensues. The speaker lists the many things that went wrong during the Bartlet administration: record deficits, a weaker $, increased trade imbalance, & stagnant job growth. Then the speaker says, "Mr. President? Stockholm on the line". A few laughs from the crowd, then the speaker says, "Seems you have something of theirs they're going to need back". The crowd roars in laughter. Donna knocks on Russell's door & tells him the Governor's there. Russell stands up as Governor Baker enters. After exchanging greetings, Baker asks about the RNC. Russell says they're Bartlet bashing. Baker says that that's the Republican advantage since the Democrats have yet to pick a nominee. Russell turns the TV off, then thanks Baker for coming. Russell goes on, saying it's a critical time for the party right now. He thinks they have to unite around someone. After the first ballot, he thinks they need a consensus nominee. Baker says, "Consensus?", then sarcastically says they're Democrats. Russell says "The right ticket would create one". A note says they both understand what's being unspokenly discussed. Then they start talking about it. Russell says they'd need a ticket that's regionally balanced. Baker agrees. Russell says Vinick's a moderate & they need to protect themselves because the states they're counting on will now be in play. Baker says his state likes Vinick, & Russell says PA's critical. Russell gives Baker a look & says they should do everything possible to make sure PA goes to them.
  • Cut to Josh watching the RNC on TV at a hotel bar. A different speaker says they've had 8 long years of social policies that are out of step w/ traditional American values. He says, "Eight is enough!" & the crowds starts chanting that line. Will enters & joins Josh. Will wisecracks about the line, & Josh responds, "Boil your message down to the title of a bad TV show". They actually talk about Eight Is Enough for a little bit. Then Will asks Josh about the RNC. Josh says he isn't really watching. Will gives him a look like he doesn't believe Josh, so Josh says it's traditional fiction that one party isn't interested in watching the other party's convention. Will sarcastically says they weren't watching it either in their suite. They continue to not watch the convention together.
  • Cut to CJ "not watching" in her office. Cut to Toby & Annabeth not watching in his. He asks her for something to throw at the TV. She gives him a look & slightly moves away.
  • Cut to people in the Communications Bullpen not watching. Cut to Leo & Charlie not watching it, either. As they wisecrack about the chant, Charlie's mobile goes off. When Charlie looks at the screen on his phone, all he sees is a question mark symbol on it. Leo asks if he needs to go, but Charlie says it's just a message from someone he's going to meet later. Charlie looks at the screen again, & the question mark has been replaced w/ an exclamation point. He smiles. Leo tells Charlie he shouldn't keep a lady waiting. Charlie thinks it would be good for her.
  • Cut to Bartlet not watching in the residence.
  • Pages later, CJ wants to know when a certain situation (I don't know what situation) became a national security concern. Kate says NASA & all space policy was put under the NSC 15 years ago. Kate leaves, & CJ's "antennae are up".
  • Cut to the Oval, where POTUS (w/ cane) is meeting w/ DNC Chairman Rorsche. The man is at the end of his rope. He starts talking about infants & children. POTUS says a lot's at stake for the campaigns. Rorsche says all he does is babysit -- he has to deal w/ tantrums about one campaign getting more floor passes, one campaign wanting a bigger room or to stay in a nice hotel like the other campaign. POTUS apologizes & says Rorsche has to deal w/ it until they pick a nominee. Rorsche asks POTUS if he saw Times's cover. POTUS mentions the exploding donkey. Rorsche says the headline was, "Dems in Disarry" (BTW, that's exactly how it's spelled on the page). Rorsche is afraid the next cover will have positive coverage on the Republicans & wants POTUS to do something. He's done as much as he could & no one's listening to the "nanny" anymore. POTUS says they're in danger of overextending the metaphor, & Rorsche responds that they need their Daddy. POTUS is none too pleased.
  • Cut to CJ meeting w/ Kate & a NASA administrator named Kelwick. Kelwick says that a rescue operation will be needed, but the Space Shuttles can't be used until they clear a safety review. Kate says the Russians can't get a launch together in time. CJ asks how long the astronauts have, & Kelwick says they'll be dead in a week. CJ asks if the space shuttle can be used even if it hasn't passed the safety check.
  • Pages later, Josh says he thinks this is Hoynes's "last hurrah" & will milk the situation for all it's worth. He thinks that somewhere in Hoynes's deluded mind, he imagines that the convention will be a deadlock & the nation will turn to him. The staff talks about Hoynes, but Josh tells them to forget it. Hoynes is wounded & could do anything. The phone rings -- it's Will, & he wants to talk to Josh. Cut to Will, who says he's just checking in.
  • 2 pages later, Will says they're going to want to keep in touch.
  • Cut to POTUS & CJ in the Oval, talking about the stranded astronauts. CJ says that Kelwick mentioned there was a non-civilian shuttle & asks if it could be pressed into service. POTUS says, "Wernher von Braun's autobiography was titled, 'I Aim for the Stars'; Mort Sahl joked he should have added, 'only sometimes I hit London'." He tells CJ to keep him updated.
  • Cut to Santos's hotel suite. On TV, a third speaker is now bashing Bartlet-Russell. Ronna tells a Senator, who is on the phone w/ her, to listen to them. The Republicans want to run against Russell & they're worried about running against Santos. Santos is also on the phone & tells the Senator he's counting on him. Josh asks to see Santos outside for a moment.
  • Pages later, Will asks Donna if "they" mentioned a meeting. Donna shakes her head. Will says they're stalling & asks someone to call Katie at the Post.
  • Meanwhile, in Santos's hotel suite, Josh says "they're" going to leak something. He wants to talk to a reporter at the Times. Santos wants to know why Josh thinks that, so Josh tells him that "they" think they've got Santos in a box. He thinks that if they say yes, Russell will get the nomination. If they say no, they can spin it as being disloyal to the party, which could turn off enough delegates to swing the nomination to "them".
  • Cut to Will on the phone, saying, "We're hopeful that the Santos campaign won't spurn this magnanimous & vital gesture for party unity".
  • Meanwhile, in Santos's suite...
  • (It's about 20% of the episode.)
    Febuary 15, 2005 - "Gordon Shumway" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
    "I received an email from a friend of someone who was on TWW set recently, and she said that Cliff Calley is now residing in Josh's former office. I don't know if that means that he is the new DCoS, but it sure sounds like it."
    Febuary 10, 2005 - "Gordon Shumway" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum a link to a post on a forum at IMDb:
    "funone2712" posted
    "A friend of mine is a staff writer on the show. Rob Lowe is definately coming back on the finale this season. They have been dropping hints about it (very subtle hints), like mentioning his name in passing, questioning who is in his office, stuff like that. Look for the triumphant return at the end of the season."
    Febuary 9, 2005 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum from zap2it:
    "You would think there were already enough people running for President on "The West Wing." But Mel Harris will guest star as a senator whose speech sends all the other candidates into a tizzy and reveals that she had help from inside the White House."
    Febuary 8, 2005 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
    More spoilers for episode 6.20, In God We Trust:
    • Teaser: The TV reporter tells us that the NJ polls have closed and there's no official results yet.
    • Cut to CJ working in her office as she listens to the news. The reporter tells us that their exit polls indicate Vinick has won the Republican Presidential Primary.
    • Cut to Toby's office. We see that no one's around but him. He's watching the news, too, and for him, the news couldn't be worse because Vinick's a popular candidate and has the chance of winning California for the first time in 20 years. The reporter goes on to say that the Democratic primary's too close to call -- it's between Russell and Santos, and Hoynes is a distant third.
    • Cut to Will and Donna watching the news in Russell's hotel suite in Newark. Russell's putting a brave face on as he mingles with the donors in his room. The reporter says Russell was hoping for a big win so he could prove he's the only Democrat who can win in November.
    • Cut to Santos's suite. Josh is watching the news. Santos is nervous; he wants to win. He looks at Josh -- a note says, "they can't believe they have come this far." The note also says Josh hates waiting for election returns, and this is the worst wait he's had to endure. The reporter says that a Santos win would leave him 100 delegates behind Russell in the next Democratic Convention and would hurt Russell's electability argument. Neither Russell nor Santos could pick up enough delegates tonight to win the Democratic nomination, but a win in the final primary could give Santos enough momentum to...Josh can't take it anymore and goes to the bathroom.
    • Cut to Josh in the bathroom, sitting on the edge of the tub, second-guessing himself. He feels like throwing up.
    • Cut to Vinick's hotel suite. Everyone's happy. The reporter says Rev Butler will concede the race to Vinick. Sheila goes into the bedroom, where Vinick is staring out the window at the Manhattan skyline. He's not watching TV. A note says, "He clearly feels the weight of the moment". Sheila's on the phone with Butler -- he wants to talk to Vinick. As Vinick takes the phone and talks to Butler about the race and needing his help to unite the Party, Sheila's other phone rings. This phone is the one used exclusively for her kids to call her. It seems one of her kids needs help with his/her homework. She tells her kid to go to bed and she'll help him/her in the morning. Both Sheila and Vinick hang up. Vinick tells Sheila that Butler wants to meet with him.
    Febuary 7, 2005 - "jmhardin" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum a link to Reuters: NBC's 'West Wing' Election Is Up for Grabs by Steve Gorman:
    ...the executive producer of "The West Wing" swears he has no idea whether a Democrat or Republican will be elected the show's next president....

    Wells says the show's next occupant of the Oval Office, succeeding current star Martin Sheen, will be determined by which character the writers ultimately feel is the "most compelling" to the audience...

    Producers plan to return in the fall with the election, followed by the inauguration of a new president -- Smits or Alda -- next winter. Sheen will stay on into next season, but his profile will diminish as Bartlet returns to private life....

    Both characters are endowed with a manifest integrity and thoughtfulness widely seen as rare inside the Beltway -- on either side of the aisle -- in keeping with "The West Wing's" enduring appeal as a show about wish fulfillment....

    Likewise, Wells dismissed what he called misconception about the show -- that its audience is overwhelmingly Democratic and agrees with Bartlet's politics.

    "That's actually not true, and I can prove it by our mail bag ever week," he said. "We have a very, very large Republican audience that loves to watch the show and throw things at the screen."
    Febuary 6, 2005 - News item from Syracuse:
    Mary-Louise Parker, the Tony- and Emmy Award-winning actress whose early career featured a role with Syracuse Stage, says she is returning to "The West Wing" later this season.

    Parker has been absent from the Aaron Sorkin-created series since October 2003, when her character, Amy Gardner, a lobbyist, disappeared after she incurred the anger of President Josiah Bartlet over a domestic violence bill.

    The actress already is shooting episodes.
    Febuary 4, 2005 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
    Spoilers for 6.20, In God We Trust
    • Somewhere in the teaser: Sheila says they have to move fast on filling the VP slot to show that the Republicans have gotten it together while the Democrats are still fighting amongst themselves. Vinick says he likes someone named Pat, who is a great, honorable, & funny guy, but Pat beat him up on the abortion issue during the primaries. How's Pat going to walk away from that? Sheila says Pat doesn't have to, & they don't want him to, anyway. They can just say that Vinick & Pat agree on most issues & respectfully disagree on a few. Sheila thinks it'll show that Vinick has strength & isn't looking for a yes man. Vinick thinks it shows that he's looking for someone who can help him w/ the conservative base of the party. Sheila agrees that it'll look like that, too. She turns on the TV & sees Pat Butler about to begin his concession speech. Vinick: "Pat Butler, a heartbeat away from the Presidency?" Then he tells Sheila that Ray Sullivan's more qualified. Sheila responds that she & Vinick's driver are more qualified. If Vinick's going for qualifications, Sullivan's their man. If he's going for "ground troops & turnout, nobody's got the army of Evangelical volunteers Butler's got". We hear Pat giving his concession speech. As Pat mentions Vinick, you can hear boos in the crowd. Butler quiets them & says that now's the time for them to unite as a party & try to take back the WH. Sheila says Pat sounds very vice presidential to her. Vinick thinks Pat's a good soldier. We switch back to the TV, where Pat thanks his 25,000 strong brigade for volunteering to help him in his campaign.
    • Pages later, Annabeth says that it doesn't matter who wins; no one's going to have enough delegates for the nomination. "C'mon, wake up & smell the chaos".
    • Cut to Vinick, Sheila, Bob, & some Secret Service agents in the Dirksen Senate Office Building in the morning. Everyone in the building turns to look at Vinick, "to catch a glimpse of the new king of the hill". Vinick tells Sheila that he promised Tim he would do his show. Sheila says he will do it, just not this week. Bob explains that the more Vinick is on TV, the less the press is covering the mess in the Democratic Party. That's the story they want to tell this week. They turn the corner & find a slew of reporters in front of Vinick's office. Secret Service tries to get Vinick past the throng. As Vinick tries to get into his office, a reporter asks him when he's going to choose his VP. He says he hasn't thought about it. Second reporter asks Vinick who'd he'd like to run against: Russell or Santos? Vinick says he isn't in a hurry to face anyone. They should tell the Democrats to take their time figuring out who's going to run. The reporters laugh. Third reporter asks why Vinick thinks his lead in CA gives him a lock on the Electoral College. Vinick says he's a lock on the Republican nomination but nothing else. He's not going to take his state for granted -- he's going to work hard to win CA & every other state. Sheila tries to stop the questioning but is unsuccessful. First reporter asks how Vinick can cut tax & the deficit at the same time. He says that for every dollar they cut taxes, they'll cut spending by 2 dollars. First reporter thinks it'll mean dramatic spending cuts in vital areas. Vinick says it's necessary. They're not paying for the govt they have now because they can't afford it; they're putting it on "the national credit card". It has to stop. Bob tries to stop the questioning, but he's unsuccessful as well. Second reporter asks Vinick for his thoughts on the deal the City Council is working on to keep baseball in Vinick cuts him off & says he thinks it's ridiculous. Sports socialism is bad for every city. Teams should pay their own way. He questions the fact that they can pay the players millions but can't pay for their own stadium. Bob tries to wind it up again as Sheila practically pulls Vinick into this office.
    • Much later, it's Act 2. Vinick & crew are walking again in the Dirksen Senate Office Building. It's evening now. Vinick signs a few autographs for the tourists. Sheila pulls Vinick away. He asks her if they're going to make it. She says there's 5 minutes left in the vote. He wants to know what they're voting on. She says, "Budget point of order on the crime bill". Vinick thinks the Democrats are trying to trap him. She agrees & says they're going to be doing that to him for the rest of the year. He says Royce should protect him on things like that.
    • Pages later, POTUS tells Russell & Santos that he'll be watching. If they step over the line, he's going to grab a microphone & tell everyone. Also, they shouldn't be surprised if POTUS endorses the other guy while he's doing that. Russell & Santos are shocked, but nod. POTUS gets up to leave. Santos watches him, realizing that he has a lot to learn before he can fill POTUS's shoes.
    • Cut to Vinick & Sheila watching POTUS's photo-op on MSNBC. Sheila thinks it was a smart move. Vinick says that if any of the candidates had the same political instincts as POTUS, he'd be 20 points behind. Vinick then opens a background file on Ray Sullivan & reads from it: Sullivan was the youngest US Attorney confirmed by the Senate. He was a 2-term State Attorney General & had the highest white-collar crime conviction rate in the country. Sheila asks how much white-collar crime was committed in Virginia. Vinick says that what matters is that Sullivan had the guts to go after them. He can make the Democrats shut up when they try to accuse them of "coddling" corporate criminals. Sheila says voters don't care about that. Vinick keeps reading from the file: Sullivan had the highest number of Independents voting for him in W. Virginia, & he won the governorship w/ 62% of the vote. A staffer enters to tell them Reverend Butler has arrived. A note says that this is an important meeting & the decision is weighing on Vinick. Sheila says she's just "trying to be an honest broker" & that's why she brought Bruno in -- he needed to hear what Bruno had to say. Maybe Vinick can win every state this way. But if he chooses Butler, he can lock in an Electoral College landslide today. Vinick will win CA, the West, & most of the Mid-West; Butler will win the South. Vinick argues that Butler will scare away any Democrats & Independents (who might've voted for him, I think). Sheila counters that he would unite the Republican Party while the Democrats are falling apart. Unite the party first, then the country. Vinick asks her if she wants Butler to get the VP slot. She says she just wants Vinick to hear everything before he makes "the most important choice in [his] political career". Sullivan's the best man, but Butler's the best bet. Vinick thinks about what she said, then asks to see Butler. Butler enters, & they small talk for awhile. Afterwards, Vinick decides to ask him to run. Before he can finish, Butler stops him to apologize for what he did in the primaries -- it wasn't personal. Vinick nods. Butler says that abortion isn't a political issue for him. Vinick says he knows & respects that. Butler's been thinking about how they can get through their differences & work together. They talk about issues that they can agree on. After that, Butler says the reason why he's there is to tell Vinick that he doesn't respect his position on abortion & there's no way he'd ever run on a ticket w/ him. Vinick's completely shocked. Butler says he prayed & thought about this a lot -- he really wanted to help the Party. Vinick's still too shocked to say anything. A note says that you an hear a pin drop. Butler gets up & leaves. End of Act 2.
    • Act 3. Sheila asks Vinick if he managed to offer the VP slot to Butler. Vinick says he tried. Sheila asks if Butler turned it down, but Vinick says Butler cut him off. He wasn't going to let Vinick make an offer that he would have to refuse. Vinick calls Butler a "classy guy". Sheila asks about Butler's endorsement. Vinick says it wasn't the best time for him to ask for it. A staffer enters to tell them that Butler is live on MSNBC.
    • Cut to Butler in the Senate hallway, surrounded by reporters. He tells them Vinick did not offer him the VP slot. A reporter asks if they discussed the Vice Presidency. Butler says he asked for a meeting w/ Vinick so he could tell him that he's not interested in running for VP. Second reporter says, "You came here to take your name off the list?" Butler says he doesn't know if his name was on the list, but he does read the papers & he just wanted to make sure Vinick knows he isn't interested. Second reporter asks if he's going to endorse the Republican ticket. Butler says he's a loyal Republican. Butler starts to walk away, but a third reporter asks him if he would consider being on the ticket if Vinick changed his opinion on abortion. Butler says the first thing he would do is get down on his knees & thank God for performing a miracle. The second thing he'd do is get a "Vote Vinick" tattoo on his forehead. The reporters laugh. Third reporter asks if Butler asked Vinick to change his position on abortion. Butler says he knows Vinick won't change his position tomorrow, then tries hard to get away from the reporters. First reporter asks Butler if he's going to pray for Vinick to change his mind. Butler stops & thinks about it, then says the reporter surprised him w/ that question. He never heard a good idea from a reporter before. They laugh. Butler says he will pray for Vinick, & Vinick's welcome to go to his church at any time & pray w/ him. Butler leaves.
    • Cut to Vinick's office. Vinick wants to know how they're going to spin the Butler situation. Bob thinks Vinick should say he respects Butler's decision not to run for VP. Bob wants Vinick to repeat these words: "fully respect Reverend Butler's position" because he thinks Butler's Brigade needs to keep hearing that they respect him.
    • 3 pages later, Vinick & Sheila meet w/ Bruno. Bruno tells Vinick to do exactly what he wanted to do: pick a VP quickly & show that they're moving forward while the Democrats are stuck w/o a nominee. He asks for their second choice for VP. They tell him it's Sullivan. Bruno thinks he's a good choice & wants Vinick to meet w/ Sullivan & offer the VP slot right now. They can make that the story of the day instead of the Butler meeting. They agree. As they leave, Bruno is just standing there, not knowing what to do. Sheila stops for a second, turns around, & says he's hired.
    • 2 pages later, Leo tells CJ that it's a bad time for Vinick to break away from the party, especially w/ the Butler situation. CJ asks if Vinick will break from the party. Leo says that Vinick goes where the voters are. CJ says that the polls show that 75% are in favor of raising minimum wage. POTUS says he wasn't able to give the working poor a raise in 7 years. Leo thinks this could be his last chance. POTUS thinks about it.
    • Cut to Sheila's office. Her well-behaved 6-year-old daughter, Tina, is there. Seems that Sheila promised to get Tina to a baseball game early enough for her to see batting practice, but can't. Sheila tells her to hold on, then goes into Vinick's office.
    • 2 pages later, Vinick wants Sheila to tell Royce that he'll vote w/ the Party on cloture motion, but it doesn't mean he'll be w/ them on the minimum wage issue. She says she already did that. Sheila tells him that this "stunt" is aimed at Vinick -- they're trying to separate him from the Republican Party. They walk towards Sheila's office. Vinick greets Tina & they small talk. After that, Sheila & Tina leave, & Sheila tells her that they're going to be right back -- it's a quick vote. A note says Tina knows the routine.
    • Cut to moments later. Sheila & Vinick are trying to leave their office & find themselves surrounded by reporters again. Secret Service are doing their best to get Vinick out of there. The reporters try to ask Vinick about Butler, but he says he doesn't have time -- he has to vote. A note says, "This is a new Vinick & the reporters know it immediately" because the only politician who would take any question is now avoiding them. They know something's going on & this makes them work harder to find out what it is. They ask him if he's going to accept Rev Butler's invitation to church on Sunday. Vinick says he thinks he has some TV commitments. They ask him if Meet the Press is more important than going to Rev Butler's church. Vinick says he doesn't know what his schedule looks like on Sunday. They ask him if he's going to another church on Sunday. Sheila whispers to the Secret Service to get them out of there. They manage to do that. As they move forward, another reporter asks Vinick where he goes to church. End of Act 3.
    • Act 4. Tina's watching the news in Sheila's office. The reporter says no one saw this coming. Vinick went from answering any question to being the guy who won't even tell them about where he goes to church. Vinick & Sheila walk in, & Vinick tells her to get everyone together. Tina asks him if he goes to church. They avoid her question. It seems Tina's been through this routine before -- she knows her Mom's busy & she's not going to whine about it. Tina says she didn't expect to see batting practice. Vinick asks Sheila (quietly) if her husband can take Tina to the game. He can't because he's not there. Vinick suggests one of the staff, but Sheila doesn't want any of them to do it. Vinick sits down next to Tina & tells her he hasn't gone to church in awhile. Tina thinks he should, unless he doesn't believe in God.
    • Cut to the evening, where Vinick's meeting w/ his staff. Bob says that according to their polls, if Vinick changed his stance on abortion, he'd get 51%-53% of the vote & have a "comfortable cushion" in the Electoral College. Vinick sarcastically thanks Bob for the info.
    • 2 pages later, Vinick says he's not the only Senator who doesn't go to church. Sheila says he's not just a Senator anymore. The phone rings, & Sheila picks it up. It's Royce. Vinick signals that he doesn't want to talk to him, so Sheila talks to Royce, says Vinick can handle something & will be there right away, & hangs up. Sheila tells Vinick that Royce wants him to see POTUS. A staffer enters & tells them that Sullivan's there. Sheila says Royce is afraid that they're not going to pass the debt ceiling bill in time & wants Vinick to cut a deal w/ POTUS on minimum wage so that the Democrats will let them pass the debt ceiling bill before midnight. Royce doesn't want to have anything to do w/ the minimum wage bill because he's given 3 floor speeches against it that day.
    • Vinick has to meet w/ Sullivan for 5 minutes, then he has to go to the WH. A note says Vinick's glad to have something that will keep his mind off his predicament. Sullivan enters & they chit-chat for a short time. Vinick tells him he has to do this quickly because he has to do a few things. Sullivan says, "Governing before politics, that's my motto". Vinick asks if he's serious. Sullivan says he's kidding. Everyone on TV says their meeting's about the Vice Presidency. Vinick says they're right. Sullivan asks if he offered the slot to Butler. Vinick says no. Sullivan's happy because he didn't want to be anyone's second choice. Vinick asks Sullivan if he knows about the problem Vinick's having WRT his going to church. He says he does & it's OK -- he goes to church enough for the both of them. A note says Vinick likes Sullivan. Vinick tries to talk about issues, but Sullivan interrupts him. He says he can agree w/ Vinick on everything but abortion. He won't change his mind about that, & he doesn't expect Vinick would want him to. There's a pause, then Vinick says OK & asks him if there's anything that he should know about Sullivan's background. Sullivan says there isn't anything as bad as not going to church. A note says, "Now Vinick really likes this guy".
    • Cut to Vinick at the WH w/ 2 Secret Service agents. A note says, "It's John Wayne walking into the bar." Everyone looks at him, including Toby, as he walks by the Communications Bullpen.
    February 1, 2005 - "mgoshawk" emailed us the following information from Filmjerk.com on an episode in February sweeps:
    It's "A Good Day" in the West Wing when the middle school "Future Leaders of Democracy" visit and bring a needed breath of fresh air to the staff. Also, Bartlet's bitter rival (they had to split the Nobel Prize between them, boo hoo) brings him a dire economic warning. Will Bartlet believe him?
    January 31, 2005 - "mgoshawk" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum a report from Reuters:
    Additionally, Thomas Schlamme has been hired to direct the ABC pilot "Invasion," which chronicles the bizarre occurrences in a small Florida town after it's ravaged by a hurricane.
    And we found a link to more information on this.
    January 28, 2005 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
    More spoilers for 6.19, La Palabra.
    This happens a few pages after my last set of posted info:
    • Pages later, Helen asks if someone has "his" number. It's one thing to snub the candidate, but "he" wouldn't do that to the candidate's wife.
    • Governor Tillman's office. Santos is with him. Tillman tells Santos that Hoynes told him that all of his (Hoynes's) sexcapades were already flogged to death by the press. Santos talks about the mob of reporters at Hoynes's hotel. Tillman says he looks like an idiot, and there's a bunch of reporters outside his office as well. Santos says that this is all the press is interested in: this and Tillman's endorsement. Tillman says he only met with Santos to talk about the driver's license bill. Santos says he understands Hoynes promised La Palabra that he would speak out against it. Tillman says Hoynes made that promise to him. The Republicans timed the bill to wreck the Democratic primaries. He wants a future in the party and doesn't want to single-handedly blow their chances of beating Vinick. Santos proposes to stand up with Tillman. Tillman points out that Santos didn't want to comment on the bill until he wanted Tillman's support. Santos says he won't say anything about the bill and he doesn't want Tillman's support. Tillman's surprised. Santos says he'll stand behind Tillman if he vetoes the bill. He won't say a word and all the cameras will be pointed at Tillman. Tillman thinks Santos is going to get "tagged" with Tillman's veto and he wouldn't even get a soundbite on the news. Santos knows. Tillman asks him if Santos thinks it's OK to take licenses away from illegal immigrants. Santos thinks it's an "abomination". He thinks they need to have tougher immigration laws and more secure borders. Otherwise, it's wrong to "punish the people we bring here to pick our avocados". Tillman wonders why Santos won't come out and say that. Santos replies that they don't need to hear it from someone who looks like him; they need to hear it from someone who looks like Tillman.
    • Cut to the Governor's press conference. The reporters don't seem to know what's going to happen. Tillman and Santos enter; Josh is off to the side. They start asking the Governor if he's disappointed in Hoynes. Tillman doesn't answer. Instead, he talks about the bill he just vetoed. He says they shouldn't prevent the poorest people from making a living. It may make them feel better, but it doesn't solve the problem. Also, this isn't the way to have a serious debate about a serious issue. The Governor's about to step away, but he pauses for a second and tells the press that he'd show them the veto pen, but he's already given it to Santos. To the surprise of the press, Tillman walks away. Santos follows him, patting the pen in his breast pocket. The press start asking him about Hoynes, but they don't answer. Santos says, "Home base, Josh".
    • Cut to Josh, who's back at the hotel. Jeff and Ramon are working on a speech.
    January 26, 2005 (2nd post)- "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
    Spoilers for 6.19, La Palabra
    • Somewhere in the teaser: Santos & crew on a plane. Santos tells Josh to tell someone that they're playing to win. Josh explains that the California legislature passed a certain bill to stop illegal immigrants from getting a driver's license. Helen says it happened 4 days before the primary. Josh says the Republicans knew it would split the Democrats in half: they have the Latino vote (which accounts for 1/3 of all primary voters there) on the one hand, & "the ever-so-popular notion of rewarding illegal behavior on the other". The Governor's going to be accused of "screwing" the party no matter what he does. Josh says they're going to lose on this issue. He knows Santos will want to say something about it. Surprisingly, Santos doesn't. The plane's landed, & people are grabbing their stuff. The door opens & some local staff hop on board. An orange has rolled in from the back of the plane, & Helen picks it up & starts eating it. Josh jokes that that's how the press sends messages to the front cabin; she probably shouldn't eat it. An advance man named Bram boards. "He's younger, 30s, fast-talking, hyper-competent, a roadie in a mail-order suit". Santos introduces himself (& his wife) to Bram. Josh apologizes for not introducing Bram & tells the Santoses that Bram is doing the CA advance; he had already advanced the Missouri-New Mexico trip. Bram corrects him, saying it was Montana-Arizona, & Josh says, "Right, the one w/ the big hats". Bram gives Santos a stack of cards & tells him they have to do a few meet-and-greets once they land, then a "quick clutch", then a receiving line. Helen quietly asks Santos what's the difference between the 3, but Santos doesn't know. Bram briefs Santos as they go through the cards: the first card is a guy named Backus whom Santos met at a Giants game in SF. His daughter's an honor student in Loyola, & Santos should mention something about Backus's wife's thyroid operation. Santos assumes the operation was successful. Bram takes it back -- he shouldn't mention the operation at all. A young aide named Ramon enters, 5 t-shirts in hand. Ramon wants Santos to sign the shirts -- they're giving them away to local volunteers. Santos agrees. At that point, another aide walks in w/ 50 more shirts for Santos to sign. Helen thinks it's funny; Santos doesn't. Bram mentions that a Gil Garcia is there -- then they'll do the meet-and-greets, then head over to the hotel to talk about health care. Santos is surprised that Gil's there. Josh explains that Gil's there about a few last minute things re La Palabra's endorsement. Bram says it's one of the biggest Latino organizations in the country & it's "gonna be a great hit". Santos asks if they're bumping someone off, but the staff have already left. Gil (40ish) enters & gives the Santoses a hug. He asks Helen how she's doing. She says she's knitting absentee ballots for Super Tuesday, then leaves. Santos says it's good to see a friendly face. Everywhere he goes, he's confronted by TV cameras & he has to sign shirts & "coded produce". Gil asks how long Santos will be in CA. Santos says 2 days -- they're going to take a red-eye to Rhode Island after La Palabra's endorsement. Gil says he's excited about it. Santos says he appreciates the endorsement. Garcia says they have concerns about the driver's license bill -- it could be the beginning of a whole slew of anti-immigrant legislation. He'd like Santos to denounce it in his speech to La Palabra. Santos says he doesn't think he can do that. Santos notes Garcia's surprise, then continues that that would define his whole campaign. He doesn't want to be seen as the Brown candidate. Garcia responds that he better hope some of the voters have B&W TVs. The Governor wants to vote against the bill but he's scared because he doesn't want to be accused of destroying the Democrats' chances. What the Gov needs is cover. Santos says the Gov doesn't care what he says -- he's already endorsed Hoynes. Garcia tells Santos to forget the Gov -- this is really a moral issue that tells immigrants that they can't even drive & make a living. Santos doesn't believe that anything he says will make a difference. They should focus on electing a progressive candidate instead of taking on tough causes. There's a pause, then Garcia says that all they need is a progressive candidate. Santos: "You mean a constituency group cartoon". This last bit of convo hits a nerve in both of them. Garcia says that maybe the reason why Santos rarely sees a friendly face is because his friends have trouble recognizing him -- even those w/ color TVs. Gil leaves while Josh & Bram enter. They start questioning him about signing T-shirts & about the people he'll meet as they get off the plane. End of teaser.
    • 2 pages later, Santos is walking & talking, telling reporters that he's not going to tell the Gov how to run his state.
    • A reporter questions him about Vinick -- he's close to the delegates who will win him the CA nomination & he's not even campaigning in his home state (CA) -- does it worry Santos that Vinick's sweeping the primaries while the Democrats are duking it out? Santos says the competition's going to make the Democrats tougher for the fall. As they turn a corner, walking away from the reporters, we cut to...
    • Josh & Bram giving more cards to Santos -- he'll be meeting more people in the hall. Helen is there, too. Santos says he wants to talk to them about internal polls. Josh wants to know since when has he been interested in their polls? There's no answer because they're meeting a couple who sat w/ Santos at the NRDC gala. The woman wants to know why she doesn't hear Santos talk about global warming. He says he gave 2 speeches about it last week. She says she never heard him talk about it. As Santos is given a cap to sign, another man comes up & tells Santos that people tell him they look alike. A note says, "Not even close", but Santos says, "it's like looking in a mirror". While Helen walks further down, Santos speaks to Josh; he thinks the internals look promising. Josh says they're 3rd in a 3-way race & they'd be 5th in a 3-way race if they didn't have every Latino vote. What's promising about that? Santos thinks they're beating the other candidates on issues. Josh says no one's covering the issues; the press only care about polls & the process. Santos thinks there must be a way to get the press to cover their issues. Josh says Santos is the one who hates giving a scripted message. Santos says they're playing to win. A note says Josh hasn't heard Santos talk like that very often, but agrees w/ him. Santos tells Josh to work on a scripted message. Helen turns around & introduces The Ratners. As Santos goes through his cards to find info on the couple, Hickman, the campaign's Finance Director, walks over to Josh. Josh tells him he's been waiting 2 days for his report. Hickman says he wanted to give the news in person. Josh tells Hickman that his job is to give him money, not news. Hickman retorts that since he doesn't have any money, he thought he'd talk about news. Josh wants to know what he means by "no money". Hickman gives Josh a piece of paper, & Josh finds out that Hickman was being literal when he said they had no money. Hickman explains that the Super Tuesday polls scared their donors. Once they pay the direct mail people, they won't have anything left. Josh wants to know what Hickman's suggesting. He says he isn't suggesting anything. Josh asks if he can produce an options memo. Hickman says they don't have any options. All he has is...Josh finishes his sentence, & says, "news". He asks Hickman to give him a few hours to think of a plan. They'll brief Santos in the morning.
    • Cut to a NY hotel, where Hoynes & staff are listening to a "New York dignitary" make an introduction. It seems the dignitary is introducing both Hoynes & Russell. Russell (plus Will, Donna & other aides) walks up to Hoynes. Hoynes calls Russell, "Mr. Vice President". Russell greets Hoynes as "John". Hoynes: "If you want to drop the formalities". Russell says he doesn't have any intention on dropping them. A note says Russell only meant it as gentle ribbing, but Hoynes seems distracted & uneasy. Hoynes tells Russell to enjoy them while he can -- it's the "most exquisitely-tailored straitjacket known to man".
    • Pages later, Josh tells Santos not to answer something. Instead, he should "pivot" & say that when people hear about his health care plan, which will move them slowly to universal coverage (starting w/ children), the gap's going to close. Bram walks up to Josh & tells him he talked to Gil about rolling out the La Palabra endorsement. It seems the endorsement's off; Gil says Santos knows why. Bram walks away. Josh questions Santos about this, so Santos fills him in. Josh wants Santos to call Gil & fix the problem. Santos asks Josh if Josh wants him to say he's against the bill. Josh says no, but the Latino voters are their bread & butter. Josh changes his mind & says he'll talk to Gil instead. Santos tells him not to promise anything. Josh thinks Gil's bluffing.
    • Cut to Donna in the NY hotel. She's trying to get some bored reporters to be interested in her issue about education. It seems the US comes in last place when it comes to math (& every other area). A reporter asks if she thinks that her argument can stop Hoynes's rising popularity in CA. She says her issue isn't about the race -- it's about curing polio. The reporter says there is a cure for polio. Donna goes on, telling them that they shouldn't be complacent about this. Does anyone want to ask about science education? It doesn't seem so, until someone named Brewer, late 30s, who's better-dressed than the other reporters, "handsome in a bookish sort of way", says he does. Donna recognizes him & says she doesn't take questions from a Hoynes advisor.
    • Brewer thinks that's a shame, since he was going to ask how Russell can turn his nose up at character education when parents are doing everything they can to pass on the right values to their kids. Donna expresses her apologies to those parents & says the Russell campaign's focusing on things that their kids aren't passing, like AP Physics. Brewer thinks that this is why Russell won't be able to beat Vinick in the fall -- no appreciation of middle-class values. Donna asks him who he would like to work on him if his appendix bursts: a model citizen or a trained surgeon? Brewer responds that he doesn't have a single-issue appendix. A note says that they're impressed w/ each other, but the press couldn't care less what they're talking about. Brewer walks over to Donna & admits that her education plan is closer to his tastes. Donna's surprised. Brewer says that Hoynes seems to be on a values kick these days. She says she doesn't want the govt legislating her kids' values & wonders what happened to her right to raise her kids as spoiled brats. Brewer says he takes it that she's single. She says she doesn't respond to hypothetical questions. He asks her to have a drink w/ him tonight & they'll discuss the specifics. She says she can't because he works for Hoynes & that would be like sleeping w/ the enemy. She tries to clear up what she's saying (& does a klutz job on it) & tells him that he knows what she means. He asks if she's the new spokesperson. She retorts that this was sort of a try-out. He says it was a nice try & walks off. She's a bit sorry to see him go.
    • Cut to the Santoses in the Sacramento hotel, reading some print-outs. Helen tells us that Gov Tillman got elected w/ 71% of the Latino vote. Santos says Tillman's popular. She then says 67% of Californians think it's wrong to grant licenses to illegal immigrants. He says that he bets no one told Tillman there'd be math involved. Josh enters, introduces Hickman, & tells them Hickman has some news. Hickman says that while the press cares about the polls & the race, donors care about it more. Winning New Mexico & Arizona helped, but Hoynes & Russell gained more ground in the last 2 days in the Super Tuesday states. Santos's funds are drying up. The Santos campaign has made some media buys, but they still haven't paid their direct media vendors, employees, & "the field". When they pay all of that, the $800,000 they have now will be gone. Helen thought they had an aggressive low-dollar program. Josh says it was more low than aggressive -- they mostly got $10 & $20 checks. Santos asks them for the bottom line. Hickman says that if they don't find a way to beat expectations on Tuesday, he doesn't see how they can continue. Josh tells them that Russell won't be campaigning in CA & he'll still outspend them. He wants to nix the Rhode Island-NY trip & focus everything on CA. He doesn't think they can beat Hoynes, but he thinks they can beat Russell & come in second. Santos agrees. Just as Josh & Hickman are about to leave, Santos asks them about a contingency plan. The Texas primary's 2 weeks from Super Tuesday & he wants to know what they plan to do if he doesn't come in second. Josh doesn't want to think about it until they get there. Santos asks Hickman for options. Hickman says there aren't any. They'd have to spend a minimum of $300K-$400K in Texas & they're not allowed to borrow. Santos says, "except from the candidate". Hickman says that technically, he's right. Santos says that technically, he can mortgage his house & loan the money to the campaign. Helen prefers Josh's suggestion. Santos says that if they go Josh's way, what do they do next? Plan the Texas campaign on the back of a napkin? Josh says Santos would be paying off that personal debt for years. The only way for him to do that is to go back to Congress.
    • Much later, Josh tells Helen, "A small one" (don't know what they're talking about). Helen thanks him for talking shop. Also, he should feel free to call her Mrs. Santos. Josh calls out to her that he doesn't want her to sign something, but she's already gone.
    • Cut to Bram leading Santos through the corridor to meet a businessman. The man wants Santos to sign his hernia truss. He doesn't really want to do it, but the man explains that his company manufactures them -- they're the 4th biggest wholesaler in the state. Santos signs, then Bram leads him into a room where he'll be interviewed. Santos asks about the interviewers & is told that he'll be doing this by satellite. They put a thing in Santos's ear so he can hear the questions. The first one is from a Fresno reporter. We don't get to hear the question, but we hear Santos's response: he thinks there's more important things to focus on, like health care.
    • Cut to a hotel room, where we can hear Santos still talking about healthcare.
    • Cut to another hotel room, where we hear him say something is a decision that the Gov has to make. He (Santos) is focused on national issues like health care.
    • Another hotel room, where Santos says that maybe he should do a better job telling people about his health care plan.
    • Cut to many more rooms, where we hear him pushing health care each time.
    • Cut to the next morning. Josh is in Gil's office. Gil compliments Josh on bringing Santos quickly up the political learning curve. Josh replies that it took them some time to get their bearings. Gil says the Santos he knew wouldn't remain quiet on anti-immigration issues. Josh asks if Gil knew that Russell is in favor of the bill. He says that Russell isn't even campaigning in CA and he could beat Santos on that issue alone. Gil asks how Josh thinks voting rights polled during the '60s or Jim Crow in the 1870s. Josh says Gil knows the arguments: people use licenses to buy guns and board planes. Gil wants to come up with a better ID. Josh argues that the immigrants are there illegally. Gil replies that if illegality is the issue, why not take licenses away from murderers? If they don't give the illegal immigrants a license, does Josh think they'll go back to Mexico? Gil thinks they'll drive without insurance and there'll be no way to track them. Josh doesn't think Gil's objection is about the bill's substance. Gil: "Because you know the bill is wrong". Josh: "Because your old pal Matt Santos is trying to win California". Gil says Hoynes, his new pal, is winning it and he has the guts to denounce the bill. Josh is surprised. Gil says Hoynes is going to denounce it when he campaigns with the Governor the next day. Josh says they both know Gil's endorsing Santos. Gil says he won't until Santos denounces the bill in his La Palabra speech. He says the Gov wants to veto the bill but needs cover. If Hoynes does it, they'll endorse him. Josh doesn't know how Gil can do this. Doesn't having a Latino President further the Latino cause? Gil: "If he doesn't stand up for Latinos?" Gil also mentions that since Josh is so worried about polls, he should know Santos is getting creamed.
    • Cut to Josh in the staff hotel suite. We find out he's calling Leo. It's Saturday, and Leo's sitting in his office, reading the new biography on James Madison. Leo asks if Josh knows Madison's dying words. Josh knows: "I always talk better lying down". Leo asks how they're doing, and Josh says they're in 3rd place. They've moved all the money to CA, and their base thinks they sold them out. Helen thinks Josh is playing around with her kids' college tuition. Leo cracks a joke, then Josh tells him that Santos read his internals on the plane the previous night. Leo thinks that's normal, but Josh mentions that Santos never did that before. Leo says Josh complained about that for awhile. Josh knows, but now Santos keeps saying they're playing to win. "Even when the numbers...kinda make you want to lie down". Leo says it's Josh's job to doubt and Santos's to believe. He shouldn't let Santos do anything too stupid. Josh says he'll call Leo later and hangs up. Ronna enters with 2 speechwriters named Kenny and Jeff. A note says they're "decidedly non-Latino aides". Josh asks what they're writing for the La Palabra speech. Jeff says the speech is very personal -- they're writing about how it was for Santos to go from the Houston barrios to a military officer in the '80s. After a beat, Josh tells them to make it less personal. He's going to insert something when they're done. When they walk away, Ronna gives Josh an envelope. Inside are mortgage documents and Congressional filing forms. Josh tells her to hold onto it and he'll tell her when he needs it.
    • Cut to the Santoses' hotel suite. Bram briefs them (including the kids) on events that each of them are scheduled to attend. Santos is half-watching the TV. We hear the reporter say that the bill's proponents think that issuing licenses to illegal immigrants is like "rolling out the red carpet" to terrorists. Yet, Tillman still hasn't weighed in on the matter, probably because he's torn between his support in the Latino community and the bill's popularity. We switch back to Bram, who's talking about an event where Helen will be reading a book to some students. No matter what Helen says or how the press respond, it won't matter. As long as the students can be seen from every camera angle, it'll scream education. Josh enters and says he needs to talk to Santos.
    • Cut to the bedroom, where Josh tells Santos that La Palabra's going to endorse Hoynes. Santos is surprised. Josh knows Hoynes will stand next to the Gov tomorrow to denounce it and thinks Santos should beat him to the punch. Santos says Josh is the one who told him not to do constituency politics in public. Josh tells Santos to forget what he said. Santos says it'll be a 7-second soundbite if he denounces it: "Latino comes out for Latinos". Josh thinks it'll be better than, "Latino ignores Latinos". Santos is afraid no one will hear anything else he has to say and he doesn't know how it'll help his campaign.
    • Josh says it's a bad bill. He also says he was wrong to push the politics, & Santos should be himself. Santos says he's not taking a position. Josh reminds him that Gil's serious about endorsing Hoynes. Santos thinks that maybe Gil should. Also, Gil can tell Santos if he's not being Latino enough, but Josh can't. Santos walks out.
    • Cut to NY, where Donna finds Brewer's room & knocks on the door. She cutely asks him out for a late-morning drink. He says he isn't decent. She says she could've told him that yesterday. He opens the door a crack & says he's working on ways that will legislate her spoiled kids into submission. She says she'd have to have kids first. He says that if that's a pick-up line, it needs work. He opens the door & says he can't have a drink w/ her right now -- he's working on some press releases re the CA watershed program. Donna's surprised he hasn't packed to go to CA. He says there's been some delays. She asks him about it, but he doesn't know. He's the Issues Director, & he doesn't even know why they tripled funding for character education. Donna leaves, & he calls out to her to find someone else who's more in the know -- next year, when she's looking to fund child care subsidies for her selfish kids, she shouldn't come crawling on his bedsheets.
    • Cut to Will & a speechwriter. We see Donna entering the scene, talking really fast. She tells him Hoynes cancelled his first policy speech. She doesn't think Hoynes is going to CA at all. A note says they think for a moment.
    • Pages later, Donna tells some reporters that the answer is no, & she can't believe they're just standing there when they should be doing their jobs. They all leave except one reporter, who's still scribbling in a notepad. Donna tells that person to go. He leaves as we cut to...
    • Santos & Helen wrapping up a "clutch" inside their plane, pre-takeoff. As the donor leaves, Josh steps into their cabin & tells Santos that Hoynes won't be going to CA. He thinks it was a fake-out so that Russell wouldn't campaign there & Hoynes could bank his 9-point lead & concentrate on fighting Russell in the East. Josh says that since Hoynes isn't coming, he doesn't have to take a position on the license bill. Hoynes doesn't have to keep his promise to Gil. There's a pause, & then they talk about what's happening. Santos figures that he's the only candidate from either party who's in CA, & he's in last place. Santos asks how many of their reporters are on the story. There's 5. Santos tells Josh to make it 10. Santos scribbles a note to an uneasy Josh on an orange. It says, Why is Hoynes afraid of CA? The plane prepares to take-off.
    • Cut to Brewer & an aide being stalked by reporters. Brewer explains that Hoynes has a mild cold, but he will be flying to CA. One reporter says that if it's mild, why doesn't he rest on the plane? Another reporter says "his three-day gambit's looking more like a shell game". Brewer says Hoynes isn't a gambling man. If you shake the hands of every pretzel vendor in Manhattan, you're bound to pick up a big germ cocktail. The reporters want a straight answer, but Brewer says he has to go. Once away from the press, Brewer tells the aide to find out why they're still in NY.
    • Cut to Josh talking to the speechwriters. The TV's on, & we hear the reporter talking about Hoynes's no-show in CA. Then we hear the speechwriter suggesting that they throw in some Spanish, "to build into a riff". He explains that it can be used to get a rhythm going. Josh says it isn't a recording session, it's a Latino civil rights organization. Kenny thinks Jeff might know some Spanish since he lived in NY & it's everywhere there. Ramon enters & Josh asks if he can write. He says he can write text messages. Josh hopes he can write lengthy, involved ones. He says yes.
    • Pages later, Ronna says something happened to Hoynes.
    • Cut to Hoynes walking through the hotel, surrounded by reporters, pretending he doesn't hear them.
    • Cut to Santos greeting a supporter in a hotel. Santos is a little mixed up WRT where he is now (he forgot he's in LA). Josh pulls Santos into the suite. Santos tries to tell Josh that he has to meet more supporters, but Josh turns on 3 different TVs.
    • 2 pages later, & we're in Act 4. Santos's staff is running through the corridor. Josh is giving out orders. He tells Bram to tell all the spokespeople that the dynamic's changed -- Hoynes is out & they're tied w/ Russell. Bram asks if that's true. Josh replies that it may as well be; you can't poll that before the voting starts. Josh tells Bram to keep Santos in his room -- reporters are everywhere. They run into a group of reporters & they get away by running into an elevator. Josh asks Ronna if she's heard anything from the Governor. Ronna says the Gov's political director says he won't discuss new endorsements & won't take calls. Kenny doesn't think the Gov's going to stick w/ Hoynes.
    • Josh tells Ronna to tell the political director that Santos is a Presidential candidate. That should help w/ the phone call. Josh then asks about the schedule. Ronna says "political" wants the Santoses to attend a church service. They'll fly out his kids & Santos can speechify against adultery. Josh says no. Ronna argues that they received hundreds of press requests & all the press cares about is Hoynes's "libido". They need to find a way to ride the story. Josh doesn't want to go near it because he doesn't think the voters care. He wants Ronna to accept as many interviews as she can until the polls close the next day. Ronna's about to argue against this, but Josh says that their message is health care & education. It's the only way Santos will beat Russell. Kenny says every question Santos will get will be about Hoynes. Josh replies that none of the answers will be about him.
    • Cut to AF2 as we hear Donna say that she had no idea about Senate staffers. We see that Donna's dealing with reporters. They tell her she must've known something. She says the man locked himself into a hotel room. How does she know what he's doing? An aide hands Donna a note, and Donna starts walking back to the staff cabin. We hear Will talking strategy: they can't do anything about driver's licenses since they've already said they're in favor of the bill. "Hoynes is an embarrassment. Santos is a footnote..." Then he tells the Governor that Russell needs him. She passes Will and heads on over to Russell. He wants to talk to her about something.
    January 26, 2005 (1st post)- "FilmBuff90" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum a link to a story from Southflorida.com on the future of the show which includes the following:
    "...executive producer John Wells insists... 'We're working right now on the final episodes of this season leading up to the conventions. The Republican convention will be in episode 21 and the Democratic convention in episode 22, the end of the season....'

    "The prevailing school of thought is that Smits has to win in order to keep the other regulars, all partisan Democrats, involved in the series.

    "Not so, says Wells. 'There is a long tradition in politics of many people leaving and moving on to other parts of their life [even after an election their party wins]. We're excited watching the characters make those decisions.'

    "This is also a device to keep down cast salaries. Ask for more money and your character could be leaving the White House to pursue other opportunities. Several regulars are invisible tonight while potential replacements get center stage. Patricia Richardson and Stephen Root have been hired for the Vinick campaign and Teri Polo is playing Santos' wife.

    Martin Sheen, whose contract to play President Bartlet is up, expects to stay on beyond this season but in a limited capacity. 'We're planning on returning next year, primarily being present up until the inauguration of the new president, whoever that might be,' Sheen said. '"Then afterwards, we'll get a glimpse of what sort of post-White House life Bartlet might get involved in. My presence will be strong only in the first half of the year. We'll see where it goes from there. A Jimmy Carter type of ex-presidency would be ideal....'"
    January 25, 2005 - The New York Times has an article on the show that says:
    "...While the show's writers have ruled out a national referendum to elect their next president - the ultimate vote will be cast by John Wells, the show's executive producer, who has yet to throw his support to a candidate - the sixth season of 'The West Wing' has already had enough suspense, intrigue and conflict among its main characters to rival 'Survivor....'

    "In one coming episode, Josh Lymon, who is played by Bradley Whitford and is the campaign manager for Mr. Smits's Matt Santos, actually brawls with the president's communications director, Toby Ziegler, played by Richard Schiff.

    "The creative jolt to 'The West Wing' this season - along with a modest increase in its ratings - has come at a critical juncture in the life of the program. The contract between NBC and Warner Brothers Television, which owns 'The West Wing,' is due to expire at season's end, and the network has yet to make a decision on whether to extend it.

    "For NBC, struggling through a season in which it could well finish fourth in the prime-time ratings, "The West Wing" has sometimes hurt more than it has helped, at times finishing fourth in its time slot, 9 to 10 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesdays. But working in the show's favor is that so far this season its ratings are up 1.2 percent from last year, according to Nielsen Media Research, and, more important, that its 11.9 million viewers remain among the most affluent watching television. In something of an anomaly, it also often draws substantially more viewers than the program that precedes it. (This past week, it nearly doubled the ratings of its lead-in, "Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Model Search.")

    "While the network's situation has created its own suspense, both NBC and Mr. Wells sent signals this week that pointed toward the program's return. Jeff Zucker, president of the NBC Universal Television Group, told reporters gathered here Friday for a midseason presentation by the network that he considered the show to have "rejuvenated itself" and that he was optimistic it would be renewed. On Thursday, Mr. Wells said in an interview in his office on the Warner Brothers lot that he was "as confident as I can be without a signed contract" that there would be a seventh season....

    "Meanwhile, with the exception of Mr. Sheen, every main actor and actress associated with the program, including both Mr. Alda and Mr. Smits, has formally committed to return for at least part of next season, Mr. Wells said. Mr. Sheen, whose representatives are currently negotiating with Warner Brothers, said that his own return was a foregone conclusion. 'I'm in,' he said....

    "Mr. Wells and his writers have already mapped out a fairly detailed election schedule. The current season will end with episodes set at fictional Democratic and Republican conventions. There will be an election early next season and an inauguration that will be broadcast about this time next year. There are even plans to visit Mr. Sheen's character in retirement in his home state of New Hampshire...."
    January 23, 2005 (2nd post)- "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
    More spoilers for 6.18, A Good Day:
    • This happens pages after Will tells Josh that the VP retains lifetime floor privileges:
      Pages later, Annabeth tells Toby she got his message about "babysitting" the visiting students; she asks him if she's the right fit for the job. He says she's perfect and he'll stop by at the end to say hello. She tells him that she has to review tapes of POTUS's practice sessions for the next day's press conference. He reminds her that she said POTUS was a "fully-integrated public speaker" and told him not to "mess with perfection". She acknowledges that she said that, so he says that her schedule's clear now.
    • Cut to Cliff stalking 2 Congressmen. This is happening at the same time as the scene above. He's trying to get them to stay because Haffley wants the vote. The Vermont Congressman says Haffley's trying to humiliate them. Cliff says Haffley's trying to ban stem cell research and will schedule the vote for the next day. The Vermont Congressman says Haffley won't do it if they're not there -- he'll wait them out and delay the vote for as long as he wants. The Georgia Congressman reminds them that Super Tuesday's coming up and he's in a tight race. Cliff says that other Republicans are in the same boat and they can't sit and wait either. Cliff begs them to give him another day. They're against it. As they walk away, Cliff asks them to keep their phones on and not to get on a plane unless they talk to him. Haffley's there and sees the Congressmen leaving. He tells Cliff, "nice try", and asks him if "Leg Affairs" is tougher than lobbying, or is it different? Cliff promises Haffley that he's going to be "dead meat". Haffley: "Good sign that in Year Seven the President can still rally the troops".
    • This happens after Toby agrees to sit down and have a meeting with the 12-year-olds:
      Cut to Kate & a Major. She's looking at something called "Operation Northern Lights". Apparently, it's the US's plan to invade Canada by using CIA operatives posing as ranchers. The major says it's SOP when there's a hostage situation on foreign soil -- they need to assess the threat level first. She asks if that happens before the infiltration/extraction phase. He says yes. She asks if they're thinking of using Blackhawks or a HALO drop. He says both. They could get it from Fort Bragg... She tells him to stop. The Wildlife Deputy enters the scene & tells them the ranchers are making a statement on Canadian TV. She leaves, & on the way out, hands the plan back to the Major & tells him not to give it to anyone, including herself.
    • This happens after Abbey and Jed have their conversation about Eisenhower:
      Cut to Kate walking into the Sit Room, asking what happened. They have an Officer Horn waiting for a visual confirmation. She heard that a UH-1H (aka a Huey) American helicopter emergency-landed in a field near the stand-off. Horn says it's true. The Major tells Kate that the company that makes Hueys also makes civilian aircraft; they have deniability. Kate's had enough & wants to put a stop to the scenario right now. She says the problem isn't a few unruly outlaws from a bygone era -- it's them. "We're still the Wild Bunch. The higher it goes, the hotter the risk". She tells them she just threatened the Canadian ambassador. She asks Horn for the ranking Canadian on scene, & it turns out to be the Grasslands EcoRegion Director. She asks if that person has a bullhorn (one can be arranged). She asks for the time & is told that it's past midnight. Her idea is to get the GED to announce the end of hunting season. The Deputy reminds her that the season isn't over until next week. She says it just changed & the season now ended at midnight. Anyone who fires their weapon is in danger of losing their hunting license. There's silence in the room. The Major frowns. Then Horn says he thinks it'll work. The Deputy says the ranchers don't fool around when it comes to hunting.
    • 2 pages later, Annabeth & POTUS are walking to the press conference, "looking like fast friends". She tells him that something is not a problem. He asks if "it" wouldn't be too professorial. She says she heard he was a fine prof. POTUS sees Toby & tells him to hang on -- he has a closing statement. Then POTUS tells Annabeth, "He hates it when I'm extempore". Toby says there's a young man sitting in the aisle if he really wants to "mix things up".
    • Cut to the VP's office. They're getting a little agitated because they've had to stay there for 2 days with no change of clothes & it's starting to get a little old. Junior Arkansas says they're re-thinking their strategy. Santos tells them to wait another hour. At this point, they hear the secret knock & stop talking. Donna opens the door, enters the room, & smiles.
    January 23, 2005 (1st post)- David Lomazoff forwarded to us a TV article in which Michael Ausiello says:
    "...Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda are... slated to return for the seventh season, although exec producer John Wells has yet to decide which will become the next president. Meanwhile, Home Improvement's Patricia Richardson is joining the cast as Alda's campaign manager."
    January 22, 2005 - "mgoshawk" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum a link to an article from The Houston Chronicle by MIKE MCDANIEL:
    "LOS ANGELES - Martin Sheen, who plays President Josiah Bartlet on NBC's The West Wing, said Friday that he is close to a deal that would see him continue his role into the show's seventh season next fall, and possibly beyond.

    "Though NBC has not decided yet whether to renew the show, which has slipped in the ratings this season, network president Jeff Zucker noted that The West Wing still attracts the most affluent audience on television....

    "Wells, who this season has made the show more about the race for a Bartlet successor, said he plans for The West Wing to showcase the election next season....

    "According to Wells, the show would also follow Bartlet up to the inauguration of the new president, which would occur in TV time about one year from now, and 'offer a glimpse of post-White House life....'"
    January 21, 2005 - "mgoshawk" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum a link to an article from The Daily Iowan on the upcoming visit to Iowa by the characters on the show:
    "On the Jan. 26 episode of the 'The West Wing,' a Hamburg [Inn No. 2]-like set will host the fictional White House cast and those characters vying for a spot in the Pennsylvania Avenue mansion. Vice President Russell (Gary Cole), Sen. Arnold Vinick (Alan Alda), and Congressman Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits) are among some of the characters expected to visit the fictional Hamburg [Inn].

    "The show did not shoot in the real restaurant but created a Hamburg set.

    "Dave Panther, the owner of Hamburg Inn No. 2, said that since contacting him a month ago, show representatives have been collecting every detail of the restaurant, from its logo to its T-shirts to its mugs....

    "During the preliminary stages of putting the Hamburg into the show, representatives sent Panther a script. All he is telling about the plot of the 'King Corn' episode is that some characters come for a coffee-bean caucus, similar to the real life one in Iowa City."
    January 15, 2005 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
    More spoilers for 6.18. I've incorporated some of the old spoilers so you can see how the new spoilers (in bold) fit in:
    • Cut to POTUS, CJ & Takahashi in the Oval. This is happening at the same time as the Sit Room briefing. They finish having their tea & Takahashi stands up, bows, & says, "Mr. President, it has been an honor". POTUS says, "My pleasure, sir". CJ says she didn't know they knew each other. Takahashi says he's known POTUS since graduate school, & they competed even back then. Bartlet remembers that Takahashi won a fellowship. As Takahashi gets close to the door, he tells Debbie that he was the bookworm; POTUS was the politician. Bartlet says he only aspired to a tenure position at that time. Takahashi says POTUS's economics betrayed his true calling. He could never understand POTUS's distrust of the private sector. When POTUS became "President of the Welfare State... Finally the footnote to explain his 'theory'." POTUS says they can talk more at dinner. Takahashi: "That, Sir, would be a rational expectation". After Takahashi leaves w/ Debbie, CJ says, "Well, he's certainly..." POTUS finishes her sentence w/ "...a smug sonofabitch". POTUS thinks Takahashi's there to torment him. Then he repeats the "rational expectation" line & tells CJ that Takahashi's talking about "territory he claimed he pioneered." Seems he chopped down a few trees & claimed to blaze a trail. "Footnote my ass". CJ tries to argue, but POTUS says Takahashi's work is only read today because he assigns it to "hapless undergrads". CJ says, w/ all due respect, that since he's POTUS, he really isn't allowed to "harbor professional jealousies". He knows she's right, but comes up w/ the age old line, "He started it first".
    • Cut to the VP's Office Suite, where Donna's on the phone. Cliff comes in & grabs his stuff.
    • Santos tells Donna that "it" isn't for his campaign -- it's for the President. She jokes that he should've said it was for stems cells everywhere. He replies that he was just about to say that & smiles. A note says she's not immune to Santos's charms.
    • This happens after Toby asks Annabeth if District Pizza delivers:
      Cut to the hall outside the Oval. This is happening at the same time as the scene above. There's a big commotion -- we hear people calling for a doctor & we see a few Secret Service agents carrying a man through the hall. CJ & Abbey are there & they look concerned. CJ says she looked away & didn't see what happened. Abbey says "he" overdid it. It's a fake-out because at this point, POTUS enters the scene, walking w/ a cane, saying a man Takahashi's age shouldn't have attempted to tango. We're in the Oval now, where Takahashi is laid out on the sofa. Abbey tells Takahashi that a doc's on his way. He doesn't want a doctor. POTUS asks if he hurt himself. Takahashi replies that POTUS is the expert on soft landings -- POTUS should tell him. POTUS replies that Takahashi's fine.
    • Cut to POTUS & Takahashi (w/ an ice pack on his hand) in the Oval. Takahashi says he made a fool of himself. POTUS says they all know the feeling. Takahashi: "Even Presidents?" POTUS says especially Presidents. Takahashi asks if he's thinking about his veto override. He says no but thanks him for the reminder. Anyway, Takahashi shouldn't judge because he'd veto all govt spending. Takahashi asks if POTUS thinks Takahashi judges him. POTUS replies that they've always judged each other. Takahashi asks if it would be different if he came as a friend w/ a friendly warning. POTUS asks what he's talking about. Takahashi says he sat on the board of the Bank of Tokyo & still speaks to them. Japan has been heavily investing in US debt. POTUS asks if he means that Japan's been buying US bonds. Takahashi tells him that foreign investors have bought 90% of the US's new debt. Japan holds $700 billion in assets. Bartlet asks why deficits suddenly bother him. Takahashi replies that he knows it bothers POTUS, as his actions have proven. POTUS says his work applied to developing economies. Takahashi tells him about a rumor he heard re Singapore dumping their dollars. He thinks it could start a run. POTUS doesn't think it'll happen. Takahashi tries to say that Japan can't afford to be caught...but POTUS interrupts, telling him that it's in Japan's interests for the notes to hold their value. The yen is more fragile. Takahashi argues that Japan has an aging population. Their buying spree can't last forever & they'll eventually divest. POTUS thinks it'll happen gradually, not that he doesn't appreciate the sentiment behind Takahashi's prediction of a nightmare scenario. Takahashi says that a projected deficit of $300 billion on POTUS's watch isn't his nightmare. POTUS responds that that's why he vetoed the highway bill. Takahashi says he mistook that for his mutual concern over the world's strongest economy, burdened w/ mounting debt, held by foreign...friends. POTUS tells Takahashi, "What are friends for? More ice?" Takahashi says it's cold enough, & POTUS couldn't agree more.
    January 13, 2005 - "mgoshawk" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum a link to "see the parts to be casted":
    January 12, 2005 (4th post)- "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
    Continuation of Spoilers for 6.18, A Good Day
    • Act 3: Toby & the Future Leaders of Democracy. They're discussing the elimination of the voting age. Annabeth steps into the room & tells Toby he has to go to his, erm, next meeting. Toby says, "Dining & dancing?" Annabeth tells the kids that their parents are waiting for them at District Pizza. They're missing dinner. As they get up, Cody shakes Toby's hand & thanks him. He thinks if he had another half hour, he would've convinced Toby. Toby asks Annabeth if District Pizza delivers.
    • Kate's in Margaret's office, asking for CJ. Margaret asks if it's about Canada. Kate gives her a look, so Margaret says she knows it's none of her business. She asks if Kate wants CJ to be pulled out of her meeting. Kate says not to bother because it isn't important. Margaret disagrees. She explains that her Mother's Canadian, Dad's from upstate. There's always been a north-south tug-of-war for her & her sibs. Today's events are the kind of thing that can pull families apart & pit brother against brother. Kate received a page while Margaret talked & says she needs the Mural Room. Margaret says, "All yours. Peace in our time".
    • Cut to Toby & the kids eating pizza in the Roosevelt Room. They're still arguing about the voting age. At the end, Toby tells them that their best strategy is to lower the age incrementally. And he wouldn't start at the Federal level. Cody asks if he'll mention it to the President. Toby says he'll do better than that.
    • Cut to POTUS & Takahashi (w/ an ice pack on his hand) in the Oval. Takahashi says he made a fool of himself. Pages later, POTUS tells Takahashi, "What are friends for? More ice?" Takahashi says it's cold enough, & POTUS couldn't agree more.
    • Cut to Junior Arkansas & a Georgia Congressman walking in the halls of Congress. They bump into a Republican Senator. A note says, "Like pros, they go into their act". Arkansas says the issue's crucial to the President. Georgia says he's in a crucial primary. He's sorry, but he has to run. Then he greets the Republican Senator. As soon as the Senator disappears, they turn right around & head back in the direction from whence they came. As they pass the Senator's office again, a dishevelled secretary emerges, straightening her hair. They exchange looks as they watch her go. They go to the VP's outer office, where Donna is alone & making coffee. She asks Arkansas if he wants to take the coffee pot in w/ him. He takes it. She grabs some cups & asks if he wants popcorn. She wonders if it smells risky. He tells her to wait another hour on the popcorn. A note says, "Donna knocks -- shave & a haircut -- then opens the door". As they enter, we see the VP's office has been transformed. There are about 18 Congressmen & women camped out on sofas & chairs. Some are working, some are sleeping. They remain quiet until the door closes. Then, they do a round of "hushed applause" at the new arrivals. A Vermont Congressman asks Georgia if he got the message about bringing provisions. Georgia takes a fifth of scotch out of his pocket & puts it next to the take-out food & other drinks. We hear other conversations: one Congressman's on the phone telling someone that it's 75 degrees there & he may never go back to DC; a young Congressman tells an old Congressman that "it" was a dirty trick. The old guy says it works like a charm, though. Young guy says that the Speaker crossed the line. Old guy replies that he should've seen the tricks they pulled when they were the majority. Next, we see a few people waiting in line for the bathroom. The person in front of the line knocks on the door. The second person in line tells the first person not to rush the Congresswoman who's in the bathroom. First person says that this is why he hated co-ed dorms. Elsewhere, we see Santos arguing w/ a few people. He tells them that "therapeutic is not reproductive cloning". He sees Junior Arkansas & asks if he has anymore "souls to ferry". Arkansas says they're done for now. Santos tells him to join in on the convo: they're "preaching to the choir on stem cells". Arkansas says he may be singing a different tune. Santos asks if he's voting against. Arkansas says he has his reservations. Does he have to hand in his decoder ring? Santos says Haffley closed the floor to debate but they're not going to play by his rules. Arkansas should talk about his reservations. Arkansas says he has morality questions. Santos tells him to ask -- they have all night to talk. End of Act 3.
    • The following has quote marks around whatever they're saying, which seems to me like they're rehearsing something. 2 pages later, CJ cracks a joke w/ Cliff. Cliff asks her if everything's a game w/ her, even research that could save millions of lives. She says, "Stems cell's not a game. Thus speaketh Haffley". He says it looks like that to POTUS. She says the research could lead to trafficking in human embryos. She doesn't take that lightly.
    • He replies that if this were about taking the moral high ground & not "an inside-the-beltway bitch slap", then why did they let the issue slide when they had the votes to pass it? Maybe Republicans have more of an interest in keeping their base agitated than it does protecting the sanctity of human life. CJ thinks it's done. Quote marks end there. Cliff thinks it might work. He wants her to slip in that if "he" calls it first thing in the morning, "he'll" be leading in the President's press conference. But CJ has to let "him" win a game. CJ replies, "No mercy".
    • Cut to the VP's office. Everyone's sleeping except Santos & Arkansas. Arkansas says he knows embryos are frozen in labs, but they're still embryos. Santos, trying not to push, argues that embryos have the potential to contribute to life. But they'll never become a fetus or a person w/out a mother's womb. That's the discernible line for him. Arkansas thinks it'll encourage commerce in biological materials. Santos points out that that's why there is limited funding to discard cells that couples donate to in-vitro clinics. If the embryos aren't used for research, they'll be thrown out. Arkansas figures out that there won't be any legal consequence if that happens. Santos says that that's how he sees it. The camera pans across the room to Donna, who is watching Santos.
    • Cut to Kate & the Canadian Ambassador in the Mural Room. Will's there as well. The CA thanks Kate for seeing him -- he knows she's had a busy day. Kate says Will told her that the CA has something on his mind. He says he is happy to report that it's been "all quiet on the Western front" since nightfall. Kate says the issue's still unresolved. He agrees & says when he spoke to the VP...Kate cuts in & asks him if he called the VP. Will tells her that the VP called the CA. CA goes on to say that he's had unofficial conversations & he isn't at liberty to speak officially. Kate doesn't know what he's talking about. He says that Canada & the US are close & historic friends. There are some areas where they differ, like bovine spongiform. Will mentions lumber tariffs & the US global military program. Kate adds same-sex marriages. The CA continues, saying that the 2 countries are friends overall. If they could trust him to speak to the Governor of the Province to lean on its citizens to relent & allow the Americans free passage over the border, he'd be happy to do it. Kate says, "That would be swell". The CA points out that there will be some expectations. Will says the CA wants to suggest a little flexibility on the US appeal of the NAFTA decision. Kate tells them both that the US doesn't make trade decisions based on "amped-up cowboys"...Will interrupts to say, "Unless they've been elected to office". The CA says he doesn't agree w/ that characterization. Their ranchers have shown considerable restraint. Kate says, "Aside from the actual hostage-taking". The CA says he knows she can't negotiate directly, but if she senses an openness to consider his proposal, she can signal by...oh, say, crossing her legs. They look at her legs, which are already crossed. She doesn't move. Will tells her to uncross or cross them again just so they can be sure. Kate's interrupted by a page. She excuses herself.
    • 2 pages later, POTUS asks Abbey, "what's the next guy, a more mortal, gonna do." Abbey replies, "Like Eisenhower". POTUS: "In what way?" Abbey says that even though Eisenhower was a general, he couldn't "stop the Military Industrial You-Know". POTUS says there is one thing Eisenhower did.
    • Cut to Kate walking into the Sit Room, asking what happened. The Deputy says they received news from ground zero. They have an Officer Horn on speaker. Horn says he's waiting for a visual confirmation, but it looks like all parties involved are going home. Kate asks if it's happening peacefully. He says yes -- a few minutes ago, someone from the Province got on a bullhorn to remind everyone that the final day of the snow goose hunting season is officially over. Kate asks if the guy threatened to revoke hunting licenses. Horn says he didn't need to because the people over there take hunting very seriously. She thanks him. Horn holds up a piece of paper & asks if she's interested in seeing it. It turns out to be the US contingency plan to invade Canada. Horn gives us a history: it was done in 1789 & updated in 1804. The calligraphy's quite beautiful. She tells them all to go to bed.
    • Pages later, Donna tells Santos that Haffley just called the vote 20 seconds ago. There's a lot of cheering, then Santos says they have 14 1ˇ2 minutes to go before the vote closes. Does everyone have their voting card?
    • Cut to the Halls of Congress, where Haffley leaves the Chamber w/ another Republican. The Republican tells Haffley he wasn't sure Haffley would follow through & schedule it. Haffley thanks him for his vote. We hear a staffer yell, "One more vote arriving!" It's a Congresswoman named Angela, & Haffley thanks her for coming in. W/ her help, they've got it sewed up. As the Congresswoman goes in, Junior Arkansas comes out. Haffley good-naturedly pulls him aside. He tells Arkansas that he thought he might be voting. Did the Administration bend his ear? Arkansas says he was always on the fence on this issue. The staffer calls out that one more vote is arriving. Haffley says he had high hopes for Arkansas. When you get em "wet behind the ears"...he stops talking & looks in the same direction as Arkansas. We see Santos walking down the hall, "flanked by his posse of colleagues...they're ready for action". Santos keeps on walking as he greets Haffley. A note says Haffley doesn't count all the people walking by. When the hall clears, he sees Cliff at the end of the corridor. Cliff holds up his hand & says, "Good match today".
    • Cut to the East Room, where POTUS is wrapping up the Q&A -- he'll take one more question. All hands go up, including Cody's. POTUS calls on Chris, though. Cody shoots Toby a disappointed look. Chris says that as POTUS heads into his final year, does he have any regrets?
    • Over 50% of the episode.
    January 12, 2005 (3rd post)- "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
    Spoilers for 6.18, A Good Day
    • Somewhere in the teaser: CJ asks Kate if something is a border skirmish with Canada. Kate nods her head.
    • Cut to Margaret's office, where a man named Takahashi has been waiting to see CJ. He tells Margaret that maybe he should go somewhere by himself. Margaret tries to convince him to wait by telling him that CJ would want the "honor" of escorting him. It works, & he sits back down.
    • Cut to Santos & Josh hurrying through the Halls of Congress. They see Cliff (I don't know if they mean Donna's ex) approaching. Santos asks him if they missed "it". Cliff tells him they're "doing the rule right now". Santos takes his stuff off & gives it to Josh. Josh tries to apologize about their lateness by telling Cliff there was a lot of traffic from Dulles. Cliff cuts him off & says he appreciates them interrupting their campaign. Santos says, "For stem cell? This one matters". As Santos goes to the door, a staffer announces that one more vote is arriving. He goes into the Chamber. Outside the room, Josh says he saw the news crews outside. If Cliff needs a comment after the vote...Cliff interrupts to congratulate Josh on Arizona & New Mexico. Josh says they needed those 2 states to stay in the game. "Super Tuesday's the real gauntlet". Cliff says that that's why he's glad they took the time to come back. And he's also appreciative that they called back the others who were campaigning for Santos. Josh is happy that after 3 months of "potshots", the Democrats are finally working together to...he stops talking because he sees Will & Donna. Josh thought they were going to be in Atlanta. Will explains that the WH asked Russell to help out. Donna adds that this is an important issue for the President. Josh points out that the VP can't vote. Will reminds him that since the VP was a former House member, he retains lifetime floor privileges.
    • Pages later, Cliff tells Haffley that something won't affect his serve. He's going to slaughter Haffley in straight games tomorrow. Haffley tells him to save it for the court. As Haffley leaves, Cliff sees an extremely young-looking Junior Congressman from Arkansas. Cliff asks him if he's leaving town. Junior says he'd never leave town. Cliff says Junior has the President's gratitude for his committed service. Junior admits that he hates flying, & then admits that he has his doubts about stem cell research. Cliff says, "Of course, you do", & a note says that Cliff walks off with him, "fighting utter defeat".
    • Cut to Kate being briefed in the Sit Room. There's a sitch in the Congo: Kohasa rebels are arming conscripts from refugee camps near the Angola border. They see some movements, & intelligence reports say they have munitions & RPGs. Kate asks if the Officer is advocating a wait & see approach; he is. Kate says they're done for now. As people get up to leave, a nervous deputy decides to say something. A note says it's his first time in the room & he's eager to impress. He asks if Kate wants to hear about Canada; she does. He states that tensions along the 49th parallel are growing. Kate says, "What's their beef?" The Deputy says, "Good one", & explains that their ban on live Canadian cattle exports is a major catalyst; however, he wouldn't reduce the dissatisfaction to a simple case of "mad-cow conflict". Kate says she'll avoid doing that. He says that in recent months, there have been isolated hostile acts, eg border markers are being defaced. Kate wants to know how the markers are being defaced. He explains that the world's longest unsecured border is staked with 9,000 granite markers in the shape of the Washington monument. Lately, the markers have been altered so as to have a phallic appearance. Kate says that it isn't really a stretch to do that. He says that hostilities increased dramatically at the beginning of the spring snow goose hunting season. Some Canadian ranchers posted "No Trespassing" signs on wooded property. Kate asks if the ranchers posted it on Canadian property. They did, but it was on property that their Montana neighbors had hunted quarry for generations. Kate guesses that this didn't deter the Montanans. It didn't, & while the Montanans set out their decoys for the "Great Snowy Honker" that morning, the Canadians surrounded them, pinned them down, & took them hostage. Kate asks him if he's from the Interior; it turns out he's a Deputy from Fish & Wildlife. Kate asks if local law enforcement can deal with this, & he tells her that before Canadian officials could react, one of the hunters (who is a retired Montana State Trooper) called on his cell phone for backup. Off-duty officers arrived & infiltrated the 20-yard swath de-marking the border. Kate asks if shots were fired. An IBC officer says yes, but there were geese in the air at that time. Kate says that they weren't necessarily firing at ranchers or vice-versa. The Deputy says they have conflicting reports about that. Kate asks to see a map of the Canadian Rockies.
    • Cut to POTUS, CJ & Takahashi in the Oval. Debbie's at the door. This is happening at the same time as the Sit Room briefing. They finish having their tea & Takahashi stands up, bows, & says, "Mr. President, it has been an honor". POTUS says, "My pleasure, sir". CJ says she didn't know they knew each other. Takahashi says he's known POTUS since graduate school, & they competed even back then. Bartlet remembers that Takahashi won a fellowship. As Takahashi gets close to the door, he tells Debbie that he was the bookworm; POTUS was the politician. Bartlet says he only aspired to a tenure position at that time. Takahashi says POTUS's economics betrayed his true calling. He could never understand POTUS's distrust of the private sector. When POTUS became became "President of the Welfare State...Finally the footnote to explain his 'theory'."
    • Pages later, we're in Act 2. In the communications bullpen, Annabeth is w/ a "disgruntled group of brainy 12-year-olds". Annabeth says she knows they're disappointed. Elisha says they know the President has other priorities. Cody, described as a young Toby, says that they were fine w/ CJ as backup; even Toby made sense...Annabeth says that getting to see the "Deputy Press Secretary in Charge of Hair-Styles" must suck. Toby arrives, & no one sees him except Annabeth. He stands there because they're all blocking his office door. Elisha says she's sure A's great at what she does. Cody says they wouldn't have protested if they were a Media Club. Elisha says she's not trying to lodge a protest. Cody says he is; they're a political group -- they're not there to take a kiddie tour. Annabeth catches Toby's eye, but he turns & leaves. Cody asks if A took the time to read their materials; she did. Cody says she must know, then, that they're not there to take a glorified school tour. A tells them that they can talk about it as they make their way to the East Room.
    • Cut to Will & Kate. He asks if she's the one to talk to re the Saskatchewan incursion. She asks if he has the security clearance to discuss the sitch. He explains that the VP is on his way to Atlanta & wanted Will to give his 2 cents. The VP has an interest in what's going on. Kate wants him to tell her that this is a ruse, a way for him to "steal moments in [her] promising company". Will repeats that the VP has an interest in what's going on. It turns out that Russell owns a hunting cabin near Chinook & hunts black bear.
    • 3 pages later, Santos says he needs Josh & Cliff to work together to fix some details on something.
    • Cut to Annabeth & the 12-year-olds. They're standing outside the Oval as she gives them some info. As an Agent closes the door, Toby appears, & Annabeth introduces him. Cody asks him if he knows who they are. Toby gets it wrong. Cody says they're the Future Leaders of Democracy. Did he not get briefed on their mission? Toby says probably not. Cody explains that they're there to lobby for a Constitutional Amendment that forbids discrimination of voting rights on the basis of age. Toby asks if they want to lower the voting age. He's told that they want to abolish a voting age. Cody asks why they were given the brush-off & got stuck w/ someone who's lower in the food chain. Also, why does Toby keep looking at their chaperone? Just because they're children doesn't mean they're meaningless. But in this society, they are meaningless because they have no voice. They're now in the Roosevelt Room, & Toby says he'll read their info. He's about to pass the kids off to their chaperone when Cody says he's giving them the brush-off again. And why not? They don't exist, so he doesn't run the risk of offending them. Toby asks him what he wants. He says he wants more than a 15 minute tour & a "60-second drive-by". That's what they got from their Congressman. They've been shuffled all over DC & it's as if there's a plot to prevent them from discussing their agenda w/ anyone who matters. The chaperone steps in & takes Cody aside. Elisha tries to diplomatically state what Cody means, but Toby interrupts & says he knows. He says they're in the Roosevelt Room, where important issues are discussed. He takes a seat & tells them it's their meeting. The kids are speechless.
    • Cut to Cliff in his Bullpen. His door opens, & Santos emerges. Cliff is about to question Santos, but Santos tells him to talk to Josh. Cliff goes into his office & sees Josh in his chair. Cliff asks if Santos is going to Hartford. Josh explains that people donated to the campaign to shake Santos's hand. Josh asks if Cliff wants him to get up. He doesn't. Josh says Santos can shake some hands & then get back to DC in a few hours. Cliff asks about the other Congressmen who are leaving w/ Santos. Josh says he's getting ready to call them back. Cliff thanks him, but Josh tells him to thank Santos. Cliff says if there's a single Republican on his flight, or if someone sees Santos in the airport.
    • Josh interrupts to say that Santos is flying himself & will land at a private airport. The question is where does Santos go after that? Cliff says he needs a half hour to arrange something.
    • Cut to Kate, Joint Chiefs, Deputy from Fish & Wildlife, & an IBC Officer in the Sit Room. They're on a conference call w/ Canadian Minister of the Environment Fecteau. Fecteau says the Prime Minister wants to stress the "unofficial nature of the ranchers' Declaration of War against the US". Kate thanks him. Fecteau asks if she's seen their demands on Canadian TV. She has. The IBC officer says Security Officers at Waterton-Glacier are on ready response & some volunteer officers may cross over through Peace Park. Kate says they're concerned about reports of escalation & effigy-burning in Alberta. Fecteau says it's a response to the Governor of Montana. Kate looks at the IBC officer, who says that the Governor "floated" on calling in the National Guard. Fecteau adds that the Governor made reference to a contingency plan to invade Canada. Kate's about to deny the existence of a contingency plan when a military official cuts her off by waving his hands in the air. There's a long pause, so Fecteau asks if they're still there. Kate says she trusts that local officials will resolve the problem soon. The conference call ends. At this point, Kate asks the military official about the contingency plan. He asks if she'd like to be briefed about that. She replies that she'd rather be "whisked away to a Caribbean island". He says they have a contingency plan for them, too. As the official leaves, Kate asks about other developments. The IBC officer says there's a protest at a sawmill in Climax; they want POTUS to drop tariffs on soft lumber products. A meat-packing plant in Lodgepole is handing out free coffee to any American heading out "to the front". The Deputy pipes in about local law enforcement -- the Royal Canadians arrived, but they're at a disadvantage because they have Smith & Wesson 9mms & the hunters have 12-gauge shotguns & other serious weaponry.
    • Cut to the East Room Reception Area. This is happening at the same time as the Sit Room meeting. POTUS is in formal attire & is addressing this year's laureates. A Bossa Nova! is playing in the background. As he talks to some of them, Abbey notices Takahashi heading towards them & signals CJ. Takahashi tells POTUS, "Academics always confound politicians. We live in another world". POTUS says it's dog-eat-dog in politics; it's the opposite in academia. Takahashi says he was quaking in his ivory tower when Japan Railway was privatised in 1987. He only dared to breathe when the trains ran on schedule. One of the laureates says Takahashi must've celebrated when the Berlin Wall fell. He says the whole world celebrated. The Laureate asks if Takahashi's work was cited. He says the Laureate was thinking about Vaclav Havel's speech. Unfortunately, Havel quoted from a poor translation. Steam's coming out of POTUS's ears, so Abbey interrupts to tell them that they're being called in to dinner. POTUS asks if the steward has laryngitis. Abbey retorts that it would be a shame for POTUS to battle MS, only to die from an aneurysm. Abbey asks if he's still angry about Stockholm. He says they were both Noble Laureates in Economics. It wasn't an empty gesture when Takahashi left him w/ the cab fare. Takahashi walks up to them, CJ on his arm. He's all excited because he heard there'll be some Latin dancing after dinner -- apparently, he took lessons while he was in Bueno Aires, helping to stabilize their currency.
    • 2 pages later, Takahashi asks Abbey to save a tango for him. As CJ & Takahashi head out, POTUS tells her her card is full. Abbey says he didn't bring his cane. He says she can hold him up. She says she'll give Takahashi a little samba, & he says over his dead body.
    • Cut to Cliff walking around the Halls of Congress. He walks up a few floors & finds himself in a cramped wing. He sees a door & knocks on it. It's the Junior Congressman from Arkansas, who's wearing a T-shirt & boxers. Cliff goes in to the office, & we find out it's a dinky little room. There's a therma-rest & sleeping bag on the floor. Some legislative reading's piled on the floor. Cliff says he now knows the rumor's true about Junior sleeping in his office. Junior says he can't afford a DC apartment on his salary. Cliff tells him POTUS needs him. Junior figures out that Cliff spoke to POTUS about his concerns. Is he being summoned to the WH? Cliff says he isn't, but POTUS would like a loyal Democrat to be seen walking the halls, looking like he belongs there. Junior agrees & Cliff steps out so the guy can dress. Cliff checks his watch in the hallway & glances around. End of Act 2.
    January 12, 2005 (2nd post)- "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
    More spoilers for episode 6.17, Ninety Miles Away:
    • Extra bit about the exterminator storyline: As they hold hands with Charlie and start praying, Charlie lets go and says he's sorry (probably because he won't be using them to solve the bug problem). Both entomologists tell Charlie that he'll regret his decision.
    • Andy and Kate's conversation. This is in addition to the previous spoilers: When she first walks in the bar and greets him, he tells her that he saw her ex-husband Paul and how he (Paul) had different beliefs and ways of doing things. Kate says it turned out that Paul didn't hold the same beliefs as she had, and would use any ways and means. Andy says she should have picked him (Andy).
    • It seems Kate meets Andy for a second time, because Kate thanks him for the info he gave her the first time they met (about Leo's trip and the fact that his visit to Cuba will be leaked). She wants to know why he gave her the info. He explains that at one time, he wanted to help a young CIA undercover agent, during the time there was real "meddling" in Cuba as well as Florida -- and he knew Kate's husband was involved -- and he didn't help.
    January 12, 2005 (1st)- "mgoshawk" sent us this posting from "The West Wing Spoilers Group". It is a short segment of a script which may or may not get into the broadcast of "365 Days":
    TOBY: "Let's see it."
    Someone starts a videotape. On the MONITOR we SEE the Winner's Circle at Martinsville Speedway. There's general, ambient SOUND, but no one's miked. A hunky DRIVER in his tight firesuit is holding his trophy aloft as FLASHBULBS fire and people CHEER.
    Then Abbey enters frame, to APPLAUSE, which she acknowledges. She's escorted up to the driver, introduced, shakes his hand, congratulating him.
    We see him say something, she reacts bashfully. The crowd eggs her on. With a shrug, Abbey leans in and bestows a victory kiss. Not a peck -- full on the mouth. Our people watching react: "Whoa", "Go, Abbey", "All right", "Woo-oo," etc.
    The kiss goes on. Our people fall quiet in disbelief.

    TOBY: "Is that a freeze frame?"
    The kiss ends. The crowd there's going nuts, applauding, whistling, and laughing. The driver grins, Abbey looks vaguely sheepish but mostly a little glazed.
    Our people applaud and laugh. Annabeth sidles up to Toby.

    ANNABETH: "Such a good sport. To take one like that for the flyover states."
    Toby regards her. The staff disperses back to their harried activity.
    ANNABETH: "Labor has the latest employment figures. Revising downward."
    TOBY: "We should put Halbridge on Nightline."
    Leo watches as they cross off.
    January 9, 2005 - "mgoshawk" also sent us these posting from "clsact6":
    Post #1 - In the portion of the script for 365 Days I saw when visiting the set last fall, there was a page with this scene. The staff are watching on video. It's the Winner's Circle at Martinsville Speedway, and a "hunky driver in his tight firesuit" is being cheered. Abbey congratulates him, and then (hold on to your horses) kisses him full on the mouth, for a long time. Crowd goes wild. Toby asks if the tape is on freeze frame. Annabeth makes a comment to Toby about good sportsmanship. Don't know if this all makes it into the final editing, as the scene was crossed out in the script. (It may just be crossed out because they weren't shooting it that particular day...)

    I interpreted this scene as meaning that they've sent Abbey out to do PR and whip up support, as Jed isn't able to be as visible these days. Still, you might want to avert your eyes for this one!

    Post #2 - The scene I saw being filmed was in Episode 12, 365 Days, the scene with Leo and Bartlet having dinner - Leo on heart healthy, and Jed on macrobiotic rice. Bartlet wishes for a burger, and Leo for a cream sauce. No wheelchair, and Bartlet got up and walked across the room. Part of the conversation was about the State of the Union however, and Bartlet was upset that he'd had to give a speech based on the length of time he could stand up. Leo reminds him the Gettysburg Address was 272 words and took four minutes. Leo urges Jed to stop making excuses: "This is our last game, let's leave it all out on the field."
    January 5, 2005 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
    More spoilers for 6.17, Ninety Miles Away:
    • Exterminator storyline: the 2 entomologists tell Charlie they're going to take a sample; it'll take 30-60 days before they can give him a report. Charlie asks what happens if they don't find anything. They assure him they'll find something -- can't Charlie hear it? They reach out & hold hands w/ Charlie & start praying.
    • Cut to Kate & her ex. He asks if she misses being undercover. She does; she misses the excitement & being able to get away from herself & disappear into another character. He says she was a good interrogator, too. She's changed now. She's not aware that she changed, & her ex says she changed "all because of Paul". She feels he's either playing her or he's after something. He asks her if she thinks he's working for "him". Then he says "Paul" has his own money now that his father's dead. Kate says, "Teofilo's gone..." The ex says Paul has connections & doesn't believe anything matters right or wrong. Does she understand? She doesn't. He explains that they know about Leo's trip & they'll make sure the story breaks. She asks why he's giving her this info. He explains that at one time, he wanted to help a young CIA undercover agent & didn't. She says, "Yeah, that's you, always a lousy keeper of secrets". He asks her why she left the CIA. She responds that it's because of the things she saw. She was lucky, & she had help. He realizes that this is all the info he's going to get out of her & gets up to leave, saying he'll see her in another 10 years.
    • Flashback to Kate in a house in Florida. She's wearing sunglasses, a dress, & high heels. Teofilo Causa is there. He's in his 60s & is in a wheelchair. He was a veteran of the 2506 Brigade. He wants to know where her husband is. She doesn't know. He says her husband's probably planning another revolution. She doesn't respond. He asks if she's alright. She replies, "Shot of tequila & seatbelt's fastened, Senor." They step out into a mangy yard that's being prepped for a political rally. Teofilo suggests she take up golf. Kate says, "Not knitting? Or more drinking?" He talks about golf. Kate says she can push him around the golf course one last time. He says it would be his honor, then says that "they're" coming. Kate says that this is why he hosts these events every time. Teofilo says that Freddy Mendoza's their Congressman. Kate says (in Spanish) that Mendoza has 6 counts of embezzlement & 5 of extortion. Teofilo says Mendoza was only convicted of extortion. She sarcastically says that that's comforting. Mendoza & entourage greet Teofilo. Teofilo congratulates Mendoza on his victory, then introduces Kate as his daughter-in-law. Mendoza gives Kate a big hug. As he leaves, Teofilo tells Kate that Mendoza won the recount, & he's their man about Cuba. Kate notices that Teofilo doesn't agree w/ Mendoza. Teofilo mentions that Mendoza never fought in the Bay of Pigs or was a member of the Brigade. But Mendoza's what they have now, & he's "ours". Kate asks if they can do better. Teofilo replies that they were successful but this isn't their country & the disconnect leads to a bit of corruption. Kate leans down to kiss Teofilo. He notices her eye & asks her about it. She takes off her sunglasses to reveal a black eye. Teofilo says her husband did that to her. Kate says nothing, so he says he sees that she's not happy. She says she adores Teofilo. He says that that makes him want to dance on the table, but he doesn't think that that's how it's supposed to work. He mentions golf again & says he'll buy her some clubs. She doesn't think that'll work. He tells her, "Semper scrotus", which means "gotta get tough, always be on the ball". Kate says her husband's not who Teofilo thinks he is. Teofilo thinks it'll work out. She says, "No se".
    • Pages later, Leo says he witnessed the American electoral process acted out in a way that violated everything he believed in or imagined, & "led me 3 sheets to the wind." But he doesn't remember Kate.
    • Flashback to the Florida Recount Room. It's small & dirty. Leo's one of the observers. Mendoza appears & asks if anyone needs any food or drink. Then he mentions that Framhagen's going to stop by. Mendoza goes up to a woman named Maria & asks how it's going. She says Mendoza's going to be pleased. Leo interrupts & asks Mendoza if he should even be there. Mendoza says he just came by to admire his picture on the wall (it's an FBI pic w/ the words "convicted felon" on it). He's also there to say hi to his sister-in-law Maria & his 2 cousins. Leo asks if there's anyone in the room he's not related to. Mendoza tells Leo "no problem".
    • Cut to Bartlet & Russell in the Oval. He tells Russell he's going on air at 9 & wanted to make sure he spoke to Russell before then. Russell says, "...w/ all due respect..." Bartlet says that that's one of his favorite phrases because it usually means the exact opposite. Russell admits he's upset because he wasn't told earlier. He feels blind-sided. He wasn't given a warning & he doesn't feel like he's being given all the info now. Bartlet tells him to turn on his TV at 9. Russell says he's against the whole thing. If asked, he's going to say that he is & has always been pro-embargo. Bartlet says that that would disappoint him. Russell replies that he built his reputation on this.
    January 4, 2005 - The LA Times had an article on the script by Bradley Whitford (to find it, do a search for Bradley Whitford and look for the article named "He's taken to plotting" by Susan King, there will be a charge to see the article):
    "...the installment has more plot lines than most feature films....

    "Among the story threads: President Bartlet's latest multiple sclerosis attack has robbed him of his balance, Lyman asks Congressman Santos (Jimmy Smits) to run for president, an anti-gay- marriage amendment is attached to the budget, and rumors swirl in cyberspace that C.J. Cregg (Allison Janney) is a lesbian. And of course, there are a few twists and turns along the way....

    [When asked about his initial concept, Whitford said] "'I was interested in and continually horrified with the way social bonds that create little polarizations tend to come up around election time. The gay-marriage issue was always something that was interesting to me . I had finished the script about 10 days before the presidential elections. I was watching how brilliantly [the Republicans] had brought up the gay-marriage issue in particularly pivotal states. It is horrifying to me that moral values in this society are achieved from not letting gay couples [get married].

    "'The other thing I was interested in was how rumors can clang around cyberspace and become news. It bangs around the Internet and becomes something that these candidates have to deal with, and it becomes something that eventually reporters have to ask about. I thought it would be interesting to have one of our candidates -- a Democrat -- manipulating the gay-marriage issue and at the same time C.J. is put on the defensive....'"  

    January 3, 2005 The next episode --- "Faith Based Initiative" --- was written by Bradley Whitford (who, of course, plays Josh Lyman).
    December 19, 2004 - "PresidentHanson" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum a summary of the candidates mentioned in Mrs Visnjic I Wish's previously posted spoilers:
    But here is the Presidential field.
    • Vice President Bob Russell [Colo.] (Gary Cole) [w/ Donna and Will]
    • Former Vice President John Hoynes [Texas] (Tim Matheson)
    • Senate Minority Leader Trippelhorn (Geoff Pierson)
    • Congressman Matthew Santos [Texas] (Jimmy Smits) [w/ Josh]
    • Senator "Rick" Rafferty
    • Misc. Minor Candidates (Barcley, Edgars, Poneytail Man, Bishop, man in his farmhouse/junkyard)
    • Governor Eric Baker [Penn.] (Ed O'Neill)
    • Sen. Arnold Vinick [Calif.] (Alan Alda)
    • Fmr. Speaker/Acting Pres. Glen Allen Walken [Missouri] (John Goodman)
    • Allerd
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