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July 28, 2003 From The Hollywood Reporter:
"Steven Eckholdt has joined the cast of NBC's White House drama "The West Wing" as a recurring. He will play President Jed Bartlet's (Martin Sheen) son-in-law, married to his older daughter, Elizabeth, the recurring role Annabeth Gish has been tapped to play (HR 7/22). Eckholdt and Gish will make their debut on the John Wells Prods./Warner Bros. TV series in the season opener, written by executive producer Wells, who has taken the reins of the series following the May exit of creator/executive producer Aaron Sorkin. Eckholdt most recently starred opposite Nia Vardalos in the CBS comedy 'My Big Fat Greek Life.'...."

From Ali Arikan (posted July 26)
"The president's eldest daughter will now be played by Annabeth Gish, of X-Files fame. I believe it is on Yahoo, as well. (I have heard Cary Elwes for her husband Doug Westin but this is just a rumour.)

July 26th: Spoilers for the second episode from Mrs Visnjic I Wish on the TWoP forum:
  • The title is 'Dogs of War'
  • Gunfire, men screaming in Arabic. Then, through all the noise comes the sound of helicopters and men yelling commands in English. Terrorist training camps in Qumar are being attacked. Cut to Leo in his office, just sitting there, exhausted. Berryhill, then the Qumari ambassador (a member of the Royal Family) enter. There's an ugly exchange.
  • The attack on the terrorist camps are done while Zoey is still being held hostage.
  • The Pres is in Zoey's room, looking at her things. Tears are streaming down his face. Annie's watching him.
  • Secret Service get word of a woman left on the side of a road in Maryland. The Pres and Abbey are flown to the location via helicopter.
  • Fitz asks Leo if they're going to be naming Fitz's successor (?!?) soon.
  • Al Jazeera's got a tape of Zoey --- the image is not that great. She's holding a newspaper with the current date. The terrorist on the tape is claiming responsibility for the kidnapping and wants his comrades to be released from a Pakistani prison. He also says that if the Americans don't leave Qumar in 24 hours, he's going to shoot Zoey.
  • Nancy and Will are in the episode.

Added July 21, 2003
More information from "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on the Television Without Pity West Wing Forum:
From Filmjerk:
New possible regulars are intern Ryan and speech writer Katie. Ryan is from a powerful family, and is just coasting through his internship-- much to the frustration of the intense "WW" crew. Katie is just waayyy too perky for Toby to deal with. We also get to meet oldest daughter Elizabeth Bartlett Westin, her husband Doug, and their 2 kids. Doug is the intern Ryan of the family-- he just can't keep up. The new Speaker of the House is a right winger-- the better to piss off the President, and the new Chief of Staff for the Vice President will be a woman.

More spoilers for the first episode also from "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on the Television Without Pity West Wing Forum:
  • Danny's there! CJ tells him the WH won't comment on his story (see previous spoiler for reference), and in a telling way, tells him to release his story immediately.
  • There's some kind of friction going on between the Pres and Elizabeth, the eldest daughter. She asks him about Shareef's assassination.
  • Josh doesn't think Doug (Liz's husband) understands that he's been requested not to run for the House of Reps seat. Josh talks about this with Leo.
  • Liz is upset with Jed that he "staffed" out her husband's possible run to Josh. Jed thinks she should run, but she says she can't do it all (be a Mom and a politician).
  • Liz's son, 6 year old George, is quite a handful.
"Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on the Television Without Pity West Wing Forum:
  • The teaser: row upon row of reporters in front of the WH are live, filming the news about Bartlet's resignation and Walken's acceptance of the Presidency.
  • We get to see Bartlet's grandchildren, Annie and her brother, George (nicknamed Gus). Apparently, Annie's pierced her eyebrow.
  • Doug, the son-in-law, looks like he's trying to get an "in" on the political front, namely the House of Reps. He speaks with Josh. Josh doesn't seem happy about it and later tells him the DNC will not back him if he decides to run. Doug, IMO, seems like a smarmy guy.
  • Zoey's back and seems fine. She's talking to Liz about their Swedish nanny.
  • Leo's in a meeting with some important members of Congress, among them the House and Senate minority leaders. He's briefing them about the situation with Walken's accepting the Presidency. One of them feels that it was a bad move for Jed to resign --- looks like the Democrats can't handle it when things get rough, and they're worried about the political ramifications. The meeting gets a bit ugly, and later, Leo asks Margaret to call Bruno Gianelli.
  • Walken brings his dog Shelly, a 'slobbery'pug, into the WH. She (the dog) is disruptive during a meeting with Barlet's staff. They discuss the fact that Danny Concanon's got the full story on Shareef's assassination and is intending to publish it and one of Walken's staffers thinks they should get ahead of him and tell the public first. CJ tells Walken that she convinced Danny to hold off on the story for a few days, but he doesn't care about the agreement she made with him. He wants them to release the story first.
Additional Spoilers
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