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Zoey's graduation was in early May. Her abduction covered two days (starting that night). How can one week later be The Fourth of July?
The show has never done time well. At the end of the first season there was an assassination right after the Georgetown Law School Graduation in May. Next we knew it was August and one week after the assassination attempt! At that time we lost two months. This time we only lost a month and a half. Maybe they are getting better.

What happened to Mendoza???
In #109 "The Short List", Bartlet decides to go out on a limb and nominate a judge who is not going to be easy to confirm due to his liberal views. And in #118 "Six Meetings Before Lunch", Judge Mendoza is finally confirmed by the Senate after much hard work by Toby. Yet in "The Supremes" (four years later), Josh says about the current Court, "We've got centrists. We've got six of them. Plus two staunch conservatives plus Justice Ashland."

That makes nine on the Court, which means Josh is even counting Brady, who is dead. But where does that leave Mendoza who was a liberal when he was appointed to the court? Did he change into a centrist once he got there?

For future reference after this confirmation process (which the Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have agreed in advance to), the Supreme Court in the Bartlet universe should be made up of:
  1. Chief Justice Lang
  2. Justice Henry Clark (mentioned by Ryan and Mulready)
  3. Justice Mendoza
  4. Justice Mulready
  5. Justice Carmine (mentioned by Mulready)
  6. Justice Layfayette (mentioned by Mulready)
  7. Justice Hoyt (mentioned by Mulready)
  8. Justice Brannaghan (mentioned by Mulready)
  9. Justice Dreifort (mentioned in Season 2: Ainsley Hayes had clerked for him --- Wayland Chang remembered and pointed this out to us)
  10. But there is also:
    Madam Justice Sharon Day: who, as Matt Gorman pointed out to us, swore in Walken in Twenty-Five. Many people write us that she was just a Federal judge but as far as we know no Federal judge can ever be addressed as "Justice" unless they are on the Supreme Court. Some state court judges can be addressed as "Justice" for being on the state court's highest court. But in the Federal System only Supreme Court judges are ever addressed as "Justice" as she was.

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