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  1. The President & His Family
  2. White House Staffers
    • If Toby is divorced, why does he wear a wedding ring? [#120]
    • Why don't Charlie and his sister get the usual death benfits, life insurance, or college money from the death of their policewoman mother killed "in the line of duty"? [#3]
    • Is smoking allowed in the White House?" [#6] & [#11]
    • If C.J. used to work in movie and television public relations, why doesn't she know what a three picture deal is and what it means to develop a movie project? [#16] [#23-24]
    • Who actually pushed C.J. to the ground during the shooting? [#22] & [23-24]
  3. The Cabinet & Other Branches of Government
  4. Politics and Polls
  5. Inexplicable Oddities
  6. Miscellaneous
  7. Consistency within episodes
  8. Changes to Actors and Backgrounds

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