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#601 - "N.S.F. Thurmont" - (Oct. 20, 2004)
w: John Wells, d: Alex Graves
Bartlet refuses the easy route of just blowing things up and tries a Camp David summit.
#602 - "The Birnam Woods" - (Oct. 27, 2004)
w: John Wells, d: Alex Graves
Privately, Leo still urges the President to abandon the hopeless negotiations. Then, alone, in the woods, Leo has a heart attack.
#603 - "Third Day Story" - (Nov. 03, 2004)
w: Eli Attie, d: Christopher Misiano
Leo is found and rushed to the hospital. The President and staff try to Make arrangements for the peace accord while waiting for to hear if Leo will survive.
#604 - "Liftoff" - (Nov. 10, 2004)
w: Debora Cahn, d: Alex Graves
C.J. takes over as Chief of Staff and immediately is confronted with a crisis about nuclear material.
#605 - "The Hubbert Peak" - (Nov. 17, 2004)
w: Peter Noah, d: Julie Hébert
Energy meetings after Josh embarrasses the Administration; Charlie graduates and is forced to leave his job.
#606 - ""The Dover Test" - (Nov. 24, 2004)
w: Carol Flint, d: Laura Innes
Bartlet's deployment of American troops to Gaza has casualties even though only an Army advance constructions crew had gotten there.
#607 - "A Change Is Gonna Come" - (Dec. 1, 2004)
teleplay: John Sacret Young & Josh Singer, story: John Sacret Young, d: Vincent Misiano
A flap over Bartlet accepting a Taiwanese flag threatens to derail an upcoming China summit.
#608 - "In The Room" - (Dec. 8, 2004)
w: Lawrence O'Donnell, Jr., d: Alex Graves
A magic trick with a flag starts an uproar as Josh learns of a formidable Republican announcing he is running for President.
#609 - "Impact Winter" - (Dec. 15, 2004)
w: Debora Cahn, d: Lesli Linka Glatter
On the way to the China summit, Bartlet's MS relapses and Josh and Leo also deal with a asteroid that might hit the earth,
#610 - "Faith Based Initiative" - (Jan. 5, 2005)
w: Bradley Whitford, d: Christopher Misiano
There is an internet rumor that C.J. is gay, a budget conference committee plans to ban gay marriage, and Santos agrees to run if Josh joins him
#611 - "Opposition Research" - (Jan. 12, 2005)
w: Eli Attie, d: Christopher Misiano
Santos and Josh make a campaign trip to New Hampshire where Donna and Will are campaigning for Russell.
#612 - "365 Days" - (Jan. 19, 2005)
w: Mark Goffman, d: Andrew Bernstein
Leo's first day in his new job and he thinks they have 365 days left and they should use them.
#613 - "King Corn" - (Jan. 26, 2005)
w: John Wells, d: Alex Graves
We follow Donna & Will, Josh & Santos, and Arnie Vinick & his staff through one day in Iowa.
#614 - "The Wake Up Call" - (Feb 9, 2005)
w: Josh Singer, d: Laura Innes
Iranians shoot down airliner and C.J. doesn't wake Bartlet while Toby tries to help a delegation from Belarus starting the process of writing a constitution.
#615 - "Freedonia" - (Feb 16, 2005)
w: Eli Attie, d: Christopher Misiano
Santos is trying to get into a New Hampshire debate and to make it a real debate and Josh puts guys in chicken suits to harass the other candidates and Donna takes on one of them.
#616 - "Drought Conditions" - (Feb 23, 2005)
w: Debora Cahn, d: Alex Graves
Against her better judgement, C.J. tries to hire Cliff Calley to help with things Josh used to do. And Toby is dealing with the death of his brother.
#617 - "A Good Day" - (Mar 2, 2005)
w: Carol Flint, d: Richard Schiff
Santos tries to outmaneuver the Speaker on a stem cell research bill and Bartlet deals with the economist with whom he "split" his Nobel/
#618 - "La Palabra" - (Mar. 9, 2005)
w: Eli Attie, d: Jason Ensler
While a broke Santos campaign hits California, Donna figures out that something strange is happening to the Hoynes campaign.
#619 - "Ninety Miles Away" - (Mar. 16, 2005)
w: John Sacred Young, d: Rod Halcomb
Leo takes an opportunity to contact Castro and Kate is dragged into it through her old contacts.
#620 - "In God We Trust" - (Mar. 23, 2005)
w: Lawrence O'Donnell, Jr., d: Christopher Misiano
Arnold Vinick has enough votes to win the Republican nomination; the Democrats aren't even close to a nominee. Vinick is sent to the White House to work out a deal with Bartlet over a bill.
#621 - "Things Fall Apart" - (Mar. 30, 2005)
w: Peter Noah, d: Nelson McCormick
The Russell campaign tempts Santos with an offer to be VP. And in space something has gone wrong with the International Space Station.
#622 - "2162 Votes" - (April 6, 2005)
w: John Wells, d: Alex Graves
Leo tries to control the chaos that the Democratic Convention has become.

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