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Note on the nature of Spoilers:
Spoilers are often taken from first drafts of scripts and those are often not the shooting script and even when you see a shooting script, that can be changed by the director during shooting and then changed again by the editing of the episode. No one here makes any guarantee that the information presented will remain in the episode exactly as presented.

December 18, 2004 (2nd post)- "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Spoilers for 6.17, Ninety Miles Away:
  • Somewhere in the teaser: Bartlet tells Charlie he didn't know that Leo was such an Ernest Hemingway fan that he'd drop everything to see Hemingway's house. Charlie wants to know which house -- the one in Idaho or the one in Key West with the 6 toe cats? Bartlet doesn't know. Cut to Leo at Hemingway's house (Finca Vigia) in Key West. The guy at the door small talks with Leo. They're both speaking Spanish. Leo says that although the boat ride was bad, he's glad to be there. The guy says the house needs some repairs, and Leo replies that they can help with that. The guy looks around and says they have to hurry. Leo says that that's why he's there. We then hear a voice asking Leo if he admires Hemingway. He does. The voice says Hemingway's book, For Whom The Bell Tolls, taught them about guerrilla war and how to fight. The guy says, "Mr. McGarry, may I introduce you to the President of Cuba. End of teaser.
  • Somewhere in Act 1: Bartlet tells CJ that it's time to talk. But if the meetings became known, the reaction of the Cuban-American community and on the right will be "knee jerk and ferocious". They'll be back at "ground zero". However, if they get the Cuban government to agree to some terms before the meeting, they might have a chance to "get rid of this idiocy". CJ reminds him that the Florida primary's just around the corner. Bartlet says the Democratic candidates will be buried if the meeting goes public. CJ says she has one more question: is there anything else she should know? Debbie's at the door and gives him a signal. He says there is one more thing: Leo's on the phone now.
  • Cut to Senator Framhagen's outer office, where Noah's waiting. The staffer handling the phones apologizes to him for the wait. The Senator does want to talk to Noah, but he's tied up on the phone for awhile. Noah can see that none of the lines are lit up. She gets up and says she'll check to see if Framhagen's available. She knocks on the Senator's door and goes in. Noah can see through the crack that the Senator's asleep. He's actually snoring. She shakes him awake and leaves. Then she tells Noah that the Senator's ready to see him now. Noah enters, and you can see that the Senator's dishevelled. He asks Noah if he wants a drink. Noah says he'd like a Diet Coke. The Senator says they don't have that because it's a Georgia drink. What they do have is OJ. Framhagen asks Noah if he saw him sleeping. He says he naps every morning for 30 minutes. That's why he has a 28-year-old wife -- OJ and sleep. Then he talks about seeing dust on something and calls for his staffer.
  • 3 pages later, Framhagen warns Noah that if Bartlet has an agenda, it's going to backfire. Framhagen's Cuban-American constituents are going to raise hell, and so will he.
  • Cut to Charlie and an exterminator named Cyrus in the Mural Room. Apparently, Cyrus is clueless and walked around on his own -- the guy at the front desk thought it was OK to let him do that -- and Charlie's trying to tell him that he shouldn't have done that; they have to follow procedure. Cyrus tells him that he knows what the problem is: they have subterranean termites. They probably swarmed in through a crack in the foundation. He also saw some damage under a window "near that oval-shaped office". Charlie: "This is getting better and better". Cyrus starts scratching the wall, and Charlie tells him that he's scratching on a 200-year-old mural. Charlie asks Cyrus what he plans to do, and after Charlie hears the plan, he says it sounds a lot like bugging. Cyrus: "Hey, that's good. Never thought of that". Noah, on the way into CJ's office, passes Cyrus and wonders who he is.
  • In CJ's office, CJ asks Noah about his meeting with Framhagen. He says he's full of Vitamin C. She asks if Noah drank anything stronger. He hasn't, but he thinks Framhagen's juice was spiked. CJ wants to know what Framhagen wants, but Noah's not sure.
  • 2 pages later, CJ makes a guess about Framhagen's agenda, but Noah doesn't think she's right. She asks why, and he says he can't really put a finger on it, but Framhagen indicated something while he was refilling their drinks. CJ says she has no idea but she has a suggestion. He thinks CJ wants him to talk to Kate, but she says she'll do it and tells Margaret to get Kate on the phone. He guesses he's going back to the bullpen. CJ says, "This is disgraceful. I'm starting to like you". Margaret enters and tells CJ that Kate's gone for the day.
  • Cut to Kate at the Jefferson Hotel Bar. It's a place "...favored by ex-generals, and famous for assignations or conversations off the record". She goes to the back and walks toward a man named Andy Lazon, whom we find out is one of her ex-husbands. They talk in Spanish and in English. He has better memories of their relationship than she does. He's also apparently seen one of her other ex-husbands awhile ago. She says, "Never sleep with people you work with. Supposed to be working with". He asks if she wants to know how her other ex-husband's doing. She doesn't. He gets down to business: he just wants to warn her that they shouldn't get into discussions with Cuba. She starts to explain that they're not doing anything, but he cuts her off, saying he knows. He wants to know what Leo's doing in Cuba. She wants to know how he knows. He explains that someone on Leo's level can't go to Florida or Cuba without someone finding out. She says she doesn't know anything about Leo's visit. He says he knows she can't talk about it with him, but if there's one thing they learned "down there‹you can't beat history, Kate". End of Act 1.
  • In Act 2, Kate tells CJ that she's the NSA advisor and she doesn't know Leo's in Cuba. CJ says she's talking about a rumor. Kate says she doesn't have an answer WRT the rumor -- she may never have an answer. What she found out was that a "crucial Presidential advisor" was seen in Cuba, or leaving for Cuba, or arriving from Cuba and no one told her. CJ wants to know how she found out. Kate: "It's 90 miles away" and there are people who have one foot in Havana and another in a "Banana Republic". CJ asks how close Kate's source was. Kate says her source is very close, but it doesn't matter. Leo's trip is going to get leaked sooner or later. CJ says they have some work to do.
  • Cut to Charlie and the exterminator story. This time he's with 2 entomologists. Charlie mentions that he wants to keep the meeting informal. They ask him if Cyrus was there. Then they go all Gil Grissom on us, talking about the importance of the species that's digging holes in the WH. Charlie has to make a decision: does he want to wipe out the species they found or does he want to use the little buggers to help them figure out the past and "unveil its secrets for the first time". A note says, "Charlie spinning".
  • This part comes after Framhagen sees dust & calls for his staffer, Lisa: He asks her to tell someone named Linda Lee to bring a Dustbuster. Then he asks Noah if "they" sent him. Noah says it's his privilege. Framhagen tells him to cut the crap -- he remembers Noah "slipping" around there. Framhagen says he's managed to produce lobbyists like minks except you can't wear them & they're worthless. Lisa arrives w/ the Dustbuster. Framhagen asks for his glass to be filled, then tells Noah to look at Lisa -- she's a "sashaying piece of pulchritude...They say beauty & brains don't go together. Well, I'm talking smart pulchritude". As Framhagen's walking unsteadily around his office, he asks Noah if he knows why he's there. Noah talks about water tables & hurricanes. Framhagen cuts him off & tells Noah that he (Framhagen) is a Florida Senator w/ a Cuban-American wife. He represents more than two-thirds of the country's Cuban-Americans. He tells Noah they're going to talk about "the Castro thing". Noah's confused. Framhagen figures out that Noah was sent w/out being told about the issue, which doesn't surprise him because he'd "send ignorance to combat truth" as well. He tells Noah to go back & tell the WH he heard the rumor & wants to know what's going on. When Leo was CoS they'd talk, but all that's left now is "that NSA gal". Framhagen tells Noah to go back a few years when Kate was in the Sunshine State -- "there was some pulchritude. She's a buttoned up babe now". He tells Noah to see Kate about the rumor.
  • Act 4: The President is in the Oval, weighing his options. Toby, Annabeth, Noah, CJ & Kate are there as well. Bartlet decides to tell the nation what happened. They'll have to live w/ the consequences, but they should first let the Presidential candidates know. Bartlet gets on the phone to Vinick, Hoynes & Santos, but he's interrupted by Bingo Bob. Bingo Bob doesn't take the news well. He feels left out, angry, & disagrees w/ what's happening. "Toughest scene between the two they've ever had".
  • CJ goes to Leo's office, tells him what's happening, & gives him Kate's file, partly because she needs to share the info w/ someone, & partly because he's in it. There's reference made in the file regarding a 1995 recount election where he & Framhagen were called in to monitor it. There's some questioning as to why that's in the file, & we're told that maybe Kate's ex, an undercover officer who was also a "young rabid anti-Castro hothead", put it in there. Leo remembers the ex, but not Kate.
  • Flashback to Florida, where Leo remembers Oswaldo, a convicted yet re-elected mayor, the recount, & the corruption.
  • Back in the present, we're in Framhagen's office, where Lisa enters w/ Leo. Framhagen is, as usual, drinking. He asks Leo about a phrase he's trying to remember that came from Hemingway. Leo reminds him, then asks Framhagen how he knew where Leo was going. Framhagen names a few people, but he doesn't think it matters. Leo tells him, "the Cuba Effect on Florida's going the way of too much drinking". Framhagen sarcastically says their answer to the situation is to have a President w/ MS send a guy who's had a heart attack to see a man who should be dead. He adds that it's too late for Bartlet to go "legacy-shopping in Cuba". Leo guesses that Framhagen would have preferred that they approached him first, but they knew he'd say no, so they went about it w/out him. Framhagen: "I am going to bury you". Leo says that they have to admit that 40 years of embargo isn't the reason for what's happened to Cuba. Framhagen lists all the things Castro's done & says they can't legitimise his government. Leo thinks that shipped sailed awhile ago. Framhagen argues some more, & Leo tells him that embargos don't work -- creating change through engagement & trade does. Framhagen mentions that US sanctions can't be lifted until certain conditions are met. Bartlet can't overturn the will of the people. Leo says it's not the will of the people -- it's the will of a few loud & shrinking numbers of Cuban-Americans. Framhagen talks about what those Cuban-Americans lost, & Leo says they've pandered to them for far too long -- Castro's as powerful today as he was in 1959. "Any fool" would change strategy after seeing Castro prevail for this long. Besides, they're giving Framhagen a "possible breakthrough". Framhagen doesn't think there will be a breakthrough. Leo outlines the things that can be done, like providing food & money through the UN Food Program & allowing academic exchanges. Framhagen calls it "toothless" & it's something he expected from this administration. He thinks they give everything away w/out getting so much as a concession in return.
  • Leo asks Framhagen what he would think if Leo told him that Castro's willing to change his mind about human rights. Framhagen thinks it's a chain yank. Leo says they'll have an extradition treaty. Framhagen knows he's beat & asks if Cuba's willing to re-sign. Leo says they're in negotiations; they're talking about 70 American fugitives -- Black Panthers, war criminals, etc. Framhagen thinks Castro's setting them up; he thinks Castro will use them to get what he needs: legitimacy & cash. Leo suggests that maybe Castro's "legacy shopping" too. Framhagen asserts that Castro has no cash. They have him right where they want him. Leo points out that that's what they said many times in the past. Framhagen thinks Castro will renege once he gets the money. Leo says that if they don't act now, US businesses & the Cuban-Americans Framhagen says he represents will be left out in the cold. Framhagen says they'll help the Cuban-Americans get back what they're owed once Castro's gone. Leo asks if they're going to go to war "so a few geriatrics can get their cabanas back." Leo says they're going to put a stop to the madness now. Framhagen says it doesn't matter what they do because it'll be reversed when they lose Florida & the Presidency over this deal. Leo says Framhagen's goal is to care more about the American people than helping the Cubans, just like in 1995. Framhagen points out that Oswaldo won the election. Leo counters that Oswaldo was a convicted felon. Framhagen thinks Oswaldo was unjustly convicted. Leo: "So the woman who turns out to be his sister-in-law who works for you becomes the chief monitor of the recount". Framhagen says that sometimes one injustice has to be remedied. Leo replies that it was done by rigging the recount & forgetting the basic principles of the Constitution. Framhagen warns him that he'll fight this every step of the way. Leo says they're going to roll w/ this w/ so much force that he won't be able to roll it back. Framhagen thinks that they were close once, a few years ago. Leo says they were never close. They just drank together back then.
  • Cut to Kate & Leo in the Sit Room. He asks her about the '95 recount. She was there, but they never met.
  • Flashback to 1995 Leo at a party (in Florida, I think). It takes place at the time of the recount. Reading the description of the scene as well as the way Leo's acting, it seems to me that he's drunk.
December 18, 2004 (1st post)- "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
More spoilers for 6.15, Fredonia:
  • Will briefs Russell about his next speech. They're doing a "modified stump" -- they beefed up the foreign policy section due to the (I think) recent Pakistani nuclear sales. Then Russell "can sign some little wooden nuclear reactors". Russell asks if Will thinks he should start with the "VP seal" joke. Donna enters at this point. Will can tell she has something important to say, but she doesn't want to interrupt the briefing. Russell asks Donna if he should do the joke. Donna thinks it's a funny joke -- a funny joke that's been done hundreds of times. Russell explains he's never done this kind of forum before. Will reassures him that the people he'll be speaking to have been at all the other forums. An aide rushes over and tells Russell that "they" are almost done with his introduction. Russell thinks he should do the joke. Will says that if Russell "pounds the foreign policy section", he wouldn't care if Russell told knock-knock jokes.
  • Later, on the bus, Russell asks Will if they're sure they should run a certain ad. Will asks if Russell wants to see an ad about his Colorado mining connections again. An aide's phone rings and we find out it's Santos. Russell looks at Will, and Will shakes his head. He tells the aide to say that Russell's busy. Will starts walking, Donna behind him. She asks him why their ads are so negative. She understands, but they're the front-runner and what she's really asking is why they have to be that negative. Will doesn't answer. He switches topics and tells her they have to work on a Q&A for the 2-man debate. Would she like to get dinner later? There's a pause, then Donna asks if he's asking her to dinner. Will: "We've had dinner four nights in a row". Donna: "But you never asked me, we just went". She asks who else is she going to have dinner with? Everyone else is a teenager. He says fine, she says great.
  • In Act 4, Josh is getting grilled by 2 reporters. He's insisting Santos wrote the ad. They keep pushing, saying it's off the record, but he doesn't change his answer.
  • Cut to the Debate Prep Room at the hotel. Amy's watching TV coverage on Santos's ad. The TV reporter says the ad was unusual and it raises the question of why the candidates don't state their opinions on issues if they mean what they say. Josh enters and mentions that Amy didn't check out of her room. She says it's hard to get a flight out of Manchester 3 days before the primary. Josh says their campaign is really tough -- they're getting grenades lobbed at them from everywhere, even from their friends. Amy says everyone needs to know if Santos can take the heat, including his friends. She mutes the TV and unmutes the other TV. The other TV reporter states that the Russell campaign says Russell stands by his ads as well, which is why he appears at the top of every ad. This makes Josh restless. He feels he has to call some columnists, but Amy tells him not to do it. He thinks they should do "spin-off events" or send out copies of the ad. She says the ad spins itself -- if he sends out copies, the networks will stop running it. He asks what he should do. She guides him into a chair and starts wrapping a big roll of tape around him. He asks what's supposed to happen now. She says, "Very little".
  • Cut to Santos surrounded by reporters. "It's a Russell-style press contingent, and they're hanging on his every word".
  • 4 pages later, we're with Russell, Will and Donna. Title Card! Says Day 3. Russell's going through some index cards. The TV's on, and the reporter says that after Russell skipped today's debate to join with Santos, Hoynes had no choice but to do the same thing. The reporter says the debate the viewers are about to see isn't the one Hoynes and Russell wanted just 2 days before balloting begins. Russell talks about one of the issues on his index card. Will answers and then moves toward Donna. Donna asks (out of Russell's earshot) if he ever tried closing one eye while tilting his head and looking at the VP seal. He's ashamed to admit it, but he has.
December 7, 2004 - "mgoshawk" sent us a link to an article from the Edmonton Sun about the location shoot:
"It took remarkably little to transform this city just northeast of Hamilton into small-town New England. A few American flags and election signs were added to homes along the street. There was even some snow imported for the scenes, which will air in late January or early February across three episodes....

"Local West Wing filming will take 11 days in all."
December 7, 2004 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
More spoilers came in overnight for 6.16:
  • This happens right after Rafferty notices the cut on Toby's cheekbone: she asks about it, but we dont get an answer because we cut to...
  • Santos's NH HQ. Everyone but Josh seems happy. You can hear Santos, off-screen, doing his Elvis Costello impersonation. Josh asks why the television doesn't work, and Ned says the cable's out. Josh asks if they can do something, but Ronna reminds him he's about to get on a plane to Washington & they have cable there. He goes on about wanting a TV. Ronna asks if he read the clippings. He did, so she's wondering why he's still "all grinchy". He says it's because he needs to watch cable news.
  • Pages later, Kate tells Charlie that they're going to the Hill in the afternoon. House Approps. She tells him not to get excited & she'll give him some background info. He turns around & asks CJ if Toby gave her his notes on the remarks to the FOP. He didn't, which Charlie thinks is odd. CJ tells Charlie to ask Toby again and to make it clear to Toby that it's for this week. Charlie and Kate leave.
  • Cut to Toby & Rafferty at the hotel bar. Toby claims he cut himself shaving. Rafferty: "With a machete?" She touches his face to check the wound out. It's really not that bad, but her hand stays there for a second or two. There's a little chit-chat about the cut, then Rafferty says she doesn't want to have this conversation. He says they don't have to have it. She tells him to never call a woman and say they have to talk because it's not nice. He takes it on board. She asks if he smokes, and he tells her he has the occasional cigar. She claims not to smoke. He calls the bartender over and asks for some cigarettes.
  • Cut to Kate briefing Charlie. She tells him State and Foreign Aid are working with USAID on something that's called "high impact services" for Mali. The trips a kick-off for that.
  • This happens pages after we see Kate & Charlie in the Rayburn HO Building: there's a note that says we hear about Ricky Rafferty all throughout the episode. We're initially supposed to think that this could be a potential love interest for Toby. Then we find out she's just grabbed headlines by announcing her candidacy in the Democratic Primary. She's stumping for a revolutionary healthcare plan. We find out in the 3rd act that Toby's been meeting w/ her to slip her some info on the side, including info on the new health plan. At the end of the 3rd act, we see Toby playing with glasses. The glasses belong to Toby's brother, who recently passed, and Toby's mourning him.
  • Now we find out what the fight was all about: Josh is angry with Toby at his betrayal for not supporting Santos. "The cut on Toby's face is from a punch thrown by Josh as their fight escalates inside Toby's office. Toby later decides he can't work for Rafferty". The fight's ugly -- after debating issues and what the candidates stand for, Josh tells Toby, "This is what you've become, some schmuck throwing Molotov cocktails from the sidelines". Josh feels Toby could have fed him some ideas. Toby says Josh didn't ask him. They could've been a formidable team if they backed the same candidate. Josh asks him to join Team Santos. Toby's answer? "Well NO". Josh calls him a selfish, petty brat and other nasty things. Toby tells him to get out. Josh: "You get out, you're a selfish son of a bitch." Josh has been holding a copy of Rafferty's health care plan and swings it at Toby as he says "bitch".
  • Cut to Toby and Rafferty. He explains that he and his brother used to collect pennies off the sidewalk. Then they'd go to the bank to get the wrapping tubes so they could make a roll of change. His brother told him to never walk down the street without a roll of pennies in his pocket. If you hit a guy with the roll in your fist, you can do some damage.
  • This happens at the end of my last post: she says she has to go, too. He says he still has to finish his drink. She has his number if she needs it. She doesn't move. She sees the glasses and asks Toby to put them on. He does. She says it makes him look smart. He thought he looked smart before. Rafferty: "So did I". He watches her leave. He takes the glasses off, looks at them, then puts them back on as...END OF EPISODE.
December 6, 2004 (4th) - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Spoilers for 6.16, Drought Conditions:
  • Teaser: Toby's sitting in a hotel bar, in the dark. The place isn't empty -- it just feels that way. He sees the sport section of a newspaper & grabs it. He can't see 'cos it's dark, so he uses the candle on the bar. Nothing. He puts on his glasses & read out a score. A woman enters & sits a seat away from him. She orders a drink, then turns to Toby & says they have to stop meeting like this because people will start talking. He smiles & says, while looking at his drink, "I'd offer to make an honest woman out of you, but you'd tire of me, & I'd be left w/ nothing but my knitting". She asks if he knits, & he says he doesn't, so he'd be left w/ nothing at all. She smiles & looks directly at him. She notices a nasty cut on his cheekbone.
  • Pages later, a door shuts, & Annabeth says, "Oval".
  • Cut to CJ & Margaret in CJ's office. CJ's looking at the damage to her blouse, which is less than the damage done to her jacket, although it's still pretty bad. She seems to have a stain on her blouse that covers her left breast. M says CJ has 2 spares, but CJ says both of them have stains on it. M says it'll be much less noticeable when it dries. M knows she's talking sh*t, so she hands CJ a binder & tells her to hug it.
  • Cut to Russell's NH HQ. An intern picks up the phone & says, "Donna Moss's office, may I help you?" Josh: "Put her highness on the phone, tell her it's one of the little people". Intern: "Which little person is it?" Josh identifies himself. The intern tells him to hang on, & goes on auto pilot, thanking him for "calling Russell for President, we appreciate the support". Josh: "You don't have it". Donna tells him to be nice because the intern's good. Josh says the intern's pushy & Donna should get a direct line so people don't have to talk to the intern. Donna says she's about to get on a plane, as she imagines he is about to do, too. Josh congratulates her, saying they're big winners. Donna thanks him & says Josh's camp didn't do bad, either (they finished 3rd). Josh says "it's stupendous". He asks if she read Latham's column. Donna: "Rick Rafferty seizing the torch or bearing the standard or something".
  • Much later, we're in Act 2. Leo's in the Mural Room w/ someone named Noah Brady. CJ enters & seems to know the guy. He congratulates her on her promotion & wonders about the protocol: should he bow or kiss her ring? She tells him to stand when she sits & vice-versa & say yes to all her questions. Leo asks if CJ checked out Noah's suit -- he never dressed like that when he was on Ways & Means. They start talking about where he bought the suit, so CJ interrupts & asks if Noah looked at the Water Program proposal. He asks if the program's going to get a new name because it's a little too "on the nose". She asks him for ideas. He comes up w/ a funny one & she tries to go back on track by bringing up any issues he may have. He tells her to hang on because he just had a "dj vu" moment. He apologizes & tells them to continue. Leo says they're trying to "circumnavigate" as much as they can now, so they need to know what he's worried about. Noah says it isn't necessary. CJ asks him if the only problem he has w/ the program is the name. He says he has a problem w/ the entire program -- he doesn't like it & he doesn't think it'll work. CJ admits it's not a solution but it is a good first step. Noah thinks it's just a band-aid that will give the federal govt permission to ignore drought conditions in 11 states for 5 years. Then he asks her about her pin. She says she got it from a dead woman, then turns the conversation back to the Water Program. Noah says they propose to spend $20 million on canal upgrades & streamflow monitoring. It doesn't help him at all. Leo thinks Noah's angry because he thinks agriculture's getting more. Noah corrects him -- he says it's "agribusiness" & they're getting a lot more. Leo says everyone thinks they're getting screwed. "We had lousy science". Noah thinks "Drought Plan" is a good name for it because they created a plan that will extend the drought. CJ begs to differ: it's not a drought because they're not experiencing less than average rainfall. They've got millions of people fighting over the water from one river based on calculations which were done in 20 flood years. She asks him to work w/ them. He says he hears their frustration, but Congress won't go near the program. Even if he thought otherwise, the various delegations won't vote for it because it'll hurt them in different ways. She asks him why he came if he wasn't going to go along w/ them. He says his niece likes the M&Ms w/ the Presidential seal on them. She takes them to school & gets a whole lot of attention. Do they have any on hand?
  • Cut to Josh at the WH. The guard is slowly flipping through the guest list. He doesn't see Josh's name in there. Josh can't believe he's serious. He looks up & sees Toby crossing the hallway. He shouts out Toby's name. Toby waves at him.
  • Much later, Will asks someone if there's any "wiggle room on Thursday".
  • Cut to Margaret telling CJ that Noah's there. He enters and asks if he was summoned. CJ: "You were. Sit". Noah: "Heel". CJ: "Excuse me?" He was just checking to see if it worked both ways; he sees it doesn't. She asks if he's interested in leaving the private sector. He asks if she's offering him a job. She says she's "gauging" his interest. He says no thanks. She's surprised. He says any WH job's just a low-paying temp job. She questions his meaning of "temp job". He says he wished he brought a tape recorder so he could play this conversation back to his Mom. She asks if he taped their last convo; he says he doesn't know -- did she? CJ thinks this is all for the best. It was a terrible idea -- Leo thought Noah would be a bridge builder, but he's just a hack who works for condo builders and hotel magnates. She doesn't know how he sleeps at night. He says, "Ouch". She says she met with a few lobbyists re the water program, & he's the only one who wouldn't change his mind. She asks if he thought some bending would've risked his "bloated developers". He says they should look at agribusiness -- they're using 90% of the Colorado River to irrigate California rice and alfalfa. CJ argues that the country's more secure when it's its own food source. Noah says fine -- they're growing food in a desert and are raising monsoon crops. CJ says she doesn't need him on the project. He says she's right: he could give his support but they still wouldn't get a deal because the Senate will approve it, but the House won't. She can meet committee members tomorrow who will seem as if they're on board, then vote against it when it comes time. He's the only one that will tell that to her face. CJ sarcastically thanks him. He tells her how he sleeps at night: he mentions that there are several countries suffering from drought. The US is the only nation that can afford to invest in perfecting desalination technology. The fed govt won't make the investment unless they're forced because there's a national water crisis and they're taking heat from condo builders and hotel magnates. She looks at him, then opens her drawer and tosses him a pack of M&Ms. Then she tells him to get out.
  • Cut to Kate and Charlie walking in the Rayburn House Office Building.
  • Much later, Annabeth tells CJ she found 6 people on a guest list who aren't connected to any of the campaigns, & she thinks CJ should talk to them. "Bartlet enters the huge crowd". CJ walks towards Toby at this point and asks if this could be one of those nights where they get drunk and forget they work together. Toby thinks it's a lovely idea. CJ tells him Josh is there, & if they have any scores to settle, he should meet Josh "at the bike rack after geometry class". Toby says he's going to the downstairs bar. As Toby leaves, Noah approaches. He says he's been summoned again and it has to stop. She says she's hiring him to work in the WH. She looked up the desalination thing and thinks he has a point. She still thinks he's soulless, but they can work on that. Noah says he already turned the job down. She says he didn't. They weren't sure they wanted him, but they are now, so they're really not to be turned down. He insists he has a great job, but she says they're like the Mob, only less violent. She tells him to take a moment & breathe; he'll wish he had. She's been walking through a crowd this entire time and suddenly bumps into Bartlet, who is talking to people he shouldn't be talking to. She introduces him to Noah, who tries to turn down the job. Bartlet turns to CJ & says Noah's not a fan. She leans into him & whispers that Noah's one of the 6 he can talk to; he should spend some time with him.
  • Pages later, Toby's at the bar with the woman mentioned in the teaser. She says he sounds like he's formulating an exit strategy and she's not surprised. An aide walks in and tells "Senator Rafferty" that she's needed upstairs. Once the aide leaves, Toby says she said some interesting things and she established herself as a national presence. If she gets out before Super Tuesday, "there might be a Vice Presidency in it for you". She tells him she's not pulling out before S. Carolina. She's doing this to make a point and wants to make sure everyone hears it. He agrees. She says she didn't think she'd be in this long-term, but no one seems to sound like they're a Democrat. She goes on, but Toby has to excuse himself.
December 6, 2004 (3rd) - Kevin Archibald sent us some pictures from the location shooting along with what he and Charlotte heard and saw:
"'Josh' and Jimmy Smits do some sort of walking scene. Josh is obviously trying to convince him to vote for something or run for something cos that's most of what Josh does. There was a suprise party or something in the store they go into. I could hear Josh say something along the lines of 'This isn't just any ice cream place...' and then there were lots of flash bulbs when they went in. We watched em do this 6 times or so." The full image that goes with this info is at: http://photos1.blogger.com/img/264/2113/640/IMAG0010.jpg

Kevin posted another picture at http://photos1.blogger.com/img/264/2113/640/IMAG0005.jpg about which he says, "...Under the 'OPEN' sign we spot Josh, and the chap to the left of the door in the beige trenchcoat is Jimmy Smits..... Note the american looking mail boxes and newspapers!"

As an addition to Kevin's note about the American looking material, CBC Arts News writes about the shoot, "The West Wing's producers imported items from the real Manchester, including newspaper boxes and hockey jerseys, to give Dundas an authentic New England feel."
December 6, 2004 (2nd) - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Spoilers for 6.15, Fredonia:
  • Act 3: Santos tells Josh he's going to do "it" live to camera. Josh wants to know what "it" is. Santos tells him to just get a room & a laptop & they'll figure it out when they get there. As Santos leaves, Josh turns to someone named Ronna & tells her to call a News Director, find a room & laptop, & call anyone she thinks they should call. Josh makes a grab for his jacket on the coat stand & winds up with a pink jacket. He throws it back & runs out.
  • Time cut to Josh walking with a News Director in his newsroom. It's evening now. They're walking behind Santos, who is a bit distracted & won't slow down. The News Director tells Josh that they love doing live TV. Josh sarcastically says he loves it, too. The ND wants to know if Santos is going to talk about Pakistan because it's hard for a House member to "make much about it". Josh says he doesn't want to spoil the surprise. They pass several working staffers -- none of them look up as the 3 pass. The ND excuses his staff, saying they're jaded & don't look up unless it's a first-tier candidate. Several feet away, we see Santos being ushered into a narration booth. Josh & ND are somewhere else & the door closes behind them. We can see Santos typing. Josh smiles, then tries to open the door. They're locked in. Josh explains that Santos is making private calls. The ND asks if he's doing that by computer. Josh explains that Santos is using email. The ND reminds him that they're scheduled to be on air in 4 minutes. As the ND walks away, Josh tries to force the door open but it doesn't work. He sees a maintenance man & gets him to unlock the door. Josh rushes out to the booth, where we see Santos typing furiously away. Josh offers to help, but Santos doesn't need it. Josh tries to be funny by saying he's an excellent speller. Santos prints something out & hands the output to Josh, saying he's not going to need the paper he printed. Before Josh can read it, Santos is being swept to the studio. He takes a sip of water while Josh nervously reads the paper he was given. One of the staffers does a countdown until they're back on air, then Santos speaks. He says he's running for President. He wouldn't be surprised if people didn't know who he was. He explains that he was banned from participating in tomorrow night's debate because of his suggestion that it actually be a debate. He says this is the only ad he can afford, then explains the reasons why he wants to run for President: to improve the school system, fix entitlements because they're going bankrupt, & expand health coverage. He says he found out that Presidential campaigns aren't about those things -- it's about those cheap negative ads that are run on TV & it's about "clawing" the opponents' eyes out as long as you don't get "tagged for it". Santos states he'll never say anything about anything, even against his opponents, without doing it himself right into the camera. The people might not hear much from him, but when they do, they'll know he stands by it. He concludes with, "I'm Matt Santos. And you'd better believe I approved this ad." Santos takes off his mic & calmly walks off the set. Josh is stunned; it takes him a few moments to realize that Santos is gone. He starts running out. There's a bit of panic in the studio. The technician says that Santos is gone -- should they cue some b-roll? The Studio Manager says Santos paid for a whole minute, so they've got to give him the full minute. He tries to get reassurance, & then...
  • We cut to Russell, Will, Donna & a few aides in their NH HQ. They were watching & are in complete horror.
  • Cut to Hoynes's office, where he & his aides are watching. He's in the middle of eating his sandwich -- the sandwich slips out of his hand & onto the floor.
  • Cut to Josh following Santos out of the newsroom. This time, all the staffers look up -- they're completely bumfuzzled. Santos just smiles & waves at them. Santos tells Josh, "Hard part's clearing your throat, really". End of Act 3.
  • Act 4: A few pages into the act, an aide leads Santos onto the stage. Amy (yikes!) walks up to Josh. He offers to buy her some ice cream when it's over. She tells him she has to catch a flight in an hour. He's surprised she's not going to stay. She says she can't stand to see the candidates flub her lines. He says he can't either. They see Santos, Russell, Hoynes & the rest of the Democratic candidates walk on stage. The moderator starts his spiel about this being the final Presidential debate for the NH Democratic primary. Josh starts to pay attention, & Amy slips away. A note says, "And as Josh watches this unusual debate, finally & blissfully out of his hands--and as he watches his even more unusual candidate, who's somehow at the center of it all, we-- " END OF EPISODE.
December 6, 2004 (1st) - "mgoshawk" also sent us this posting by "canhawksfan" on Sun Dec 5, 2004 from the The West Wing Yahoo group:
Well, I just came back from the Dundas set where they are shooting. I have been on a set before but it was very cool to see Bradley and Janel in real life. Could not get any spoiler info from what they were doing, all we saw was Josh hop out of a car and then in another scene Josh and Donna were talking to another actor that was also playing the driver of the car Josh ran out of, then the driver ran into a store that was done up to look like a tailor's shop. Another building near where they were shooting was done up to look like a small town post office. There were lots of U.S. Postal boxes as well as newspaper boxes for USA Today and The Manchester Leader.

I walked through a store that is being used tomorrow for shooting. And I peeked into an old diner that was being repainted and decorated by crew members.

December 4, 2004 - "mgoshawk" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum the following:
Info on the filming in Dundas, with specific filming locations and times!
December 3, 2004 - "mgoshawk" also sent us this posting by "clsact6" from the WWSpoilers Yahoo Group:
  • The ebay auction is for real. I bid on a similar auction this summer and won it, just completed my trip in November. This looks like it's by the same people, but the name of the organization has changed. I think they work under several different names. The basics of the visit include a tour of the entire set (though they only allow pictures in the Oval Office and press briefing room), plus a chance to watch some rehearsals or a scene being filmed. In my case, I got to browse through Josh's office and the Oval Office to my heart's content, and they took photos of me doing a press briefing. I'm short and looked like Kristen C. up there, until they got three phone books for me to stand on.
  • In addition, I saw the sit room, the Bartlet's bedroom, Roosevelt room, bullpen, Mural room, lobby, Debbie's office, CJ's old office, and a few others that have slipped my mind for the moment.
  • Then I watched John Spencer and Martin Sheen film part of episode 12. I sat in a director's chair (Michael Hissrich's) behind Alex North and Andrew Bernstein, they gave me "a side" - the section of script they were filming that day, and a headset so I could listen in on the scene better. They were filming in a room that was so small only the actors, mics and cameras fit, but I was able to watch on a monitor, and in between takes I was able to look into the room and see what was going on. This is how I know that Leo definitely comes back to work in episode 12; it's going for a Let Bartlet Be Bartlet feel.
  • Martin Sheen was having line difficulties that day, so I didn't get a chance to meet him, he was too occupied with the scene. I doubt he even knew there was a guest on the set. But John Spencer came out and talked to me, was super nice. They did take after take, each one being slightly different.
  • Eventually it was time to leave, but as I was leaving we ran into Allison Janney, Josh Malina and several others (I'd also seen Melissa Fitzgerald earlier in the day and chatted with her, briefly). I had a chance to meet Allison Janney and talk to her until she was called away to shoot a different scene.
  • It was a good experience, too short at three hours, and a bit surreal, but I really enjoyed the day. How could I not? I will say though, that you are there as a spectator, and whether or not you meet the actors will be a matter of luck - they are definitely focused on work, as it should be. Still, the people who arranged the tour tried very hard to make things happen without interfering with the shooting schedule. It was just my bad luck that I didn't get to meet Martin.
December 2, 2004 - "mgoshawk" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Currently on ebay you can bid on a visit to The West Wing set!
Text from the ebay listing:
  • Direct from the set of THE WEST WING and The Warner Bros. Studios comes to you, this incredible opportunity. An exclusive tour of the set, of the highly acclaimed television show, THE WEST WING at Warner Bros. Studio.
  • This exclusive tour of the set of THE WEST WING is for a party of two. While there, you'll enjoy watching the filming of this incredibly entertaining television show. And see for yourself, these great actors at work while they create this wonderful show before your very eyes. See all the actors & crew of this great show up close and personal, while they create and film an episode of this great television show.
  • In addition to this exclusive tour, you'll have the opportunity to meet the cast members of this great television show. Say hello to your favorite actor of actress, and relay your complements or questions. The entire cast of this great television show, is made up of some of the finest actors in the world today.
  • The high bidder of this incredible experience, will receive this exclusive tour of the set of THE WEST WING for a party of two, and an autographed 8 X 10 photo of the complete cast of THE WEST WING, personally signed by each cast member. That's right, this photo is autographed by all nine members of the cast. (See Attached photo).
  • This incredible experience is available throughout the 2004 - 2005 season of THE WEST WING while in production, and the location is Hollywood, California. So come on down to LA and be a VIP on the set of THE WEST WING. You'll have the time of your life watching this incredible show come to life before your very eyes. And have the opportunity of a lifetime to seat behind the desk of the President.
November 25, 2004 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
More info on 6.12, 365 Days:
  • Teaser: We're looking at things through Leo's pov. He's looking at the WH portico, which is "familiar and yet somehow now imposing". After a long pause, he walks slowly toward the lobby doors.
  • Cut to the WH lobby, where Leo walks up to the Security Desk. Some young staffers pass him and are happy to see him. Leo walks away from the camera, "Willy Loman in a tailored suit". He heads toward the Bullpen, where more people greet him. He keeps walking and stops at the empty outer office of what was once CJ's old press office. This is now his temporary HQ. He turns on the light and finds...Will, Kate, Charlie, Annabeth, Ed 'n Larry, CJ and Toby already inside and waiting for him. There's coffee and donuts. He's completely surprised (personal note: they're lucky this didn't give him another heart attack). CJ steps forward, clapping. Leo's embarrassed but pleased. CJ says, "Welcome back, Boss".
November 24, 2004 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Spoilers for 6.14, Wake Up Call:
  • Somewhere in Act 1: Kate says State's been conducting secret talks w/ Iran re their nuclear program. CJ thinks they've made progress. Kate says the talks are fragile. If Iran is involved & British Prime Minister Maureen Graty makes it a thing...CJ says she called Chet. Kate wants to say more but CJ moves on, mentioning that it's strange how they call a high ranking Iranian official by his first name. Kate: "Easier to say than Asefi Hossein Kamal Bin Hamid" CJ: "Yeah. Man, I'm sucking wind." Kate asks CJ if she was up late last night. Apparently, CJ got a long-winded lecture on democracy in Belarus. Kate questions the democracy -- the last person in charge did away w/ term limits & literally made his political opponents disappear. CJ says Belarus has asked for help. Kate tells her Graty has a tendency to overreact. CJ retorts that she (the PM) is a runaway train.
  • Pages later, Kate shows CJ satellite surveillance of the Caspian Sea at the time a plane went off the radar. CJ points something out & Kate tells her she's looking at 2 jets flying out of an Iranian air base; they're on course to intercept an Air England flight. There's a pause. Then CJ looks at the clock & sees it's 6:45 am. "Damn". CJ asks Margaret to get the switchboard to wake the President. CJ & Kate walk towards the residence.
  • Cut to Bartlet in bed, still half asleep. Curtis walks in w/ CJ & Kate. Bartlet wants to know why there are 3 people in his room. CJ tells him there's been an incident.
  • 2 pages later, CJ tells Bartlet that intelligence is working on an Iranian feed. If the Iranians were aiming at "our" plane, it provides some explanation for their actions. Bartlet: "What's a little egg on our face in return for global stability?" Bartlet asks CJ if she called Marbury(!) & Chet. She did & they're on their way. Bartlet's frustrated -- they were just making progress w/ the Iranians. "If Graty gets revved up & starts quoting Churchill..." CJ just says, "Yes, sir." Cut to Debbie's area, where Bartlet continues: He thinks Iran will get defensive if the PM gets aggressive. He needs to talk to Graty right now to talk her down. Kate gets his attention by pointing at the TV, which is tuned to CNN. We see a visibly angry PM standing in front of 10 Downing. She condemns Iran's attack on the unarmed Air England plane, which carried 109 innocent people. It's a barbaric crime committed against Great Britain, Europe, the US, & against humanity. She says there's no justification for what happened & she will not let it stand. Bartlet sarcastically says he'll have to wait to talk to Graty when she's off camera. End of Act 1.
  • Way later, Annabelle tells Toby she thought he'd want to stall someone named Gordon. He asks if she thinks it's a good idea to...he looks at "a flushed Gordon w/ Miss Universe". Toby: "Okay. Might work." A phone rings & Carol picks it up -- it's the First Lady & she wants to speak to Toby. Toby's surprised.
  • Cut to the Mural Room. It's 1:40 PM. CJ's meeting w/ Chet. His bodyguard's in the room as well. Chet tells CJ she has to control the British because they're jeopardizing more than just the nuclear program. CJ says the British are "understandably upset". He says maybe the PM is, but w/ her "rhetoric", she's getting even the educated to support the Ayatollah. President Alijani's worried about their future reform movement. CJ replies that that's the reason why he should get the Ayatollah to apologize. He says they're trying but they don't see why the Ayatollah should apologize now. CJ says he should because it'll avoid compromising a potential relationship w/ the US. Chet asks if the US apologized when the Navy shot down an Iranian passenger plane, killing 290 innocent people. Even if apologizing was in the Ayatollah's best interest, he's a proud man, especially when it comes to his airforce. CJ tells him he needs to do everything he can. He says he'll do his best, but if they can't control the British...He trails off. There's a pause, then Chet leaves. Leo walks in & says, "Things went well w/ Chet, huh?" She sarcastically says yes & asks how the meeting went w/ the French. Leo: "Like talking to Madame Defarge". CJ says the EU's afraid of an Iranian nuke. "Opportunity knocks..." Leo says maybe they should fall in line. CJ says they've got to believe in the future of Iran. They have garage rock bands & pro-America rallies. They walk into the hallway, where Leo asks if she thinks democracy's going to be around the corner should they decide to play nice.
  • Pages later, Leo says that if something was the rule, Bartlet would be dead from sleep deprivation. Bartlet says Leo was just telling him 5 minutes ago to leave "it" on the field. Now Leo's telling him to stay off it. Leo says he's telling Bartlet to
  • Cut to Gordon & Miss Universe sitting on a couch in the Communications Bullpen. Annabeth checks on them -- they seem to be fine. She walks towards Toby's office. He tells her the President's address is being printed. How are Gordon & Miss Universe? Annabeth: "Just dandy". She looks at them fondly & says, "Don't you just love Valentine's Day?" Toby shakes his head, then walks into the Roosevelt Room, where there are 2 delegates from Belarus & a law professor named Lessig.
  • Here's a note for 2 roles that are being cast: Igor & Vlad are from the Belarusian delegation & are in the WH to write their new constitution. They're talking to each other to pass the time while Toby & the professor converse. TPTB want 2 actors who can say their lines in Russian or preferably Belarusian.
  • The 4 are in the Roosevelt Room. Igor wonders if there's a way to extend their trip. Vlad thinks it would be worth it for the food alone. Igor agrees. Vlad takes a look at Toby & the Prof & notices that they don't like each other. Igor agrees. Vlad asks Igor if he thinks they're going to go home w/ absolutely nothing. Igor's sure President Eliches wouldn't mind & he thinks the Prof (who is a law professor) is interesting. Vlad says their discussion on executive power was provocative, but how do they create checks on power? Igor doesn't think it comes from a piece of paper. Vlad is amazed at the success of the US Constitution. The US has a big belief in legal institutions & government accountability. Igor asks if he can imagine the people of Belarus believing in it the same way. Vlad thinks it's hard. Igor tells him to think about: "a society without fear, a society of justice, a society of..." Vlad: "Excellent roast beef". They toast to the roast beef.
  • Here's Toby & Lessig's conversation (happening at the same time Igor & Vlad are having their conversation): Lessig says he picked up a few phrases -- the language isn't all that different from Polish. Toby notes that they're still eating lunch. Lessig says they love the roast beef. Toby says Lessig wasted the morning talking about a government system that'll never work for Belarus, & now he's given them an extended lunch break. Lessig doesn't think his discussion was a waste. Toby reminds him that the 2 delegates have to leave the WH on Friday w/ a set of laws to take back to Minsk. Lessig corrects him: it's not a set of laws, but a sense of the rule of law. Toby asks him if he's planning on writing a Constitution this week. Lessig asks him if he's familiar w/ Meyer v. State of Nebraska. Toby says Nebraska passed a law making it illegal to teaching anything other than English during WWI. Meyer wanted to teach German, & the Supreme Court declared the law was unconstitutional. Lessig asks where in the Constitution does it say you have a right to teach German in school. Toby: "Okay, & if Oliver Wendell Holmes were alive to serve as President of Belarus maybe they wouldn't need a constitution". Lessig says Holmes dissented on the case. Toby says the 2 delegates need a magna carta w/ real checks & powers. They need a "strong judiciary, a limited executive, a vital press". Lessig replies that a constitutional democracy only works if it reflects demoractic values already existing in the citizenry. Toby says the Belarusians lack those values. Lessig thinks that the most important job they have is to instill those values in the leaders through discussion & debate. Toby says he's talking about 8 people on a DC sightseeing trip. Does Lessig think he's going to reverse 50 years of brutal dictatorship by teaching those 8 people democratic values? Lessig says the 8 are all the President's men & they're teaching them how to scrutinize power. How many people does Toby think it takes? There's a pause, then Toby looks at Igor & Vlad. Then he looks past them & sees Gordon & Miss Universe. A note says, "Tick tock, tick tock".
  • A little later, we see Marbury telling Bartlet, "By all means". Bartlet nods at Hutchinson, who says that at 0230 GMT, they think they heard an Iranian fighter calling in to radar control at an Iranian air base. One of them hits a button on a digital recorder & an officer translates what's being said: the plane was unable to make visual contact w/ "RC-135". RC-135 was hailed on military channels & received no response. The pilot wants to know what to do next. The tape stops & Marbury says, "They thought it was your plane". Hutchinson plays the response given at 0233: the air base says their radar signal confirms the aircraft as US RC-135 & the pilot's given permission to fire. Marbury doesn't know how that recording changes anything. CJ says they can make it public. Marbury says it proves the Iranian air force shot down "our" plane. There's a pause & a note says that it's one way of looking at the situation. Bartlet says the reform movement in Iran has promise. "Demographics are on our side". Marbury reminds him that he (Bartlet) has been making that argument for quite some time now.
November 20, 2004 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Second draft spoilers for 6.13, King Corn:
  • Josh tells Santos that something is a "threshold issue" in Iowa. If Santos says he won't support them, no one will hear anything else he has to say. Santos says he'll help needy farmers when they're having a tough time, but they need to reform the system so they can help those who really need it. An ICGA Official asks Santos if he's ready. Helen argues with Josh -- she thinks he should let Santos say whatever he wants to say because he's right. Josh thinks Santos is wrong; he thinks Santos's campaign will be over if he says he opposes ethanol: "Bambi'd have more of a chance of being elected President of the NRA than you will have of getting a single vote in the Caucuses". Santos asks Josh if Josh wants him to say that he agrees with something that doesn't work in order to get a few Caucus votes. Josh says he wants Santos to support a policy that helps people, so that when's he elected President a year from now, he can make changes they both know need to be made. The ICGA Official steps up again & Santos says he's ready. Josh gives him the speech & tells Santos he has to take the pledge.
  • Vinick tells a group of farmers that Bartlet's economic policies aren't working. Everyone's lifestyle & values "are under siege". The farmers nod in agreement. A note says that Vinick's good. Vinick notes the trade deficit's at record levels & the prices of some crops are down. One of the farmers asks if the trade deficit's due to NAFTA. Vinick says trade creates jobs. A third of Iowa's agricultural output goes overseas. The US needs more programs like the "Freedom to Farm" legislation he sponsored. Another farmer says they call it the "Freedom to Foreclose" legislation. There's laughter. Vinick smiles & is being a good sport about it. He says that it isn't accurate. He asks them if they should have the right to plant whatever they choose or should the government decide that. Vinick says they often have to "farm the subsidy" instead of the market. It's a terrible living & even if it weren't, would they want their crops rotting in a silo? Or be made to give it away because no one wants it? Is that why they're working 12 hour days? Vinick's aides take a look around & realize Vinick has the audience's attention.
  • This part takes place after Vinick & staff arrive at the Hamburg Inn. Vinick talks to some people there. He tells them that there needs to be fewer regulations on small businesses, & they also have to do something about frivolous lawsuits that increase costs & make it difficult for small businesses to afford insurance & capital investment. A note says he commands respect when he speaks -- people listen. A banker says he's for free trade, but doesn't that mean it also has to be fair trade? Can they compete with people earning $1 a day? Vinick doesn't think there's an alternative. Do they want Malaysian workers to get paid the US minimum wage? Do they know the real estate costs in Kuala Lumpur? Trade lowers prices for Americans. How do they think Wal-Mart keeps its prices so low?
  • The next part takes place after they hear about the chemical spill in Louisiana: In the bus (they've changed it from a limo), Vinick tells Sheila that it just isn't about ethanol. The subsidy is what's giving them corn glut. That's why they make 20 million tons of corn sweetener every year. The average American consumes 93 pounds of it per year. No wonder there's an obesity problem in kids.
  • The next part takes place after Vinick sings Happy Birthday on the phone to his granddaughter. They're backstage at the Jefferson Cattle Barn. He asks his aide if he has the "profiles-in-spinelessness speech". The aide says it's already on the prompters. The ICGA Official asks if he's ready. He is. It's just Vinick & Sheila now as he waits to give his speech. He tells her he missed a lot of his kids' birthdays & now he's missing his grandchildrens' as well. The announcer introduces Vinick onto the stage. He doesn't even get polite applause from the crowd. He's reading from the speech, but after a few sentences, he goes off the speech & says telling people what they want to hear is the easiest thing to do in politics. That isn't why he's here & it isn't the reason he wants to be President. A note says, "Shit! Mayer wants to rip off his ear & fling it at Vinick". Vinick speaks against ethanol. A note says Sheila looks down, but she has to smile because Vinick's his own man.
November 18, 2004 - NBC ia reporting that ratings are up from last year
November 16, 2004 - "PresidentHanson" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum the following list:
"...from the spoilers I've read, here is the field:
  • Vice President Bob Russell (Gary Cole) [w/ Donna and Will]
  • Former Vice President John Hoynes (Tim Matheson)
  • Senate Minority Leader Trippelhorn (Geoff Pierson)
  • Congressman Matthew Santos (Jimmy Smits) [w/ Josh]
  • Sen. Arnold Vinick (Alan Alda)
November 14, 2004 - "PresidentHanson" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum a link to the Internet Movie Database Inc. that included the guest stars in upcoming episodes (do not assume they got everything perfectly or completely):
"The Hubbert Peak" Episode: #6.5 - 17 November 2004
Kristin Chenoweth .... Annabeth Schott
John Brantley Cole .... Roger Quast
Eric Lange .... Paul Tyminski
Richard V. Licata .... Congressman Lackey
Vladimir Rajcic .... Secret Service Agent Rick
Gregory White .... Congressman Auren
"The Dover Test" Episode: #6.6 - 24 November 2004
Kristin Chenoweth .... Annabeth Schott
Paul Schulze .... Terrance Sligh
Robert R. Shafer .... Cable Pundit
Jimmy Smits .... Representative Matthew Santos
"A Change Is Gonna Come" Episode: #6.7 - 1 December 2004
Ron Canada .... Undersecretary of State Theodore Barrow
Gary Cole .... Bob Russell
Kathrin Lautner .... Diane Mathers
Tim Matheson .... John Hoynes
Katherine Ann McGregor .... Suzanne Hoynes
Tom Skerritt .... Senator Chris Carrick
"In the Room" Episode: #6.8 - 8 December 2004
Ron Canada .... Theodore Barrow
Kristin Chenoweth .... Annabeth Schott
Mary Kay Place .... Dr. Millicent Griffith
James Sharpe .... Reporter
"Impact Winter" Episode: #6.9 - 15 December 2004
Jonathan Brent .... White House Photographer
James Kyson Lee .... Chinese Translator
November 13, 2004 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Spoilers for 6.11, Opposition Research
  • Josh & a volunteer are outside a Laundromat. He points this out to the volunteer, saying he/she was supposed to take him to State Senator Butler's office. The volunteer apologizes, but he/she promised their Mom to pick up laundry on the way.
  • Cut to Josh in State Senator Butler's office. The Senator is "one of those flinty New Englanders who take pride in the fact that their shirts & ties never match". Butler says he's surprised that Josh split from Bartlet. Josh says it wasn't a split. Butler asks Josh if he thinks the President's not going to support the VP. Josh says Bartlet's the leader of the party & he's going to stay neutral until there's a nominee. Josh notices Butler fiddling around w/ a letter opener & asks if it's a Russell letter opener (he can tell it's from the VP because it has the VP's seal on the handle). Butler says the VP gave it to him at the caucus lunch plus a cup holder last month. What's "Santez" got to offer? Josh corrects him on the name & says that Russell may have letter openers, but what's in the envelope? Butler makes a joke. Josh says that Butler's looking for the next Bartlet, & that's Santos: he was top of his class in Annapolis, a coalition-building mayor, & wrote more legislation than Russell's ever read. This is why he left the WH -- to run Santos's campaign. Butler says Josh gives Santos credibility. Josh asks Butler to meet w/ Santos. Butler talks about the campaign money he received from Hoynes, Russell & Triplehorn. Josh asks him not to make this about money -- they're just starting. Butler says money = viability, & Santos has neither.
  • Cut to Josh outside the Jardins' house (they live in a modern, middle-class home). He's w/ someone named Ned. Ned tells him that Santos has been inside the house for awhile. Josh thinks it's good because the Jardins are top-tier activists in Nashua. Ned tells Josh that he got a call from Will. He wants to meet Josh that afternoon.
  • Act 2: Russell's NH HQ. Josh is at the front door, staring at the lettering on the door that says, "Russell for America". A note says, "This ain't no back-road store front, it's a stately brick building that rents for more than Josh's entire campaign budget". He goes in & sees everyone working away, "a well-oiled campaign". Josh goes to the front desk & sees 2 lifesize cardboard cutouts of the VP. The receptionist says people like to take their pics next to it -- it's almost like being w/ the real VP. Josh repeats the "almost" part. She says the cutout talks a little less. Josh tells her to be quiet or the VP's wife might want one. Then he tells her that he's there to see Will. She leads him down to Will's office.
  • Pages later, someone named Doug asks Santos why he hasn't apologized for what he said about the state primary. Why doesn't Santos acknowledge their role as the Presidential wine-tasters of America? Doug won't support a candidate who won't say that. Santos says he doesn't drink much & he's sorry he won't have Doug's support. Josh looks at Liz, who's trying to avoid making eye contact w/ him.
  • Cut to Leo in his office, watching TV. Toby enters. You can hear the TV reporter saying Santos isn't a major factor in the race & that the Triplehorn & Russell campaigns made sure that their candidates would protect the first-in-the-nation primary. Leo asks Toby if he spoke to Josh today. Toby says he spoke to him about 5 times. Leo heard the VP's sending out cardboard cutouts of himself to party functions. Toby knows. Leo tells him that Elvis used to send his gold lame suit out on tour. Even though Elvis wasn't there, people would line up & pay just to touch it. Toby says, "If you feed 'em the hype, some folks are bound to believe it".
  • Much later, Josh says to Donna, "You mean pandering". She says she means what voters want. Campaigns are about the voters, not the politicians. He taught her that. He says, "You came here to deliver my old truisms". She replies, "Close". We see 2 of Russell's volunteers step out of a van. They're stuffing a bunch of letters into a mailbox. A camera's clicking away. Donna exposits that they're letters from Russell supporters to the DNC, asking them to protect the NH primary. Donna & the volunteers get back in the van. She tells Josh he should deliver some of those truisms himself. As the van drives away, Josh looks at Santos, who is talking to 2 women.
  • Cut to Santos's NH HQ. Josh is standing with a small group of reporters (including Brock), getting really beaten up. A reporter tells Josh that the Democratic leader says Santos's education plan is poison for NH. Josh says they respect the leader's views and look forward to discussing them face-to-face. Reporter #2 says that after Mayflower-gate, the leader won't meet with Santos. Josh is surprised that the Mayflower thing is a "gate" already. He doesn't think it qualifies as a "gate". A volunteers gives Josh a note as Brock asks him if he's not going to consult with teachers unions or find revenue streams. Josh tells them what they (the Santos people) will do: they're trying to solve what may be the most serious long-term problem in the US. It's going to be controversial and "the status quo's going to go nutty-bananas". Where are the other candidates' education plans? "Tell me who's got an alternative, tell me that". Josh walks out; Santos is waiting for him. Josh looks at the note he was given and asks Santos if he wants to talk about the schedule. Santos wants to talk about today's spending report. Josh hired Joey Lucas to do opposition research. Josh can't deny it. Santos: "After I told you not to -- ... After I told you we weren't gonna smear other Democrats". Josh says the research isn't on other candidates -- it's on Santos. Santos stops for a minute.
  • Here's more for 6.11, Opposition Research:
    Josh tells a phone installer to leave -- they'll just make do with call waiting for now. Ned says he doesn't mind paying. Josh says he hopes Ned doesn't mind "federal prison -- U.S.C. title 2, chapter 14, limitations on contributions and expenditures." Josh tells him to just make sure they meet the fire code. After a beat, Josh thanks him for trying. Ned tells Josh he has a delivery in the back. As Josh goes, he passes a bunch of life rafts. A volunteer is napping in one of them. He walks into a small office where he finds a cardboard cutout of Russell with a ribbon around its neck. Josh says, "Least you could do was send me the one with the noose". After a pause, Josh says maybe Will's right and Russell's the man of destiny. He was just hoping Russell would "fill out" sooner. Then Josh whips out a marker and draws a moustache on Russell. There's a knock on the door, and Josh folds Russell's head down. A volunteer tells Josh he has a call from a "Mr. Potus". Josh takes the call.
November 12, 2004 - "mgoshawk" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum a link to Dundas Starn News :
White House interested in Valley Town
"Producers of the award-winning NBC drama The West Wing visited Dundas this week, touring possible filming locations for three episodes.

"Tentative plans include two weeks of filming in the Valley Town from Dec. 1 to 12. Location scout Drazen Baric said the community will fill in as a New Hampshire town during the presidential election primaries."

"'They picked Dundas because it looks like New Hampshire,' Mr. Baric said.

"Monday morning, he enquired about using the Dundas Star News office as one of the locations during the filming....

"The three episodes tentatively planned for Dundas would feature actor Jimmy Smits, formerly of NYPD Blue and L.A. Law and star of two recent Star Wars movies. Mr. Smits plays Matt Santos, a Houston congressman who aspires to the job of president."
November 11, 2004 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Spoilers for 6.13, King Corn
  • The episode opens at night w/ a view of various hotel signs that basically have the same message: "Welcome Iowa Corn Growers!", "Corn City USA!" & "Corn is King!" It's cold & snowing.
  • A muddy sedan pulls up to the lobby entrance of the Holiday Inn. No bellmen. Donna gets out w/ an overstuffed briefcase. "An enthusiastic, Poly-Sci, UI volunteer" named Trevor gets her stuff out of the back of the car. He asks if she'll need him in the morning. Donna replies that she'll call Mindy if she does. She walks into the hotel. She's very tired. "Wednesday, 12:55 am" appears on screen. Donna asks the receptionist if she received any calls. She received a bunch, plus some Fedex packages. The receptionist tells her that Will's in the café, then asks if Donna wants to get a 5:45 wake-up call. She says yes, "or just have someone come into my room & hit me on the head w/ a mallet or something." Donna then goes to the café. On the way, she passes a "robust, well-tailored, larger than life African-American man" named Atkins who's waiting by the elevators. He tells Donna to tell Will to leave them a few table scraps. A note says Atkins is charismatic & "...still very much the ordained minister he was before entering politics". Donna calls him Mr. Mayor & says she'll tell Will, but she doubts he'll listen. Atkins says Will has his hands in the pockets of most of his major donors. He gets into the elevator.
  • Donna enters the café & sees Will w/ a couple of Russell staffers -- Christine, from Berkeley, & Roger, Yale Law via Exeter & Brown. Will tells Christine that it won't matter if "she" is w/ Hoynes. Bob's going to call & see if he's her second choice. Christine says, "Make your #2 your #2?" Will asks if they came up w/ a name for the hog roasts. Roger says, "Roast along w/ Russell?" Christine offers, "Pig out w/ Bob?" Will asks Donna, "How was South Carolina?" She says it was southern. Roger asks if Donna needs some coffee. She asks for tea, so Roger looks at one of the younger volunteers to get it. Will asks Donna about the donor conferences. She responds that she got a few opinions about how the Democrats can take the South & she picked up some Russell money. Roger tells her not to tease. Donna says she got $500,000. You hear some appreciative whistles. Will smiles. A note says Donna's proud. She asks when Bingo Bob's going to arrive. Will says AF2 will land at 3:30. Donna asks what she can do. Will says she should cover lesser known candidates for the next day's Black & Brown event. Christine will help her. Donna wants to know if he's talking about fringe candidates. Christine says they prefer the term "lesser known" & they have to find 5 or 6 of the nuttier ones & invite them. Donna wants the definition for "lesser known". Christine tells her there are 2 recently released federal inmates, a homosexual, a lesbian, & 2 men over 80. Donna smiles at the volunteer as she's given her tea. Christine continues to outline the candidates: an airline mechanic, a professional comedian, & a nun. Roger tells her not to forget the porn star, who apparently has some talent. Christine says one of them is campaigning to get a tax credit for anyone who adopts & then neuters their pet. Donna wants to know why they want these candidates in the debate, other than the neutering thing. Heh. Will replies that Hoynes wants to campaign alone against Bob. The more wackjobs they put up there, the more Hoynes will look like a clown. Donna tells him that she saw Atkins & asks if he was invited. He was & he might try to embarrass them about NAFTA. They've gotta figure a way to have him stand down at the end next to a guy w/ a ponytail & Nehru jacket. Roger says the ponytail guy's a folk singer. They should get him to bring his guitar. Christine says he plays a mean version of If I Had A Hammer. Donna says Atkins complained about them going after his donors. Will wants to know when they were Atkins donors. Will ends the meet, telling them there's a morning staff meeting at 6:30. Everyone leaves except Will & Donna. He asks her how'd it go. She says it was good & the pool in Charleston was nice. He asks if she had time to swim. She says she didn't, but it looked nice. She asks, "We really gonna call them Bob's Boulders?" Will asks if the donors don't like it.
  • Pages later, it's morning & we're in the Holiday Inn Meeting Room. It's packed w/ staffers & volunteers under the age of 30. The meeting is in full swing. Will is in front w/ Christine, Roger, & Trevor. Donna's leaning against a wall. They talk about the day's schedule. Christine asks where they are on the ethanol speech. Will says Bob loves ethanol & takes a shower w/ it in the morning. Rogers asks for Hoynes's stance. Will says Hoynes is for it. Christine asks about Turkey. Will asks for the President's opinion on it. Donna says, "Saddened. Committed to strengthening ties".
  • Will says the VP deplores the decision by Turkish...Christine interrupts, questioning the use of the word "deplores". They're going to behead a woman for sleeping w/ her co-worker. Roger says that if Iowa enacts Sharia law, they're going to lose half of their staff. A kid in the back yells, "Try two-thirds!" Everyone laughs. Will continues: the VP deplores the sitch, but he's w/ the President about being committed & strengthening ties. Then Will asks who's in charge of corn. Howard, 30-ish, who's sloppy, pasty, & a "Harvard Lampoon refugee senior staffer", says the Iowa Corn Growers Expo is a non-partisan event sponsored by the Iowa Farm Alliance. Roger wants to know the meaning of non-partisan. Howard responds that the Expo gives them an opportunity to talk to farmers, corn growers, seed corn reps (this one gets guffaws), etc. about various issues. Roger asks if they're sure they know where Hoynes is on this. Will assures him that Hoynes will take the ethanol pledge, stating that if Hoynes was speaking to cannibals, he'd promise them missionaries. Howard says they'll also visit the corn products stalls. A few groans & laughs. Will asks what's on the menu. Everything corn, of course!: corn fritters, corn ice cream, etc...& Huitlacoche. Howard says that it's aka corn smut, "a sweet corn fungus fed to pigs in the US but considered a delicacy in South America." Will jokes that they won't need to eat lunch today -- they should just fill up on corn smut. Then he says there are 5 days until the Caucuses & 19 days 'til NH. "Error free ball, people". The meeting breaks. Donna approaches Will. Christine's there & Trevor's hovering. He asks Donna & Christine about their upcoming meeting. Christine says they'll first see Peter Burton, a man who wants the military to occupy schools to prevent gun violence. Will & Howard make a funny, then Will tells Donna to go to the Expo. Bob will want to thank her for looking at that pool in Charleston.
  • Cut to Trevor driving his sedan through dormant winter farmland. Trevor (in a voiceover) asks why Bob's spending time there when he's way ahead in the polls.
  • Cut to inside the car w/ Trevor & Donna (she's sitting next to him). Christine's in the back. Donna replies, "You know how the Cornhuskers schedule Marshall early, then crush 'em 66-nothing? It's like that". Then she tells Christine that they can skip the next person on their schedule because the guy went to jail for 3 years for refusing to pay income tax. Christine asks Trevor if he's ever attended one of these "crazy" Caucuses. He says his Grandma holds one every 4 years at their church. She asks if he thinks it's weird that his "out-of-the-way, nickel-&-dime, penny-ante state" goes first. He says Iowa always goes first. Christine wants to know why. He says it's first because it's first. She says, "Says who?" Donna says politicians in both parties say so. She says they'd rather walk into a wheat thresher than challenge why Iowa goes first. She pulls a paper out of her file & says they should go see a guy named Craig. Christine says Craig wants to turn Camp David into an alcohol rehab unit. Then she asks Trevor if he thinks Californians should meet candidates at the Barstow Dairy Queen. He says Iowans aren't politically spoiled farmhands. They take the process of screening Presidential candidates very seriously. Christine replies that if a candidate wins Iowa, it just means that he was able to talk intelligently about soybeans & farm implements. Trevor pulls up to the Burton residence. A cattle gate is padlocked & preventing them from going further. There's a big sign on the gate that says, "Screw the Dog -- This property protected by Smith & Wesson!" A menacing revolver pointed straight at them is painted on the sign. The sign is full of bullet holes. After a beat, Christine says, "Maybe we should have called first."
  • Cut to an exterior shot of the "Russell For America" bus driving down a highway. Black Suburbans are leading & trailing behind the bus. Will asks Russell about his flight. He says he slept, then asks if the first stop's a pancake breakfast. He loves pancakes. Will asks him about farm subsidies because The Sun Times wants a statement. Russell says the family farm is the backbone of America. Will thinks the paper will ask for something more substantial. Russell wonders what the paper expects -- for him to come out against Iowa farm subsidies? Oppose manhole covers in Manhattan or tumbleweeds in Texas? Will says he & the staff will work on it. Russell says the case of the woman in Turkey is tragic. He asks if they issued a statement about it. He tells Russell what he came up w/ at the morning meeting, then gives him a summary sheet of their financial situation -- it's $8.2 million. Russell thinks that could pay for some lawn signs. Will thinks it'll pay for the lawns, too. Roger pops in & asks if Russell has some time to see some donors. Russell replies, "Gotta roll those boulders..."
  • He gets up & walks w/ Roger toward the front cabin. Will goes, too. Roger fills him in: It's a couple w/ a daughter in LSU, & someone named Peter Mosby, who is in insurance. Russell walks up to the couple & greets them by first name, asking about their daughter.
  • Cut to Donna & crew in Barcley's living room. The little house is austere & clean. She asks him why he's running for President. Barcley, who resembles Barney Fife, is about 60. He replies that he needs a job. "Heard this one's opening up." Heh.
  • Cut to Donna in the Edgars den. This guy's got stuffed animal heads on the wall & an overstuffed gun rack. He's wearing jeans a size too small & has a waxed moustache. A campaign poster says, "Edgars, the Friendly Fascist, A Tyrant You Can Trust!" Donna asks him about his platform: he wants to allow all citizens to carry a concealed weapon. He says he doesn't want to allow them -- he wants to require them. Donna asks if he thinks that'll lead to anarchy. He says they already have anarchy. An armed Christian citizenry will take back cities, schools, etc.
  • Cut to the Russell bus as Russell & Will get back in. He asks if Will tried the pepper sausages. They were so hot that he needs a quart of milk & a bucket of sand. Roger informs them about the next donor Russell should meet. He smiles, shakes their hands, & keeps moving.
  • 3 pages later, we're w/ ponytail man in his living room. He's serenading Donna w/ his version of If I Had a Hammer. A note says he's all smiles & "Kumbaya earnestness" & is selling it w/ all his heart. They all stare at him, stupefied.
  • Cut to Donna in a church, meeting a man named, aptly enough, Bishop. Donna asks if his name really is Bishop. He says it is: "Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ called me. Jesus wants me to be President".
  • Cut to Donna w/ a man in his farmhouse/junkyard. It's cold, the guy's overalls are filthy, & you can tell he works for a living. Donna asks about his platform: he wants the President, Cabinet & Congress to receive a salary of $1/year. He says, "Hell yeah, make 'em get a real job". She asks if he also wants to ban motorcycle helmets, color TVs, drop out of the UN, abolish Medicare & privatise Social Security. He says he wants to get govt out of their pockets. Donna asks if he's sure he's a Democrat.
  • Cut to the Russell bus pulling up at the Jefferson Cattle Barn. Secret Service exit first, followed by Russell, Will, & Roger. Howard meets them, telling them they're late & have to go straight to the speech. Russell wants to know if he actually has to do that. Roger says it's an Iowa tradition. He says it's not fair: Atkins & Santos can get up there, "holier than thou" & rail against racial injustice "while the rest of us loiter around looking like those two albino twins in the Matrix". Howard jokes that he could do it in blackface. They head in, where Donna & Christine are waiting. Roger says that that would end up above the fold.
  • Much later, Vinick, in his PJs, is watching TV & reading the news.
  • Cut to a meeting room in Des Moines' oldest & grandest hotel. It's being used by the Vinick staff. Vinick's CoS, Sheila Brooks, is in her 40s & has 2 teenage sons. She's described as practical & pragmatic. There's no question who's in charge. She goes over his schedule. Vinick, who sits on the side reading national papers w/ his boots up on the table, asks if they have new talking points on the tax plan. Sean (Stanford Law) gives it to the Senator. Sheila tells him they have to go to a fundraiser for Tom Lockman. Vinick thought they said they weren't going to go, but she tells him the party's behind Lockman. We see another man, Bob Mayer, who is in his 40s & is balding & paunchy. Vinick asks if someone thinks Lockman can beat his opponent, Schofield. Bob says they're smoking crack over there again. Vinick says Schofield's been on Foreign Affairs for years w/ him. He wants to see the committee mark-ups. Bob says Vinick should send him a fruit basket. Sheila continues reciting Vinick's schedule. She ends w/ the Iowa Corn Association. It quiets the room. Vinick notices, smiles, & asks why the room got so quiet. Sheila asks if they have a sign-off on the new direct mail thing they're doing. Bob says he took out 17 exclamation points. This isn't a horror movie. He tosses some papers to a staffer & tells her to use fewer words & more pictures. Sheila asks if they can get any mileage from Bartlet & the Turkey situation. Vinick doesn't think so. Bartlet criticized Turkey, then reaffirmed their commitment to regional autonomy. "We're flanked on both sides, plus he's right". Bob thinks that if they can find an angle, it's a good way to remind the caucus about his foreign policy experience. Vinick questions this. Bob says it might get people to forget about ethanol & abortion. Vinick basically says nothing would get their minds off those 2 subjects. Sheila wraps up the meeting, then tells Vinick that their financial report is at $6.2 million.
  • Bob says it's a lot -- all they need are a few people to vote for him. Bob's pretty dishevelled, & a note says, "Vinick notices his sweater, is constantly & forever irritated by Mayer's appearance". Vinick tells him he has crumbs all over his sweater. Apparently, this is a long-running routine. Bob brushes them off. Vinick says that if he wants a snack, all he has to do is reach down to the carpet. Bob says Vinick's polling at 5%. Not good news & not surprising. They were still hoping for more, though. Seems Vinick picked up half a point. Bob says they spent $2 million in Iowa & all they got for it was half a point. If they spent $10 million more, they would've picked up points in the double digits. Vinick knows where this is going & says no. Bob says he has to & tells Sheila to tell him that. Vinick tells him to stop doing that -- Sheila's been doing her own talking since she turned 35. Sheila suggests they talk in the car.
  • Cut to the limo. Sean & Vinick sit together. Sheila & Bob are in the next seat. Vinick says he didn't want to commit any resources to Iowa. Sheila says they couldn't snub Iowa & let Allerd clean up & take it all the way to NH. Bob says it's all about rural voters. A pro-choice Republican can't make it all the way to the WH w/out the farm belt. Vinick asks if they want him to don overalls & talk to Whistler's Mom about soybean prices. Sheila says he knows they don't want him to do that. He says American Farmers don't want to be paid in the mailbox. They want to be paid in the marketplace. Bob says it's catchy & he's pretty sure he wrote that line. Vinick says people know where he stands & he'll stick to it. Bob says it's Iowa. Vinick argues that he's not a panderer. Bob says it's unavoidable. Nobody expects Vinick to do anything there. However, if they pick up 2 or 3 points, it won't matter if Allerd & Walken finish ahead. Vinick's going to be on the cover of Newsweek. A note says, "This is everything Vinick hates about politics."
  • 2 pages later, Vinick is giving his speech, asking if farmers should get the chance to decide what they want to plant or should some Washington bureaucrat make that decision? There are a few appreciative nods & chuckles. Vinick says they have to "farm the subsidy" too often instead of the market. He says it's a crummy living, but even if it weren't, do they want to grow crops that'll just rot in a silo? Sheila & Bob exchange a look -- Vinick's got them. Vinick continues, asking if they want to plant food that'll just be given away because no one here wants them. Is that why they're killing themselves, working 12 hour days? The scene ends off the small, but rapt, crowd.
  • Cut to Vinick & crew in the limo. Sheila says they can use the new study the Ethanol Institute just published. Vinick wonders who footed the bill for the study. Bob says if they put 10% ethanol in every gas tank in the US, they'd cut worldwide oil demand by 2%. Vinick says the US can't produce a lot of ethanol & using it as an additive allows oil companies to increase octane levels so they can sell more premium gas to SUVs. Sheila tries to argue her point, but Vinick says he called it highway robbery 2 years ago. Is he supposed to hand out ski masks & guns now? Bob tells him to forget about the subsidy argument because it's now a national security issue. Ethanol production decreases US dependence on foreign oil. Vinick's disgusted. Bob reminds Vinick that he's said many times that reducing dependence on foreign oil is a security issue. They should just fold ethanol into it. Vinick says the problem is that it isn't true. Producing a gallon of ethanol requires almost a gallon of oil. Vinick makes a comparison as he gets out of the limo: it's like saying using tonic water as an additive will decrease demand for gin.
  • They're at the Hamburg Inn. Vinick tells Sheila he has to call Valerie after school. It's her birthday & he missed her this morning. Bob asks Vinick to look at the Ethanol study. Vinick says it's a classic stupid policy rammed down their throats by special interests. It makes as much sense as building patio furniture out of corn. Vinick agrees to take a look at it anyway.
  • Inside the Hamburg Inn, we see mason jars. They have the names of the candidates & beans in each of them. Allerd & Walken have a lot of beans. Vinick doesn't. Bob looks at Sheila. Vinick starts talking to a few people. A note says his voice commands respect -- people listen to him. Sheila notices a report on TV: there's a trail derailment & fire. The title says, "Chemical Spill in Louisiana".
  • Cut to them leaving the Hamburg Inn.
  • 2 pages later, Sheila asks Vinick if he wants to read "it". He doesn't. He says if Iowa were third instead of first, this would be called the South Dakota Primary.
  • Cut to the Jefferson Cattle Barn. It's nighttime. Bob asks Sheila if Vinick's going to do it. She nods. Bob's elated. Sean tells Vinick that his granddaughter's on the phone. He sings Happy Birthday & talks to her a little.
  • Much later, Vinick says he didn't get a chance to read the ethanol remarks. What did she say?
  • Josh comes back from the kitchen & sees Sheila & Bob talking. Vinick & Santos are in another booth, deep in conversation. Josh tells Sheila & Bob that the kitchen's closed but they can make eggs or sandwiches. She's fine w/ sandwiches. No one really cares, though, because they're looking at Vinick & Santos. Josh wonders what they're talking about. Sheila says that if he had as bad a day as they had, they're talking about a prison break. Josh says their ethanol move was gutsy. She says it was all Vinick, not them. Josh says they're going to come out losers in Iowa but no one's going to notice because people will be talking about Vinick's courageousness. Sheila asks about Josh's guy. Josh says they took the pledge because they didn't have a choice. The Republican field is wide open. Santos is just trying to stay close. Bob wishes him good luck. Josh says they're going to need it. They go back to watching Vinick & Santos, who are smiling & laughing. They're having a grand ole time.
  • Cut to Josh outside his hotel room. "Turns, looks to Donna's door across the way. Watches it for a beat, then turns back to his own door. Inserts the key." He must've done it too quickly because the door won't open. He does it again & it opens. "As Josh enters..."
  • Cut to Donna making coffee in her room. She's watching CNN, where the reporter tells us that Bartlet said no more American peacekeeping troops would be needed in the Middle East. The clock says 1:17. She calls the reception to give her a 5:45 wake up call. She turns off the light, "plunging us immediately into..."
  • BTW, all of this info was listed under 6.13, King Corn, and 6.11, Opposition Research. They could be cutting bits and pieces out of this and making it into 2 episodes.
November 10, 2004 - From http://www.tvguide.com/news/askausiello/041110.asp:
"Ausiello: Despite his character's heart attack last week, Spencer -- and Leo -- are not going anywhere. At least that's what the actor told TV Guide's Mary Murphy last week. 'I am not leaving,' he said. 'My phone has been ringing off the hook all week. People are asking me, 'Is Leo going to die? Are you leaving the show?' I have even gotten a few job offers.' Spencer added that Leo will be around for the entire season -- although it may be a while before he sees the inside of the Oval Office again. 'We are shooting Episode 12 and Leo is still in the hospital.'"
November 9, 2004 - From "On the Set of 'The West Wing'" broadcast on "Good Day Live" on Fox on November 8, 2004. Scene from an upcoming episode, where Toby tells C.J.,
"I just think it's time for me to move on. This is my letter of resignation to the President."
"I don't what to pile on." Josh says, "but working for one of my closest friends is I think I'm not going to be at my best."
C.J. is flustered as she watches Toby put down his letter of resignation while Josh is about to do the same. "Josh you can't ---"
Just then the President knocks and comes in saying, "I'm sorry to barge in."
"Mr. President can I have just a minute?"
"I'll make this quick. I don't know if I'm comfortable working this closely with a woman. Maybe it's time for me to call it a day."
The scene ends as the interviewer speaks to Bradley Whitford, seen on the set of the West Wing. "Brad, I don't think that was a very generous attitude on your part just because C.J. got elevated over you."
"...I don't think its shown in there but --- a little bit of a joke. I can work for a woman."
The interviewer then says, "...I thought when the President came in, I thought that's a set up."
"Yeah, it's a set up...."
Brad then proceeds to lead the camera around the "fake" West Wing and he introduces some of the actors and a director, etc. Then he says, "One of the main reasons we are here is that the cast is promoting an event for Cure Autism Now called Acts of Love at the Cornett theater tonight...."
November 3, 2004 (2nd) - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
More spoilers for 6.12 365 Days:
Act 1: Toby's doing a live interview in the Roosevelt Room. Annabeth is watching. Carol walks up to her and gives her a bunch of phone messages. The interviewer tells Toby that the speech was one of the President's best. She also thanks him for not making the speech too long. Toby replies, "We were aiming for pith". She says he succeeded, then winds down the interview. Once the cameras are off, she mentions that the interview was great. Carol enters the scene, tapping her wrist. The interviewer mentions the section of the speech that was about prescription drugs. She says, "My Mom is..." Unfortunately, Toby has to go -- he leaves before the interviewer can respond. Carol tells Toby that CJ's in her office. Then she gives him a bunch of phone messages. All 3 leave, rushing out of the door in different directions, "all late for something."
November 3, 2004 (1st) - Playbill put up a story today with the following information:
...Kristin Chenoweth... will begin her recurring role on TV's "West Wing".... [o]n Nov. 17 the actress-singer will make her "West Wing" debut in the role of media consultant Annabeth Schott. "Fresh off the political talk show circuit," reads production notes, "Annabeth Schott brings savvy image advice and plucky attitude to her new job as a White House media consultant. Having once discovered Republican foe Taylor Reid, she's tasked with unearthing the next rising star for the Bartlet administration: a new Press Secretary to fill the shoes of C.J. Cregg. In the meantime, she schools Toby on the subtle art of seducing the press, be it with beard trims, non-hostile posturing, or straightforward answers to their questions. In her media consultant role, Annabeth will prep staff for Sunday morning news shows, offer advice on crafting final-year messages, and occasionally step up to the podium to take on the press herself....."
October 30, 2004 - "mgoshawk" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum: "From the Website of Ron Gowan, who's been an extra in a couple of episodes:"
West Wing Episode 7 - James Taylor is the guest star
I'm a guest at a dinner honoring Sam Cooke.
James Taylor sings "A Change Is Gonna Come." For about twelve hours."
October 29, 2004 (2nd) - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Spoilers for 6.12, 365 Days:
  • Toby and Charlie are in the Roosevelt Room with Congressmen Swarthout, Auren and Congresswoman Gleeson. Auren says he could probably push "it" out of Committee at $500 million. Toby says the President wanted $10 billion. Swarthout says, "That would be more". Toby sarcastically thanks him.
  • Much, much later, Charlie tells them that Bartlet got an applause break from both parties. Auren says that happened last night. Today, the Republicans are going to insist on added enforcements: fraud prevention, accounting measures...Toby says, "Why is their sobriety giving me a hangover". Charlie says they're talking about families who are at the bottom of the education ladder. More paperwork's just going to confuse them. Auren says that they have a Republican Congress and they need to be flexible. Toby wants to know why no one mentions that they have a Democratic White House. Maybe they should start acting like it. Swarthout says they don't have the votes. Gleeson says that the day after the SotU, Presidents usually "go barnstorming to sell it". She tells Toby and Charlie not to lecture them on how to "wield" WH clout. A note says, "Toby and Charlie take this in".
  • Way later, we're with Bartlet, Kate, CJ, Hutchinson, and Barrow in the Sit Room. On the screen is a grainy video of Jonathan Creasy, who's in his late 30s. He's military and looks badly bruised and cut. Creasy says his name. He tells us that he's American and is a private citizen working for a company that is under contract with the US govt. He's being held with 7 other Americans. They will be released once a fair and free election in the Bolivian Presidential contest has been completed. The tape freezes. CJ says a "fair and free" election for the kidnappers would mean a Zalaya victory. Bartlet quotes something Creasy said and asks if there's any cognitive dissonance going on. Then he asks Hutchinson about their standing. He says they have a P-3 off Misawa. PACCOM's coordinating a search. CJ asks if they found anything. He shakes his head. Bartlet asks Barrow about the Bolivian government. Barrow says the Bolivian government wants to help its friend, the US, but they're scared to look as if they're helping in case Zalaya wins. Bartlet says they don't want to show up in the US asking for asylum in 2 weeks time. CJ wants to know who's going to lead the rescue if Creasy and the other captors are found. Will it be the US, the company that sent Creasy and crew there, or Bolivia? Hutchinson doesn't want it to be the US. Kate says the company's flying planes from the Vietnam era. If they go down, they'll be more people to find and rescue.
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