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#501 - "7A WF 83429" - (Sept. 24, 2003)
w: John Wells, d: Alex Graves
Bartlet has temporarily resigned and Glenallen Walken has the full power of the Presidency.
#502 - "The Dogs of War" - (Oct. 1, 2003)
w: John Wells, d: Christopher Misiano
The search for Zoey continues as Bartlet's staff deals with President Walken and Abbey learns that her husband's action may have caused the kidnapping.
#503 - "Jefferson Lives" - (Oct. 8, 2003)
teleplay: Carol Flint, story: Carol Flint & Debora Cahn, d: Alex Graves
It's the Fourth of July and the Bartlets are dealing with the aftermath of the kidnapping and the West Wing is trying to nominate a Vice President.
#504 - "Han" - (Oct. 22, 2003)
teleplay: Peter Noah, story: Peter Noah & Matt Goffman and Paula Yoo, d: Christopher Misiano
A cultural exchange pianist from North Korea wants to defect as U.S. officials think they are close to an important agreement with his country.
#505 - "Constituency of One" - (Oct. 29, 2003)
teleplay: Eli Attie, story: Eli Attie and Michael Oates Palmer, d: Laura Innes
It's Josh's birthday but seems more like "Friday the 13th" for Josh, the senior staff and the Administration.
#506 - "Disaster Relief" - (Nov.5, 2003)
teleplay: Alexa Junga, story: Alexa Junga & Lauren Schmidt, d: Lesli Linka Glatter
The President visits a town after a tornado hits. He feels he is accomplishing something, but Leo needs him back in Washington.
#507 - "Separation of Powers" - (Nov. 12, 2003)
w: Paul Redford, d: Alex Graves
The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court collapses and Bartlet reluctantly decides to try and get him to retire. WH Associate Counsel Joe Qunicy is chosen as the reluctant co-between.
#508 - "Shutdown" - (Nov. 19, 2003)
w: Mark Goffman, d:  Christopher Misiano
The President and the Speaker can't come to an agreement on either a Budget or a Continuing Resolution so the United States Government is shutdown.
#509 - "Abu el Banat" - (Dec. 3, 2003)
w: Debora Cahn, d: Lesli Linka Glatter
Before Christmas the Bartlets and their daughters, grandchildren and a son-in-law get together at the White House.
#510 - "The Stormy Present" - (Jan. 7, 2004)
teleplay: John Sacret Young, story: John Sacret Young & Josh Singer, d: Alex Graves
Bartlet and Walken and another former President fly to the funeral of a former President while riots break out in Saudi Arabia.
#511 - "The Benign Prerogative" - (Jan. 14, 2004)
w: Carol Flint, d: Christopher Misiano
The President wants to talk about pardons and it falls to Donna to investigate possible candidates.
#512 - "Slow News Day" - (Feb. 4, 2004)
w: Eli Attie, d: Julie Hebert
Toby has a secret plan to save Social Security but "the left hand doesn't know what the far left hand is doing" and members of the Administration seem to be working at cross purposes.
#513 - "The Warfare of Genghis Khan" - (Feb. 11, 2004)
w: Peter Noah, d: Bill D'Elia
The Administration has to figure out what country has tested a nuclear bomb since none of the known nuclear powers acknowledges doing so.
#514 - "An Khe" - (Feb. 18, 2004)
w: John Wells, d: Alex Graves
The man who saved Leo, after the two were shot down in Vietnam, becomes the subject of a Congressional investigation while the Administration tries to rescue downed fliers. Return of the King
#515 - "Full Disclosure" - (Feb. 25, 2004)
w: Lawrence O'Donnell, Jr., d: Lesli Linka Glatter
Hoynes is giving interviews and writing a book and "re-writing" history in ways that make the Administration look bad.
#516 - "Eppur Si Muove" - (Mar. 3, 2004)
w: Alexa Junga, d: Llewellyn Wells
Dr. Ellie Bartlet and the research project she is working on are targeted by Republicans in the House.
#517 - "The Supremes" - (Mar. 24, 2004)
w: Debora Cahn, d: Jessica Yu
The Administration drops everything to find a replacement for a Supreme Court Justice who just died.
#518 - "Access" - (Mar. 31, 2004)
w: Lauren Schmidt, d: Alex Graves
C.J. is followed by cameras for a day for a documentary to be shown after Bartlet leaves office.
#519 - "Talking Points" - (Apr. 21, 2004)
w: Eli Attie, d: Richard Schiff
A new trade deal is causing Josh unforseen problems just before the staff leaves on a trip to Brussels.
#520 - "No Exit" - (. , 2004)
teleplay: Carol Flint & Debora Cahn, story: Carol Flint & Mark Goffman, d: Julie Hébert
A pathogen alert locks Toby with Will, C.J. with Donna, Josh with Kate, and Leo with Abbey while Bartlet, Charlie & Debbie are examined by a doctor.
#521 - "Gaza" - (May 12, 2004)
w: Peter Noah d: Christopher Misiano
Donna, Andy and Fitz are involved in an explosion while on a trip to Gaza.
#522 - "Memorial Day" - (May 19, 2004)
w: John Sacret Young & Josh Singer d: Christopher Misiano
Bartlet is being pressured to attack those who were part of the attack. Trouble is all options include civilian casualties.

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