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Leo and Annabeth
John Spencer as Leo McGarry
and Kristin Chenoweth as Annabeth Schott
NBC Universal Photo: Chris Haston
Written by: John Wells, Directed by: Alex Graves
Takes Place: Summer since that is when conventions are held
Broadcast: April 6, 2005

Although the West Wing is concerned about the fact that their party doesn't yet have a nominee, the President's most immediate concern is about the leak about the military shuttle that has a possibility of rescuing the three astronauts on the space station who have only three more days of oxygen. He shouts at his staff,
"A national security leak during the Democratic convention! Are we working for the Republicans now? Their going to whack us for the security leak and then whack us again for dithering over saving the lives of brave astronauts.... It's a federal crime to divulge classified information.... Damn it... I've got three men up there trying to take very, very shallow breaths." The President pauses and continues more quietly, "I want this leaker found, by us." He assigns Kate and Toby to find out. "I want to know who it is in this administration who thinks their opinion about how I should handle this situation matters more than mine."

At the convention Leo is in charge with Annabeth's help and the constant bickering of the two or three main candidates (depending on whether you count Hoynes who is a distant third but has enough committed delegates that he could give one of the two main candidates the edge). Meanwhile, Russell is trying to get Governor Baker of Pennsylvania (who was the front runner until he dropped out early in the primary season) to throw the support of Pennsylvania and the Northeast behind him by offering him the Vice Presidency. But Baker has plans of his own and he throws his own hat in the ring. Josh is frenzied for Santos delegates. And in the Russell camp, Will and Donna are frantically trying to keep track of their delegates. Bartlet can't leave the TV coverage. Abbey asks him,
"What are they doing?"
"Eating their young.... It's a free-for-all. I think Aaron Burr's got 20 votes."
He calls Leo who tells the candidates (and their staffs). "One night of this is entertaining. Two nights, we look like idiots."

Just when the Santos and Russell campaigns start thinking that Baker is going to win, they each get a fax about Baker's wife. Josh urges Santos to use it but he won't. Donna tries to talk Will out of having Russell use it, but their campaign does. Suddenly, everything is chaos again and Leo goes to Josh and then to Santos. He tells him,
Leo and Josh
John Spencer as Leo McGarry,
Bradley Whitford as Josh Lyman
NBC Universal Photo: Chris Haston
"You have to quit, Congressman. We have to unite behind a candidate.... We need these last days to put our message before the American people."
"You think either of them can beat Vinick in the Fall?"
"Who knows? But you step aside for the good of the party; people won't forget. The President and I won't let them."
"Will I have a chance to address the convention again?"
"Of course."
When he gets that chance, he tells the convention, "I had hoped to be standing here tonight under very different circumstances and I have been asked, by people I respect, to take the opportunity to support one of the other fine candidates who have made this race with me---" There are interruptions from the crowd. "To help decide who our nominee will be, but I can't do that. I can't do that because it is not my place to decide who our nominee will be. That decision is yours and yours alone. You know, there's been a great deal made today of Governor Baker's decision not to disclose his wife's minor medical decision. Many people believe that he should have, but I don't believe Governor Baker failed to disclose it because he was ashamed or embarrassed. I think he didn't disclose it because we're the hypocrites, not the Bakers. Because we're all broken --- every single one of us --- and yet we pretend that we're not. We all live lives of imperfection and yet we cling to the fantasy that there's a perfect life and that our leaders should embody it, but if we expect our leaders to live on some higher moral plane than the rest of us, well, we're just asking to be deceived. Now, it's been suggested to me this week that I should try to try to buy your support with jobs and the promise of access' it has been suggested to me that party unity is more important than your democratic rights as delegates. That's right, it's not and you have a decision to make. Don't vote for us because you think we're perfect. Don't vote for us because of what we might be able to do for you only. Vote for the person who shares your ideals, your hopes, your dreams. Vote for the person who most embodies what you believe we need to keep our nation strong and free. And when you have done that you can go back ... [home]... with your head held high and say, 'I am a member of the Democratic Party.'"

Santos gets the nomination and he and Josh decide Leo is the best bet for VP. And back at the West Wing, Kate tells Toby,
"The FBI thinks it [the leak about the military shuttle] came from inside the West Wing. They have a theory. One you're not going to like."
Bradley Whitford as Josh Lyman
NBC Universal Photo: Chris Haston
Leo andSantos
John Spencer as Leo McGarry,
Jimmy Smits as Matt Santos
NBC Universal Photo: Chris Haston
John Spencer as Leo McGarry
NBC Universal Photo: Chris Haston

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