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Charlie Dulé Hill as Charlie Young © NBC
Position: Personal Aide to the President
Age: 21, when he joins the team
Played By: Dulé Hill

Mother: Was a police officer who was shot & killed "in the line" [#3] Killed in June of 1999 [#25]
Father: Not a part of his life [#3] See also more information on Fathers in general on this show.
Siblings: Younger sister named Deanna (sp?) [#3], who he is trying to get through school before he feels he can go to college. She went off to college at the beginning of the fourth series [#401-402]
Grandparents: His grandparents "own a little house off the Georgia coast". [#7]

Education: In the first season he was trying to raise his sister before he goes to college, but then since his mother was shot when he was 20, why didn't he go to college up until then? He went to college while working what must have been 16 hour days at the White House and graduated, at which point Bartlet forced him to find another job and C.J. as White House Chief of Staff hired him as part of her staff. (April Whiteside reminded us to include the info about Charlie having graduated)

Religion: Baptist - assumption made from his giving over $500 to the First Baptist Church [#61]

Work History: Use to caddy in the summers [#9] and worked as a waiter in an exclusive club [#21].
Where From: Washington D.C.

Romantic Interests: The President's daughter, Zoey.

Income: $600 a week. [#19]

Plays: Basketball with the guys
    Pool (for money)
He is not a horseman: "Hey, I got on and I stayed on." [#503]

He Says About Himself:
  • "...my philosophy of self-defense has a lot to do with running as fast as I possibly can." [#41]
  • On his pool playing ability: "You give me the break, you're not going to need that stick," he tells Toby [#45]
  • "If someone in my position took a deal to protect himself, what would that person be saying to his employer? That they were wrong to trust him."
    "Don't be a hero."
    "Why not? I'll stay with my team. People should stop trying to get me not to do that." he tells Leo who is urging him to take immunity to save his future. [#48]
  • "I work for the President. I don't discuss his mood." [411]

What Others Say About Him:
  • "Your grades are better than mine." --- Josh when looking over Charlie's application. [#3]
  • "Charlie, you're twice as smart as anyone in the room." --- C.J.
    "Yeah but I don't go to college." [#6]
  • "Charlie didn't blink before he put his body between danger and Zoey." --- Josh [#6]
  • "Take Charlie out for a beer tonight....The kid has no life. You're the only one here he knows at all...." Pres to Josh [#6]
  • "The second hardest job in the White House belongs to a 21 year old kid named Charlie Young. . . . And the part of his job he likes the least is, occasionally, waking up the President." Josh [#15]
  • "You're such a good guy. You were raised in horror. What is it along the way that made you a good guy?" Zoey
    ""I try to eat right." [#422]

When the President asks him if, when they find his mother's killer, he want to see the killer executed, he says, "I wouldn't want to see him executed, Mr. President. I'd want to do it myself." [#14]
He blames himself for his mother's death cause, "Ironically she wasn't suppose to be on the shift. She switched shifts that day cause I asked her to." [#25]
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