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Note on the nature of Spoilers:
Spoilers are often taken from first drafts of scripts and those are often not the shooting script and even when you see a shooting script, that can be changed by the director during shooting and then changed again by the editing of the episode. No one here makes any guarantee that the information presented will remain in the episode exactly as presented.

October 29, 2004 (1st) - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
revision to spoiler for 6.10, Faith Based Initiative.
Teaser: It's nighttime. Santos & his wife, Helen, are talking in bed. Santos says Josh should have called -- he could've saved him a trip. Helen expresses her surprise that they don't have a "decent Democrat" in the Latino district other than Santos. She asks if he left it open w/ Josh. Santos says no. She says, "Because I'll break you in half." He tells Helen that Josh knows he's not going back to the House. She gets up & asks him to help her. We see their two sleeping children are in bed w/ them. He picks up his son & carries him back to his own bed. Santos mentions that his son's gotten so much bigger -- when did that happen? They go to the kitchen/family room & start cleaning up -- the mess is from the Christmas party they gave that night. Helen asks for the reason for Josh's visit. Is Santos supposed to walk w/ Russell in the Cinco de Mayo Parade to "establish his Chicano cred"? Santos says no. She says she hates politicians who wear cowboy boots & he says that's the least of Russell's problems (but Russell is a good person). She asks him if he wants some ice cream; it's melted but it's still good. He doesn't want any. Then he finally drops the bomb: he says Josh wants him to run for President. She asks, "of the United States?" There's a pause, then he says he's pretty sure. She says they must be hard up for a candidate ("you know what I mean"). She asks if he's thinking about running. He says no, & he told Josh he wouldn't do it. She wants to know what Josh thought about that. Josh said that he thinks Santos is right -- it's a dumb idea & Santos made the right decision. Helen says, "Man of conviction". He explains that Josh has it all figured out: he's got a 9 point plan to win it all. She wants to know why there are 9 points. He has no idea. She says, "And this plan is supposed to make you..." "Win", he finishes. She has a feeling he's considering running for President. Santos repeats that he told Josh he wouldn't do it. After a long pause, she says she has to go to bed -- the kids are going to wake up in a few hours. As she leaves, she tells him not to forget the trash. End of teaser.
October 20, 2004 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Spoilers for 6.10, Faith Based Initiative
Teaser: It's nighttime. Santos and his wife, Helen, are talking in bed. Helen says it's odd that Josh was on their doorstep. Santos agrees and says Josh should have called -- he could've saved him a trip. Helen expresses her surprise that they don't have a "decent Democrat" in the Latino district other than Santos. She asks if he left it open with Josh. Santos says no. She says, "Because I'll break you in half." As he gets up, he tells Helen that Josh knows he's not going back to the House. She gets up, too, and we see their two sleeping children are in bed with them. Santos mentions that his son's gotten so much bigger -- when did that happen?. They go to the kitchen, where Helen asks for the reason for Josh's visit. Is Santos supposed to walk with Russell in the Cinco de Mayo Parade to "establish his Chicano cred"? Santos says no. She says she hates politicians who wear cowboy boots and he says that's the least of Russell's problems (but Russell is a good person). Santos finally drops the bomb: he says Josh wants him to run for President. She asks, "of the United States?" There's a pause, then she says they must be hard up for a candidate ("you know what I mean"). She wants to know what he can bring with him other than himself -- a district in Texas maybe. She wonders if he can bring the whole state. He thinks it's debatable. She says WTH. He explains that Josh has it all figured out: he's got a 9 point plan to win it all. She wants to know why there are 9 points. He has no idea. As they eat ice cream, she asks if Josh knows what he's doing. Santos thinks Josh is smart: "Little too excitable. The occasional devastating miscalculation". She sarcastically tells Santos to put their future on a platter and give it to Josh. She wants to know if he's thinking about running. He says he told Josh no. She repeats what he says, then asks again. There's a pause, then she asks him about the clinics. He says they'll either wait or someone else will step in. He's hopeful that it's all over after NH. She says, "...so 6 months in NH, and if you win..." He replies that he doesn't have to win to win. It's point 2 of Josh's plan. She wants to know what #1 is. He says Josh didn't say, but he assumes it has to do with "judoing my national political obscurity into a virtue". She thinks it'll probably help WRT the clinics in the long run. Being a little more famous never hurt anyone. He's not sure about that. She asks what she's supposed to do while he's campaigning: plaster a smile on her face and get a new hairdo or stay at home to raise their children? He explains that that's why he said no to Josh. She wants to know what Josh said. Josh said that he thinks Santos is right -- it's a dumb idea and Santos made the right decision. Santos told Josh that he should settle down and have some kids instead of trying to get him (Santos) nominated. Helen asks if Josh had a "thing" with Amy. Santos says it was an on-off thing, and he thinks it's off again now. She says Amy's great. Santos agrees and says Amy's a handful. Helen says, "But he's a 'smart guy'." Santos is sure that Bingo Bob is all over Josh. "Baker's gone, the money boat's leaving the harbor. He's feeling trapped in a logical choice". They talk about Bingo Bob's sitch for a little, then she says she has to go to bed -- the kids wake up at 6. As she leaves, she tells him that she loves him and she's not going to be the one to tell him no. Then she tells him not to forget to take out the trash. End of teaser.
October 14, 2004 (2nd) - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum a link to a TV Guide article which said:
"Meanwhile, here's what else Wells has in store for your fave West Wingers...

"New Job for C.J. Cregg: 'In Episode 2, Leo McGarry suffers a major heart attack and is unable to continue as the chief of staff,' Wells reveals. 'The president, while considering Josh and Toby for the part, comes to the conclusion that the best person for it is C.J....'

"Leaving the White House: Just before the holidays, Josh will become so disillusioned with the vice-president's campaign that he'll quit the White House. 'Leo talks Josh into finding his own Democratic candidate, the way Leo found Bartlet,' Wells explains. 'Josh will run a long-shot campaign for [Jimmy Smits' character].' And as for Donna, she'll go to work for the Veep's campaign.

"Whoa! You know what that means: Since Josh will no longer be Donna's supervisor at the White House -- where employee fraternization is verboten -- these two will finally be free to date!..."
October 14, 2004 (1st) - Michael Memoli and Jason Foreman both emailed us links to the same Houston Chronicle article of spoilers:
"...Martin Sheen, who plays President Josiah Bartlet, and the show's other regulars will continue with the show throughout the 2004-2005 season, although some of their jobs may change, John Wells told television reporters in a conference call.

"...Donna Moss (Janel Maloney) will recover from wounds suffered following a terrorist bombing in the Middle East, and she and her boss, deputy chief of staff Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford), will return to Washington.

"...A heart attack will strike the president's chief of staff, Leo McGarry (John Spencer). The president will ask McGarry to become a trusted adviser and press secretary C.J. Cregg (Allison Janney) to become his new chief of staff.

"...By midseason, Lyman will leave the White House to work for Santos, and Moss will go to work for Russell. That strange working relationship will free up both to pursue a personal relationship.

"...'It will definitely be a large part of the season,' Wells said. 'The thing that has prevented us from proceeding on the Josh and Donna romance is the Moonlighting syndrome (a reference to a poor outcome involving Cybil Shepherd and Bruce Willis on that ABC series). I'm not really sure how interesting that relationship is once the actors end up in it. Also, it would have been a very bad idea for Josh, as Donna's supervisor, to allow a relationship to develop. It's strictly prohibited within the White House and in most workplaces.'

"...The president's wife, Abby (Stockard Channing), will begin a storyline, shortly before Christmas, that will reintroduce the issue of the president's multiple sclerosis.

"...'It would be our preference to do our election next season (around Christmastime),' Wells said, but if Sheen doesn't agree to a new season, Wells is prepared to move that timeline up, changing the administration sooner.

"..'"While we don't have a contract with NBC for an additional season, I don't believe this will be the last year of the show,' he said. 'You can look at NBC's schedule and see that losing a show of The West Wing's quality would be a bad thing. Also, I do a lot of other business with them (as executive producer of ER and Third Watch), and I think NBC will respect the quality of the show and show us respect.'"
October 10, 2004 - "Fahrenheit451" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum a more complete version of the preview:
I taped it:
Creepy, crawly vocal music like in The Hunt for Red October; quick shots Capitol Building; overhead shot of the Office of Oval with six people sitting/standing - looks like it might be the gang - Jed, Leo, Toby, Josh, CJ - hard to tell; Jed looking with portent at nothing in particular with what appears to be the Presidential Flag behind him, Voice of Doom (VOD) "At the Center of Power," Graphic (GR) POWER; over-head shot, flag-draped coffin; Jed in the O of O yelling: "They're deliberately provoking us!"; sit room behind Leo and General To Be Named Later, looks like an aerial shot of a terrorist(?) compound/trucks, jets taking off from an aircraft carrier; long table at Camp David(?) with lots of people on both sides - presumably at the summit; Josh standing up next to a bed (I think) looking angsty with his mouth open about ready to cry; VOD "Everything is about to change." GR:CHANGE; Leo screaming at Jed at the top of his lungs in the O of O: "This isn't over!" Jed screaming back: "We have to retaliate!"; SUV blowing up from Gaza , music changes to lots of anvilicious drums; GR: THE WEST WING; CJ slamming papers to the floor in Leo's office; Josh (I think) rushing through the hall of TWW; GR: IS BACK; Leo, CJ, Jed, Josh walking through an outside door in a hurry; Marine One landing near a golf cart (Camp David?); Toby in Leo's office: "This is my letter of resignation"; GR: NEW SEASON; Jed looking like he'd been shocked at something said; CJ doing a press conference with lots of flash photography happening; Leo in blue button-down shirt and tan jacket grabbing onto a small tree [or porch post] for support with his mouth hanging wide-open in major-league pain as it appears he is having the anvilicious heart attack that we all predicted after No Exit,; GR: NEW FACES; ALAN ALDA with Alan smiling sweetly; GR: NEW LEADERS, JIMMY SMITS, with him looking great as usual; GR: A SEASON; OF CHANGE; (a continuation of the first Leo/Jed scene) Jed slamming his hand down on his desk yelling at Leo, "Tell me how this ends!", Leo looking like he could kill Jed, shaking with jaw clinched tightly, Jed staring Leo down; GR: THE WEST WING; VOD "The West Wing premiere and nine all-new episodes start NBC Wednesday in two weeks."
...they certainly crammed a lot into 30 seconds . . . FYI - it appears as though all of the exchanges between Jed and Leo were from the same scene.
October 07, 2004 - "Fahrenheit451" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum the following description of an "NBC Previews for TWW in two weeks":
"Lots of arguing; Toby "resigning;" CJ knocking a whole stack of papers off the desk; Alan Alda; Jed and Leo arguing; Jed saying where does it end? and yeah, Leo's goin' down with a heart attack, but looks like Camp David - he's in casual clothes (for him) and outside, woodsy type stuff; Josh looking extremely upset at someone laying in bed - probably Donna but maybe Leo . . .hmmm. "
October 3, 2004 - Still images are now available for the first episode of the new season. See "N.S.F. Thurmond"
October 1, 2004 (2nd) - "hurleygal" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum a link to an article from a British politician on the show vs the real thing called "Bartlet, CJ and me". The article starts out:
"A couple of years ago I was waiting in the West Wing of the White House to talk to President Bush about the post-9/11 world. The mission to overthrow Saddam Hussein was already on the administration's agenda. My head was full of thoughts about the meeting, but my assistant was looking distracted: an avid fan of television's The West Wing, she was comparing the real thing with the scenes from the programme. We were a few yards from the most powerful man on the planet but it was the world of Josiah Bartlet that was exciting her...."
October 1, 2004 (1st) - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
"...the spoiler info for episode 6.8 only accounts for approximately 25% of the episode."
September 22, 2004 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Spoilers for 6.8, In The Room
  • Some of the pages didn't have page #'s, so I put this together as best as I could. It might not play out in this order:
  • Act 1: Annabeth in the Press Room, giving a briefing about Bartlet's trip to China. The reporters are bored because she's pretty much reading from the schedule she gave out to them. She tells them that Bartlet's leaving in the afternoon & stopping in Louisiana before flying to Beijing. Chris (a reporter) asks if Annabeth knows when the Pres will appoint a new U.N. Ambassador. Annabeth keeps droning on about the schedule -- FLOTUS will finish her trip to India tomorrow & will arrive for the Beijing state dinner on Thursday. Chris wants to know how long the Pres will leave the position vacant. Annabeth tells him (her?) that she has to cover the 6-day summit in her briefing, & it's going to take that long if Chris keeps interrupting. She'll take questions after the briefing. Bartlet will meet w/ shrimp fishermen & packers in NO...she gets interrupted by a reporter from NO, who tells her that the correct term is 'shrimpers', not 'shrimp fishermen'. She knows that's right, but doesn't want to "cede her authority". She tells them Bartlet will meet w/ reps from the "shrimp industry" WRT their request to invoke anti-dumping sanctions against imported Chinese shrimp. The rest of the spoiler page is blank.
  • On the next page, Kate says, "I'm sure they'll understand". Don't know what that's about.
  • Cut to the Roosevelt Room. Josh & Ed 'n Larry are mtg w/ the Deputy Secretary of Transportation & 3 Assistant Secretaries. A note says, "Josh hates being in this mtg. He should be in the Oval, working w/ the adults on the China summit, but here he is". Josh notices someone named Curtis leading the US Trade Rep towards the Oval. Charlie opens the door to the Oval, & you can see CJ & Toby briefing Bartlet. The US Trade Rep goes in & the door to the Oval closes. The Deputy Secretary says the Dept of Transportation has a lot on its plate at the moment. Josh says he [the Deputy Secretary] only has transportation on his plate & nothing else. The Deputy Secretary levels w/ him: he thought Josh was going on the China trip & thought he'd have another week to get the work done. Josh counters that "this" is more important than the trip -- they're talking about the US budget. He has several budget proposals on his desk from every dept, including Defense, whose budget is 15 times bigger than transportation. Ed 'n Larry get all technical: Ed says 12x, Larry says maybe 13. A note says, "Josh glares at Larry to shut him up".
  • Pages later (w/ the top part of the page left blank): It's morning & we're in the Oval. Bartlet, CJ, Toby, Kate, Barrow, & Trade Rep plus staff are discussing the trip to China. Barrow shows them the statement he & President Lian will send out on the last day re: regional security. Bartlet takes it but doesn't bother to read it. A frustrated Bartlet tells them they shouldn't talk about regional security on the last day -- they should be talking about North Korea. Kate says they [China] are only willing to discuss N. Korea in context w/ other regional issues. Bartlet cuts her off, asking if China understands that N. Korea is their regional security problem. He says, "Fix that & we're halfway to saving the world". If China doesn't help stop nuclear proliferation, then satellites aren't going to do anyone any good. Kate answers that she made it clear to them that Bartlet thinks this is an important subject. Bartlet tells her to tell them that if they talk about that, they don't have to talk to him about anything else. Kate & Barrow exchange looks, knowing they have to rein Bartlet back in. Barrow explains that their agenda w/ China is as long & complex as it is w/ other countries. Narrowing the summit to just that issue...Bartlet says he knows. They can talk about the rest on the plane. CJ thinks they should cover as much as they can w/ the staff before they get on the plane. Bartlet reminds her that they'll be in the air for 20 hours over the next 2 days -- they need to kill some time up there. Bartlet looks at some papers on his desk, acting as if the mtg's over. CJ looks at Toby. Toby explains that they wouldn't be this anxious if he wasn't mtg alone w/ the Chinese leaders. Bartlet asks if he wants to be in the room w/ him. Toby says no but he thinks CJ, Kate & Barrow should be there. Bartlet says he doesn't want to go all the way to China & go through some fake ritual of putting out joint statements they've already agreed to before they made the trip. Kate says they're lucky they didn't cancel the whole thing after the Taiwan flag incident. Bartlet tells them this is his last China summit, his last chance. He wants to show them they're not dealing w/ a "staff-dependent puppet". He wants to show them that they can get real work done right in the room. Progress isn't good enough for him -- he wants to get something done.
  • There's an awkward silence, then CJ asks him if he likes shrimp. He says he loves it. She thinks he'll be interested in finding out how much of the shrimp sold in the US comes from China. He replies, "Nice. Go ahead". The Trade Rep says the shrimp issue is one of the most difficult issues on the agenda at this time.
  • Cut to Annabeth's briefing. Mark asks if N. Korea's included. She says yes. He tries to ask another question but she cuts him off because she's almost done talking about the return trip schedule. Then she'll take questions. In the short amount of time it takes her to find her place on the page she's reading, someone in the back asks a question. Reporter #1 asks if it's true that Penn & Teller burned an American flag in the WH last night. All the reporters suddenly start paying attention. Annabeth tries to keep calm, reiterating that she'll take questions after the briefing. The reporter asks if P&T warned anyone that they were going to do that. The room's abuzz w/ reporters trying to catch up. Chris wants to know who invited P&T. Annabeth notices that it's getting out of control, so she breaks her no-questions rule to deal w/ it right now. She tries to downplay the issue, as if it's a "minor detour" from the more important China trip briefing. Annabeth says P&T were invited to perform at a private party in the East Room. Because it was a private party, the WH will not comment. Walter asks if she has the names of the people at the party. Annabeth reiterates that it was a private party. Mark asks if Bartlet was there. Annabeth tries to says she'll take questions when she's done w/ the briefing, but 3 more reporters ask the same question.
  • Part of the top page is left blank. Then we cut to Bartlet's mtg. The Trade Rep says that even if they make progress on tariffs, quotas, & state-sponsored industries, they might not achieve any real progress if China doesn't move from their position on currency issues. While the Trade Rep's talking, Charlie enters w/ a note for CJ. CJ reads the note out loud: China has released Wen Jong as a goodwill gesture. Jong was a dissident who was imprisoned for 6 1/2 years. Everyone smiles because it's a big win for them. CJ high-fives Kate, then congratulates Bartlet. Bartlet says they always do this before a summit. Kate reminds him that Jong isn't just any dissident. It's a big win for them. CJ gives the note to Kate & says they should draft a statement now. Kate & Barrow move to one side to prepare it. Surgeon General Milly Griffith enters at this point & CJ greets her. Bartlet tells Milly that the book she compiled on public health in China may be a bit too technical for anyone who flunked organic chemistry. CJ asks what Milly's grade was in organic chem. -- a B? She says B+. He says he doesn't remember any of it & asks if her bags are packed. While Milly says she's heading out of town for a little R&R, Charlie enters & whispers something to CJ. Bartlet tells Milly that he needs her to brief him on SARS & AIDS in China while they're in-flight. After a beat, she responds, "No punch line?" He says he isn't kidding. He asks CJ when they're leaving. She says 2:15, but they're already 20 minutes behind schedule. Bartlet tells Milly he'll see her on the plane. She just says, "Yes sir", & leaves. The Trade Rep picks up his discussion from where he left off.
  • Much later, we're in Bartlet's office on AF1, & the mtg continues. The Trade Rep says China is selling shrimp to the US at below cost prices, but so is Vietnam. If they threaten a WTO case against China, they'll have to do the same to Vietnam. Kate adds that threatening Vietnam could wake "a lot of sleeping dogs". Bartlet asks how much shrimp comes from both countries. The Trade Rep says 25%. The domestic industry couldn't replace it. It would make it easier for Brazil to increase their market share. Bartlet says he promised the people in NO that he would do something. Barrow says he is doing something -- he's raising the issue w/ China. Bartlet tells him that no one outside of State thinks raising an issue is the same as doing something. Then he says he can't believe that they were in NO & didn't get to dine at Antoine's. They can't let that happen again. CJ responds that they'll close the French Quarter down for him for a couple of hours next time. Then Democrats don't have to bother w/ campaigning in Louisiana anymore. Bartlet asks the Trade Rep to find a compromise that China can offer to Vietnam, something that will bring both closer to fair price levels. It shouldn't look as if the US had anything to do w/ the compromise. Then CJ tells everyone in the room that Bartlet has to make a phone call.
  • Much later, we're w/ Josh. A note says he's looking at the front page of the Washington Post. The headline says, "Bartlet: No Comment on Flag Burning". The subhead says, "President says party was 'private'". The other top of the fold headline says, "Vinick to Announce Plans Today". Josh asks Toby what they're supposed to do now. Toby doesn't know. He says, "Find a cure?" Josh just says yeah. Toby asks Josh if he thinks Vinick's going to leak the story that they almost offered him the UN position. Josh says Vinick said he wouldn't. Toby thinks Vinick's going to leak the story. It helps him w/ his foreign policy credentials & it'll make their choice look like a "pathetic second choice". Josh says Vinick already has the best credentials. He won't do it. Toby (in disbelief) asks if Josh trusts Vinick. He says he does.
  • Cut to Senator Vinick giving a speech in a park in Santa Monica. We're at the end of the speech where the crowd's clapping & he's thanking them. Then the press close in. Reporter #3 asks if he thinks he's conservative enough to get the Republican nomination. He thinks he's Republican enough. Reporter #4 asks if he thinks Bartlet should find out if an American flag was burned in the WH. He says no. A note says the reporters weren't ready for a politician to give simple & direct answers. Reporter #4 asks if his committee will look into the flag-burning incident. He says no. He accepts Bartlet's statement that it was a private party & he doesn't think they need to know anything more about it.
  • Cut to Donna entering Josh's office to see if he's watching this on TV. She sees him watching, "riveted to Vinick, amazed at his public defense of Bartlet". Donna stays & watches. Reporter #5 asks if the people have a right to know about the incident. Vinick says the people have the right to know about the President's position on issues & what he thinks he thinks about the govt, but they don't have the right to know what happened at his daughter's birthday party. Reporter #5's about to argue that if the flag was burned in the WH...Vinick interrupts, saying he wasn't there. From what he's heard, though, it's the perfect demonstration of what Bartlet's flying halfway round the world to teach the Chinese govt -- "the meaning of freedom". He says it's a good thing P&T didn't do that in Tiananmen Square w/ a Chinese flag wrapped around the Chinese Bill of Rights, because they don't have a Bill of Rights. Reporters start shouting Vinick's name. We cut to Donna, who says to Josh, "Okay, you've got a year to try to talk me out of voting for him".
September 13, 2004 - "msquare" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
The upcoming edition of TV Guide, which looks at "returning favorites" states that, despite rumors of cancellation at the end of season six, President Bartlet will serve out his term and there will be a seventh season.
September 11, 2004 (2nd) - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Spoilers for 6.7, A Change Is Gonna Come
  • Somewhere in the teaser: CJ & Annabeth are watching Hoynes on TV. He tells the reporter, Diane Mathers, that he'd like to go back to public life because he thinks he can make a contribution. The interview ends, & Annabeth says she thinks Hoynes did well. CJ grudgingly agrees.
  • Cut to Hoynes's house, where the camera crew's packing up to leave. Hoynes asks his wife, Suzanne, what she thought. She thought the questions were simple. He agrees & says it's going to get harder -- if she's OK with that. She is. He tells her he has to make a call & go to a meeting. He won't be long. The rest of the page has been covered up, so I can't tell you what happens after that.
  • Act 1: Josh in a mtg w/ top members of the FRC and House Intl Relations, Senators Carrick and Haas, Congressman Harris, and Congresswoman Nestarenko. They're in the Senate Foreign Relations Conference Room. This happens a day before what happened in the teaser. Harris lists the various things Chinese businesses are making that violate American patents. Nestarenko points out that it's costing American businesses billions of dollars in lost profits. Josh agrees, stating that that's why they're spending a whole day talking about trade. Harris wants them to improve on semiconductor tariffs with the Chinese. Josh tells them they're going to do that, as well as "pushing" them on intellectual property rights, "proprietary standards as a trade barrier". Everyone in the room's happy -- even Josh. Harris tells Josh that he speaks for all in the group when he says the summit's going well. Carrick, who's been quiet, asks about Taiwan. He wants to talk about the sale of the 3-PC Orion sub hunting planes. Josh says it's not on the schedule. Carrick says, "Well. Then I'm sure it won't be discussed". Josh says they sell arms to Taiwan & they're going to continue to do that. It's not up for discussion. Carrick says it will be when the US pushes China on weapons exports to Pakistan. Josh tries to tell him that China pledged to stop exporting, but Carrick interrupts, saying the Chinese have ignored that pledge, along with WTO commitments and agreements on prison labor. Nestarenko doesn't get Carrick's point. Carrick says the Chinese don't stick to their agreements. He doesn't want Josh to offer them anything in exchange for "lies and empty promises". Josh says he'll keep it in mind. Then he notes that Carrick was a member of the democratic party -- surely he knows they're not naïve "panda huggers". Carrick just looks at him, so Josh explains his joke. Carrick says he understood what Josh said. Carrick gets up & leaves, with Josh none too pleased about it.
  • Cut to Toby's mtg w/ someone named Barrow & 2 Chinese diplomats, Yahlin and Wen. This mtg occurs at the same time as Josh's mtg. Yahlin says the red carpet will be lined with paper lanterns to represent the industrial core of the city of Xian. The Mayor also wants to give Bartlet a golden key to the city. Barrow looks at Toby, who doesn't respond. He's just doodling on his notepad. Barrow says they have no problem w/ it. Yahlin says he heard that Bartlet is interested in visiting the terracotta warriors -- "the site is considered to be one of the world's most spectacular archaeological finds". Wen looks at Toby, who's still doodling. Barrow tries to get Toby engaged in the conversation by clearing his throat. Toby finally says something -- he wants to know what they were talking about. Barrow tells him they were talking about the terracotta warriors. Wen starts to explain that there are approximately 70,000 pottery soldiers and horses when Toby interrupts and says, "Pottery..." Yahlin says they heard that Bartlet's a student of the Qin dynasty and thought this would be something of interest. Toby says he's sure Bartlet would be thrilled as long as there's enough time to explore the warriors. Yahlin says they'll make sure there's enough time. Toby says great. Wen switches the conversation to the menu for the breakfast being held in Beijing. Toby sees Charlie & CJ in the hallway, possibly looking into the room. Toby tells Wen to keep talking. Then he leaves.
  • Cut to Charlie giving CJ a non-proliferation briefing packet. CJ's surprised that he's done with it. Charlie wants to know if he gets extra credit for finishing early. As he heads off w/ Margaret, he asks if he can get another assignment. CJ tells him everything's under control. At this point, Toby catches up w/ CJ. He tells her they're talking about breakfast & "picking out fortune cookies". CJ says she thought fortune cookies were an American invention, like pizza and the Frisbee.
  • 2 pages later, Donna asks Josh if he knows that Hoynes is doing the Diane Mathers show tomorrow night. He asks her to get the WTO file & to find any info they have on prison labor. Donna tells him Hoynes is promoting his book. Josh says it's only 3 months to Iowa, "tis about to be the season". Donna says Hoynes called him twice. Josh says he's going to need a convertor for when he heads out to China, as well as his garment bag. He can't seem to find it. Donna says, "I think baggage claim is the next terminal over". Josh says, "Funny". He goes back to the convertor, saying that they have slanted plugs. Donna says, "Please don't tell me you didn't just say that". Josh says, "What? They are, they're like ours, but‹" Donna tells him she thinks he should stick to domestic policy. As he walks past her, we cut to...
  • Toby's mtg. He sees Josh and is about to get up when Yahlin says they only have a few more things to discuss. He flips through the pages and says, "Twenty-two." It's something about a guest list. Suddenly, there's a little chiming noise -- it's Wen's tiny cell phone ringing. Barrow tells Toby that he thought mobiles didn't work in the WH. Toby says they don't. We see Wen listening to his phone, then responding both to the phone and Yahlin. They both stand up, happy. Toby asks if they're done.
  • Cut to CJ's office. CJ asks Josh about his mtg. He says it was fine, and he asked Donna to get some WTO info. He wants to look at the agenda again. CJ knows that Carrick gave him a hard time and wants to know what he wanted. Josh says that Carrick just wanted to give him a hard time. Then he thanks CJ for letting him conduct the meeting. She says it's one thing less she has to keep her eye on. Then Annabeth enters.
  • Pages later, we cut to Toby saying he must've missed something in the protocol mtg. At this point, someone comes into the room to add another leaf to the table. Josh says he thought Toby was in that mtg. Toby explains that he was in & out of the mtg. He couldn't take talking about "nine meat soup" the entire time. Another man enters and adds another leaf to the table. Josh asks him about the soup. Toby tells him it's on the menu for the Shanghai dinner. Josh tries to figure out the 9 meats that are going into the soup, but Toby tells him he [Josh] doesn't wanna find out. Then Chinese Ambassador Lo Ping, Wen, & Yahlin enter. They sit at one end of the long table (away from Josh & Toby), the rest of their group at the other. Lo Ping apologizes for being late. Toby says it's not a problem. Lo Ping says their chef has prepared an early dinner. At the same time, Toby says, "Great" and Josh says, "Excellent". Toby tells Lo Ping that Bartlet conveys his apologies. Lo Ping says they're sophisticated men. They shouldn't be troubled by simple misunderstandings. He gives Toby & Josh a copy of their statement, which has already been released to the press. Josh reads it aloud: "Meddling? Meddling in your internal affairs"? Lo Ping waves his hand and asks if they'll return the flag. Josh is still stuck on "meddling", but manages to say they will as soon as they locate...Toby nudges him, so Josh just says yes. Lo Ping's happy and says President Chang hoped it wouldn't get in the way of their plans. A waiter walks in with soup. Josh "reacts to his bowl". Toby says they're looking forward to a productive summit. Lo Ping says he is as well. He says he also knows they'll understand that a few minor adjustments need to be made. Josh looks up from his soup & asks about the adjustments. Yahlin tells Josh that Chang would like to hold the Beijing ceremony outdoors instead of indoors. Josh looks at Toby, who just shrugs. Josh says OK. Yahlin says Chang also wants to move the summit from the Great Hall of the People to the Gate Of Heavenly Peace. Toby repeats that, then says it's in Tiananmen Square. Josh asks if they want to welcome the Pres of the US in Tiananmen Square. Lo Ping asks if they have a problem with that. There's a pause as the waiter puts a plate of lo mein in front of Josh, who apparently likes it. Toby asks about their other proposed adjustments.
  • Much later, Josh is watching TV. The reporter says that a rally began when the leaders of Taiwan's independence movement, waving a green & red flag Bartlet accepted the previous day, gathered in front of Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. Cut to Josh looking concerned.
  • Cut to the Oval w/ Bartlet and Governor Baker. Photographers are there as well. There's a framed letter on top of his desk. Baker asks if he's had a busy day. Bartlet explains that there's a National Medal of the Arts gala in the evening. Baker picks up the framed letter and asks about it. Bartlet explains that it's the letter that took him out of office. He's keeping the one that put him back in, in case anyone asks any questions. Baker explains that the museum will take care of the framed letter. Bartlet asks how he likes "the old place". Baker says it's humbling. Bartlet tells him it's worse sitting behind the desk. There's a dagger hanging from a thread back there. Baker makes a funny. Then Bartlet asks about his numbers in Iowa. Baker says he hasn't declared yet. Bartlet's surprised he doesn't have anyone "out in the field". After a pause, Baker says Iowa and New Hampshire look good. Bingo Bob & Will enter at this point. Baker, "less than thrilled", greets the VP. Bartlet says he didn't know the VP would be joining them. The VP says the mtg's an historic moment and he didn't want to miss it. Bartlet says the historic moment actually happened last year, but it's always good to see him. Baker asks for a minute alone with Bartlet. Bartlet asks the VP to leave. The VP says, "No problemo", and steps out. Baker explains that the museum wants to show the nobility and patriotism Bartlet demonstrated when he invoked the 25th Amendment. It's a tribute to Bartlet's leadership & the "principled spirit" of his Presidency. "Vice President Russell, while a sterling leader in his own right‹" Bartlet cuts him off & asks if he's going to be in the photo op. He says that as a trustee of the museum...Bartlet cuts him off again, saying no one's going to mind if the VP's there. He's sort of a trustee to Bartlet's office. Bartlet opens the door to get the VP.
  • Cut to the 3 doing a photo op. CJ & Barrow are at the door. CJ asks for Bartlet. Bartlet ends the photo op, and once everyone's gone, CJ tells Bartlet about the demonstrations in Taipei. Barrow says the demonstrations have been peaceful & small so far, "given the events of the past few days".
  • Much later, we're with Charlie and Richard Squire (a nerdy looking guy) at the Gifts Unit. Charlie rings the bell and someone named Bernard appears. Charlie introduces Richard to him. Bernard calls Squire a "frumpy looking fellow". Charlie says Squire's from the Counsel's Office. He's a Rhodes Scholar & has a law degree from Yale. Bernard says, "Do you?" Charlie goes on, saying that according to Squire, Presidents can't accept gifts from a foreign govt if accepting it would be in violation of US law, "establish a quid pro quo or adversely affect the foreign relations of the US". Squire states the regulation name & number. Bernard & Squire trade snipes at each other. Then Bernard looks at Charlie, none too pleased.
  • The scene cuts to the Upper Press Area. The rest of the page is left blank.
  • FYI: This represents approximately 33% of the episode.
September 11, 2004 (1st) - "hlmac17" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
"...spoilers for Episode 6-7: A Change is Gonna Come at the JDTalk Yahoo board":
  • It looks like we have Hoynes, Bingo Bob and Sen. Carrick in the same episode. We get to meet Suzanne Hoynes.... Hoynes is getting interviewed by Diane Mathers. It looks like a press appearance for his book. Hoynes want to get back into public service. Suzanne is sticking by him....
  • Josh is working with the House and Senate Foreign Relations. Carrick is part of that committee. Probably some more tension between Josh and Carrick.
  • Toby meets with the Chinese Delegation. Toby and Josh meet with the Chinese Ambassador.
  • In a Josh and Donna scene, Josh mentions it three months till Iowa. I assuming that it's the Iowa caucases That's not good. They just skipped a year.... how did we go from suppose to be going into the midterms to starting the election year in a few episodes? WTF? Also Donna tells Josh that Hoynes has been calling him. I think Hoynes wants Josh to help him get back for public service. I also think it is interesting if Hoynes and Santos wants the nomination, Josh might have to pick who he wants to help. Donna looks like she is still Josh's assistant....
  • CJ still is acting COS and Leo is nowhere to be seen....
  • Charlie has a scene with Bernard from the Gifts Unit. I think it's the same Bernard from Noel. I've never thought we would see Bernard again.
  • It looks like Josh, Toby and Charlie storylines all tie into the Chinese and President's storyline.
September 10, 2004 - "mgoshawk" has sent us this from the Yahoo J/D Group (you have to have a Yahoo id to read this group at http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/JDtalk) where the following was posted by Lauren:
"My roommate got Entertainment Weekly the other day and inside is a DVD from Extra about the new fall season. I just popped it in today and there was some West Wing info I thought I'd pass along....

"I'll just transcribe what was on:

"Announcer: 'Sexual tension seems to have invaded the halls of government, as well. The West Wing's Janel Maloney and Bradley Whitford may finally admit their feelings.'

"BW: 'Clearly, these people are kinda crazy for each other.'

They show part of the scene from Talking Points where they aren't talking to each other...."
September 1, 2004 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Here's more [on 606]:
  • Here's Debbie's conversation with Lt. Godfrey's father: when she asks if she can put Bartlet on the phone, he says no. He's not interested in anything Bartlet has to say unless he says it's all a mistake, like the "insane" mission was. Also, he'd like to hear that all the soldiers, who are sitting ducks, are going to come home. Debbie tries to say she understands, but he cuts her off to say he doesn't want to hear condolences from a President who threw his son into a grudge war between Jews & Arabs. He says he'd like Debbie to tell Bartlet what he said. Before Debbie can finish a sentence, he hangs up.
  • Later on in the episode, CJ asks T about the Secretary of Energy. T says he's the guy & they're done. She says they're not. She wants a list with 3-5 names on it. He stares at her, but she's done with the conversation. On the phone, CJ tells someone that T's decision to share info was premature & the Pres would love it if the person on the phone didn't share the info with anyone. As T leaves, CJ says on the phone, "...No, I'm going to have to insist".
  • Cut to Josh outside Santos's office. He's having an argument with 3 staffers. We have a desription on Santos: 42, really bright, full of energy, & so committed that it's spread to the staff. He's like the "best professor you've ever had". He's debating with his staffers, playing devil's advocate. Santos has his back towards J when J enters. J introduces himself to one of the staffers. Staffer says J can see Santos when he has an opening. In the meantime, Santos tells his staff they're not in the dream-making business. Why don't they put the cap for punitive damages at $5 million? Someone tries to argue, but he says you can invest the money & have a good life. J listens to the argument while he waits. The staffer asks, "For a kid who's paralysed when he's 2?" Another staffer says insurers will get immunity that no one else gets. Santos says he's told it's a distinct possibility. Santos gets the note that says J's waiting for him. Santos tells J to come into his office. One staffer says the cap is a societal disincentive. Another staffer says it's a societal disaster if the system's run into the ground. Santos asks J if they're running HMO into the ground. J says HMO made a profit of $8.8 billion. "We're not running them into anything". A staffer says that they're now back to saying the Republicans are greedy bastards. Santos says, "Thank you, & the rest of the Dept of Knee Jerk Sturm & Drang". Profit's not the problem. Maybe the Republicans on committee know the companies will make a profit on their own by raising premiums & prices in an industry that was set up to "curtail" the price of health care. The staffer says he should have lunch again with someone named Joel.
  • J's in Santos's office. J asks him about the Patients' Bill of Rights. Santos says it's "the final shudder & gasp of a dying piece of legislation". J suggests he bring it back next term. Santos wonders what happened to the 5 minutes of small talk they usually have first. Why doesn't J ask about his kids? He does. Santos says his kids don't recognize him anymore. J tells him he should go for one more term. Santos says, "Who's that guy hugging Mommy?" J tells him they're going to take care of his fundraising. They have committee chairmanships opening up. Santos says no. J tells him he has a strong presence on the floor & his staff's on fire. How can he stop now? Who's going to push for the Patients' Bill of Rights when he's gone?
August 31, 2004 (2nd) - Kris Lyons emailed us a link to this article:
New ABC series for Jimmy Smits - Actor will first do a guest stint on NBC's 'West Wing'
"LOS ANGELES - Jimmy Smits will return to ABC to star in his own series and produce other shows after his term as a congressman on NBC's 'The West Wing' is over, ABC said...."
August 31, 2004 (1st) - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Spoilers for 6.6, The Dover Test:
  • Teaser: Monday PM, East Room. A string quartet plays while Annabeth handles a crew of video & still photographers taking pics of Bartlet, an architect, & the Chairwoman of the Josiah Bartlet Library Foundation. Everyone's in cocktail attire. They're posing in front of a model of the library: a brick mill restoration. Bartlet gives them some info about the place -- the buildings were empty & in disrepair, & he shows them where he snuck his first cigarette. He thinks there should be a commemorative plaque for that. One of the cable reporters congratulates Bartlet on the library. Bartlet acknowledges the thanks. "CJ takes note". The reporter asks if he's also celebrating today's polls. Bartlet replies that he doesn't pay attention to the polls. This was supposed to end the conversation, but the reporter continues. CJ looks at Annabeth, & Annabeth goes over to the reporter. The reporter says that "in the wake of [Bartlet's] Middle East Peace Plan", 57% of Americans would vote for him for a 3rd term. Bartlet tells him not to say that in front of the architect because he'll think his deadline's been extended. As Annabeth backs everyone away, CJ quietly tells her, "Photos-only means photos-only".
  • Act 1: Tuesday, Toby's office. The TV's playing video of the Joint Task Force compound, post explosion, with a banner saying, "First US Soldier Killed". The same reporter mentioned in the teaser is on TV, saying someone approached the compound with explosives strapped to his chest. The video cuts to the Pres & CJ celebrating on Monday night. A note describes, "...Their glitter jarring between more images from Gaza: the chaos of overloaded stretchers". We see CJ & Toby are the ones watching the TV. CJ says, "Great. The WH fiddles while Gaza burns". The reporter continues, saying the "fragile Peace Process" is already under attack. Toby wants to see Bartlet's statement. Instead of getting that, we see a "resigned" Annabeth at the podium. She says she doesn't have any info -- she knows what they know. Cut back to the reporter, with CJ saying, "So much for controlling the story". The reporter says that while the WH is trying to come up with a response to the assault...Toby puts the TV on mute & tells CJ they can't control every story. She doesn't say anything, so he tells her Annabeth's "green" & the cable guys aren't. CJ says, "She's not green; she's a bright neon lime -- chartreuse, in fact: a color I admire, even if it's a little startling".
  • Much later, the Pres asks Debbie if the soldier's family has been contacted. Debbie says they only reached the father. She'll call him now. CJ tells him the Palestinian Authority found an explosives stockpile today. She says the good news is...Bartlet finishes & says the good news is that they were told about it. He tells her that the way this'll work is by taking it one day at a time.
  • Cut to Debbie's office. The TV's on. One cable pundit says that there'll definitely be more attacks & the US has rushed headlong into this. The 2nd pundit says that you'd think it's a result of the way the operation was hastily put together. Debbie stops dialing the phone mid-way. You can see Charlie packing up at his desk. He mutes the TV. Debbie tells him she hates making these kinds of calls. Charlie's about to ask her if she wants him to do it, but she reminds him that he doesn't work there anymore. A note says, "They share a warm look." She finishes dialing. You can hear Debbie telling the soldier's father that Bartlet wants to talk to him. Can she put him on the phone? The father wants to say more than just "yes". As Debbie listens patiently, you can hear his loud voice through the phone. She looks at Charlie because it's a reaction they've never heard before. You can hear the father say "insane" & "sitting ducks". Debbie's trying to say that she understands, but she's interrupted by the father saying even worse things than before. You can hear the words "The President", "My boy", & "Jews & Arabs". She tries to say something, then stops. The father hung up. Charlie exhales & looks at her. Debbie goes to Bartlet's office. He asks if the father's on the phone, & she says, "not exactly". End of Act 1.
  • Act 2: Wednesday. CJ's with Commander Ruiz, a 4-star general. They're walking out of a briefing in the Sit Room. She doesn't think the info they got was all bad news. Ruiz informs us that it's been quiet for 36 hours. He doesn't think anyone's going to argue about that. CJ's says, "Well...", & he guesses that the press would. She tells him that there's been no letup on the reporting of the latest news. She thinks Lt. Godfrey's (the dead soldier) father will be on TV at any moment. Ruiz says, "So I heard. Thank my lucky stars, I don't have to pass the Dover Test to do my job". She thinks & says, "You mean gauge public reaction". He says, "to caskets returning to our airbase in Delaware". She says, "Right‹The Dover Test". She excuses herself and runs up the stairs. Cut to A at the Press Briefing. She reiterates that the Pentagon hasn't released the soldier's name. That's all the info she has. The same cable reporter asks if she can comment about there being a problem identifying the soldier's remains. She says she can't comment & calls on someone else.
  • Cut to T in the Communications area watching A on TV. He's "rooting" for her. He praises her while he watches her try to divert the questioning. The other reporter says, "Sorry to harp on this..." T says, "Damn". The other reporter says there's about 1000 troops in the region. She corrects him & says it's 1100. He says it's hard to believe that the Pentagon can't identify the dead soldier. She says that that's the reason why she's not commenting. It's the first reporter's speculation; he should talk to their network if he wants a comment. Toby smiles & says, "Careful". CJ enters & says A's still getting "pelted". He says she's holding up. The first reporter says, "Now hold on. Annabeth, you can't‹now I get to defend myself..." CJ gets in on the coaching, saying he doesn't get to defend himself. CJ's hoping A was briefed on Dover policy. Toby says yes -- it was part of her Pentagon packet. The reporter says the reason why he has to speculate is because they're getting nothing from A. A says that if she had info, she'd let him know. T starts thinking. Then he asks when the soldier's body will arrive. CJ says tomorrow night. T hopes it (the ID of the body?) will come tomorrow. A note says, "No such luck". The reporter asks A if they're stalling in order to "delay putting a face on this loss". She says no & moves on. The reporter says he has a quick follow-up question but she says she has to move on. He says he just wants to confirm something: if Bartlet's not trying to cover up the cost of the Peace Plan, then why are the Press banned from the dead soldier's homecoming at Dover Airbase? A note says, "That stops her". Switch to T & CJ, who are shaking their heads. T says, "If you don't know..." CJ thinks A should say that she'll get back to them. But A says there's been restricted access at the Dover Mortuary for 13 years. A DOD directive that suspended access was issued during the previous Admin. The room goes crazy -- they don't want the first reporter to get the scoop. A 3rd reporter says the Bartlet Admin has always ignored that directive. Why have they suddenly changed their minds? Margaret! arrives to get CJ. T wants A to say that it's not sudden. CJ wants A to say that the change happened 6 months ago. A says that the decision to go with the directive was due to the consideration of the logistics of getting all family members together & the difficulty of deciding which ceremony applies. CJ wonders if the truth ever sounded as fishy as this. Toby says a memo was issued 6 months ago. Not that anyone's read it, of course. Cut to a reporter saying the policy changed overnight. A says it didn't change: "a standardized precedent was set up". The first reporter wants to know why they would worry about precedent...unless they're expecting an increased body count. A looks through her notes, clearly flustered. A says that historically, there were no public ceremonies at Dover. It's a recent phenomenon that involved into media events that competed with official memorial services & has turned into a bureaucratic nightmare. Bad answer. A note says, "Everyone wants to spin the word 'nightmare' into a question about the fallen". Back to T & CJ. Even Margaret knows A shouldn't have said 'nightmare'.
  • Pages later, Will tells Josh that a bill they're talking about isn't a Strickland bill anymore. It's the Strickland-Santos Patients Bill. As J passes D, he screams for her to get Congressman Santos, then changes his mind -- he wants her to tell Santos he's going to see him right now. He tells W he'll "set him straight". W says he'll back J up.
  • Cut to J & W waiting outside Santos's office. J is getting really angry while he sits there. The aides are busy answering constantly ringing phones. W asks J if he wants to read a magazine. J goes up to the aide & asks if Santos knows they're waiting. The aide says Santos will call as soon as he's free. J asks if he's in the building. The aide replies that Santos is busy. J goes back to W. He's got his back turned to the aides. He hears an aide (in a low voice) tell a Mr. Vaccaro (on the telephone) that he'll see if he can get Santos for him. J asks W if the aide is putting the call through. He looks up from his opened briefcase & says yes. Then he looks down & asks if Vaccaro runs United Health -- the same UH that's looking for a new Chairman. J doesn't say anything. He storms out. W follows him.
  • Cut to J & W in the hall. J is really mad & says he's taking off the gloves. Santos is a "junior nobody" who's abandoning his district & "feathering his nest with sick kids' medical bills". He stops & wonders if Santos is in Strickland's office. W thinks it's worth finding out.
  • Pages later, & I'm looking at a page that's blank on the top. On the bottom, it says we're in A's office. She's watching TV. Godfrey's father is on, saying his son was thrown into the middle of a gang warfare that's been going on since the Bible. He says President Bartlet threw his son in the middle of it.
  • Much later, Margaret tells Charlie, "That's not..." Charlie says if CJ needs something, he's going to go to her office. "Right?" He opens a door & is in the Deputy Special Assistant's Office. Margaret goes with him. We can see a room with 5 desks crowded into it. Charlie greets everyone. Margaret tries to tell him that there's no available desks. Charlie stops at a table that's piled high w/ various documents & other things. He says he thinks that's a desk. Margaret doesn't even know what it is. He tells her that his fellow Deputy Special Assistants say they're low priority commission & policy initiatives. No one's gotten around to through them yet. As he sets up, a colleague passes w/ a phonebook-sized report. He asks if Charlie's been given an assignment yet. He says, "Pile it on". She drops the report on his desk. As she leaves, she says, "Well, maybe for the time being". Charlie tries to find the phone through the pile and tells her to call him when she needs him. We end the scene from Margaret's pov, looking at Charlie settle in and create his own space.
  • Pages later, Toby tells someone, "Oh, no. You're in this". He opens a door and they step into the Walter Reed Ward. Bartlet meets with 3 wounded soldiers. CJ's beside him. Toby & Annabeth are by the door. We're looking at the scene from Annabeth's pov. Bartlet tells one of the wounded soldiers that he'll have to check into something the Private said. The Private says he's heard something about new prosthetics. Annabeth tries to take the scene in by darting her eyes around. She sees an amputated leg, a bloody bandage. She doesn't want to stare and turns her gaze on Bartlet's "genuine face", leaning over the Private's bed. He tells the Private he's right, he'll be fitted with a prosthetic and walking sooner than he thinks. He jokes that the Army isn't going to let the Private lie down on their dime. The Private says he wants to go back. Annabeth looks at a young soldier whose head & torso are wrapped in gauze. He's trying to hide how much he hurts. He catches Annabeth looking at him. A note says, "A glimpse of eye contact and unjustified shame". He looks away. We go back to Bartlet, who says he'll speak with the Joint Chiefs. In the meantime, the Private has to listen to the Doctor and follow her orders. There's some laughter. Then Bartlet turns his attention toward a female soldier who's been wheeled in. Annabeth's having a hard time taking all of this in. He addresses the female soldier, who's a doctor. He tries to joke around with her and asks her if she has everything she needs. She says yes. He asks about her family. She says they arrived yesterday. CJ introduces Bartlet to the 3rd soldier. You can see the soldier's in pain. CJ asks the soldier if she got his name right. He says yes, but she shouldn't remember it when they start talking about re-deployment. There's some laughter again. Annabeth's overwhelmed with the whole situation and leaves to get some air. She looks at Toby as she leaves. Toby's about to follow her, but CJ stops him.
August 28, 2004 - Maura O'Connor emailed us a link to this article:
SmitBURBANK, Calif. -- August 27, 2004 -- Emmy Award-winning actor Jimmy Smits has joined the cast of "The West Wing." He will play a three-term Houston congressman with presidential aspirations. He recently starred in Shakespeare in the Park's production of "Much Ado About Nothing" as well as the Pulitzer Prize winning "Anna in the Tropics" and will next be seen in "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith." Smits' television credits include starring roles in "NYPD Blue" and "L.A. Law."

"The West Wing" has earned twelve Emmy nominations this year and will premiere on NBC on October 20th at 9:00pm.

"The West Wing" is a John Wells Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television Production Inc. John Wells serves as the executive producer. Aaron Sorkin is the creator.
August 25, 2004 - Third Season DVDs now Available for Pre-Order
August 24, 2004 - Associated Press/MSN reporting on Alan Alda "to play Republican senator in 10 episodes"
"...Alda will play a Republican senator with presidential aspirations, Alda's agent, Toni Howard, told The Associated Press....

"Howard said Monday that Alda decided to guest star on 'The West Wing' because of his experience working with producer John Wells on 'ER.' Wells is the producer of both shows."
August 23, 2004 (2nd) - Maura O'Connor sent us a link to the Hollywood Reporter: Alda elected to serve on 'West Wing' by By Nellie Andreeva.
"Alan Alda.... The five-time Emmy winner will be joining the cast of NBC's White House drama "The West Wing" next season.

"Also joining the series, from John Wells Prods. and Warner Bros. TV, is Marley Shelton. Mary McCormack, who guest starred in several episodes last season, will be returning as a permanent fixture on the show.

"Meanwhile, Jimmy Smits continues to be in negotiations to come on board the series.

"...Alda will play Republican Sen. Arnold Vinick of California, who has presidential aspirations.

"Shelton will play Annabeth Schott, a former feature reporter mentored by Danny Concannon (Timothy Busfield) who becomes White House deputy press secretary.

"McCormack will continue as brash new Deputy National Security Adviser Kate Harper...."
August 23, 2004 (1st) - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
FYI: In case anyone wants to know, the spoilers we have for 6.5 constitute a little over 35% of the episode.
August 22, 2004 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
More for 6.5:
  • Teaser: Josh, wearing weekend clothes, is in an auto showroom looking at a Prius. A salesman approaches & they talk about the car. J is surprised that the car can do 60 mph. The salesman says it does 60 in the city, but 51 on the highway since the electrical battery recharges every time you hit the brake. The salesman starts saying that gas prices are at an all-time high. J corrects him by saying the highest happened in '81, & he blah blah blahs some more about prices in the past adjusted to today's prices. The guy says, "You're really up on...". J introduces himself & says he works at the WH. Salesman says the car's a great statement for a govt official. "Drive the car that cuts our dependence on OPEC." J notes that the car's foreign made, so the "symbolism's kind of a wash". J starts to talk about the add-ons that cost $3500 over sticker. He wants to know what happens if he doesn't want it. The guy says that other dealers are charging $10,000 over sticker. J wonders if he should be happy that the guy's "gouging less". Salesman says it's a popular package. J wonders how many people are on the waiting list -- there are 700 people w/ a wait of 8 months. He's amazed. Salesman asks if J wants to test-drive, but J sees something else in the lot. He asks if he can drive "that". It's a Hummer.
  • Cut to J waiting in the lot. A Mom, Dad & daughter are there to pick up their Prius. J talks to them. He congratulates them & asks if they waited a long time to get the car. Dad replies that it was worth it because individuals need to take responsibility. The govt won't do anything to improve mileage because they're "deep in the pocket of car companies". J says, "Congress, maybe". The person says Bartlet hasn't done anything. Before J can respond, the salesman says, "Mr. Lyman. All set". J turns & sees the salesmen next to the open doors of the Hummer. J nods at him, turns around to look at the person he was talking to, & notices that the person's "countenance has gone steely".
  • Cut to J & the salesman inside the Hummer. J says he knows he sounds "like a total dork", but the car's way cool. J revs the engine, & the salesman tells him to go easy when he leaves the lot. J puts the car in drive, & it lurches forward. J says, "Whoa", & the salesman reiterates that it's a lot of machine. There's a note that says J is loving it. Then his mobile rings -- it''s Donna.
  • Cut to D in the office. She's in her electric wheelchair, at her desk. She tells him that McNaughton at the D triple C needs him ASAP. He says he can't because he's driving a Hummer. She says what? He says his testosterone's flying. She says, "Well, try not to get any on anyone". Switch to J, who notices the salesman's looking nervous. J tells him he'll get his hands-free thing. He tells D to hang on. As he roots around in his pocket, the salesman tells him to look out! He looks up & sees the daughter of the guy who bought the Prius right in his path. J turns the steering wheel to the right to avoid hitting the girl. Switch to D, who hears "the unmistakable CRUNCH of a fender bender". She screams J's name & asks if he's OK.
  • Cut to the lot, where the Hummer did some damage to the Prius. Mom & Dad are shocked. The daughter, who's holding her mobile, starts reacting to what just happened. Switch to J. He's "chagrined, the salesman aghast". J says into the phone, "Tell McNaughton I may be a while". End of teaser.
  • Much, much later, Bartlet tells CJ, "the legit ones don't want donations drying up". He asks if they're done. They are. Then she tells him that Leo phoned & wanted to remind him to play chess". Bartlet tells her to tell Leo that when he's better, he can come back & play against him. He'll be happy to "school him at chess". She thanks him & leaves.
  • Cut to CJ going into her office. Margaret's there w/ a 50-ish yo woman. It's Gail Addison from the Office of Administration. Margaret says she's there to change over her office. CJ hopes it'll change into a day spa. Addison asks if CJ has a vision, or whether she'd like to be given options. CJ says she'd prefer not to think about it right now. Addison's about to say she'll be happy to do it, but CJ tells her she doesn't want her to do that either. Margaret will call her once she's more settled in.
  • Cut to Toby & A in her office, looking at the computer. J enters & says, "She's got a picture?!" We get a shot of the computer screen -- it's a pic of the Hummer smashed into the Prius, w/ J's head hanging out, looking sick. T says, "You didn't think to mention someone had a camera". J insists there weren't any. A asks if the daughter had a mobile. They realize that the pic probably came from there. Carol calls for T. On the way out, T asks if there's a video of J floating around somewhere that shows him pointing & laughing. J looks at him. T exits.
August 21, 2004- "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Spoilers for 6.5, The Hubbert Peak:
  • Toby wants to know why he & Annabeth (note the name change) are discussing a particular topic. She says she finds it interesting; he tells her she has a "low threshold for fascination". She gives him some info that she received from a guy at the Federal Highway Admin -- they need some bitumen & polymers to blend in with asphalt, which accounts for 50% of the cost. All they have "over there" is rocks. He tells her to quit wasting time on that issue because no one's going to ask her about it. She should be more interested in prepping for the job, "not indulging [her] undergraduate curiosity on the government's dime". He leaves.
  • Cut to Josh in the Roosevelt Room. He's meeting with reps from the solar power, ethanol, wind power, & hydrogen fuel cell lobbies. Each rep has an aide sitting next to them. They've come equipped with a full array of visual aids. Josh thanks them for coming on short notice. Anders (from solar power) states that he's tried to have this meeting for 7 years. Josh replies that they should get right to making up for lost time. They go around the table, saying their names & who they represent. The last guy complains that he's also been waiting a long time for this meeting to happen. Josh says that they sound like his Mom -- when he calls, all she does is complain about why he never calls. Then he says he'll try to keep everyone's name & representation straight -- he thinks he should've made little symbols/pics to help him, like a cloud blowing out his cheeks, etc. He's about to think of a symbol for hydrogen when Anders, from the solar cell project, comes up with Hindenburg. The guy from hydrogen states that aluminium powder coating caused the Hindenburg fire, not hydrogen. Josh didn't know that. Hydrogen guy explains that it's used as rocket fuel. The woman from windworks says hydrogen's flammable. Hydrogen guy retorts that gas is, too. Josh tries to stop the arguing when solar cell guy says that windworks woman meant combustible, not flammable. Josh tries to interject again but it doesn't work. Hydrogen guy says hydrogen burns with a colorless flame & the Hindenburg burned red. People wince upon hearing this. Solar cell guy asks, "Where's your humanity?" A note says, "Josh realizes he may be in for a long afternoon".
  • Cut to Toby & Annabeth. She slaps her driver's license down on his desk & asks him to check the DOB. He looks & notices that she's 32. He says, "This isn't a leftover fake ID?" She says she's older than she looks. Up until now, she "foolishly considered that fortunate". Then he looks again & asks if that's her weight. She takes it back & tells him that whatever he does (put out a press release, rent a billboard), he needs to "can the young cracks". She leaves.
  • Cut to Josh's mtg. He finishes writing on the last of 4 index cards. He passes them around, saying it's stupid but it'll help him. They look at the cards -- he's actually drawn a picture to represent each of them: a sun for solar, an ear of corn for ethanol, a cloud blowing out its cheeks for wind power, & for hydrogen...well, he just wrote the word "hydrogen". Hee. Josh wants to hear from solar guy first. He states that solar power is the answer. It's clean, accessible, & they won't run out of it anytime soon. Josh says that when they do, they'll have even bigger problems. Solar guy says that they could replace fossil fuels by "covering 220,000 square kilometres with solar cells". Josh asks if that's a lot. Solar guy says it's approx a piece of land that's 300 miles on each side. Josh says, "Yeah, see, that's kind of a lot". Solar guy shows him a map of the US with a green square superimposed on Western Utah, most of NV, Death Valley in CA, & Northern AZ. Josh says it's huge. Solar guy tells him to do the drive -- that area gets 300 days of sunshine & there's nothing there. Ethanol guy says the area covers LV. Solar guy says it's the most "wasteful energy abuser on the planet". Hydrogen guy says the solar cells are going to look attractive covering the Grand Canyon. Solar guy says they'll adjust it: finding uninhabited space in the desert won't be a problem. Josh wonders what the problem will be. Windworks woman states that manufacturing that many cells is the problem. Solar guy says that they'll pick up the manufacturing pace. Tyminski states that they'll have to, since all the solar cells ever made barely covers 10 sq km. Josh says, "so, 210,000 to go". Solar guy looks sheepish. Josh wishes he were anywhere but there.
  • Cut to CJ in a hotel hallway. She's carrying 2 paper bags. She knocks on a door, & a nurse answers.
  • Pages later, we're at the start of Act 4 with Toby & Charlie. Charlie doesn't think the timing's right, but he'll leave his resume with Toby & let him ignore it. Toby says, "Got it". Charlie gives him his resume, & Toby crumples it & tosses it into the trash. Toby gives Charlie a look that says, "that's what you wanted, right?" Charlie, who's taken aback, nods & exits.
  • Cut to Josh's mtg. Ethanol guy argues that ethanol burns clean &, most importantly, it's made in the US. Hydrogen guy counters that it's subsidized "up the ying yang" by the govt. He wants to know how much more funding they want. Josh tells him to hold up a sec. He tells ethanol that some people don't think it burns all that clean. Ethanol says the EPA certified that it reduces carbon monoxide & hydrocarbon tailpipe emissions by 30%. Solar says it releases more nitrogen oxide & makes the whole fuel mixture evaporte easier than pure gas, causing more smog. Wind says it's dependent on climate -- it's great in cold weather, terrible in hot. Ethanol concedes the point with a shrug. Hydrogen says it consumes more fossil fuel than it replaces. Ethanol disagrees. Josh says it replaces only 10% of gasoline, so it's only a stopgap. Ethanol counters that it's practical right now, "Not pie in the sky like some people's solutions". Solar says they should be honest -- they all know what ethanol's got in its favor. Josh says it's the Iowa caucuses. They all know it's true. Ethanol sits back, "the cat that ate the canary"
  • Cut to Donna in a hallway. She's trying to navigate the hall in "her new, differently wired electric wheelchair". She's having a bit of difficulty. Carol enters from a doorway & Donna overcorrects to avoid her, causing Toby & Annabeth to flatten themselves against a wall. Donna abruptly stops, which almost causes a group of people from behind to ram right into her. Donna apologizes to everyone.
  • Cut to Josh's mtg. Wind says that wind turbines in CA produce enough electricity to light up SF. It saves the state the equivalent of 10 million barrels of oil. Josh says that wind power only accounts for 1.27% of CA's electricity. She says that they have 13,000 turbines. Josh wants to know how many more they have to build for it to account for all electricity. Hydrogen says 1 million. He also adds that turbines are an eyesore & no one wants it. Solar wants to know what happens when the wind doesn't blow. She says she doesn't know -- what happens when the sun doesn't shine? Josh interrupts, saying it's not helpful. Wind says wind is clean, increasingly competitive, & the "fastest growing technology in the world". The Bartlet Admin could restore US leadership in wind power. Hydrogen says he can see the slogan now: "Breaking Wind Together". Solar & ethanol laugh it up. Wind gives him the stink eye. A note says, "Josh wishes he'd never gone car shopping".
  • Pages later, we're with Toby & Annabeth. He apologizes for springing something on her. She knows it's about the highway question & tells him she doesn't need him to throw her softballs. Toby claims that he didn't plant "it" to make her look good. They get used to throwing huge $ amounts around. He thinks that once in awhile they should ask & explain what the public's getting for their money. He needs to be reminded, too. Toby leaves. Without turning around, he says, "Nice job". She processes everything that happened.
  • Cut to Josh's mtg. Josh wants to know the obstacles in using hydrogen as replacement fuel. He says distribution -- it has to be liquefied if it needs to be transported & dispensed. Josh asks if it's an issue. Hydrogen says you just need to freeze it, then open it. Ethanol says it's an enormous pressure. Josh doesn't understand. Hydrogen says that when they open it, it can...Wind finishes, saying it can explode. Solar says, "like the Hindenburg". Josh puts his head in his hands.
  • Cut to Charlie & Zoey on the Portico. Charlie says he only has a minute. She wants to know what's up. He says he has great news that she's responsible for. She wants to know what it is, but he says that, in appreciation, he'd like to tell her over dinner. She wants to know if he's asking her out on a date. He says it's a thank you dinner, but she says it's a date. Charlie says that it isn't anything so far, since she hasn't agreed to go. She looks at him & smiles. She agrees to go to dinner with him.
August 19, 2004 (2nd) - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
  • Another spoiler for 6.4, Liftoff. This happens in the teaser, right after she tells Butterfield, "No". Unfortunately, Butterfield has been taken out and replaced with an Agent Caswell....
  • Caswell tells CJ that 2 Secret Service agents are assigned to her detail. She opposes the idea but is told they'll give her "a wide berth". CJ asks if they can talk about this, but Caswell says, "Not really". He asks if she has a spare room because the agent's are going to need a place to sleep.
  • Cut to CJ in the Bartlet's Residence corridor. She quickly gets out of the elevator and heads toward Bartlet's bedroom. Charlie's standing there. She asks him if he's waiting. He tells her he just knocked and asks if she's alright. She replies, "In the event of an emergency I stand in a field with a cow and wait to be airlifted". The door opens and Bartlet walks out. CJ greets him and he asks if she's excited.
August 19, 2004 (1st) - "kathie000" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum a link to the Newark Star Ledger - JIMMY SMITS FOR PRESIDENT?:
"...news that Smits is in negotiations to join the show's cast as a three-term congressman from Texas, according to Daily Variety, and it's not hard to connect the dots: The show introduces Smits as a presidential candidate this year, then installs him in the Oval Office next year to replace Martin Sheen.

"...In a misguided attempt to woo viewers who will probably never watch the show under any circumstances, Wells introduced a posse of new Republican opponents who weren't so much more likable than Sorkin's conservative clowns as they were more successful.

"The Capra-esque sense of hope that characterized the best of Sorkin vanished, replaced by a White House where the once-tight staffers suddenly hate each other and compromises are the only possible victory. (Realistic? Sure. Entertaining? Nope.)

"Virtually every 'West Wing' fan watched for two reasons over the years: Sorkin and affection for the regular characters. Sorkin ain't coming back, and the others should be gone if/when Smits becomes Commander-in-Chief.

"...A spokeswoman for the Warner Bros. studio, which produces 'West Wing,' said talks with Smits are in the very early stages, so there could be some time to reconsider. Just let President Bartlet and company finish out their second term (which, if the series is still moving in real time, should happen in two years, not one, but why quibble?) and let the show be consigned to history. Please?"

     -- Alan Sepinwall
August 16, 2004 - E!Online: Smits Heading "West"? by Charlie Amter Aug 14, 2004, 9:25 AM PT:
"Jimmy.... Smits' reps confirmed to E! Friday that the Emmy-winning actor is in talks to join the Emmy-winning drama next season, as a rival--and, according to the trades--a potential successor to Martin Sheen's President Bartlet.

"Although West Wing distributor Warner Bros. declined to comment on the addition of Smits, his character is said to be an ambitious Houston congressman with eyes always on a bigger, possibly oval-shaped, office....

"No word on exactly when Smits will appear on West Wing once he works out a deal. The show's fifth [sic!] season will premiere a bit late this year due to NBC's Olympic coverage. Episode one will pick up where last season's cliffhanger left off Sept. 24. The season-opener guest stars John Goodman and Annabeth Gish."
August 13, 2004 - "Rory L. Aronsky" sent us a link to Smits May Head to The West Wing :
Source: Variety Friday, August 13, 2004
"Former NYPD Blue star may soon be headed to NBC's The West Wing, the network's White House drama, reports Variety.
"Smits is in talks with John Wells Productions and Warner Bros. TV to join the cast of the Emmy-nominated series. He would play a three-term Houston congressman with intense political ambitions.
"Specifics of the role, which will be recurring at first, are still shrouded in secrecy. But the trade adds that Smits' character will likely have his eye on the White House. Martin Sheen's President Bartlet is nearing his second and final term on the show."
August 12, 2004- Peter Jozwiak pointed out a news article, The New York Times: 'West Wing': Is It Facing a Struggle To Survive? (this link will probably only work for about a week)
  • "...Kevin Reilly, the president of NBC Entertainment, acknowledged to television critics and reporters in July that 'The West Wing' was 'ratings challenged last year.' Speaking of the fictional Democratic president, Josiah Bartlet (played by Martin Sheen), Mr. Reilly said that 'the Bartlet administration is clearly coming to the end of its term, and I think that's going to foster some really interesting developments.' Mr. Reilly said the show's writers were planning to 'juice up' the series creatively but avoided details.
  • "Mr. Reilly said in an interview that the presidential election would have an impact on "The West Wing," and would 'certainly set story lines in motion.' He said the series would involve presidential politics and that the evolving characters in the show would reflect more than the traditional liberal viewpoints of the Bartlet White House. He said he hoped the series would be picked up after next season, depending not only on the ratings but also on its creative direction. Among the reasons offered for the show's ratings decline, Mr. Reilly said, was that 'The West Wing' may have seemed out of sync at times with the real West Wing and the conservatism in the nation....
  • "To reflect the realities of the nation's politics, the show's producers brought in Kenneth M. Duberstein, once chief of staff to President Ronald Reagan, as a consultant....
  • "In Mr. Wells's first year the ratings dropped even further. Instead of the stylized rapid-fire dialogue created by Mr. Sorkin for White House figures on the edge of personal or political crises, the series turned contrived and convoluted, critics said. Some White House staff members, already smug in the Sorkin years, turned insufferable. The series, which had confined itself almost entirely to the White House in its early years, branched out into plots involving terrorism and foreign intrigue....
  • "Lawrence O'Donnell, a writer-producer on the show in its early years, who has now returned, and Mr. Reilly said that in the new season 'The West Wing' would most certainly involve politics and concern who would succeed President Bartlet, now winding up his second term in the White House. It was both fortunate and coincidental, the two said separately, that events in the "The West Wing" would blur into the real politics of the nation....
  • "He said: 'It's a slightly unreal element on the show that we haven't had the political sharks circling the White House. That dynamic will now be added.'
  • "Mr. Reilly said that 3 episodes of the new season had been completed and 9 of 22 had been written....
  • "'I can't give anything specific this year,' he said, 'but there will be tumult in the administration this year.'"
August 11, 2004- "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
One bit I forgot to mention: Toby and CJ listen to another guy auditioning for the Deputy Press Secretary job. He talks really low, and CJ asks if Toby can hear what the guy's saying. He asks her if she brought any food. She has some pretzels. Toby tells the guy that he can't hear him. The guy apologizes and starts again. He's still talking really low.
August 9, 2004 - "mgoshawk" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Casting Call for The West Wing "Liftoff"
"Found 4 roles/parts for this casting.
Role # 1 - ID # 4691 - ... Name: DAN EGLAND
    ...Male, 32 to 40. Overly-verbose, dull press spokesman from the State Department...
Role # 2 - ID # 4692 - ... Name: GERALD DELOIT
    ...Male, late 40's to 65. Secretary of Energy...
Role # 3 - ID # 4693 - ... Name: PETER BORDEN
    ...Male, 32 to 40. Deputy Press Secretary Candidate who is too short to be seen clearly when he is behind the podium. Mildly comedic...
Role # 4 - ID # 4695 - ... Name: DONALD DONCHICK
    ...Male, 32 to 40. The "low-talking" (i.e. almost inaudible) candidate for the Deputy Press Secretary position. Mildly comedic..."
August 8, 2004- "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
And more spoilers for 6.4, Liftoff:
  • Pages later, CJ tells Toby to talk to Brock. He says if "the piece" runs tomorrow, it'll be 2 paragraphs on page 10. If they make him wait a week, it'll be on the top left of the first page. She says it wasn't a suggestion. T asks incredulously if it's an order. There's a pause, then a note says, "Remember when they were friends? CJ exits".
  • Margaret's office, 1 min. later. CJ barrels right through to Leo's. She comes back out with her coat. As she leaves, she tells Margaret she'll be back later and that Margaret should go since it's almost 8:00. Margaret asks where she's going.
  • Cut to CJ in a hospital lobby. She's going to the elevator when a guard stops her. He tells her visiting hours are over. She says it's important that she go in. He says no. She says she has 5-6 quick questions for his patient and then she'll go. He says visiting hours are 8am - 8pm. Come back tomorrow. CJ's annoyed. She exits the hospital and returns seconds later flanked by 2 people. They show their badges to the guard and tell him they're Federal Agents. The guard watches them walk to the elevators. He doesn't stop them. CJ says to the guards, "Let the I-told-you-so's commence".
August 7, 2004- "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
More spoilers for 6.4, Liftoff:
  • Teaser: CJ's apartment. 5:30 am. Knocking on the door. "Not entirely dressed", CJ opens the door to find 2 men in Air Force uniform. She asks if everything's OK, & they ask to go inside. She wonders if they could do this at the office. They show CJ where she usually exits the WH & tell her that when there's a situation, she should exit out of a different gate because it's closer to parking. In any case, she needs to time it. She wants to know what kind of situation he's referring to. He says nuclear attack. She asks if they're expecting one, & the guys say they're expecting any attack; nuclear tops the list. They tell her that when she exits, she'll go directly into Marine One. They've already assigned her a seat -- behind the Pres, to the left of NSA. They'll all be evacuated to "a secure location". This gets her attention. In case she's at home, they show her a different route -- she has to go about a mile to a pasture where a helicopter will pick her up. There's some jokey banter about the pasture, then there's another knock at the door. Just as CJ gets up to get it, one of the AF guys tells her that it'll be 3 min from "code call to liftoff". As CJ opens the door, she sees Butterfield and says, "No."
  • Many pages later, CJ greets (in the WH) a wine maker who is the "Former Economic Advisor to Georgia President Rustaveli". He has a briefcase handcuffed to his right wrist, which is a mistake since he's right-handed. He's there to see Leo & has a bottle of wine as a gift for him. CJ asks if Josh put him up to this. He says Rustaveli sent him to speak to Leo only about an "important offer". CJ says Leo's ill, so he can tell her about the offer. As the guy struggles to open the suitcase, he explains that he's on a top secret mission and wishes to give the Pres a gift of uranium. CJ asks if it's used to make bombs. He says the Georgians don't want to make bombs. He wants to give the US the uranium, and the US can do what they want with it. After a pause, CJ excuses herself for a minute. The guy says he'll open his briefcase in the meantime and show her some maps.
  • Much later, CJ tells someone, "Of course". This someone's mad but trying to hide it. CJ, who's "beet red", leaves Debbie's office.
  • Cut to Toby in the Press Briefing room. A guy named Peter Borden's behind the podium, looking for the notecards he dropped. He apologizes, straightens up, &...he's too short to see over the podium. He's playing with the mike to see if anyone can hear him. Cut to another guy at the podium. He asks someone named Joanne to marry him and make him "the happiest man in the world". Then he asks if anyone's ever done that at a briefing before. Cut to Claire Stein at the podium. Toby asks her the question about NATO & peacekeeping (see previous spoiler post for this episode). She says the Pres knew that "when he drafted the peacekeeping agreement, the int'l community wasn't going to jump in like a pack of eager lemmings." T asks if she's saying they're on a suicide mission. She says, "Not necessarily". T then replies, "Lemmings die at the end of the story".
  • Cut to Alan Zwick, who's like Ari Fleischer had he been a Democrat. T asks him some questions, & he does a good job responding. T's "feeling better about the whole thing". Cut to Leo's office. CJ enters with Margaret right behind her.
August 4, 2004 - "mgoshawk" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Casting Call for The West Wing Third Day Story
Found 4 roles/parts for this casting.
  • Role # 1 - ID # 4013 - Display Name: Congressman Borden
  • Role # 2 - ID # 4015 - Display Name: Congressman Benoit
  • Role # 3 - ID # 4016 - Display Name: Congresswoman Link
  • Role # 4 - ID # 4017 - Display Name: Treasury Secretary
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