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What was that song about Mondays that played during "20 Hours in America"?
Strange Little Girls by Tori Amos (21% off)

Also on the CD
(samples of some of this music is available from Amazon):
  1. New Age
  2. 97' Bonnie & Clyde
  3. Strange Little Girl
  4. Enjoy The Silence
  5. Rattlesnakes
  6. I'm Not In Love
  7. Time
  8. Heart Of Gold
  9. I Don't Like Mondays
  10. Raining Blood
  11. Happiness Is A Warm Gun
  12. Real Men


We wouldn't have known about this as fast as we did except for the posting at "The West Wing" forum at Television without Pity by angelface21.

But four hours later Warren 'Pumpkin' Bakay emailed "that the 'I don't like mondays' song Josh and Donna were discussing in the season premiere tonight was originally by The Boomtown Rats, and the version they played was the cover Tori Amos released on her most recent album, Strange Little Girls." And Patience Sibeal Wieland wrote: "the original song 'I Don't Like Mondays' is by the Boomtown Rats, led by Bob Geldof (he of "Live Aid" fame)."
What was that music played at the Rock the Vote rally?
First song: Barenaked Ladies - Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits 1991-2001
  1. The Old Apartment
  2. Falling for the First Time
  3. Brian Wilson
  4. One Week - Listen to this
  5. Be My Yoko Ono
  6. Alternative Girlfriend
  7. It's Only Me (The Wizard of Magicland)
  8. If I Had $1000000
  9. Call and Answer
  1. Get in Line
  2. It's All Been Done
  3. Jane
  4. Lovers in a Dangerous Time
  5. Pinch Me
  6. Shoebox
  7. What a Good Boy
  8. Too Little Too Late
  9. Enid
  10. Thanks That Was Fun


Second song played at the Rock the Vote rally was "Shed a Little Light" by Aimee Mann (currently trying to track down a CD that has this on it but Tracey O'Brien has emailed that this "was a cover of an old James Taylor song, "Shed a little Light" and I do not think she has recorded it yet"). The James Taylor version is on his James Taylor (Best Live) [LIVE]. That link --- where you can hear a piece of the song --- was sent to us by Alan Lewis, who also wrote that "You can get the lyrics at: http://www.james-taylor.com/albums/shed.shtml"

What music is played at the cathedral in Red Mass?
Vivaldi's Gloria

What was the song Sam and company sang at the camp dinner in Debate Camp?
"Gaudeamus Igitur" is the name of the song and the words and their translation can be found at: http://muse.widener.edu/~egr0001/Gaudeamus.html (we found this link at the Television Without Pity West Wing forum.)

What was the song playing after the President gave his victory speech in "Election Night"?
"The Times They Are A-Changin'" by Bob Dylan but the specific version of this song was by Richie Havens and can be found on his album "Sings Beatles & Dylan".
(We wouldn't have known about who sang this, except for the posting by Martha Jackson at Television without Pity "West Wing" forum)

What was the song playing in the bar at the end of "Game On"?
We have to admit that we never even heard the song so when we were asked what it was, we had to ask the Television without Pity "West Wing" forum. Martha Jackson answered our question and so we can answer the question for any of the rest of you out there. The song is "Midnight Confession" by the Grass Roots which is available on their Anthology: 1965-1975 album (it may also be available on other CDs of their music).

What were the old songs playing and being sung in "Process Stories?
The Dean Martin that Bartlet was using for his romantic supper was "Love Me, My Love" which is available on "Capitol Collectors Series: Dean Martin" - We must admit that we were unfamiliar with that song and only knew which one it was due to postings at the Television without Pity "West Wing" forum
The song that Leo and Jordan were dancing to before they were interrupted by the coup in Venezuela was "Someone to Watch Over Me."
And when Leo turns on the radio at the end and asks Jordan to dance, the song is "There! I've Said it Again".
And earlier in the episode, the gang in C.J.'s office is singing "House of the Rising Sun". We do not believe that version of the song is available for purchase./font>

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