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How crazy/blind/insensitive would the Administration have been to serve CRAB cakes to Israelis OR Muslims?
We actually missed this reference to Maryland crab cakes being served at lunch but Craig T. Fifer heard it and brought it to our attention.
  • Although, one can assume that many members of the Israeli delegation would not keep kosher, one still wouldn't serve them pork or shellfish. As one the first website with an "explanation of kosher" we came up with says, "We are permitted to eat fish that have fins and scales, therefore cod, flounder, salmon, tuna, mahi mahi, mackerel, trout, etc are kosher. Shrimp, lobster, eel, clam, crab, squid etc. are not."
  • AND IT TURNS OUT THAT CRABS ARE NOT TOTALLY HALAL EITHER. Muslim dietary laws are very similar to kosher but there are differences between what is kosher and what is halal (permitted under Muslim dietary laws). But putting "halal+crabs" into Google, we got this answer on crabs and halal: "Many crabs are able to live on land and under water and this, according to muslim friends make them non halal.They are not haram either, but muslims prefer not to eat them. Some varieties of crabs live entirely in the sea. These are halal." And we got this from Islam-Online Web Site - Your Source To The World Of Islam! Communication Center: "According to the three Madhaahib, viz. Shaaf¹ee, Maaliki and Hanbaliy, Crab is permissible, irrespective of it being a fish or not. However, according to the Hanafi Madhab, crab is not permissible as it is not a fish."
  • However, it is also true that there are many receipes for crab cakes that have no crab in them. But why even fool with the subject? Is it one of only two dishes the cook could make? Surely there are plenty of things in the world to serve that don't infringe even by name on Jewish or Muslim dietary laws.

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