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"The West Wing" UNofficial Continuity Guide is a tribute to NBC's award winning TV show and to the writing of Aaron Sorkin. Our only connection to this television series is our irreverent reverence.

The Continuity Guide grew as the series continued so some sections like the News and the Spoilers are no longer relevant. The sections that are still relevant include the character pages which give dialogue that shows off the character traits and what others think of him or her. Also the episode guide of all seven seasons which include the writer, director and original broadcast dates. And scenes from the episode done in dialogue as well as summary. It was the dialogue of the episodes that we fell in love with.

The individual pages on the episodes will link (usually at the top) to additional information on subjects discussed like our two most requested:

Also links from the episode page discuss mistakes made in the writing (see below for links to some) or production (the Verizon phone booth in the flashback that took place before Verizon had service in that part of the country may be the most well-known production mistake).

Also linked from the individual episode pages are music used in the episode (these may be done more in the later seasons that in the first season), timeline for the episode, information on the world as portrayed in the series, and more.

Do you remember an episode or a scene but not the name? If you can remember what characters were in it, you may be able to place it in its season and if you click below to the seasons, you get a summary of each episode along with a link to more information about the episode:

The West Wing Episode Guide:
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Season Four   //  Season Five   //   Season Six   //   Season Seven

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We apologize to all those still finding mistakes in the guide or in the episodes. We are trying to keep the site up to date but we are not doing as well as we should. This home page redesign and the new seventh season list of episodes, are all that we have been able to do recently.

Some of the more famous mistakes in the episodes:
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Note: See our list of those who have found mistakes herein and have pointed them
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