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Does Milwaukee have a newspaper called The Milwaukee Sentinel?
  • Nina Sossen emailed "The problem is this newspaper ceased to exist in April, 1995 when it merged with the Milwaukee Journal. The resultiing newspaper, and the only daily paper in the city of Milwaukee, is known as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Here's a link to the Journal Sentinel Web site with a timelines of the history of the two papers and the merged paper: http://www.jc.com/history/
  • By the way, Sorkin often changes the names of real publications and we feel he does it deliberately but it is also nice to have full information about the differences between the real world and the one in the show.

Where does the word "shyster" come from? [#421]
The following is from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.

shyster ...NOUN: Slang An unethical, unscrupulous practitioner, especially of law....

WORD HISTORY: ...According to Gerald L. Cohen, a student of the word, shyster is derived from the German term scheisser, meaning literally "one who defecates," from the verb scheissen, "to defecate," with the English suffix ­ster, "one who does," substituted for the German suffix ­er, meaning the same thing.... Sheisser is generally thought to have been borrowed directly into English as the word shicer, which, among other things, is an Australian English term for an unproductive mine or claim, a sense that is also recorded for the word shyster....

Whose voice was the voice of Washington Post Gossip Colunmist, Stu Winkle in "Life on Mars"?
The West Wing Episode Guide, which the Bravo site says has "Overwhelmingly complete credits" reports that it was voice of Sam Pancake.
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