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The senior staff have a discussion of an upcoming fundraiser hosted by Hollywood producer Larry Posner on a L.A. trip [#5] but when the staff do go to L.A. [#16], the fundraiser is hosted by Hollywood producer Ted Marcus.
They could, of course, have taken another trip to L.A. and had another fundraiser before the trip and fundraiser we saw. But Susannah Nix of the former "Inside the Bartlet White House" thinks "that seems unlikely". "Also seems unlikely that Posner would have withdrawn his invitation or that they would have chosen to attend a fundraiser held by another producer, considering Posner's long ties to the administration (he had hosted a fundraiser during the primaries)" [#5].

Was Leo lying to Karen Larson in episode #13, when he said he hadn't had a drink in six and a half years.
Some people have asked "Is it a writer's mistake or was Leo lying?"
It is both, of course. The writer, when he wrote Leo's speech in episode #13 meant it to be the truth, then later decided that it wasn't (since he wanted to make a point and leave Leo vulnerable). But, in changing his mind, he created Leo's lie. In the fictional world, there is only one history and since we know Leo had a drink during that six and a half years [#53], he was lying when he first said it no matter whether the writer at that time meant it as a lie or not.
But then Leo has been seen to lie elsewhere as well. He is, after all a politician and few in that profession get by without lying. Here is a partial list (off the top of our heads) of Leo's lies (we welcome additions to this list, of course):
  • He lies to C.J. when he tells her nothing is going on when India attacked Pakistan. [#11]
  • He lies to the President when he tells him that the senior staff think his numbers will remain the same even though C.J. said she thought they would rise (although this was just because he dismissed her opinion as unimportant/uninformed/feminine). [#21]
  • He told Lord Marbury that they don't allow smoking [#11] even though he allows Sam and Toby to smoke in his office [#6]. See a discussion of this

Who hired Charlie? Charlie was hired in 1.3 "A Proportional Response". Donna hands Josh a folder as she introduces Charlie:
"I'm suppose to vet you," Josh says.
"I - I beg your pardon?"
"Vet you. I'm suppose to vet you --- investigate to discover if there are problems. I'm Josh Lyman, Deputy Chief of Staff."
"How are you?"
"Is it - uh - Charles?"
"Charlie, you can have a seat if you like."
"I don't mind standing."
". . . So, have a seat. I'm sure you understand why we have to go through this. It's a very sensitive job. It's also a very hard job. 20 hour days aren't uncommon. Long trips at the last minute. A lot of wait and hurry up. Moreover, there will be times when you will have to make yourself invisible in plain sight, as well as an undeniable force in front of those who want more time than we want to give. Sometimes the people I'm talking about will be Kings and Prime Ministers. You understand so far?"
"Uh, Sir, I'm sorry but I think there's been some kind of mistake."
"See, I came here --- I filled out an application ---"
"Yeah I have your paperwork."
"Right. I came here --- I was looking for a job as a messenger."
"And I had an interview with Ms DiLaguardia and she told me to wait."
"And then she told me to come here."
"Yes, that's because we asked Ms DiLaguardia to keep an eye out. She's recommending you for a different job."
"Sir, if you don't mind me asking ---"
"Personal Aide to the President. You don't call me 'Sir'."
"I don't understand."
"Personal Aide to the President. Traditionally a young guy. 20, 25 years old, excels academically, strong on personal responsibility and discretion, presentable appearance."
"But, Sir ---"
"We obviously get quite a few candidates who meet those qualifications, so the rest is just gut instinct. Or you could bribe me."
"Sir, I, uh --- "
"Seriously, Charlie, we call the President 'Sir' everybody else is 'Hey, when am I going to get that thing I just asked for?' . . . ."
"There's been a mistake. . . . I should go."
". . . . Charlie, you're standing again."
"Well, see I came here for a messenger job."
"Why aren't you in college? . . . These transcripts. Your grades are better than mine. . . . Well, not really, but they're close."
"It was an easy school."
"No come on, I'm looking at recommendations from guidance counselors. I'm looking at A.C.T. scores. You didn't want to go to college?"
"Well, I - I have a little sister at home."
"You take care of her?"
"Yes, Sir."
"Your parents are gone?"
"My mom. She's a police officer. She was shot and killed on duty a few months ago. --- Five months ago." Josh is stunned and doesn't know what to say for awhile. Later we come back to this interview.
"Charlie, I've got some questions for you here from the Counsel's office as well as the Department of the Treasury and the Office of Internal Security. These questions are just routine, there's no cause for concern. Ready?
"Mr. Lyman ---"
". . . .Have you ever tried to overthrow the government?"
"Is it because the messenger job is not available anymore? Because maybe if I came back at a different time."
"Charlie this job actually better than the messenger job. You don't have to ride around town on a bicycle. . . . Hey, Sam," Josh says as Sam comes into the room. "This is Sam Seaborn, Deputy Communications Director. This is Charlie Young. He's here for Ted's job."
"Nice to meet you. Don't get up," Sam says to Charlie, who has started to rise from his chair.
"Um, I was here for the messenger job."
"Debby's got an eye for personnel," Sam says.
So one can see how Charlie might feel that this Debby DiLaguardia was the one who hired him. Even Josh says he is just there to "vet" him, as if this Debby DiLaguardia's choice is the main point on Charlie being hired.

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