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Note on the nature of Spoilers:
Spoilers are often taken from first drafts of scripts and those are often not the shooting script and even when you see a shooting script, that can be changed by the director during shooting and then changed again by the editing of the episode. No one here makes any guarantee that the information presented will remain in the episode exactly as presented.

April 12, 2004 - The Desert Sun of Palm Springs, California report from the set of the upcoming episode "Gaza"
"'West Wing' set takes extra back to days in Israeli army
"...Why had 200 people come out to the Salton Sea to stand under the hot desert sun for 10 hours, dressed in army gear, carrying 20- pound weapons and having orders shouted at them?
"...My day as an extra in the filming of an episode of 'The West Wing' began at 2 a.m. I drove to Indio and found the bus that would take me and the other actors-for-the-day to the set.
"...As the day wore on, I found myself back in Israel, standing on an army base in the middle of the Negev -- after all, I had served as a volunteer for Israel back in 1993, and had worn this same uniform...
"...There were three actors who had actually served in the Israeli army, and we all agreed that this set looked quite authentic...."
April 7, 2004 (2nd) - From Zap2it - TV News
"NBC's 'The West Wing,'... has signed Jason Isaacs ('Peter Pan,' 'Black Hawk Down') to play a photographer and love interest for the perpetually unlucky Donna Moss (Janel Moloney) in a three-episode arc. The British actor played Lucius Malfoy in 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.'"
April 7, 2004 (1st) - From NBC
The order of the next episodes will be: #519 "The Promise", #520 "No Exit", #521 "Gaza", and then the finale #522 "Memorial Day".
April 6, 2004 (4th) - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Here's the new info I have for Memorial Day:
  • Bartlet convinces Leo that they can get Farad back to the table. Leo tries to tell him that "the country" wants to see something being done. Bartlet says, "I'm not saying it's Camembert and wine, I'm saying it's what we got". He wants Leo to get Hutchinson to find a way to get someone named Nasan without hurting anyone else and he'll fire the missile himself.
  • Cut to Donna's room in a German hospital. Josh is snoozing in a chair in her room. He still has the same clothes on that he wore on the plane as well as some stubble growth. He must've gone straight there because his suitcase is there, too. Donna has a tube running from her chest and a central line in her neck. She opens her eyes when a nurse arrives. She asks if Donna just got up. Donna doesn't answer; she says her mouth's dry, so the nurse tells her she'll get some water. When the nurse leaves, Josh looks over and sees Donna awake for the first time. He walks over and greets her. She looks at him and says, "what happened to you?" and also says he needs a shave. She doesn't know where she is. Josh tells her she's in Germany, in a military hospital. She says it doesn't look like Germany. The nurse walks in with some water and speaks in English. Donna notes that the nurse isn't German. Josh is about to ask the nurse why Donna's not aware of where she is (I guess), but the nurse is busy telling Donna about her Patient Controlled Analgesic (it's the machine where she can press a button if she's in pain and morphine is released to relieve it). Donna tells the nurse that Josh needs a shave. The nurse agrees. Then she unscrews the IV from the central line and hooks up a large syringe. She tells them both that she needs to draw some blood. Noticing Josh's look, the nurse tells him that he should wait outside if he needs to. He says he's fine, but once the nurse starts drawing blood, he gets a wave of nausea and says he has to leave.
  • Cut to Toby in Josh's office, going through his shelves. Carol asks if he's found Josh's notes on the Speaker's... she doesn't finish because Toby gives her a look. She says she's going to look through Donna's files. As she leaves, Toby's mobile rings. It's Josh. Toby asks about Donna's condition.
  • Cut to Josh talking to Toby. He says Donna's the same, except she's awake, sort of. He asks how it's going in the office. Toby says, "Other than the legion of Congressmen parading into the Oval and demanding retribution, it's been pretty quiet".
  • The next info we have is all the way at the bottom of the episode. Leo's looking at Bartlet, all surprised and stung. He walks to his door and turns to look at Bartlet again, but Bartlet's lost in thought. Charlie walks into the Oval and tells him Marine One's waiting to take him to Baltimore. He says he needs a minute. Once alone, he looks at the baseball, puts it down, and looks around the room "with all its weight and burden and history".
  • Cut to Josh happily walking down the hall with a bouquet of roses in his hand. When he gets to Donna's room, she's not there; there's blood on the bed and the tube that was in her chest is hanging by the machine. Josh turns and runs into a nurse. He asks for Donna. She's confused. He runs over to the nurses station and asks. The nurse wants to know if he's a relative. He's ready to jump over the counter at this point, and says that he works for the Pres and has the diplomatic rank of a 3-star general. He wants to know where Donna is. NOW.
  • Cut to Josh running towards the OR. A doctor tells him that Donna has a pulmonary embolism (blood clot) and they're trying to remove it. Through the door, Josh can see a part of Donna. Doctors are all around her. As the door closes, Josh is left stunned and scared.
  • Cut to CJ in her office. She looks at the TV, then says, "Oh my God". She picks up the phone and calls Toby.
April 6, 2004 (3rd) - "bymysides" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
"...the pages I have stop with a phone call between CJ and Toby towards the end of Act Four. Though, all I have of the conversation is CJ saying OMG and calling Toby."
April 6, 2004 (2nd) - "Domer02" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
"As for the cliffhanger, those spoilers say that AFTER the J/D scene, CJ is in her office, sees something, and goes "Oh my God." So maybe we are going to be left wondering what she was talking about....
"POTUS had been on his way to Baltimore before this (oh and apparently he does something that either hurts/confuses Leo) for the ballgame so maybe something happens...."
April 6, 2004 (1st) - "penny2051" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
"I was just reading new spoilers for the season finale over at Yahoo Groups and it looks as though we are going to have a cliffhanger where we're left wondering if Donna is going to live or die after all. Isn't pulmonary embolism what Josh's father died from? How will he feel when Donna has the same thing?"
April 2, 2004 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
More spoilers for No Exit:
  • Donna says she didn't mean to bump anyone off the trip. Josh didn't tell her this would happen. CJ tells her the WH can only have one rep. Besides, Jack's voodoo dolls rarely ever work. Donna gives her the fishing equipment & asks if it's her birthday. Turns out she's going camping & that's why Josh bought her that stuff. A look around the office reveals other camping equipment like a sleeping bag & backpack. Donna asks if this is Ben's idea.
  • Cut to the Pres, Charlie, & Debbie in the basement hallway. They're all wearing masks. They enter the medical bunker room where an Army doctor & nurse are waiting (they're wearing masks, too). Intros & small talk ensues (Bartlet's making a few silly jokes). Charlie tries to take his mask off, but the Dr tells him not to. Charlies apologizes & explains that the last time they were thereŠthe Dr interrupts & says they have to follow strict procedures. Debbie's surprised they've done this before. Charlie says it was only once & they got turned around by the time they reached the bottom of the stairs. The Dr wants to take Bartlet's blood pressure. While this is going on, he sees a SS agent on his wrist phone & asks for an update. Ventilation's shut, detectors aren't picking up anything, & some personnel have been told to remain where they are. He asks about the Residence. It's clear & he can call them after his checkup. The Dr asks him a lot of standard questions (lots of jokey, saracastic answers). Charlie encourages him to answer. Bartlet & Charlie look at each other. The Dr asks Charlie if he knows what's next. He says yes. Debbie guesses they have to have nasal swabs, which is true.
  • Cut to Leo & Abbey in the Residence. After Leo hangs up the phone, he tells Abbey that the situation should be cleared in 40 min. Abbey was told that it would only be 10 min.
  • Act 2. Medical bunker room. Agent Butterfield's there! We find out they're on gold alert. The WH was sealed w/in 8 min. While the alarm was being verified, the system ran a DNA diagnostic. The Pres wants to know if a malfunction's possible. It is. While they rule that out, Hazmat has to sweep the area. The Dr & nurse are examining Debbie & Charlie now. The Dr's concerned about Debbie because she has red eyes. She attributes it to the high pollen count, but he keeps asking her more questions, eg does she feel a burning sensation, did anyone spray her at dinner. Debbie says that she took her tablemates to meet the Pres. She thought they were guests of Leno's but it turns out they weren't. While they were waiting for Bartlet to meet & greet the group ahead of them, one of the female guests reached in her bag & spritzed herself w/ perfume. Switch to Bartlet. Butterfield tells them they'll get an ID (on the possible biohazard) in 20 min. Butterfield makes to leave the room, but the Dr stops him. No one can leave because he's calling a "Code Chem". Butterfield's shocked. The Dr. tells him about Debbie's story & says everyone has to go through decontamination. Naturally, the President's not happy & says as much to the Dr. The Dr apologizes. Charlie tells the Pres to get in the shower. Bartlet looks at Charlie & you can tell he's not playing. Bartlet walks towards the shower.
  • Cut to CJ. Her gown's off & she's wearing camping gear. D's looking out the window & CJ wants to know if she sees anything.
  • Pages later, CJ's griping about the detection system. Donna says they left the Press in a hotel w/ an open bar. CJ tries to argue, but Donna tells her to "spray a little Deet behind your ears & go have fun". Unfortunately, CJ calls Ben, explains the situation, & says she has to cancel. She says she's sorry. Donna looks at CJ, & CJ looks anything but sorry.
  • Cut to the medical bunker clean suite. Everyone's clean & wearing sweats. More banter between C, Debbie & the Pres. The Dr. gives them some pills they have to take for 2 days until they rule out anthrax. Charlie's concerned that they haven't ruled out anthrax. Butterfield steps up & says they have. They've identified the problem: it's Tularemia, which occurs "naturally, but rarely, in insects & rodents. Theoretically, in an aerosolized form, it could be used as a weapon". Debbie asks if this is linked to what happened at the dinner. It's not because it had to have been released into the air 10-15 minutes prior to the alarm sounding -- Tularemia can only last 1 hour maximum & the dinner was hours ago. Charlie wants to know where it was sprayed. They're trying to determine that right now before it disappears. Debbie's relieved that it's not her. The Dr gives some good news: they can treat immediately & w/ an antibiotic cocktail, they probably won't develop any symptoms. Bartlet wants to know what would have happened if it wasn't detected. The Dr says it would've manifested as severe respiratory infection or pneumonia. It would be the equivalent of a plague. Everyone goes quiet. End of Act 2.
  • Much, much later, we have T&W. Toby's talking about the speech the Pres should have made. He also thinks Will should've written it. Will wants to know if that was a compliment. T says Will wouldn't have to report to him. Will sticks to his guns -- he's already made his decision. An agent walks in & informs them the crash is lifted.
  • Cut to the bunker clean suite. The office has been declared clean. The Dr starts giving them directions about what to do when they go. Butterfield stops them. He wants all of them to act as if this whole thing was a false alarm.
  • Cut to Abbey & Leo in the Residence kitchen. He tells her it was a false alarm. Abbey says, "right".
March 30, 2004 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Spoilers for 5.22, No Exit:
  • This really doesn't look like the season finale. Maybe this episode will get switched with the Gaza & Memorial Day episodes, or some of the info will be switched around. You'll seem what I mean when you read it: Teaser: It's Saturday night. Bartlet, Leo & Debbie are in the limo. She's a little sniffly due to allergies. She tells Bartlet she thought he was funny. Leo leans in towards Debbie & softly says (Bartlet can still hear him): "Stick w/ the unqualified raves. He gets a little post-partum after he does stand-up." The limo pulls up to the entrance. Bartlet extends his hand to help Debbie out. As they go in, Leo tells Bartlet he needs to talk to him about electronic voting. Bartlet says he has to talk to Charlie first; they'll have a talk once they're upstairs. Bartlet bums a cigarette from one of his agents. The camera picks up on this. Bartlet asks the Agent if he smokes. He says he gave it up last year. As they step away from the agent, Bartlet tells Leo, "That's what they call Willpower". Leo says, "That's what they call Enabler". Heh. Cut to the Secret Service Surveillance Office (SSSO). One of the monitors in the room has a steady green line on it. As soon as the line hits the right side of the screen, it begins again at the left side. There are several agents watching the various monitors. CJ & Will are on one of the monitors; they're in evening dress. CJ's fumbling around w/ something.
  • In the next scene, we're w/ them in Josh's bullpen. She's fumbling around w/ a floral centrepiece. A note says, "it's been a tipsy, breezy night". W offers to hold the thing. She says he shouldn't. She thinks she's an idiot & says it's "an Ohio thing". I think she has the centrepiece because she doesn't want to see it thrown away. It has some lilies in it, & she says she doesn't even like lilies. Will makes a joke about "coveting" one of them during the dinner. She says it's his, then.
  • 2 pages later, & we have J&D. He says, "Call Colonel Klink over here. I want to know what the problem is". She asks if he wants her to call him now. By the look on his face, she knows he means NOW & picks up the phone. She calls Commander Harper. While she does this, he grumbles about "2.2a". Then Josh goes into his office & comes back out w/ a fishing rod, basket, & net. He tells Donna to give it to CJ.
  • Cut to the SSSO. The agent w/ cigarettes enters the room. Another agent tells him his wife called, reminding him to bring the video. He's got a smile on his face, so Cigarette Agent says his daughter's having a sleepover & the video's for his kid, not for him & his wife. Pages later, while Cigarette Agent gets in his car to go home, he receives a call on his walkie talkie: "We're getting a ping. On the EHM". CA wants to know if it's the Roosevelt Room again.
  • Cut to the other agent standing in front of the monitor. He tells CA it's the Oval's outer office. He's going to crash the WH. CA asks about Bartlet. The other agent says he's "covered", but he's going to need help securing the West Wing. CA says he's heading back.
  • Cut to Debbie & Charlie in her office. Small talk ensues. An agent walks in w/ a surgical mask on. He closes the door behind him.
  • Pages later, we have Debbie, Charlie & Bartlet. The agent's asking if anyone opened any "sealed containers" recently. Debbie says she opened some breath mints. Bartlet says he smoked a cigarette.
  • Cut to Toby & Will in Will's old office. Toby wants to know if the VP's happy w/ his speech. Will says, "You mean smiley-faces-&-fuzzy-bunny-rabbits happy?" Toby says, "How 'bout I screwed the POTUS happy?" Will claims not to know what he's talking about. Just then, an agent walks in to tell them the WH is crashed & they need to stay where they are until they can figure out what's going on. W looks around his old office & sarcastically comments about its current appearance.
  • Cut to Donna waiting for CJ in Carol's office. She's reading some kind of packet. CJ & an agent enter. CJ informs Donna about the crash. Donna says, "Again?" The agent tells Donna to go w/ them. As they enter CJ's office, the agent exits, closing the door behind Donna. CJ asks Donna if "Jack" managed to leave before the crash. Donna says he left in a hurry. CJ remarks that in 5 more minutes, she would've been in her car. Donna looks at the packet & asks about a Maura Leary. CJ says she's Media Affairs in Congressman Santos' office. CJ puts 2 & 2 together & says, "Oh, it's you. You're going on the CODEL". CJ tells Donna that Donna bumped Jack from the Press Detail. He's probably making a Donna voodoo doll right about now.
  • Pages later, Will thinks Toby's mad because the VP didn't use his jokes. Toby spits out that the problem w/ the VP's jokes is that the VP doesn't think they're funny, & no one thinks they're jokes. Will claims that we're living in serious times now. Toby sarcastically remarks that the VP's the only one who's figured that out. Will argues that according to Toby, the VP's the only one who didn't come off looking ridiculous, & he was the only one who didn't take Toby's advice. "Add one to the otherŠ" Toby says they're done now. Toby opens the door & sees the Cigarette Agent right outside. He tells Toby to close the door. Toby tries to argue that his office is close by, but the agent says that he has to follow procedure. Toby tries to argue his way out, but the agent's having none of it. While trying to get out of the room, Toby tells the agent that he doesn't want to stay in the same place as Will. As he makes his way through the bullpen, the agent flips him onto his back. Toby's on the floor now. Will's standing at the door now, only he's not looking at Toby & the agent. He's looking through the bullpen windows. As the agent helps Toby get up, they look in the same direction as Will. Here's what they see: the doors to the Oval Corridor & Fiderer's office are sealed in plastic wrap. Through the plastic in the hallway, they can see someone in a hazmat suit. The agent tells Toby & Will to get back in the office. As they go in & close the doorŠEnd of Act I.
  • The next info I have is in the last act. Abbey & Leo are talking. He says, "It's hard on youŠ". She gives him an explanation of what long-term stress does to the heart. She says relieving the symptoms of stress on the heart is the only responsible thing she can do. She's sorry that that's not an option to him, but he picked the wrong person to give "some Valley of the Dolls cautionary tale" to. After a pause, he says this isn't like her. After a beat, she says, "No, it's not like you".
  • Cut to CJ & Donna in CJ's office. The agent knocks on the door & says they're all clear. They want to know what happened. Apparently, it was a false alarm.
March 23, 2004 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Small spoilers in the teaser (5.21, Memorial Day):
  • An FBI agent gets a phone call while they're looking at the burnt-out vehicle -- it's a tip.
  • Then this previously spoiled scene happens: Cut to the Oval. Charlie & Kate are standing at the door with the FBI Director.
  • Then Kate tells Bartlet that the FBI thinks they've found one of the CODEL bombing suspects. He looks at the Israeli Ambassador. End of teaser.
March 22, 2004 - Casting call for Washington D.C. filming (we became aware of this only due to a posting by "zuclinator" on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum):
"DESCRIPTION: The West Wing will be in Washington, DC for 8 days in April and we will need extras. If you are interested please send your picture and resume to:
Betsy Royall Casting, C.S.A.
6247 Falls Road
Baltimore, MD 21209

1) write WW extra on the envelope
2) write the following on a 3 x 5 index card and staple it to the top left of your picture
name (late, first)
age range
car: model, color year
Do you own a tuxedo or gown
shirt / blouse
best phone numbers
STATUS: Union/Non-Union
Posted: 03-12-2004"
March 20, 2004 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Spoilers for 5.21, Memorial Day
  • Teaser: We're in the Oval with Bartlet & a TV crew. He's on the phone with the Chairman from the Palestinian Authority. Bartlet says he had no idea about the Israeli missile strike & he wants the Chairman to prevent retribution. A TV crew member says Bartlet has a minute before he's on air. Bartlet warns the Chairman that he [the Chairman] doesn't want to make it difficult for them & that he needs access to Gaza. After a pause, he says he will try to stop further Israeli attacks. He thanks the Chairman & hangs up. Bartlet wants to talk to the Israeli PM but is told that they're still trying to reach him. The Ambassador's on her way, though. Bartlet's angry that the US is Israeli's closest ally & they weren't even told about the missile strike. Toby enters, speech in hand. CJ's with him. As Bartlet reads the speech, he asks "Kate" if the FBI's contacted them yet. Kate leaves to contact them. With 30 seconds left, Bartlet says the speech isn't right & starts deleting things. CJ tells him that Carol's already circulating it. Bartlet says, "Tyranny of terror? Death-mongers?" He crosses them out. "What is this, Tolkien?" 15 seconds to go. Toby thinks they should use strong language because it'll give them "leeway"Šhe doesn't get to finish because Bartlet says he thinks he should've written the speech himself. CJ quietly tells Toby that she'll try to put a hold on the draft circulating. She leaves. Toby looks at L, who's about to say something to Bartlet. Bartlet says he's fine. Countdown to air & then the anchor says, "Here now, the President".
  • Switch to the FBI going through & gathering evidence (probably in Gaza).
  • Cut to outside the Oval. The Israeli Ambassador's there. TV's on with Bartlet giving his speech. It's ended, & Charlie tells her she can go in now. Bartlet greets her (L's there, too), glad someone could "spare a moment" to meet with him. She's got her poker face on, which makes Bartlet even more angry. He informs her they have people in Gaza conducting an investigation. What is she doing? She says it had nothing to do with the US. They've been tracking a man for months. He sarcastically wonders if they couldn't take a few minutes to think through the ramifications of their actions. She counters that a man who is responsible for killing dozens of Israelis is now dead. He reminds her that 11 innocent civilians are dead, too. She says their intelligence will try to help them identify the civilians. He cuts her off, saying he needs complete access to the site as well as cooperation from Palestine to get the people behind the attack. None of this will happen if Israel keeps firing on Gaza. She argues that they had specific info on a man who caused dozens of civilian deaths. Would he have done differently?
  • Cut to the FBI in Gaza. They're looking at a burnt-out vehicle, ascertaining what the position of the vehicle as well as the position of charring indicates.
  • Cut to the Oval. Charlie & Kate are standing at the door with the FBI Director.
  • Act 1: Carol walks through the corridor with a bunch of papers in hand. We hear bits & pieces of reaction to Bartlet's speech on the TV as she passes. One commentator's saying the speech was strong but was surprised he didn't say anything about greater military presence. The other commentator wants to know what Bartlet meant when he said, "a just end to this cycle of violence". Toby passes Carol, who gives him a copy of something. He reads it & his face looks grave.
  • T goes to see L, I think, because he's in Margaret's office. Will's there watching TV. The commentator's wondering how many more bombings there will be until Bartlet takes action. He says, "Even a rootless liberal should be able to find clarity in this latest series of events".
  • Act 3: T's telling Bartlet that he's going to be on national TV with everyone watching. Given his relationship w/ the American people at this point, he'd rather Bartlet didn't go into a stadium filled with thousands of people & "cough up an ephus" (could someone tell me what that is, please). Bartlet turn to Charlie, who agrees with Toby & tells him everyone agrees as well. Bartlet says, "Everyone?" Charlie names a few people in the office, Abbey, & the Notre Dame Athletic Department. Bartlet tells Charlie to give him the vest.
  • Cut to J in a German Swedish restaurant. He doesn't know what to do. Then he talks to the maitre d' & in really bad German tries to say he's looking for someone. Luckily, the maitre d' speaks English. J doesn't know if he should say his name. Instead, he reiterates that he's meeting someone there. He feels a bit awkward & he's ready to leave, but the maitre d' knows his name & says he'll show him his table. The table's in a corner, partially concealed. A man's sitting there, & just as J sits down & the maitre d' leaves, the man gets up. J gets on his mobile.
  • Cut to Charlie, Toby & Bartlet in an elevator. They've a ball, glove & vest with them. Bartlet's miserable. Small talk ensues about the various Presidents who threw the first pitch at various baseball games.
  • A few scenes later, J is telling Kate about the guy who was sitting at the table & then left when he sat down. She says the guy's probably there to make sure J wasn't followed. J points out that it's supposed to be a diplomatic meeting but feels more like "Nick Danger". Kate tells him to relax. He wants to know if one of her guys is there. She says yes. He jokingly tries to figure out who it is. Finally, a Palestinian man sits down. J looks at him nervously & hangs up.
  • Cut to T, Charlie & Bartlet in the residence near a big glass window. Bartlet's practicing his pitching skillz, of which he seems to have very little. They're trying to coach him. Bartlet wants to know why they didn't cancel. Some small talk ensues about how bad he is, & then Bartlet pitches again, barely missing a lamp.
  • Cut to J. The man's saying it's dangerous & Hamas is getting stronger every day. J asks if it's because of "frustration with Israel". He agrees, but also says it's more about the fact that Hamas can offer things like education, food, health care, etc to the people. J asks about the Palestinian Authority. The man says that they're there to "line their own pockets". The Chairman will not change, but there are others who could help things change & may even be able to challenge Hamas. J guesses that he's talking about moderates. The man says that the following info he's giving J is confidential: the Palestinian PM is tired of the conflict & concerned about what's happening. Because of this, he thinks it's time to open a dialogue with Israel & the US. The Chairman will not be included in this exchange. End of Act 3.
March 8, 2004 - "ae1967" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Israeli papers are reporting that the producers of TWW are looking for Israeli actor to play a Palestinian leader on the upcoming episodes of the show, and that the filming is supposed to begin in three" weeks.
March 5, 2004 (3rd post) - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
More spoiler updates for episode #20, Gaza:
  • Teaser: Gaza (you'll know because there'll be a title card!). Some Palestinian boys break concrete into smaller pieces and throw them at no man's land. Beyond that, there's an Israeli tank. Then we see the Erez checkpoint. Palestinian workers are trying to get through, but to no avail. Next title card: "Visiting US Congressional Delegation" It's an 8 member team -- Andy and Fitz included. Andy has a funny conversation with Fitz about her jet lag. 2 Congressmen (the same ones whose pics wiill be shown on TV along w/ a pic of Fitz when news of the attack breaks) argue about the Gaza settlers (I think). Andy and Fitz join the conversation. Donna enters the scene, and Andy asks her if she enjoyed her break (this scene is the same as the one in Act 4). Goran's trailing behind her. "Fitz is amused". Donna tells her it isn't what she thinks. Andy's skeptical. Before Donna gets into the black suburban vehicle, she looks at Goran, who snaps a B&W pic of her. The picture freezes for a second on that still, then continues. Donna smiles and nods her goodbye. Then she gets into the car. More stuff happens after this, but I don't have the info.
  • Somewhere in the beginning of Act 1: Will tells Leo that he doesn't bother him (probably the VP) with every little detail.
  • Cut to Josh's hands opening his laptop on the Lufthansa plane. We can see he has a lot of messages from Donna in his inbox. In one of the emails, she tells Josh she hasn't unpacked. She's unfamiliar with the local currency and thinks she'll either get run out of the country or given a parade when she leaves because she doesn't know if she's over or under-tipping.
  • Cut to the CODEL in a hotel mtg room. They're meeting with some Palestinian officials. Donna VOs that upon arrival, they immediately met with Fatah leaders about the current situation in Gaza. (BTW, she's not sitting at the table, but in the back row with other support staff). Goran enters the room (the description says he's attractive! and in his 30s) and sits next to her. He introduces himself. As the conference goes on, Goran tells her that she'll never understand the problems in Gaza by listening to the politicians. She tries to quiet him, and he asks her to meet him in a bar when the conference ends. Donna tries to tell him that she doesn't know how long the meeting will last, but he tells her he'll wait. There's a note that says he has a charming smile, and Donna's "trying not to show how intrigued she is".
  • Later on, Donna meets Goran in a bar. She asks the bartender for a Rusty Nail (could somebody tell me what that is?) He reacts to the order. She tells Goran, as she sits down, that she's an "old-fashioned girl" -- it's her father's drink. She wants to know if it's "still a turn-on". He says it's less so. She wants to know if this is his routine -- checking out the newbies and making a beeline for the nearest blonde. He says "not always blonde". Donna wants to know what he's got against conferences. He says there's more to the situation than the facts. Donna gets her drink, and he offers a toast to old-fashioned girls. Donna laughs, then apologizes -- she says the toast was cheesy. She'd "hate to see [him] blow the whole dashing, mysterioso, foreign correspondent thing." She asks him to show her the real Gaza while she's on a break. This is the part where he says he was hoping... and Donna cuts him off and says she knows what he was hoping for. Goran pays for the drink and they're off to meet the Palestinian man working in a hotel laundry room.
March 5, 2004 (2nd post) - "Skywater" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
The teaser act with Donna and Goran getting drinks, and then there's the follow up where Donna kisses him, then starts typing her e-mails: all of that happens right before the bombing, but after Donna and Goran have left the group.
March 5, 2004 (1st post) - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
I've only included new and updated scenes for episode #20, Gaza, in this summary. The rest should play out the same:
  • Teaser or Act I: Goran says he was hoping (for something). [Donna] says she knows, finishes her drink, and asks, "where do we start?" There's a note that says she's "feeling her oats", then tries to pay for her drink, has a hard time figuring out the currency, and he pays for it.
  • Josh is on a Lufthansa flight.
  • Donna's working on her laptop. Goran asks if she's done. She says almost, then he kisses her. She "responds". Donna VOs that she met an Israeli settler family. We cut to the scene where she meets the family. Donna VOs that a mortar exploded in their kitchen. Had it been a half hour earlier, the family would've been eating their breakfast in there and been killed. Other mortars fell outside the house. The husband says that when the terrorists make a hit, they secure the launcher in place so they can do it again. Donna asks if they're scared, and the wife sounds confident that the launcher will be found. You repair the damage and pray. Donna looks at Goran: the couples' attitude is "almost blackly comedic". Insert the conversation about Gaza settlements and why they won't leave. Then a school bus pulls up: Donna meets the couple's 5 kids: 2 on crutches, one missing a foot, and another one's missing a leg. Their school bus was hit last year. Insert the conversation about the settlements being a safe place to live.
  • Cut to J on the plane. The stewardess asks in German if he wants beef or fish.
  • Cut to J in the Comm. bullpen. The TV's got news of the attack and are showing file photos of Fitz and 2 Congressmen. Insert J's phone call about Donna here. He gets hung up on, then dials the intl #. He says his name and that he works at the WH. After a beat, he says, "Yes. Where the President lives". He says he needs info about a US bombing victim, then gives Donna's full name.
  • Cut to the Sit Room.
  • Much later, Donna & Goran are watching the suicide bomber's video, which is being shown on TV. She tells him she wants to meet the family They go there. While the kids are playing on the floor, the man serves them tea. Donna wants to know if the man knew what his wife was going to do, but he didn't. The man offers Donna a dish full of candy, and she takes one. Goran tells her that suicide bomber's families are given gifts, and candy's passed out at the funeral. Goran looks at the dish and Donna looks "stricken, the candy curdling in her mouth".
  • Act IV: Goran takes some B&W photos of Donna at the Erez checkpoint. She approaches him smiling. Then she gets self-conscious and playfully puts her arm in front of her face. Then she meets the soldier mentioned in a previous post. They talk about Goran -- the soldier teasingly says he's a "wicked man". Donna says Goran's a "heartbreaker". The soldier says Goran's his hero. Donna laughs, and then Goran and Donna share a look. After the soldier tells them what's on his mind (again, see previous post), Donna says she has to go. She gives Goran a kiss on the cheek and leaves. Goran's looking at her as she walks away. Donna walks over to Andy and Fitz and small talks with them. Andy asks if she enjoyed her break, and Donna says it wasn't what she thinks. Goran takes a few photos of them. Before she gets into the black suburban vehicle they're using for transport, she looks at Goran. He takes another photo, a "photo we froze on in the teaser".
March 4, 2004 - "Skywater" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
"Current spoiler summary: These are revised, from Jackie at the JDTalk list.... Goran and Donna have a thing, while they are in Israel. There is debate, but it looks like they only kiss. Goran takes black and white photos of her. Fitz and Andy Wyatt are in Israel too. (Presumably this means that Andy's call to Josh is to tell him that stuff happened, turn on a television.) Some other minor edits to the scenes, mostly to make the Israeli and Palestinian families not as lame...."
March 3, 2004 - NBC reports:
BURBANK, Calif. -- March 3, 2004 -- Oscar nominee, Emmy and Tony winner Glenn Close ("Fatal Attraction," "Serving in Silence," "Sunset Boulevard") will make a rare episodic television appearance when she guest-stars on NBC's "The West Wing" as a potential candidate for the U.S. Supreme Court. The episode will air Wednesday, March 24, 2004, 9:00 -10:00 p.m. ET.

Close's episode, "The Supremes," will be broadcast later this spring. In the storyline, she portrays Judge Evelyn Baker Lang, one of the most controversial and socially conscious judges serving in the federal court. After a current U.S. Supreme Court justice dies suddenly, President Bartlet (Martin Sheen) must fill the position and is directed to consider the savvy Lang. However, her liberal politics appear to make her a long shot to fill the seat now left vacant by the death of one of the most conservative justices in American history.

One of our most versatile and respected actresses, Close made her feature-film debut in "The World According to Garp" and received the first of her five Oscar nominations. The other Academy Award nominations were for her work in "The Big Chill," "The Natural," "Fatal Attraction" and "Dangerous Liaisons." Her additional big-screen credits include "Reversal of Fortune," "Hamlet," "101 Dalmatians," "102 Dalmatians," "Airforce One" and "Cookie's Fortune."

Close won an Emmy for her performance in the NBC movie "Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story," a project for which she also served as an executive producer. Close has earned Emmy nominations for the television movie "Something About Amelia," "Sarah, Plain and Tall" and "Skylark." As an executive producer on the trilogy series ("Sarah, Plain and Tall," "Skylark," "Sarah, Plain and Tall: Winter's End") she received Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. Close most recently starred in the television premiere of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "South Pacific" and the cable movie, "Brush With Fate."

Among Close's many stage credits are her three Tony-winning performances as Best Actress in Tom Stoppard's "The Real Thing," "Death and the Maiden" and "Sunset Boulevard." Later this year she stars in the upcoming television movie "Lion in Winter," opposite Patrick Stewart and the big screen update to "The Stepford Wives," with Nicole Kidman and Bette Midler.
Febuary 27, 2004 (4th post) - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
5.20, Gaza
T=Toby, J=Josh, W=Will, D=Donna, L=Leo
Lots of time-jumping.
  • Teaser or Act 1: Donna tries to pay for some drinks. She's having a hard time (unfamiliar w/ the currency), so Goran pays for it.
  • Cut to Donna & Goran in a hotel laundry room. She's meeting one of the workers (D's introduced as being w/ the American govt delegation). The man says he's not a laundry worker, he's a laborer (he's in construction in Israel). Donna doesn't understand, so Goran says Israelis always close the checkpoints after a suicide bombing, so he can't work to support his family. His only option is to work at the hotel for little pay, cleaning dirty sheets. The man's supervisor says something in Arabic -- he says the man's lucky to be there. He shrugs & says he only wants to work to support his family. The bombers take the food right out of his kid's mouths. The supervisor yells, & the man says he has to get back to work. Donna thanks him for talking to her. Donna VOs that "10,000 Palestinians a day pass through the Erez checkpoint to work jobs in Israel".
  • Cut to J on a plane. He's reading D's email. Donna continues her VO: "Just trying to provide for their families".
  • Much later, Bartlet tells Leo that he asked Fitz! to go (possibly to Gaza?) Leo tells him he can't do that. Donna VOs that military escort's required to get in & out of Kfar Darom.
  • Next, Donna & Goran are at a Gaza settlement. She VOs some more info. They get out of an Israeli armoured transport vehicle that's stopped in front of a house. They go in to meet a couple in their 30s. She asks if "it's frightening to live here". The wife says God wants them there. The hubby says "we have a divine moral obligation to live here". Donna says there's some talk of Israel giving up the settlements because it's impossible to defend them. The husband & wife says people don't understand -- the settlements are "a strategic asset. A line of defense". If they give in to the Arabs, they'll just want more. They'll all wind up in Tel Aviv, & the Arabs will take that as well. Donna then asks them about their children -- she's heard some of them have been hurt. The couple's 7 children (ages between 2-13) enter: 3 are on crutches, one's lost a foot, another has no legs & another who lost a leg. Their school bus was attacked. Donna greets the children. The wife says the kids are scared, but they have to overcome it. There was some bedwetting, but now they only have nightmares. Donna asks if the parents are worried about their safety, & the husband says they are in a safe place. The wife explains that if they lived in Jerusalem & saw an Arab, they wouldn't know what his intentions were. But if you see one in their settlement, they know he's dangerous & will shoot him.
  • Cut back to J on the plane. He's still reading her email. A stewardess speaks to J in German. She's asking if he wants to eat.
  • Cut to J back in the WH in the communications bullpen. This takes place right after Andy's call. He's on the phone, watching the TV which is covering news of an attack. On the phone, he says Donna's name & gives her description. He wants to know if she's OK & where she was taken. He doesn't get any helpful info & wants to know if there's someone else who can help him. It seems the other party hung up on him. He dials an int'l # & says his name & that he's from the WH.
  • Much later, we cut to J, T, W & Bartlet. Seems like Bartlet's going around the room asking for their opinions. Toby says, "All I feel when I think about this issue is hopelessness & despair".
  • Cut to Donna & Goran in a Palestinian home. They meet a man & his 2 kids. Goran introduces the man & says the man's wife was the suicide bomber who blew herself up at the checkpoint. D's shocked. Goran tells her the man didn't know of her intentions. Donna doesn't know what to say. She doesn't know how the wife could leave her children. The man looks "bewildered" & "bereft". Goran informs Donna that families of suicide bombers are showered w/ gifts & candy's passed out at the funerals. Goran says the wife left a video. He translates: the wife says it's always been her wish to be a suicide bomber. She says God gave her children & she loves them very much, but her wish to be a martyr is greater. Donna looks at the kids playing.
  • Cut back to the mtg w/ Bartlet. He wants to know what they should do. W thinks they should retaliate. CJ asks if they'll be considered combatants if they do that.
  • Act IV. A closed checkpoint in Gaza. Israeli soldiers ignoring Palestinians trying to get through. Some guy named Goran photographs the scene. Donna arrives & apologizes for being late -- a brunch seemed to carry on longer than she expected. She thinks the problem in the region is that people like to argue a little too much. He asks her if she has time, & she says she has a few minutes. He tells her there's a pov she should listen to. She agrees. Goran calls over a young Israeli soldier. Goran introduces Donna, adding she's "w/ the Americans". There's some small jokey banter about Goran. Then Donna learns that the soldier is 22. She asks if he likes being in the army, & he says it's his "most sacred duty" -- nothing he does will ever be as important. She's about to say something when the soldier says Gaza's no good. She wants clarification. Goran mentions that the soldier did a tour of duty in Kfar Darom (there's an Israeli settlement there). Donna says she's been there. The soldier says there are 7500 Israelis in the settlement surrounded by 1.3 million Palestinians who don't want them there, & the soldiers are in the middle. He goes on to say that some of his comrades were killed, which is expected, but 2 of them were teenage women who were killed in their barracks. Donna says she's sorry. He tells her that he was once sent to dismantle an illegal settlement & the settlers (Israelis) beat him. A woman hit him so hard that he bled. Donna's shocked, but the soldier intimates that that's not the worst of it. She wants to hear more. He says that after the 2 female soldiers were killed, some of the people in his garrison got on a loudspeaker & taunted the Palestinians in Arabic. Some young Palestinians, just little boys, would come out of hiding w/ their rocks, & the soldiers would shoot them w/ rifles equipped w/ silencers. Donna asks if he did that, & he says he doesn't shoot kids. Donna has to leave. She thanks him for speaking w/ her.
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