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How many bills has Bartlet vetoed?
In #47 "Ways and Means" at the end there is talk of Bartlet's first veto. But Kelly Engdahl has reminded us that in #26 "In this White House", during his debate with Ainsley Hayes, about an education bill, Sam is asked by the anchor of "Capital Beat", "Sam, why did the President veto the bill?"

Daniel Nickeson has come up with a way that may reconcile this: "On 'Capital Beat', I believe that the President didn't 'get out the stamp', but possibly pocket vetoed the bill. We know that he has done this several times (for example in 'The Portland Trip', he pocket vetos the same-sex marriage bill). There has been so much talk of the President not vetoing a bill, and in 'On the Day Before', CJ tells to the press that President Bartlet has not vetoed a bill since taking office 33 months ago."

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