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Written by Aaron Sorkin

Emily Procter as associate White House counsel Ainsley Hayes -- NBC Photo: Warner Bros.
Adit has sent us the following transcript of the first exchange between Ainsley Hayes and Sam Seaborn:
[Sam talking confidently about 40% of the teachers in Kirkwood, Oregon not having enough textbooks, and the Republican education bill offering no money for textbooks. . . .]

"Ainsley Hayes, is that true?" -- Moderator
"No, it's not." -- Ainsley
"Is Sam Seaborn lying? -- Moderator

"Lying's an awfully strong word. . . yes, he's lying. And we should tell the truth about education. The bill contained plenty of money for new textbooks -- also, computer literacy, school safety, physical plant. The difference is we wanted to give the money directly to communities, and let them decide how best to spend it... on the off chance that the needs of Lincoln High in Dayton are different than the needs of Crenshaw High in South Central L.A."

"Sam, why did the President veto the bill?" -- Moderator

[Sam tries to get a word in edgewise, but Ainsley cuts him off.]

"Because it guaranteed by law that 95% of the money go directly into the classroom and bypass the pork barrel buffet, which is troubling to this President because he doesn't work for the students, and he doesn't work for the parents of the students -- he works for the teachers' union."

[Sam again tries to break in but can't.]

"The bill contained plenty of money for textbooks, Mark, and anyone who says otherwise is flat-out lying. And we should tell the truth about this... textbooks are important, if for no other reason than they accurately place the town of Kirkwood in California and not in Oregon."

"Please oh please, let them not be watching." -- Sam murmurs as they go to a commercial break.

Meanwhile back at the White house, Josh rushes into Toby's office saying:
"Toby, come quick -- Sam's getting his ass kicked by a girl!"

"Ginger, get the popcorn. . ." Toby says to his assistant as he follows Josh to a television.

Query: How often has Bartlet vetoed bills?

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