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Note on the nature of Spoilers:
Spoilers are often taken from first drafts of scripts and those are often not the shooting script and even when you see a shooting script, that can be changed by the director during shooting and then changed again by the editing of the episode. No one here makes any guarantee that the information presented will remain in the episode exactly as presented.

July 29, 2004 - Paul Wampler sent us a link Netscape TV: "West Wing' Might End Soon, Actor Says"
Apparently term limits apply to "The West Wing."
"Richard Schiff, who plays White House communications director Toby Ziegler on the NBC political drama, says he doesn't expect the show to last much longer.
"'I honestly don't think it's the last year, but maybe the year after that,' he said Wednesday night before a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert sponsored by the Creative Coalition, of which he is a member.
"'The plans are that it's going to go a full term, eight years. Thank God, constitutionally we can't go more than that,' said Schiff...."
July 28, 2004 (3rd) - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Spoilers for 6.3, Third-Day Story.
  • Toby's having a conversation with someone named Borden. Borden wants to know if Toby wants the Democrats to look anti-family; the Republicans will jump on them if they try to create a disincentive for having children. This 'disincentive' seems to be "two steps short of govt-ordered abortion". Toby says all he wants is 60 Democratic votes. Borden promises that if they don't put a "cap" on the number of kids, he'll give him 20 votes right now.
  • Cut to Josh with 2 Congressmen: Lackey and Briggs. Josh is drawn to the brownies on the table because the mtg's "so dreary". Lackey talks about the Republicans wanting tax cuts. He thinks it's crazy when they need a lot of money for peacekeeping. Briggs agrees with him. Josh tells him he also agrees, but "the leadership" won't get on board with peacekeeping "without something to grease the skids". They tell him that's fine, but not to give too much grease. Josh tells them they already have an income cut-off. What more can he do? Lackey tells him to put a cap on the # of kids per family to 3 or 4. Josh argues that families who have more than 4 kids account for a small fraction. Lackey says the cap will send a message about social and fiscal responsibility. Josh says the Admin would rather leave this to Congress. Lackey says the cost of peacekeeping's going to dramatically increase the deficit. Why should they subsidize those who can't stop reproducing? Josh "feels his blood sugar drop" as he looks at the brownies.
  • Cut to CJ telling someone she's fine. She passes the room where Josh is having his meeting and notices him taking a brownie. At this point, Josh sees CJ and quickly gives the plate to Lackey. CJ's about to continue walking down the hall when she decides to turn around and look at Josh again. She sees Josh getting another brownie. Josh looks up and sees CJ and quickly passes the plate to Briggs. CJ decides to walk in, where Lackey says that kids who come from large families have poor performance in school. Lackey says his view may be unpopular, but this is the information age. Quality, not quantity, is needed. CJ interrupts and takes the plate of brownies. She tells the Congressmen that Josh is diabetic and she hasn't had her lunch yet. She leaves, and Josh cracks wise and says, "I keep telling her, she's killing herself with that diet".
  • Cut to Toby going to Debbie's office. He bumps into Charlie! and asks if there's anything new.
  • Pages later, and we're watching a reporter on TV announcing, "Knesset vote scheduled for Tuesday". The Treasury Secretary (also on TV) says he thinks so. He says he's hopeful, and so is the Pres. The reporter says that rumors are circulating about a new tax cut proposal from the admin. Some believe that this proposal is a way to "buy support" for funding peacekeeping efforts. The Treasury Secretary denies it. He says they did an estimate on the cost of tax cuts on top of peacekeeping, and it would "explode the deficit". He's pretty sure the Pres won't sign the proposal. The interview ends.
  • Cut to Toby, who's been looking for Josh. Toby asks Josh if he saw the Treasury estimate. Turns out neither of them has seen it. Josh comments that the Treasury Secretary did and that he looked upset. Josh thinks they should have put him in the loop sooner.
July 28, 2004 (2nd) - "Gordon Shumway" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
"Just heard from someone in the know that shooting for TWW resumes on August 3rd"
July 28, 2004 (1st) - "TVGal" reports:
"I'm hearing that Leo has a heart attack at the beginning of the next (and possibly final?) season of 'The West Wing.'" (This remark is under the section titled "To the TV Gal Reader Belongs the Spoils: You know the rules. Don't read if you don't want to know.")
July 25, 2004 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
A small spoiler for 6.4. This comes immediately after the spoiler I previously posted:
Toby talks to CJ in Leo's office. He tells her he's got 2 candidates on his shortlist. He says he's got something, and it may sound a little off. CJ notices that one of the resumes is from a guy they met before, and that there's one more. Seems CJ's surprised that there's someone on the list other than this guy. Toby explains that the guy was the choice, but it turns out now that Anabelle's his choice.
July 20, 2004 - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Spoilers for 6.4 (no title yet)
Donna & Toby are in the Press Briefing Room. Someone named Annabelle Schott knocks on the door. She's attractive and in her mid-20s. Donna asks if she's Annabelle Scott, and A corrects her: "It's Schott. Bang Bang." Donna tells her to stand behind the podium. Annabelle asks if Danny! called her. Donna asks if they were co-workers. A says he was a mentor. She also says that if they're doing this as a favor to Danny... Donna cuts her off & says they aren't. Toby says, "I'm growing old here", so Donna tells A that Toby's going to ask her some questions. Toby says Good Morning to her, and she corrects him, saying it's Afternoon. Toby says, "Okay" and she apologizes and tells him to keep going. Toby asks why the WH issued a travel advisory warning to Ecuador. She answers that Ecuador has 6 cases of Marburg Fever, which is hard to diagnose, and is extremely contagious and fatal. Toby wants to know if the US govt is doing anything to prevent the virus from spreading to the US. A answers that Ecuador has contained all known victims. The CDC is working with the Dept of Health & Human Services to authorize a quarantine should the virus spread to the US. Donna's impressed, but Toby's not really paying attention -- he's looking at some resumes. A notices because she says that her underwear could be on fire and Toby wouldn't notice because he's too busy "building... a top notch paper airplane". Donna nudges Toby to get his attention. Toby asks A about NATO's unwillingness to send peacekeepers to the Middle East. What's the WH going to do about it? A counters that it's the first day of a weeklong negotiation... Toby interrupts and says NATO thinks it's a "half-cocked plan". A disagrees, saying NATO and the Pres think it's an "ambitious plan". Nobody thinks the issue of peacekeeping is easy. Toby says, "So you're saying the President's in over his head and he knows it". A says no: the Pres has concerns and that allows him to "pinpoint the challenges we face" and find solutions with our allies. Toby counters that NATO said they wouldn't send troops and to find another solution. Before A can respond, Toby says, "We got hung out to dry." A agrees they had a bad day and that it will be better tomorrow. There's a pause. Donna & Toby are shocked by her candor. A steps down from the podium and thanks them. As she leaves, Toby quietly tells Donna, "That's the right answer".
Jul. 13, 2004 - Gene Cowan let us know that The Washington Post's TV Column by Lisa de Moraes has some strange rumors about the 6th season:
"The Josiah Bartlet administration is coming to an end at the close of the upcoming television season -- only three years into his second term, NBC suits report. But they insist that does not necessarily mean 'The West Wing' will be canceled...."

" ''West Wing' was ratings-challenged' last season, NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly told critics over the weekend, stating the obvious....

"'I can't reveal too much; all I can tell you is it's not going to be business as usual,' Reilly continued. 'The one little thing I could say is that the Bartlet administration is clearly coming to the end of its term, and I think that's going to foster some really interesting developments. . . . So we're going to try to juice up that show creatively this year, and I'm excited about what I've heard.'

"On the other hand, Peter Roth, the man who runs Warner Bros. TV, which produces 'The West Wing,' yesterday told The TV Column it was too early to say whether the Bartlet administration would come to an end this coming TV season. And yet Reilly seemed pretty certain of what he was saying to a room full of critics and columnists here...."
Jul. 11, 2004 - Maura O'Connor let us know that NBC has announced its starting dates for various series including:
"The West Wing" will begin its sixth-season campaign on Wednesday, Oct. 20 (9-10 p.m. ET).
Jul. 04, 2004 - Not a West Wing Spoiler but info on Aaron Sorkin
Time is reporting that Aaron Sorkin will write a TV ad for MoveOn.org
"The liberal advocacy group MoveOn.org has already proved to be a force in the campaign to defeat President Bush, but it is about to get a big infusion of help from Hollywood. MoveOn's Political Action Committee, MoveOnPac, last week announced that documentary filmmaker Errol Morris (The Fog of War) will produce a series of campaign ads. The group is also about to announce that it has enlisted an all-star roster of directors, writers and Hollywood actors to make ads for the group. One is directed by Rob Reiner and written by West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin."
June 19, 2004 - More spoiler information coming out of Linda Mayberry's Yahoo group:
"Taylor Reid is seen in the context of his show, commenting on Bartlet's lack of response to the bombing.

"...the main focus of this episode is that Bartlet is trying to set up the peace talks, and there are many things that have to happen before that can happen, and that the Congress, Senate and the widows of the Congressmen who were killed are all screaming for military action against the ones responsible for the car bombing.

"Also, the Jed/Leo/Kate Harper story is the major subplot, as Jed distances himself further from Leo.

"The Josh/Donna/Colin story isn't the big thing."
"There is a deal that if the Palestinians turn over the bomber to the FBI, they can go to the peace talks. In the end, that is what happens.

"There are several scenes where Leo is trying to convince Jed that he has to retaliate with military action, but Jed keep saying he doesn't want to add to the body count and to kill innocents. It isn't very easy for Jed to hold onto his ideals here. In the end, I have the impression that Jed doesn't want Leo to go to Camp David because he doesn't want Leo's opinions to be voiced.

"At the end of the episode when everyone is getting on Marine One, there is a conversation between Toby and Kate Harper about riding in the helicopter and Kate comments that she gets airsick in copter, so Toby tells he to sit with Will. I believe that Abbey is on the copter with Jed.

"And there was something about a sock puppet and a golden retriever..."
June 18, 2004 - This isn't about The West Wing but about Aaron Sorkin:
We now offer a new Blog with information about What Sorkin is Doing Now: he just finished a script, and he is starting a new one.
June 16, 2004 - Linda Mayberry's Yahoo group has spoilers about the first part of the two part episode which begins the next (sixth) season (you can read this group even without a Yahoo membership, although you would have to join to post) including:
  • "Naval Support Facility Thurmond" was "Written by... John Wells And directed by Alex Graves." See cover page of script
  • Josh "...is very shaken by" Donna's "condition."
  • Donna's photojournalist, who stays by Donna's side, turns out to be "from Belfast".
  • "Donna's mom shows up right at the end of this part. Her name is Marjorie - and Josh tearfully hugs her."
  • "Donna is pretty much unconscious for the entire episode or in surgery" [We also heard separately, "Donna does wake up and speaks to Josh right at the end of the episode, commenting that he is still there."] "There is indication that she is recovering at the end, but the possibility of brain damage has Josh very worried."
  • "Jed and Abbey... actually have three scenes together." "...there is a Jed/Abbey scene even before the opening credits, one later in their bedroom, and one at the end...." [We also heard separately, "The Jed/Abbey scene in the middle of the show starts in the bedroom, but ends in the Presidential sitting room."]
  • "The gap between Leo and Jed seems to grow. He doesn't drink, but Jed leaves him behind at the White House instead of taking him to Camp David."
  • "Jed and Leo are still pretty much at odds with each other. Kate Harper is still in the picture, and has a scene with Leo. Every one is after Jed trying to force him into military retaliation - this is the major theme of the episode - and Jed trying everything to avoid a body count."
  • "Fitz's funeral is actually a very small part of the written script"
  • "...there are some major complications with the surgery and it isn't exactly spelled out really clear, but Josh seems to lose it a bit when Donna's mother arrives...."
  • "The staff is hanging in at the White House, really not leaving. The episode seems to cover 3 days, which includes Fitz's funeral, the thought of military action and the peace talk setup.

    "...this episode is the world against Bartlet. About the only one on his side is Kate Harper. And of course Abbey."
  • "Before her surgery begins, Josh is brought in to see her.... he is gowned up with a hat. She has to write everything down, since she can't talk." [We also heard separately, "Donna's notes to Josh in the pre-op scene are 'Nice hat.' and 'I'm scared.' Josh tries to assure her that it isn't a big deal."] "Both Josh and Donna seem to be a little teary in the pre-surgery scene.... Donna is pretty out of it, not being able to talk and writing down on a notepad what she is wanting to say and Josh is trying to keep it together."

    "...they are doing the surgery instead of anticoagulants because of the... risk of bleeding from her injuries. The surgery involves putting in something like a strainer to catch the blood clots. Th[is] does not go well, causing massive blood loss and brain swelling."
  • "Colin comes right out and asks Josh if he doesn't date Donna just because she works for him. Josh really doesn't answer the questions Colin is asking. Josh and Colin get into a heated discussion, but it is more over the politics of Gaza and Belfast. But Colin does seem to [ask] Josh to either put in his claim for Donna or not. Sort of fish or cut bait."
  • "The doctor talks to Josh after Donna's surgery because it did not go well. An artery was torn and there was extensive bleeding, and the swelling in her brain. "The doctor shares a... Brain MRI with Josh, when he mentions the potential of brain damage."
  • Anna Deveare Smith is not in the episode
    SOTH Haffley (Steven Culp) is in the episode
    Rolland Pierce (Mitch Ryan) is in the episode
    Kate Harper (Mary McCormack) is in the episode
  • "NSFT ends with the people getting on the helecopter to go to Camp David."
May 19, 2004 - David Lomazoff emailed us a link to TV Guide:
West Wing's Love Dilemma by Daniel R. Coleridge
"...According to Donna's portrayer, Janel Moloney, Josh and Donna will grow closer as she recovers from her injuries in that German hospital....

"'There's a wonderful thing it certainly was not intentional that happened in the dynamic between these two characters,' adds Bradley Whitford, who plays Josh. 'The writers think it's pretty precious. It's very hard to write a romantic comedy in this day and age if you like somebody, you just jump in bed with them! But here, you have a situation where it makes sense that these characters [don't]. There's a hierarchy [at work, so] acting upon romantic feelings would be inappropriate....'

"Whitford also thinks sex would spoil the duo's intellectual chemistry. 'Part of what's fun to play that you would put at risk by completely embracing a romantic relationship is that Josh's arrogance is constantly punctured by Donna. [She] very often sees things more clearly on sophisticated issues that Josh doesn't see'...."
May 18, 2004 - "lobster4life" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
"My cousin lives in Los Angeles, and on friday night there was this big fundraiser thing at the Santa Monica pier. Anyway, it said on the invitation that the cast of The West Wing would be there. So my cousin went and it turned out that the only actor from the cast that was there was Janel.... she went over to Janel and asked her where everyone else was. She told my cousin that they were all in Washington filming the opening episode of the season ( I guess the exterior shots) and she said the reason she wasn't with them is because her character is still in the hospital.

"So basically that lets us know that come next season, Donna's still gonna be in the hospital, which I guess gives you an idea of the time frame between the finale and the season premiere."
May 16, 2004 (4th) - "Domer02" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum I'm watching the NBC Upfront live right now, through the nbcmv site:
"Zucker just said that TWW ['West Wing'] is going to air all new episodes all season. I assume this means without any breaks. Then about half way through, this 'Revelations' (basically some action adventure series with Bill Pullman and a Nun...) will replace it for 8 weeks."
May 16, 2004 (3rd) - "johoallen" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum that CNN is reporting about NBC's fall season:
"Some already have time slots: 'Revelations,' a thriller starring Bill Pullman as a scientist worried about Armageddon, will fill in for 'The West Wing' in midseason..."
May 16, 2004 (2nd) - This is the quote from the NBC Press Release:
"The successful Wednesday lineup resumes largely intact with "Hawaii" (8-9 p.m. ET) jump-starting the night. 'The West Wing' (9-10 p.m. ET) shares the distinction with "The Apprentice" for delivering the #1 and #2 indexes in most key upscale categories (measuring percentage representation of upscale homes in their audiences). The venerable 'Law & Order' - now guaranteed in its new deal through the 2005-06 season - has won the hour by a 29 percent or greater margin in each of the last four seasons."
May 16, 2004 (1st) - Hans Schneider emailed us "I pulled the following from ZAptoit's announcement":
"Wednesdays will start with the 'Hawaii,' an island-set cop drama starring Michael Biehn, Sharif Atkins and Ivan Sergei. 'The West Wing' will stay at 9 p.m., but the political veteran's season will be divided in half, with the limited run drama 'Revelations,' starring Bill Pullman, stepping into the slot. As always, the night will end with the flagship 'Law & Order.'"
May 15, 2004 - "mgoshawk" sent us this from the Josh/Donna Yahoo Group. It was posted there by Anna who is 15, with a 4.0 grade point average who lives 10 minutes from where the funeral was being filmed on Monday and Tuesday this past week:
"We got there at about 8:30, and they were starting to set up so we went back, changed into our funeral clothes and waited for a while until they seated us. Then we spent about another 2 hours waiting around, and occasionally running through rehearsals for the first scene. We were to sing the first two verses of a hymn while the church's choir walked up the aisle to the front.

"After a couple rehearsals.... I was looking back, I noticed.... Dule Hill was talking with some of the filmmakers....

"So we sat around for a little while longer and then all of a sudden, here comes Martin Sheen with Stockard Channing on his arm, and John Spencer with Mary McCormack (sp?) on his arm....

"Anyway, we eventually filmed the entire scene, then we did the scene with actual lines. The pastor said "Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States" and then Martin Sheen bowed and walked up to the podium and said, TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE-I know the first and the last lines are right, the others should be fairly close (we did I think 11 takes so it's pretty much committed to memory):
"'Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Blessed are they who show mercy, for they shall be given mercy. Blessed are they who are punished forrighteousness, for they shall reside in the kingdom of Heaven. (pause) And blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God."

"Martin Sheen was so down-to-earth...the first take, he forgot the second line and laughed it off. Once a cell phone went off during his speech and he stopped and asked if it was his agent (jesting, of course). At one point between takes he walked right over to my pew to hairspray his hair....

"If anyone watched the DVD specials, Dule Hill talks about his secret handshake that he had with Martin Sheen since they first met, that Sheen learned from Larry Fishburne in Apocalypse Now...well, I caught them doing it....

"We did one more scene, where the military people lowered the coffin. After that, they let the volunteer extras go.... I made my mom drive through church circle again on the way home to check and... the actors weren't in sight, but the motorcade was...and as we passed, I glanced inside the limo...and Leo's staring back at me....

"Apparently they were doing a scene where the motorcade went around the circle, stopped, the characters got out, and then did it again and again....

"As if all this wasn't enough, they were apparently filming in Washington D.C. on Wednesday because I was there for a field trip and as I'm walking out of Union Station, there's Stockard Channing walking by me......of course, we were running late to get on the bus...."
May 14, 2004 - Hans Schneider emailed us a link that discusses the possibility that NBC may move West Wing to Friday night:
"Networks Edge Closer to Finalizing New Lineups
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - As the broadcast networks gear up for next week's parade of presentations to advertisers in New York, the pieces of next season's primetime schedule are starting to fall into place.

"NBC, which kicks off the schedule-unveiling presentations Monday, is believed to be picking up five series for the fall....

"Wednesday is rumored to feature one new addition, either 'HUB' or 'Hawaii,' while 'The West Wing' and 'Law & Order' stay put from 9-11 p.m. However, there was speculation about a move to Friday for the veteran White House drama, which has struggled ratings-wise this season...."
May 11, 2004 - Baltimore Sun - about the Annapolis shoot:
"...For 6-year-old Taylor Wimbrey of Baltimore, the show's Annapolis shoot meant the opportunity to appear as an extra on the award-winning drama, playing a granddaughter of the character who is killed off in the season finale, which airs May 19.

"...For the St. Anne's segment of the show, which will run about 12 minutes, producers cast more than 150 extras, 85 of them from the parish. Also cast were Annapolis and Anne Arundel County police, who appear in a motorcade scene, and at least a dozen Navy and Army officers. After filming at St. Anne's, the cast and crew moved to the city's Quiet Waters Park, where one of the actors was filmed shooting skeet...."
May 8, 2004 - According to the TV section of the Albuquerque Tribune:
"Gaza" has "flashbacks showing what led Donna to come to the White House."
May 7, 2004 - "ladyDonna" posted a link on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum to a Washington Post article on possible filming at Annapolis:
On "Tuesday... a location manage... visited [Annapolis] to look at whether it would be possible to film a military funeral downtown....

"The scene would involve a church -- though probably not the real Naval Academy chapel -- and apparently the filming team has had to ask for clearance to fly a helicopter below the minimum altitude to get aerial shots of the scene.

"The more important question to fans of the show was who on the cast will be killed off....

"The description of the scene, however, touched off speculation that it might be Adm. Percy Fitzwallace, a recurring character in the show played by John Amos. The Fitzwallace character graduated from the Naval Academy."
May 6, 2004 - "tarheelgirl" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
"...Heard through the grapevine that TWW will also be filming in Annapolis next week..."
May 5, 2004 - (ed note: this isn't actually a spoiler as such but we thought our readers might find it interesting) "sunkrish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
"...I'm... an actor studying at a Los Angeles university. ... Dulé Hill... came [to our class] ...He told us stories and whatnot, and as he was leaving I asked if there was any way any of us could come visit the set. He said 'probably not' and that they barely ever let anyone visit....

"So then two weeks ago, my professor comes up to me after class and says 'OK, I need your name exactly as it appears on your driver's license.' I ask him why and he says it's because Dulé has hooked it up and arranged for a few people to come watch a shoot on the West Wing set!

"...and last Wednesday.... a group of us got to go onto the Warner Brothers lot and just walk up to the West Wing soundstage. We were a little early for our scheduled meeting time with the producer.... the soundstage... was absolutely silent....

"In front of me was the portico outside the Oval Office... (the same one that Leo ran down at the end of last season to tell the President about Zoey). It didn't seem like anyone was around so I kept walking and stumbled into the lobby which was, of course, grand and majestic. I walk into the next corridor and there's the staff bullpen! I look into a couple kiosks and Martin Sheen's head is photoshopped into pictures with Nelson Mandela and the like. I keep moving and hit the Roosevelt room where I run into a bunch of the crew and I guess they were expecting us because they said 'Hey! You guys are the students, right?' And as I'm about to respond I hear: 'THE STUDENTS ARE HERE?!' from a very familiar voice. Sure enough, I turn around and Martin Sheen is suddenly shaking my hand. 'You're Dulé's friends! I'm so excited to meet you!' ...He called over John Spencer and Allison Janney....

"All of a sudden a producer comes running over and he goes 'The students are here? Great!' 'Martin, John, Allison! You guys HAVE to go back to the Oval Office. Everyone's waiting' The three of them groaned and said bye and left us to go shoot their scene.

"The Producer introduced himself and then introduced Manny (the security guard from the First Season DVD Easter Egg) and told us to hang out before he ran and grabbed some stuff he needed before giving us the tour. And all of a sudden Richard Schiff walks right up to us and starts talking! Toby! He asked us if we were actors and why he hasn't seen us on anything yet. He was great!

"...So then the producer comes back with Dulé! Dulé wasn't scheduled to shoot that day, but came to hang out with us and see that the tour was going well. And so we went on the tour! Saw EVERY room! Touched EVERYTHING! Sat on everybody's chair! Looked inside the folders marked confidential in the situation room! There's stuff inside them! There are real confidential briefings. Everything is so BLEEPING detailed! Sat on the president's bed in the residence! Wooo! It was GREAT. The producer explained to us that the actors were almost as excited as us that we were there because they were hardly allowed to get visitors. After the tour, we went back to the Roosevelt Room where the director (Alex Graves) was watching on the monitors as the actors were all in the Oval Office shooting a scene. He gave us headsets and we listened in. They were shooting the season 6 premiere....

"After shooting the scene, everyone broke for lunch. Martin and John and Allison came back to talk to us some more. Martin talked to me about being in Gandhi (because I'm Indian, I guess?). They gave us advice about how to break into the business! And then they went off into their respective trailers. The producer and Dulé said bye to us as well and we left the set...."
May 3, 2004 - "ahnold" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
"The filming at Camp David is for the first episodes of the sixth season. They're filming it now , because later this year, Camp David will be unavailable, for obvious reasons."
April 30, 2004 - "aivyom" posted a link on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum to an article in The Sun" (UK) with the following quotes from Jason Isaacs about his upcoming appearance on The West Wing:
"'I've just filmed some episodes of The West Wing, where I'm a little bit of totty for Donna -- so I've been snogging Janel Moloney.'

"'The show is sensational, it's the best programme on American telly. In the show Donna and Josh are the great unconsummated love story, but I suddenly stick my oar in.'

"'It could be my most unpopular role yet! Even when I was kissing her I could imagine myself watching it screaming 'noooo!''"
April 28, 2004 - "Impervious" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
"...on Saturday, TWW was in my city filiming the scene where the President goes to visit the dead Supreme Court Justice's wife.... and new NSA... Kate was there...."
April 27, 2004 - "ahnold" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
"They will be shooting in Thurmont, Md during 13 days, probably a closed set if it's at Camp David. This notice just went out on the net:
"Betsy Royall Casting for WEST WING is looking for 40 Palestine Men for several days as Background Actors at a 'Camp David location' in Thurmount, MD (75 miles from DC in the Cottoctain Mountains). If needed Lodging may be provided. Dates of shooting are May 10 - 23. Needed 5-9 days. Pay is $150 a day for Non Union and Union for this special group of Palestine actors who will play 'The Company' surrounding the Palestinian Head of State. If interested please call 410-828-6900 or email Tamara@Betsycasting.com."
April 26, 2004 - TV Guide reports in its May 2-8 issue:
"Close Calls
"'The West Wing' is developing a fatal attraction to Glenn Close. If the scheduling can be worked out, the Oscar nominee will reprise her role as Supreme Court Justice Evelyn Baker Lang next fall. 'We have a story we want to do with her, and she's interested,' reports executive producer John Wells. 'It'll be for one, maybe two episodes.'"
April 25, 2004 - "EustBev" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
  • "I heard Mark Goffman (WW writer [& script editor]) speak this afternoon at Harvard; he said that he went on his summer break two days ago, and that they had written the first two episodes of Season 6 before vacation; the writing staff will re-congregate on a retreat in June.
  • "One student asked when Josh and Donna will get together (to some applause); Goffman told us to watch the last three episodes of the season, as the show will be "playing this out" -- he may have mentioned the first two S6 eps too, but don't quote me. That being said, Goffman continued, the convention in the business is that once the characters kiss, it's tough to continue the storyline -- and he didn't leave the impression that such a resolution was imminent. But *that* being said, he noted that he knew that a story can't be drawn out indefinitely. "But, yeah, I think they have great chemistry," he concluded.
  • "Goffman also suggested that the staff is discussing ways to play with the show's timeline -- by slowing it down, for example -- so that the show can continue in the Bartlet Administration for as long as the show remains on the air. He lightly suggested a "24"-style scenario.
  • "He showed a great deal of candor and passion for the show during his talk, and had a good feel for (and devotion to) the show's history; the writing staff is always on guard against repeating themselves (e.g. they wouldn't have done another Supreme Court arc this season without bringing new angles to the table), and they spend a lot of late nights going through scripts and polishing them line by line ("Until the time of night when nothing seems funny...or everything seems funny."). He's spending several days at Harvard speaking with professors and other experts about topics for future shows.
  • "He said he's pleased how true to life the show can be; in Shutdown (his own episode), Bartlet's passionate tirade to Haffley near the end was very similar to Bill Clinton's passionate tirade to Dick Armey during the '95 shutdown season. Gene Sperling, said Goffman, described how he was in the room with Clinton at the time and said that at the end of Clinton's explosion, everybody in the room was "against the wall with their hair on end"; Sperling said that he was very proud of Clinton at that moment (which may have been why I was so proud of Bartlet at the equivalent moment).
  • "He wished that Emily Procter and Jesse Bradford were more available (Procter, he said, is now in a five-year contract at CSI Miami); he said that he liked both of their characters a lot.
  • And when I was walking out of the room at the end, I caught him telling somebody that Eli Attie's wanted to use this week's walk-not-talk conceit for a long time."
April 24, 2004 - "Tom Farley" posted a link on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum to The Baltimore Sun
Sheen's wing is lacking on first pitch
'West Wing' president films segment....
By Roch Kubatko
Sun Staff
Originally published April 24, 2004
"Heavy rains in the Baltimore area did more than delay last night's game between the Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays at Camden Yards. They also kept the commander in chief waiting.

Actor Martin Sheen, who portrays President Josiah Bartlet in the popular television series The West Wing, threw out the first pitch for the drama's final episode of the season. His windups - there were four of them - came about 45 minutes late because of the weather.

Sheen rehearsed the scene earlier in the day, walking from the dugout to the mound and waving to a fictitious crowd. He bounced a few throws to home plate before retreating inside.

Once the real shooting began, Sheen was given four chances to record a strike, or something close to it. His first attempt veered outside, the second was high, the third skipped in front of catcher Javy Lopez, and the fourth sailed to the backstop.

Asked a few hours earlier what Lopez should look for, Sheen quipped: "A lot of dirt on the ball."

Cameramen and other employees of the show crowded the area in front of the home dugout before the game. Sheen and actor John Spencer, who portrays chief of staff Leo McGarry, were filmed as they toured the clubhouse...."
April 21, 2004 (3rd)- "truesane" posted a link on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum to TheWBALChannel.com
"BALTIMORE -- The cast and crew of the NBC drama 'The West Wing' will be at Camden Yards on Friday filming part of the season finale.

"Martin Sheen, who plays President Jed Bartlet, will be featured throwing out the ceremonial first pitch shortly before the Orioles' 7:35 p.m. game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

"Producers of the show intend to use the paid crowd as extras during the shoot, so show up early if you want to see yourself on television.

"Earlier in the day, the cameras will follow the cast through the stadium in anticipation of "the president" making his pitch."
April 21, 2004 (2nd)- "Monco" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum from the Washington/Baltimore area:
"I heard on the radio this morning that the cast will be at Camden Yards on Friday to film a scene where Bartlet throws out the first pitch at an Os game. (It's a 7:05 game against the Blue Jays, and tickets are still available.)"
April 21, 2004 (1st)- "archit4" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum from the Washington/Baltimore area:
"Last night the local NBC news annouced that M[artin]S[heen] will be at Camden Yards on Friday 4/23/04 filming prior to the start of the Orioles game."
April 15, 2004 - "mgoshawk" send us this from the Josh/Donna Yahoo Talk group, posted by Jackie:
Ep 6-2 "The Birnam Woods"
  • Its early on in the ep, we see limos with Israeli flags flapping from the front bumpers and the sun hitting the windshield driving up the driveway at Camp David. The President straightens up and Abbey whispers to him to "knock 'em dead, Cassius" The limos pull up and the President and Abbey go to greet their guests: Ambassador Shira Galit (I believe her name has been changed from Sarah to Shira), the charismatic Israeli Defense Minister Doran Mazar, several senior military officers in uniform and Prime Minister Eli Zahavy and his wife Maya exit the limos, with the unhappy and jet-lagged Zahavys getting out last. Abbey greets Maya, and asks her about her flight. At the same time the Ambassador introduces the President to Defense Minister Mazar. They take each other in, like rival team captains at a pre-game coin toss. Abbey asks if she can show the Zahavys to their cabin.
  • Cut to the Sit Room in the morning. Leo comes in and Gen. Alexander is already there. The room is hopping with all sorts of maps and plans up on the screens. Leo wants to know where they're at and the General says that Special Forces are ready to go and the planes are ready to take off. The flight crew of the Abraham Lincoln are overheard through VOs -- the Pilot's counting down to acceleration and another crew member is talking about spin angles. The Gen explains what planes and equipment the first wave will include. They'll be reaching they're target in 90 minutes since they're at Mach 1.7.
  • Cut to the exterior of Camp David in the morning. The President and Abbey are waiting in the same spot as before, below Laurel. The motorcade coming up the drive this time is identical to the earlier one, save the flags -- its the Palestinian delegation. They go down to meet their guests and the President comments that its "Round two". Security men and the handsome mid-50's Prime Minister Saeb Mukarat get out of the first limo and 60ish Nizar Farad, wearing a suit and keffiyeh (a headdress normally worn by Arab men), gets out of the second one with several uniformed men.
  • Many pages later Farad is with Kate Harper and Ted Barrow asking why there isn't room for Palestinians who want to go home when there's room for a million Russian Jews in Israel.
  • Cut to the Laurel Main Room during the Day. There's a huge stone fireplace and wood floors. Toby, Will and Josh are with Israeli PM Zahavy and DM Mazar and Palestinian PM Mukarat along with a few aides. They're discussing Israel pulling out of the West Bank. Mazar says that if they do it then Israel will have to have a presence in the valley to secure the border, but Mukarat disagrees -- they can't have sovereignty if IDF units are walking their streets.
  • Mazar is concerned about being invaded, which has happened four times in the last 50 years, but Will says there hasn't been one in 30 years and Toby follows up stating that if every Palestinian had an Uzi it still wouldn't be enough to over take the Israeli military. Mazar agrees and says that that isn't going to change. Josh continues, saying that if there are Israeli troops are in the West Bank it wouldn't be any different from the current occupation. Mukarat makes it clear that the Palestinians need to defend themselves and Zahavy wants to know who they're defending themselves from. Mukarat argues that Hamas is still a threat, as well as the entire Israeli army. It looks like Zahavy is actually listening so Mazar takes the opportunity to add that without certain assurances, aka troops, Israel cannot support withdrawal. So close, yet so far.
  • The camera hits the Americans and we get a CJ VO starting the afternoon briefing, leading off with the status of the talks at Camp David,
  • Cut to the Press Briefing room with CJ at the podium. She tells the press that a number of issues are being discussed. They began at 10 that morning and after a break talks have resumed. Its Friday so talks will be ending early and PM Zahavy has invited the President and First Lady to join the Israeli delegation for Shabbat dinner. CJ then takes questions.
  • A couple of pages later Kate and Barrow are with Ambassador Galit and Farad. Kate and Barrow exchange a look, they're "back to the 19th Century now". Ambassador Galit addresses Kate and Barrow saying that Israel can't accept unlimited rights of immigration, that it would take away the Jewish Identity of Israel -- its a question of survival. Kate suggests they take a break but Galit continues that it was only because the Palestinians had been uprooted that there couldt be an Israel. Farad counters, with I assume is sarcasm, that its ok for Palestine to be cleansed of Palestinians in order for there to be a Jewish State. Farad gets up and then adds that while Palestine is ready to make sacrifices they aren't going to let themselves be permanently dispossessed. Farad and his aide leave. When they're gone Galit sighs and turns to Kate and Barrow asking if they know what the Islamic principle "takiya" means. Kate says no and Galit explains that its when one fakes peace when it is weak so that it will give them the chance for victory when they are stronger. After getting up to leave she adds that when Farad talks of peace he means that he'll worry about Israel later, but wants one state now.
  • Cut to the Laurel Main Room during the day where Josh, Toby and Will are still with Zahavy, Mazar and Mukarat. Everyone's getting to the end of their rope. Zahavy is concerned that if they pull the Israeli forces out it will create a power vacuum and he wants to know who's going to stop the rocket attacks from the Palestinians. Mukarat says that it will be the Palestinians responsibility to get control over their militants. Mazar laughs and says that they've tried that before. Mukarat says yes but that Israel has never given them enough time to get control of the situation before they came barreling back in with their tanks. Zahavy seems genuinely interested in what Mukarat has to say but again Mazar cuts in, this time stating that its almost four and they agreed to end early because of the Sabbath. Toby ends the conversation and requests that they meet back at ten the next morning. Everyone gets up and the Israelis leave without another word. Exhausted and discouraged, Mukarat tells the Americans that the Israelis just don't get it -- when they take down Palestinians homes and make mass arrests they just add fuel to the militants fire. Boys in Gaza don't want to grow up to be professionals, they want to grow up to be martyrs.
  • A couple of pages later The President, Leo, Toby, Josh, and others are discussing the days meetings. Leo is listening but sitting away from the group a bit, taking a back seat in the meeting. Charlie tells the President that he needs to get ready for dinner. The President gets up to go, but before he leaves gives everyone an assignment for the night -- he wants suggestions about security and the settlements. Toby continues on as the "group leader" and says "Rosebud after dinner. We'll solve world peace". The group breaks up and Leo grabs Toby and Josh and asks how things are going. Toby and Josh exchange a silent look and Leo responds with understanding -- things aren't going all that well. Toby wants Leo to talk to "him" and Leo's unsure. Josh adds that if somebody doesn't do something soon that the US is going to lose their right of return.
  • Cut to the Laurel Dining Room at dusk. A long table has been set for the Shabbat blessings with two candles, a glass of wine and loaves of challah bread covered with bread cloth. The Israeli delegation is there along with the Bartlets. Maya Zahavy lights the candles, covers her eyes and then begins the prayer.
  • Cut to a path on the grounds at Camp David where the Jewish prayer continues as a VO as Charlie looks down the lawn at the Palestinians chanting the sunset Salah on their prayer rugs. "It's mesmerizing, rhythmic, floats on the evening calm" Kate comes up to Charlie and comments how beautiful it is.
  • Intercut with the Laurel Dining Room where Maya is holding the wine and reciting the Kuddush. The camera pans the Bartlets and Zahavys --
  • Intercut with Charlie and Kate overlooking the Palestinians praying.
  • Several pages later Kate, Leo and Toby are talking. Kate wants to know where Leo's been for the last few hours and Leo says to "take it out for a walk". Toby says that that's a perfect analogy, referring to walking a dog. Kate says that Toby doesn't like "it" and Toby adds that while Zahavy may listen that Mazar keeps cutting things off every time they make progress. Leo says to separate them then. Toby wants to know how they should do that and Leo says he doesn't know but is sure that they'll think of some way.
  • Cut to Camp David Path during the day. A very unhappy Toby follows behind Mazar, accompanied by Navy Captain Garner. Toby and Mazar and carrying 12-guage shot guns and they're on their way to go skeet shooting. Mazar has always wanted to try this and asks Toby if he does it often. Toby replies that he does it a few times a week when its in season. Mazar gives him a strange look, he doesn't quite get the in season reference. They end up in a "lovely glen" where there's a wooden counter and support area. They're there. Garner helps set them up. Mazar asks how everything works and Toby explains that they throw clay pigeons in the air and they're supposed to shoot them down. But if they get thrown the wrong way they should duck. Garner asks if Toby knows how to shoot a gun, mostly because he's got his loaded and pointed directly at his foot. Toby says he's ok and Garner asks if Mazar is ready. He is and instructs Garner to pull. The first pigeon is launched and Mazar aims, fires and hits the pigeon. Toby jumps. Toby makes small talk and finds out that Mazar was in the army for 36 years. Mazar asks Toby if he really does know how to do this b/c Toby looks nervous. Toby says he knows that they skeet shoot in Israel with turrets but he's fine. Mazar gives him a look and Toby wants to know what's wrong. Mazar tries to give Toby some pointers on holding the gun, like not resting the stock on his shoulder the way he is. Toby says that that's the way he does it, Mazar tries to tell him something but Toby cuts him off, saying that he's from Brooklyn and then instructing Garner to launch the next pigeon. Toby aims, fires and is lifted off his feet and flies backwards, landing in the bushes.
  • Cut to Birch Cabin during the day. Kate, Josh and Zahavy are talking around a table. Zahavy wants fixed positions for a few years in the West Bank. Kate adds maybe a year or two less if all is well. Zahavy wants to know how many monitoring sites he gets afterwards and Josh says a couple so that they can keep an eye on the Jordanian border ... and the Palestinians. Zahavy's considering the plan, really considering it. Kate says that maybe they could add a couple of years to their fixed positions but Zahavy cuts her off and says that there needs to be a plan to deal with emergencies, Kate and Josh try to contain their excitement and not burst into song. Kate tells Zahavy that they could get the Palestinians to consider setting up emergency plans.
  • Cut to the Terrace of the Aspen Cabin during the day. Kate, Josh, Will, Leo and the President are talking. The President wants to know if Zahavy agreed and Josh says that he agreed to some form of it. The President asks about Farad.
April 14, 2004 (2nd) - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Spoilers for 6.2, The Birnam Woods
  • Limos (w/ small Israeli flags on the front bumper) pull up in front of Jed & Abbey. As Bartlet prepares to greet them, Abbey tells him, "Knock 'em dead, Cassius". The Israeli Ambassador, senior Israeli military officials (in uniform) & the Israeli Defense Minister exit from one limo. The Israeli PM & his wife exit from the second limo. Bartlet greets the PM. Abbey asks his wife about their flight. The Ambassador introduces the Defense Minister to Bartlet. They look at each other, & you can tell things are not friendly. Abbey tells the PM & his wife that she'll show them their "cabin".
  • Cut to the Sit Room w/ L & Alexander. The room's full of people busily going about their business. Alexander tells L that Special Forces are ready to paint a target. Planes are on hand. We hear the voice of a pilot updating them on his situation. Alexander says they'll be at the target in 90 minutes.
  • Cut to Camp David. It's morning. Jed & Abbey are standing in the same place they greeted the Israelis. This time, limos w/ Palestinian flags pull up. Bartlet says to Abbey, "Round Two". The PM gets out & Bartlet greets him. Farad & other men in uniform exit the second car.
  • Much later, Kate & another person are having a discussion w/ Farad WRT Israeli & Palestinian occupation. They're getting nowhere.
  • Cut to W, J & T at Camp David w/ the Israeli PM & Defense Minister, & the Palestinian PM plus his aides. The DM says that if they leave the West Bank, they must have a security force in place because they've been invaded 4 times in the past 50 years. W notes that it's been 30 years since the last invasion. The Palestinian PM's against military presence. T argues for the Palestinian PM, saying that even if they armed everyone in Palestine, they'd still be no match for the Israeli Army. The DM says he wants to keep it that way. J tells the Israeli PM that leaving military presence in the West Bank is no different than the current situation. The PPM says they should be able to defend themselves. The IPM wants to know who they're defending themselves against. The PPM says Hamas. He wants to know how the IPM expects them to tell others there's no reason to fight when Israeli troops are still there, doing exactly what they've always been doing. The IPM hears this. His DM knows & interjects that they can't withdraw their troops unless their safety is guaranteed. A note says, "So close, & yet so far." Cut to CJ giving a briefing about the events at Camp David. She says they're ending early today because it's Friday, & the Bartlets have been invited to attend Shabbat dinner.
  • Pages later, we're w/ Kate & someone else, talking to the Israeli Ambassador & Farad. The Ambassador's telling them that they can't accept unlimited immigration because it would destroy "the Jewish character of the state". Kate suggests a break. The Ambassador continues, saying there wouldn't be a Jewish state if the Arabs weren't "uprooted". Farad asks if the Ambassador thinks it's OK to get rid of the Palestinians in order to "establish a Jewish state". He stands up & says they're ready to make sacrifices, but not to "formalize our dispossession". He & his aides walk away. After they've left, the Ambassador asks Kate if she knows the Islamic principle "takiya". Kate says no, so she explains that "it is the right to fake peace when you are weak, so you might defeat your enemy when you are stronger." She gets up & says, "When he speaks of peace he means he wants one state now. Israel later."
  • Cut to Camp David, where everyone's nerves are frayed. The IPM says that if they immediately remove their troops, they won't be able to prevent attacks from Palestinian controlled areas. The PPM says that they will control their militants. The DM laughs & says they've tried that in the past w/ no success. The PPM argues that they weren't given enough time to gain control. The IPM seems interested in what the PPM has to say, but his DM notices this again & asks to end the meeting early before the IPM can say anything. They agree to meet again in the morning. As the Israeli delegation leaves, the PPM asks Toby whether the Israelis understand that whenever they make massive arrests & bulldoze Palestinian homes, they're only strengthening the militants. The PPM is discouraged & says that boys in Gaza no longer want to be doctors or teachers -- they want to be martyrs instead.
  • Pages later, C reminds Bartlet to get ready for dinner. L's there, sitting away from everyone, not attempting to take a leadership role. As Bartlet leaves, he tells his group that for tonight's homework, they have to come up w/ solutions on security & settlement. When Bartlet leaves, Toby assumes his group leader role. He says, "OK. Rosebud after dinner. We solve world peace." They break up. L asks J & T how things are going. They don't know what to say. T asks L to talk to Bartlet. L's unsure about this. J says somebody has to, otherwise next week, "We're gonna be the ones who lose our right of return".
  • Cut to the Shabbat dinner. Meanwhile, C's outside, walking when he sees the Palestinians on their prayer rugs, praying. Kate's there & mentions that their prayers (they're chanting) are beautiful. We cut back & forth to the prayers at the dinner & the prayers outside.
  • Pages later, Kate wants to know where Leo's been for the last few hours. T tells L that the IPM is willing to listen but the DM is preventing things from progressing any further. L advises to split the IPM & DM. T doesn't know how to do that. L says he (Toby) will figure it out.
  • Cut to morning at Camp David. T's walking along w/ the DM. They both have shotguns. The DM looks comfortable w/ his gun -- T, the opposite. They're going skeet shooting, something the DM always wanted to try. The DM asks if he does this often, & T says he does it a few times a week, when it's in season. Heh. An assistant sets everything up. The DM asks for instructions. An assistant asks if T knows how to shoot. He says he's OK. The DM's ready, so the assistant yells, "Pull!" He shoots the clay pigeon. The DM's good at this. T asks how long he's been in the Army. The DM says 36 years & asks if T's sure he knows what he's doing. He says he's fine. The DM tries to give him a few tips on how to hold the gun, but T says he's from Brooklyn. "Pull". He shoots & the force of the gun firing lifts him off his feet & he lands backwards into the bushes.
  • Cut to Kate, J & the IPM. The IPM says he wants fixed positions in the West Bank for 4 years. Kate thinks it should be less if things are fine. The IPM asks how many monitoring sites will be made after that time. J says 2-3 so they can "keep an eye" on the Jordanian border & the Palestinians. They're surprised that the IPM's considering this. Kate continues trying to convince the IPM. She says it could be longer than 4 years. The IPM cuts in & says there should be something in place in case of emergency. Kate & J are ready to "burst out in song". Kate assures him that they can get the Palestinians to consider this.
  • Cut to Kate, J, W, & L w/ Bartlet. They tell him about their positive meeting w/ the IPM. Bartlet asks about Farad.
April 14, 2004 (1st) - "Mrs Visnjic I Wish" posted on Television Without Pity's West Wing forum:
Spoilers for 6.1, N.S.F. Thurmond
  • CJ tells Toby about an interview that was done with a widow. Someone sent it to her to scare them into putting Bartlet on TV to respond. Toby wants to know how bad it is. It's pretty bad. They play the tape. It's Congressman Korb's (from the Gaza episode) wife. She's sitting in a living room-type setup with a pic of her late husband behind her -- and she's crying. She tells the camera that Bartlet owes her and her family an apology for not taking immediate and decisive action. She's crying so hard she can barely get the words out.
  • Cut to the Oval with Bartlet, Kate, the Israeli Ambassador and someone else.... They're on speakerphone with the Israeli PM. Bartlet tells him Nasan has been detained by the Palestinian Authority and will hand him over to the FBI. The PM says they've promised to hand over terrorists before -- they just never keep their promises. Bartlet thinks it's a show of good faith.
April 13, 2004 - "mgoshawk" send us this from the Josh/Donna Yahoo Talk group, posted by Jackie:
"...the first ep of Season 6... title is 'N.S.F. Thurmond'
This takes place towards the end of the third act or beginning of the fourth....
  • CJ is talking to Toby. The widow of Congressman Korb, Charlotte, has done an interview that's pretty bad for the administration. Someone named Ted Harbert sent it to CJ. He was hoping it would scare the staff into making the President go on camera with a response. Toby wants to know how bad it really is and CJ says that's its 'Bad, bad'. Toby puts the tape in his VCR and Charlotte Korb appears in a living room with a large picture of her husband strategically placed in the background. Between sobs she's saying that the President owes her and her children an apology because the Administration didn't take immediate action.
  • Cut to the Oval Office. The President, Kate, Barrow (I assume that's Under Secretary of State Ted Barrow -- Ron Canada played him in Abu El Banat) and Ambassador Galit are there and the Israeli Prime Minister Efraim Zahavy is on speaker phone. The President says that the Palestinians have arrested Khalil Nasan and are ready to turn him over to the FBI. PM Zahavy says that Farad has made promises and not kept them before where turning over terrorists are concerned. The President says its a show of good faith -- an example of Farad's renewed willingness for peace...."
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