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Some of these are totally understandable: it sometimes happens that you need a character again and the actor isn't available. Or you need a scene set in a house or apartment that you've already shown but the original one isn't available or sending everyone there or reproducing it just isn't financially feasible. But, hey, people, think ahead:

  1. Leo's home, shown in the pilot episode with a huge lawn and looking like it must be in the suburbs, is shown again in #4 Five Votes Down, almost right up against the street and looking like it was in the city (in fact since Leo claims he can get to the Vice President's office and back in 40 minutes, it must be in the city).

  2. Likewise, Laurie's apartment from the pilot (with its long hallway to the front door) is totally different than the apartment where Sam and Josh visit her in #10 In Excelsis Deo. Now she could have moved but they had a conversation in the pilot about how much she liked her apartment. This was commented on by Lara Lee as well, who wrote: "in "Pilot", Laurie appears to live in an apartment, but in "In Excelsis Deo", she has a (rather nice) house. obviously, she could have moved (especially if she's really making $3000 a night), but there is no mention of it." And then Tina Achord wrote the following: "I noticed that in the Pilot, the entrance to Laurie the Call Girl's apartment is through an outer hallway. And once you get in the door of her place, you go down another hallway/foyer into the living room. However, in "In Excelsis Deo" when Sam and Josh visited her, the entrance to her apartment leads directly outside; and, there's no hallway once you get in the front door, just a living room. I know, I know - she probably moved in between *g*." Other people have noticed this discrepancy and we may not remember all who have emailed us on the subject but one of them who did so is Elaine Greene.

  3. And then there is the Secretary of Agriculture. He shook hands with the President in #8 Enemies, though he didn't have a speaking part. Then in #12 From Time to Time, a Secretary of Agriculture had a long conversation with the President. The two Secretaries of Agriculture were played by different actors. Of course, the first Secretary of Agriculture could have resigned and been replaced between the two episodes. This was pointed out to us by at least half a dozen people, now lets see if we can remember at least a few of them in the order they mentioned it: Robyn Anne Nelson, Jenny. There were more and we apologize for not being able to find our notes on the subject.

  4. When we see Senator Hoynes of Texas in his Senate offices in a flashback, the flag of the state of Tennessee is right outside his door, not the state of Texas (which he represents). This was pointed out to us by Albert Laboy, Susan Thomas & Corrie Cron

  5. And West Wing offices have changed. Matthew K. was the first person to point out some changes in Sam's offices. We understand the individuals might redecorate but it is more difficult to explain a new window, etc.

  6. In "The Dogs of War", Fitz says of his wife, "I promised Laura a month on a boat, kicking around the Caribbean for our honeymoon. Thirty-two years later, I think her patience is finally wearing a bit thin." but in "Gaza" when Bartlet goes to make a condolence call on Fitz's wife, he calls her "Gail".
    The above quote is from the Television Without Pity recap of "Dogs of War".

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